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GOD Of A Man
Infinity Confined

Content Warning: May contain occassional sexual references and detail violent events. Parental guidance recommended.

The saga continues through:
  1. Introduction: No dawn, no dusk.
  2. Chapter One: Fate awaits.
  3. Chapter Two: Digging Past.
  4. Chapter Three: Negotiated reality.
  5. Chapter Four: The fine adjustments.
  6. Chapter Five: The same dark.
  7. Chapter Six: Mishansa.
  8. Chapter Seven: Alive.
  9. Chapter Eight: Dead to tell a tale.
  10. Chapter Nine: The dark of the light.
  11. Chapter Ten: Anyone home?
  12. Chapter Eleven: The script of unknown probabilities.
  13. Chapter Twelve: The dark of the dreaded.
  14. Chapter Thirteen: A calamity in waiting.
  15. Chapter Fourteen: Least of space.
  16. Chapter Fifteen: Hope to hold on to.
  17. Chapter Sixteen: Made of light.
  18. Chapter Seventeen: Home is always warmer.
  19. Chapter Eighteen: Hoping of hope.

And the saga continues!


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