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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Easy to hold water on a palm, impossible to grab it in a fist!”


Chapter Twenty Two: Rest in Peace

Dated: 22nd December, 2459


Balance is the art of nature, for contradiction is the recurring theme of creation. This contradiction is necessary to maintain a steady state, much more than the impetuosity of a unidirectional flow of events and situations. Every force faces a resistance to a point where it has to tip over the scales to achieve the intended results. Had there been no resistance, one directional flow of events would have resulted in a culmination of all activity, resulting in a dead mass of creation. It’s the volatility of environment which brings the universe to life. Thus the steady state of the universe is not an uneventful existence. Rather it is a live result of dynamic interactions balancing each other out in gross.


But what happens when something that is not supposed to occur is intent on happening at all costs? Chaos ensues, and not without a reason. The condition to be fulfilled still remains the same; it has to tip over the balance of the state beyond the limits of resistance. But since the occurrence is happening outside the scheme of things, the resistance multiplies manifolds. It challenges the flow of events. In such a scenario the end result itself becomes unimportant, for irrespective of the ultimate state of existence achieved, a lot is altered from the initial state anyway. The overall state may never reflect the turbulence experienced at micro levels, but the play of events is permanently altered from the original scheme of things. And if the event manages to happen at the end of it all, a complete new scheme of things is initiated from that point onwards.


But can there be a method to overcome resistance every time a desired result is to be achieved? Perhaps there is, and wherever it is available it is called science, and wherever it is absent its’ place is filled in by superstition. But while science provides a solution to the problem, superstition compounds it. Science is sometimes in avoiding resistance, following the flow of currents initially, and then subsequently bending them around gently till their direction has been completely turned around. And at others times, resistance has to be dealt with head on. It may not be possible to grab water in a fist, but water can always be frozen into ice, and held by a palm covered in gloves. New Saisho not only needs to develop their science according to the flow of the events beyond their control, but it also needs to avoid the pitfall of superstition.


As the sun scorched the golden sands, the sparse xerophytic vegetation reflected more heat off the cuticle than the shade its’ thin leaves provided. And when even the air doesn’t blow, the bricked structures appear like ovens.


“Reverend,” Norman sought Reverend Joseph Brenan’s attention, “I have an appointment at the community school at the other end of the town. May I excuse myself?”


“You may go for now Norman,” Reverend replied, “But I will be talking to you tomorrow. Let me have a word with Granger first.”


“If I may,” Norman added, “Brother Granger has an appointment with the local news station today afternoon, and he should already be there. He might head straight to home from there. Would you like to take a rest for the rest of the day?”


“You didn’t tell me this earlier. I thought you said he was meeting someone,” Reverend was surprised, “But, never mind! You carry on with whatever you are supposed to do. I need to complete some paperwork regarding my trip, so will be staying here for some time.”


Norman bowed and took his leave. As his car pulled out of the yard and drove away towards the city, a big four wheel drive pulled up near the other side of the ‘House of Faith’. The driver of the vehicle was in his camouflage colours, and waited patiently for the next ten minutes. Then, in an abrupt move, he drove his vehicle around in a mad rush, bringing it to a screeching halt right in front of the main door of the ‘House of faith’. He flung open his door and rushed inside, as if a mad dog was chasing him.


“Is anybody in? Anybody listening?” he shouted impatiently, “Please help!”


“Relax son, what’s the matter?” Reverend walked out of his office and into the hall.


“She will die! It’s a crazy accident,” he exclaimed in a hyped state.


“Now relax my boy, and tell me who will die? Where’s the accident happened?” Reverend asked.


“She who works for the ‘House of faith’, sister, what’s her name, the elderly lady who helps you Reverend,” he informed, “Her car has turned over and I couldn’t pull her out. She’s stuck in it.”


“What? Sister Rosalie?” Reverend was horrified at hearing the news, “How did this happen, where? And why are you rushing here? Did you call the emergency helpline?”


“I couldn’t make a call, my mobile isn’t working for some reason,” he replied, “We need to get there quickly to get her out of the car and take her to the hospital.”


