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God Of A Man
Infinity Confined

“Truth is incomplete without the other side.”

Chapter Four: The fine adjustments
Dated: 12th April, 2460

A find is no more than a fact, unless it could be established as an absolute representation of a state of affairs. But to do so requires a thorough inquiry into all facts of similar, or dissimilar, kind. Only when one has established that a find could be taken to represent the entirety of its lot, can it be hailed as truth. Of course, exceptions will always be there. But whether a particular thing is an exception, is itself a quest, into the state of affairs of that exception, and thus follows the same rules.

There thus is always this other side to any given fact or story; a side that may either exist, or be non-existent. A true scientist is always aware of this unwritten basic rule of research, for scientific method is itself about testing all the facts, to establish a truth. Truth is incomplete until it has an explanation to offer for everything that makes a part of it, as well as everything that is conspicuous by its absence from that group.

However, it is not the quest for the truth, or the truth eventually established, but rather the commitment to establishing all relevant facts, which determines the value of a research. A research has to be honest, or it might have never been undertaken at all. Of course, an honest research that fails to reveal all that is obscure, is still blameless.

“Sir, we got a craft on our radar,” an excited radar operator Jose Allen informed Rear Admiral Gurubaan Ahluwalia on the radio, as he and his colleagues eagerly gazed at the green flashing light on the radar screen.

“Put all units on standby immediately,” Rear Admiral’s voice reflected a concern, “It could be a hostile craft.”

But suddenly another bright flash of light appeared on the screen out of nowhere. “Sir, there’s another craft,” Jose had barely finished relaying this bit of information when in no time the first light fainted away. “Sir the first craft is dipping down,” an eager Jose relayed the information, before a surprise made him silent. The new dot on the screen vanished as quickly and abruptly as it had appeared.

“What happened young man?” a concerned Rear Admiral exclaimed.

“Sir the second light has vanished,” a confused Jose replied to his senior’s query.

“Put the gunners on standby,” Rear Admiral immediately ordered, “It could be an attack formation. I am coming back on to the ship right now.”

Sometimes life itself gets on a standby mode; when nothing seems to be moving anywhere, in spite of persistent efforts to bring about a change. Now this could be because of a lack of direction, a lack of opportunity, or an intentional sabotage. While it is impossible to live with any of these, it is the first one which is the easiest to address.

“Jack! Jack! Where are you?” a worried Jenny called out for the naughty little kid who had been keeping her mind off everything else that could have troubled her.

“Hey, Jenny, why are you walking upside down?” Jack tried to sound funny as he hung upside down for a tree’s branch.

“Jack!” but Jenny definitely wasn’t impressed, “What are you doing there? Get down from that tree this very moment.” She sounded business like, and Jack reluctantly obliged. “How many times have I told you, no hanging from the trees?” Jenny pulled him up from his arm and scolded him.

“But you tell me no everything,” Jack however had a genuine complaint to make.

“Jack, I told you,” Jenny perhaps realized that Jack was still just a nine year old boy who wanted to have fun, but something was definitely bothering her, “We have no doctor, no medicines, nothing! If something was to happen to you, I’ll die that very moment. Why don’t you understand? You just cannot be like any other child anymore.”

“I just want to play with my friends again,” and Jack began sobbing in an instant.

“Oh you poor boy,” and Jenny’s heart was close to melting away in an instant anyway.

Emotions can very easily overpower critical thinking, for emotions are linked to hormones, while thought process is linked to chemical exchange. And each hormone can in itself induce a full spectrum of chemical change, that too in bulk, thus overpowering every receptacle site in a brain. No wonder the toughest to master are one’s emotions, especially those capable of inducing the biggest chemical change in an individual; and these could be different for different persons.

“So what are your findings,” Anne asked Jhiang and Aslam, just as the roster was about to change. The two had been working in tandem, analyzing various graphs generated by scientific instruments on board spaceship Maa.

“No one will like it,” Jhiang quipped, “The planet is an absolute paradise to live on, just like our earth. It’s just that both this planet, and the Sun that we see closer to it, are orbiting the same smaller Sun that we see in the background. And that smaller Sun actually happens to be a much bigger star, and its spectrograph shows it belongs to this universe.”

