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Eternity Versus Eternity


“Zenith is the beginning of the end!!”


The saga continues

Dated: 13th December, 2459


Existence within itself is a queer entity for not only the paradoxes that it creates, but the contradictions that constitute the entirety of its’ own self. To take for an instance, every beginning in itself is an end, or at least one end of the existence of something, and then when the actual end of its’ existence approaches, it invariably means the beginning of a new existence in place of the old. We exist in space, but where does the space exist?


Every pinnacle is surrounded by pitfalls and every zenith rises from a low and is the starting point of another decline. All the human civilizations that ever existed bear a testimony to this unwritten but least noted aspect of their existence, least noted by their own contemporary analysts. Realizations have always been in retrospection! Often late by generations! A quick glance at the history of greatest empires and one thing stands out in common; they all saw the zenith of glory, only to be razed by the rise of another with time. Constantinople fell! The Great Roman Empire faded! Where are Egyptian Pharaohs, and where is the great Macedonia? The walls that were once built were either blown apart by cannons, or torn down by those on either side. Ask the heartless wall of Berlin! Many others that stood ever so defiantly were sidestepped by the onslaughts, everything they holding dear destroyed right behind their backs and new seeds sown, as they stood there, mute and corroding, the forces of nature either decimating them, or burring them in the sands of time.


The buried walls and cities however, do occasionally rise out of their graves, or are rather dug out, and that’s when they tell their tales. But such tales ought to be taken with caution, as they are fraught with inconsistencies, for it’s not the ruins that speak for themselves. Rather they just present a puzzle of evidence, awaiting a keen gaze and an impatient mind to question their existence in the first instance, and their fate in the aftermath. The stories that thus knit themselves might not be the stories of the ruins, but just the impressions of the analysing mind that gazed through a fresh pair of eyes from a different time, possibly Epochs. At the end of the day even a scientist in brain is an artist at heart!


Having survived a near extinction level artificial catastrophe, humanity finally made its’ first foray out of the shadows of Mother Earth in centuries. As space shuttle “Clara” floated close to the now defunct but intact pride of a former era, “The International Space station”, everyone in New Saisho, including the President Mr Shoji Katsuo, waited with baited breaths the first feedback from the two shining lights of humanity, Mission Commander Captain Yuri Topalov, and Junior Astronaut Antonio Juarez.


“Everything is on schedule boys, so relax and lead us into the future with your first space sojourn,” the calming voice of experience, Admiral Mir Abdullah, Chief of Forces and In-charge of space program, boomed on radio headsets of the astronauts.


“Roger Sir! Copied,” Yuri replied as he and his junior floated in space and towards the securely locked docking port of International Space Station, both suspending from space shuttle “Clara” by thick connecting ropes, and dragging along with them some equipment. Since there was no means to operate the space station and thus open the docking port, it was but imperative their entry was going to be by force, or so to speak. It had already been three days since they’d been trying to cut open a one square meter opening in the space station wall with their modified equipment. Another couple of hours and they finally had an opening into the floating space ruin. They waited a few minutes for the gases trapped inside the space station to escape and avoid the impact of rapid-decompression that might have followed if the internal environment inside the space station were still artificially pressurised.


“You may now proceed boys,” Officer John Yates from the ground control said, “The vacuum inside the space station should be established by now.”


“Roger Sir, I am going in,” Yuri replied and added in a lighter vein as he plunged himself inside the hole, “A small trick with the hands and a giant hole for mankind.”


Both the astronauts had been ordained to inspect the space station, capturing the footage inside with their shoulder mounted cameras while collecting materials of interest for further examination on Earth.


As Yuri entered the space station, a light mounted on his other shoulder illuminating his path, a piece of junk inside the station smashed straight into his shoulder mounted camera destroying it completely as Yuri himself ducked just in time to save his face the similar fate.


“Damn!” Yuri exclaimed.


“What happened Yuri? Everything alright?” John Yates was immediately concerned about his man like everybody else in the control room.


“Sir, are you alright,” Antonio asked as well.


“I am alright,” the reassuring words from Yuri calmed everyone, “But I’ve lost my camera.”


“That’s fine officer,” Admiral Mir said, “We still have the view from Antonio’s camera and we are recording all the images down here.”


“Copied Sir,” Yuri replied as he floated deeper inside the space station and around a bend just as Antonio climbed into the hole.


“What the deuce,” Antonio was barely inside the space junk when a shriek from Yuri sent shivers down his spine and that of everyone inside the ground control room. But even before anyone could react as much as to ask, “What happened”, a desperate cry from Yuri boomed on the radio, “Get the hell out of here!”


Antonio looked towards the end where Yuri had floated past and noticed a bright glow slowly and slowly lighting up the corner, much brighter than the lights they had on their mounted shoulders.