“I’ll try the emergency number,” Reverend replied as he quickly pulled out his handset and dialled the emergency number.


“Is it going through,” he asked.


“That’s strange,” Reverend exclaimed, “Even my mobile doesn’t seem to be working.”


“Let us not waste any more time, for time is precious,” he quipped, “We can get her out of the vehicle and take her to the hospital before anyone else will arrive. Besides you can keep trying the number on our way.”


“That’s right. Let me get the keys for the office vehicle,” Reverend said as he frantically rushed towards his office to get the keys.


“There’s no time for that and no need as well. I’ve got a vehicle,” he exclaimed grabbing Reverend Bresnan by his wrist.


“Wait, let me lock the doors,” Reverend exclaimed.


“There’s no time for that,” he replied, “Besides, who’s going to come here, or take anything from here? What is there to take anyway?”


“Ok, let’s go,” Reverend saw reason behind his assertion and quickly followed him to his waiting vehicle, its’ engine still running. The two jumped in his vehicle, and he pushed the paddle down to the floor.


“What’s that in the back,” Reverend asked him about a strange looking object in the back of his vehicle, covered with a thick sheet of canvas.


“Oh that’s my farm machinery. I have a small farm where I raise cattle for food,” he replied, “Have you tried the number again?”


“Oh yes, I will do that,” Reverend replied as he tried calling from his mobile phone again, but to no avail.


Suddenly the vehicle came to a halt, right where the side road connecting the suburbs declared out of bounds by the recent series of events connected with the main road.


“What happened?” Reverent asked him.


“Seems like a road closure,” he replied as he wound down his window to talk to the man monitoring the road closure. “What happened? Why’s the road closed?” he asked the man as he approached his window.


“I am sorry sir, but you cannot go any further on this road,” the man replied, “We are starting some major road works and all traffic is being directed through that side road.”


“But this road work wasn’t there just a few minutes ago when I drove by,” he quipped to the other man.


“We are just setting ourselves up now,” the man replied.


“But what about the accident up the road? Is there anybody attending to the victim?” Reverend asked.


“Has there been an accident?” the man asked surprised, “I wouldn’t have a clue as we are just coming after finishing some work in the restricted section of the town?” And the man pointed towards the out of bound suburbs.


“But can you let us through? We know the victim,” Reverend asked.


“I am sorry sir but I am not allowed to do so,” the man respectfully declined the request, “You will have to take the detour via the side road.”


Reverend looked at the driver of his vehicle and the two exchanged helpless glances. The Reverend finally asked, “But is it safe to drive through that part of the town?”


“Hundred percent sir!” the man replied, “We’ve been working there all day today.”


Reverend took a deep breath as his companion put his vehicle in gear and drove up the tricky path. But this time they were not alone on the road. There was a vehicle following them closely. He kept driving until he went past the turn Reverend had expected him to take.


“You missed the turn,” Reverend immediately cautioned him, thinking he had missed the turn by mistake.


“I know,” he replied, “But this way is quicker.”


Reverend was confused. He asked him, “Are you sure where you are going, for I don’t remember any shortcuts beyond this point?”


“Trust me! I won’t take you where I wouldn’t want to,” he replied as he pulled out a small remote from his trouser pocket away from the Reverend’s view, and pushed a button on it, “Why don’t you try calling Sister Rosalie’s phone? Someone might have already reached her and might answer her mobile.”


“It’s possible,” Reverend replied, “But what’s the use? Mobile phones are not working anyway.”


“Just give it another go,” he quipped.


Reverend dialled Sister Rosalie’s number half-heartedly but was pleasantly surprised when the call actually went through. “It’s ringing,” Reverend exclaimed in excitement, but was even more surprised by the voice that answered from the other end, “Sister Rosalie, is that you? Are you alright?”


“Yes I am fine Reverend,” Sister Rosalie could be heard from the other end, “Thanks for asking.”