“But what’s so bad about it?” Chris immediately jumped into the conversation.

“The problem is, the planet and the sun that appears closer, they are both revolving in the same orbit,” Jhiang replied, “In two years time this earth will no longer be hospitable, and in another six it would be sucked into the star.”

“Ouch!” Rocker quipped.

“But that’s not all bad,” Anne quipped, “For it means we might come across more such planets, from our universe, which have found their way into this universe intact. And one of them just might be the solution that we are searching for.”

“I seriously hope so,” Chris wished on.

Wishes can sometimes be a source of misery, as much as they could be a source of motivation. It all depends upon the capabilities and commitment of the one pursuing them, as much as it depends upon factors that are beyond their control. One can only do their part of the bargain. The deal is only sealed when another component has been added to the mix; the fruit of the labour.

“Why are we planting these inside this house?” Jack asked Jenny as he helped her tow another load of sand inside a house with large glass windows.

“Because it rains so much here, thanks to the two suns, that we will have no food to eat if we won’t grow more of it inside a covered space,” Jenny replied, “Now since we don’t have a green house, we’ll have to grow them inside this well lit and ventilated room. And hopefully the long days of sunshine would help the plants grow thick and fast.”

“Jenny, what if there’s a big dinosaur on this planet?” Jack naughtily asked her, hoping to scare her.

“Well, then I’ll feed you to him, and plead with him to let me go,” Jenny quipped as she lightly stroked his head.

“Oh wow, you are so mean,” Jack replied back, and the two laughed away and trudged along.

If a problem is there, it will not go away by sleeping over it. It will have to be dealt with; forthwith, the better.

“Can I sit here?” Suzanne asked Bradley, as she joined him by the watch cabin on one of the wing spans, as Bradley gazed out and away into the distance.

“I thought you didn’t trust me,” Bradley however quipped as Suzanne hesitatingly sat by him, without carrying for his response to her offer.

“Look, you are a decorated soldier. Out of everyone else on board this craft, you are the best person to understand what duty means,” Suzanne tried to explain her position, “I personally admire you a lot, and you know that. But I could not have let my personal feelings interfere with my better judgment.”

“And your better judgment was that a decorated soldier is not good enough to know the truth,” Bradley however has been hurt deep inside, “If only you had told me this yourself, rather than passing my file with a refusal and letting the department inform me.”

“Why do you have to make it so personal?” Suzanne complained.

“Because it is about the trust between you and me,” Bradley explained his sentiments to her, “It isn’t about your duty. I would have had no objection to you refusing me the permission. It just would have been more appropriate if you had told me this.”

“But I didn’t even want to come on this mission myself,” Suzanne retorted back in her defence.

“And that is how you justify your decision to yourself,” Bradley quipped shaking his head.

“Now why would I need to justify myself to me,” Suzanne asked surprised.

“That’s something for you to figure out, for that will prepare you for our next chat,” Bradley exclaimed as he got up to leave.

“Now what is that supposed to mean?” a surprised Suzanne asked as Bradley stepped away to leave. But Bradley just turned around to look back into her eyes, paused for a moment, then turned away and left.

Preparing yourself to face a solution is sometimes as important as finding the solution itself, for the solution might not be the one hoped for. Sometimes it might demand more work to be put in before a healthy answer is obtained.

“What could those mysterious objects have been?” a perplexed Jose asked shaking his head.

“By the looks of it, looks like second craft downed that first craft,” Rear Admiral quipped as he went through the radar data. He then turned around to order Lieutenant Reginald, “Jake, take a boat to the site with the first light, and see if you find any wreckage. Also, from now I want people manning guns without a break.”

The two soldiers nodded and saluted their officer, and took their leave as Chief Engineer Marcus Dodd walked in, to seek the Rear Admiral’s attention.

“What are your findings Marc,” Rear Admiral asked as he gestured the young officer to sit down.

“Sir, looks like Mr. Jhiang Chu was under the impression that the space gates would open in a sequence only once, which people had to use or else risk getting lost in one of the two universes,” Marcus replied as he turned his computer screen towards the officer, “But I believe that is not the complete picture.”

“So what completes the picture?” Rear Admiral asked as he leaned over to concentrate on each and every word his soldier had to say.