“Go! Go! Go!” Yuri was exclaiming wildly as he desperately grabbed at whatever he could grasp along the walls and ceiling to float away and out of the space station.


“What’s happening?” Antonio asked, panicking slightly as he raised himself out of the hole and started to pull the rope connecting Yuri to “Clara” so as to speed up his escape from whatever demons Yuri was running away from.


“Get me out of here quick!” Yuri was exclaiming desperately as he fumbled with his hands in desperation to get out of the space station.


“What’s happening up there,” President Shoji Katsuo who was personally present inside the ground control room could be heard asking the ground staff on the radio link.


“We don’t know yet sir,” Admiral Mir’s voice was heard next.


“What’s happening boys?” ground control officer John Yates was heard on the radio, “Are you alright?”


“I don’t know sir,” Antonio replied as he pulled Yuri’s rope fervently.


“Get out of this place! Just get out of here!” Yuri was exclaiming, panic writ large on his face as he climbed out of the hole which only until a few moments ago was pitch black when just cut open, but was now lit up like the inside of a furnace. Antonio pulled at his rope desperately.


Yuri had just about managed to get out of the hole when the entire space station behind him vanished in a blink, as if it had never been there before. Rather it was sucked into nothingness by the space, and such was the force that it sucked not only Yuri and Antonio towards the vanishing block of metal, but it also pulled at their space shuttle “Clara”.


“What happened? Did we lose contact with them?” a concerned President Shoji Katsuo could be heard asking the personal at the ground control, “Why did the image of the space station vanish from the screen as if someone has pulled the television plug?”


“It appears we have lost the video contact sir,” John Yates could be heard replying, “Oh there they are again. I guess it is just a disturbance in broadcast sir, as we can now see Antonio’s arms as he is floating towards Captain Yuri.”


“But where’s the space station? Which side are they facing?” Admiral Mir could be heard asking.


“Don’t know Sir, but I’ll ask,” John Yates replied.


“What the hell just happened?” Antonio exclaimed as he floated towards Yuri to grab a hold of him as he floated aimlessly, “Where is the space station?”


“Get the hell out of here!” Yuri was still panicking, unaware of his surroundings, desperate and struggling to catch his breath.


“What’s going on boys?” John Yates asked on the radio, “Are you two alright?”


“Yes sir, we are both fine,” Antonio replied, “But the space station,” Antonio’s reply was cut short as something more overpowering captured his attention.


“What’s with the space station?” John Yates asked as no one realized what had shell shocked Antonio into silence while his senior Yuri was still struggling to get to terms with the reality.


“Oh my GOD, what did I just see?” Yuri had been completely shaken by his unknown experience inside the now missing space station.


“What has happened Antonio?” Admiral Mir was asking from the ground control room, “Why are you quiet? What is it about the space station that you are trying to tell us?”


“The space station’s gone sir,” Antonio sheepishly replied as if he didn’t want to answer a question whose reply he himself didn’t want to believe.


“What do you mean gone?” Admiral Mir asked.


“It vanished into thin space,” Antonio struggled to give the right description.


“What do you mean vanished into thin space? Did the space eat it up?” Admiral Mir asked impatiently.


“It literally did,” Antonio replied.


“What?” everybody was shocked in the control room as John Yates asked, “Can you show us the space station with your shoulder mounted camera.”


“I can’t show you the space station anymore sir,” Antonio replied, “But I want you to have a look at something else.” Antonio then pointed his camera towards the direction where the space station existed just moments ago. With the distraction now gone, Antonio had for the first time noticed the space beyond it, the space as it lay above the geographic North Pole of the Earth. “There, can you see it sir?” Antonio asked.


“See what Antonio? Would you please first take your hand off the camera lens?” John Yates said.


“But I don’t have my hand on the camera sir,” Antonio replied.


“Then it must be something else covering the camera,” John Yates replied, “We can see nothing on our screens.”


“Sir, do you see Captain Yuri?” Antonio asked as he pointed the camera towards Yuri.


“Yes we do now,” John Yates replied.


“Do you see the space now?” Antonio then asked as he pointed the camera in the direction where space station was.


“No we see nothing,” John Yates exclaimed once again.


“There, do you see my fingers?” Antonio asked as he raised his hand in front of the camera.


“Yes we do,” John Yates replied.


“Now do you see the space in the direction I am pointing?” Antonio asked as he pointed towards the space with his finger.


“Is that the space that lies in front of you?” John Yates exclaimed in astonishment.


“It looks sparse,” Admiral Mir quipped, almost in a whisper.


“I don’t know how it appears on your screen sir,” Antonio replied as his throat dried, “But from where I stand, it looks empty!”


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