“Goodness gracious! I am so glad to hear your voice. I thought you were,” but before Reverend could complete his sentence, the call dropped out again. “There it goes again,” Reverend complained as he looked at his companion, “It’s disconnected again.” Reverend tried to call Sister Rosalie’s mobile again but then realized something. He looked at him and exclaimed in astonishment, “You said she was in an accident, but she sounded alright.”


At this point he stopped the vehicle and looked at the Reverend, who looked back at him expecting an answer. But he just simply smiled and raised his hand, almost scaring the Reverend with the abrupt movement, before he bent his arm around towards the object lying in the rear of his four wheel drive. With one jerk he pulled off the sheet covering a strange looking device, “A frequency jammer, small but powerful, it blocks all communication signals within a range of four hundred metres.” He then pulled out the remote from his other pocket and showed it to Reverend Bresnan, “See, here’s the remote to operate it.”


“I don’t understand,” Reverend asked surprised, “What’s happening here? Who are you?”


But he didn’t reply, just smiled. Reverend Bresnan’s one hand involuntarily unclipped his seat belt, while his other grabbed and twisted the door handle. Out of instinct he turned around and tried to jump out of the door. Too late though! The vehicle that was following them had gained up on them and stopped right next to theirs’. A big burly man was standing by the Reverend side door, ready to pin him down in case he had tried to escape. He immediately grabbed the fragile old man and roughed him up in a flash.


“Easy boy,” the first man spoke to the other man as he stepped out of the driver side, “He is a much respected man.” And the two laughed.


“Why are you doing this,” Reverend asked again, “Who are you and what wrong have I committed to you?”


He looked at his other friend and smiled, and then addressed the Reverend again, “You see Reverend, society is like a machine, and when this machine grows old, a lot of its’ parts get worn out and become useless. Only the operator knows best, which part is to be replaced when, so that the efficiency is maintained.”


“What do you mean,” Reverend couldn’t make a head or toe out of all the talk.


“Let’s go for a walk,” he said pointing towards a house along the side of the road, “Just to the big parklands behind that house.”


“I know this area well,” Reverend replied, “There’s no park, big or small, behind that house.”


“But there is a kitchen garden,” he replied with a weird smile, “And I am sure that’s big enough for us two grown up kids, for an open chat.”


“I refuse to be intimidated,” Reverend replied.


“And I insist in the most persuasive way,” he said pulling out a gun.


Reverend had no choice but to oblige as he walked away towards the back of the house pointed out to him. In the backyard lay open two pits. Pointing towards them the man said, “Which one of the two do you like better? They are not as big as your bedroom, but they will be as comfortable nonetheless.”


“You are mad!” Reverend was incensed, “Do you even realize what you are talking right now.”


He nonchalantly replied, “You are lucky you have a choice. The other one won’t!”


“Why are you doing this? For whom,” Reverend made last ditch efforts, “I don’t even know you. What wrong have I done to you?”


“Colonel sends you his warm regards,” he replied.


“Colonel who,” Reverend was perplexed.


“Colonel Davison would have loved to be here personally, but since he is preoccupied in the middle of the desert, retrieving a lost plane’s wreckage, he couldn’t join us here today,” he replied, “Technically even we are not here. We are assisting the remainder of our ten man team in salvaging the wreckage under the Colonel’s direct command”


“Colonel Davison,” Reverend was shocked at the disclosure, “But what wrong have I done to him?”


“Nothing as such, you just don’t figure in his scheme of things,” he replied, “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sergeant Rawdon ‘Viper’ Douglas. This man behind you, who stopped you from doing a hare, is Private Girvin ‘Death’ Bentham.” By this time their third accomplish had arrived at the scene in his vehicle as well. Viper introduced him as well, “And this man sneaking up behind you, Private Dean ‘Slipknot’ Baser, you’ve already met him at the road works.”


Reverend’s throat dried as he gulped a big lump in. His heart started palpitating, his breathing became heavy, and he failed to put two words together.


Viper however continued as he attached silencing equipment to the muzzle of his handgun, “And now that you have our formal acquaintance, I hope it helps you rest in peace.”



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