“Sir, waves have some defining characteristic, like wavelength, amplitude, and above all; a frequency,” Marcus tried to explain his findings in simple terms, “The long story cut in short would be; if the source of these events is generating them in waves, something which seems to have been proved by Mr. Chu’s model, then there would be a frequency of their generation.”

“So the events would repeat themselves, won’t they,” Rear Admiral was on the ball, as a man keen on science would be.

“Exactly sir, but there’s a catch,” Marcus replied before adding the twist in the tail, “Since the wave generation is also accompanied by distortion in this case, on account of one universe spreading across the terrain of the other, the wavelengths and amplitudes will keep getting distorted.”

“And what does that mean for us?” Rear Admiral asked.

“Sir it means the next series of events will not happen at the same spots as the previous ones, but would rather have moved further up in space,” Marcus explained the nitty-gritty, “So effectively the next wave of events will be travelling in parallel to the current series of events, but delayed.”

“So we would have to travel further in space to get into the loop, is that what you mean?” Rear Admiral asked.

“That’s correct sir; three months away from this planet to catch the train,” Marcus explained, “And those three months are in addition to the six months that I am guessing it would take us to upgrade our ship.”

“Marcus, now I am not a scientist like you or Mr. Jhiang Chu,” Rear Admiral quipped as he paused to reflect on a thought before continuing, “Does this mean that we could travel in either direction; that is, either away from the earth, or where earth used to be, or back towards it?”

“Theoretically it is indeed possible sir,” Marcus replied, “It would involve a lot of travelling in tangent as well as radial directions, between and across various fronts that would have to be used. But I am afraid that won’t be possible with our current technology.”

“And why is that?” Rear Admiral asked.

“That is because with every change of front, the distance would keep increasing, making it more and more impossible to travel back to a point quickly,” Marcus explained, “We need the ability to travel at the speed of light, to make use of such a scenario, that too possibly only once or twice.”

His reply made the Rear Admiral contemplate something for a moment, before he finally asked, “So does this mean we might not even be able to contact our sister spaceship Maa?”

“Actually, I nearly forgot to tell you something,” a bright spark lit up in Marcus’s eyes as he carried on, “Since we are lucky to have the data of our disappearance from the world, and the satellite’s disappearance from the orbit, I have used it to start development on a spatial map of this universe, and I have reasons to believe that we are getting a fairly accurate result.”

“That’s interesting,” Rear Admiral was immediately all ears again.

“Sir, it looks like this planet might have received a lot of stuff from our Earth,” Marcus continued, “And if my algorithm is correct, then the Spaceship Maa might be in our universe right now, and not far from our planet.”

“Really,” an elated Rear Admiral quipped before a sudden realization immediately dampened his spirits, “Could it be that it was spaceship Maa that was attacked by some alien craft today?”

His comment made even Marcus’s face expressions to turn grim, “That is indeed a very concerning thought Sir.”

“We won’t know until we actually find some wreckage that is positively identifiable as either belonging to Maa or not,” Rear Admiral exclaimed shaking his head, “Tell you what; set up one man to continuously try and communicate with spaceship Maa, at the radio frequency it is supposed to be receiving at.”

When the expected is about to happen, it could easily distract one’s attention from what is not expected. And hence the surprises!

“Clear to proceed,” Anne once again gave the go ahead to the crew, to sail across the gate, and back into the solar system.

“What was that?” Jhiang however exclaimed as soon as the space gate closed.

“What happened?” an immediately concerned Anne asked.

“Looks like someone tried to contact us,” Jhiang exclaimed as he frantically worked on his system, “See that spike in the radio frequency graph; that is our communication frequency, and looks like some sort of signal was picked up by our ship just as the gate closed.”

“It must have been the earth,” Chris immediately jumped on to the conclusion.

“No, that’s not possible,” Jhiang however dismissed it immediately.

“Why is anything that I say not possible?” Chris however argued back.

“Because it could just be a radio glitch caused by some unknown factor in space,” Jhiang replied.

“And that’s why you were so excited!” Chris commented back.

“Hey, there’s nothing else to do here, day in day out. Give me a break,” Jhiang however laughed back.

“Yeah, you better stop giving me your excitement then,” a bitter Chris retorted back before turning away and returning to his job.


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