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God Of A Man
Infinity Confined

“A choice is all that you make; the future is what it results in.”

Chapter Eleven: The script of unknown probabilities
Dated: 19th October, 2460

It is very easy to predict your future, and you don’t need to know all the stars and planets that revolve around your head to figure it out. All you need is an impartial analysis of the choice you are going to make today, then extrapolate its’ results. Add to the mix the eventualities that might afflict the outcome, and review your preparations, or lack thereof, and you know exactly what position the result would leave you in. That expected result would give you an idea as to your reach post future; whether you would be able to seek further glory, or would you be content where you might be right then. And there you have it; your future as you predict today!

While your choices are determined by you, the probabilities are determined by none, for each result, from abstract to absurd, is open to the future. You can however filter them with your efforts, to leave out those that you don’t wish to materialize, while multiplying the chances of getting a favourable result by the same factor. Sitting down on your bum, with your feet up on the coffee table and waiting for a lottery bonanza, and you know exactly where you would be, both in five minutes, as well as in five years.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t miss a golden goose chasing the end of the rainbow. You will if you won’t keep your eyes open for the opportunity. And this is what luck really is; you are seeking one thing, but find another on the way. But seek nothing, and everything would keep flying past your door. Efforts and a keen eye determine the winner.

“But why me, and not someone else?” a confused Chris asked Anne, as the two walked towards the flight deck.

“Because you first worked hard to be a pilot, rather than becoming a fisherman or a farmer,” Anne sensed he was troubled by the supernatural talk let loose on everyone by Norman. So she patiently answered his queries, “And then you worked as a pilot to be the best because you were never satisfied with your achievements, because you are a perfectionist by nature. Lastly, this mission needed a flawless flight officer, something you fit the bill perfectly, and you made the right choice. Had you not made that choice, you wouldn’t have been here.”

“But don’t you think someone was guiding me all this time, to be what I became?” Chris however was still not clear in his mind.

“Yes, and it was your life,” Anne replied, “People around you treated you in a particular way, that developed your understanding of life and emotions in a particular way. This unique individuality of yours determined how you would seek what you want, and also what you would want. All opportunities were open for you to seek, but you chose to do what you wanted to do because that is what you grew up liking. Your life experiences have been guiding you all the time.”

Life can teach you how to struggle, but it cannot teach you how to not let the struggle shape you as an individual. You will not be the same at the end of your struggle, as you were before it. This change is the learning, and learning is the strength. Each struggle leaves you a bit more strong and a bit less innocent!

“What’s that sound?” a surprised Jack asked an equally confused Jenny, as the noise of the NSSS Full Bloom overpowered the surroundings.

“Sounds like a craft or something,” Jenny replied as she strained her ears to try and ascertain the craft’s identity, from behind the door that was shut on her.

“Yey! They’ve come to pick us up,” Jack’s excitement didn’t know any bounds.

“Wait, we don’t know if it is our people or someone else,” Jenny however was cautious, “It could be aliens who live on this planet, and they might kill us.” And a sudden fear gripped Jenny’s heart as she clung on to Jack who by now had also realized the danger.

Learning can as much be a boon as much it could be a bane. The result would often depend upon the use it is put to in any given situation.

As the craft hovered above the block of units, one of its hatches at the lower end was thrown open and four soldiers, led by Lieutenant Reginald, were lowered down in to the street.

Inside the craft, everyone was busy with their assigned tasks. Engineer Dodd, who was managing the mapping unit called out to Lieutenant Reginald, “Alpha two to bravo one; could you please confirm the name of the street for me? Is it Calloway Avenue?”

“Brave one to Alpha two; now checking up the street sign markings,” Jake replied and confirmed, “Yes indeed!”

“Bingo!” exclaimed an exuberant Dodd, before turning towards the Command desk, “Sir, I can confirm, our mapping is a success. The block of houses, as predicted by the software, is indeed from ‘Peacock on the hill’ suburb.”

“Good work,” Rear Admiral replied before turning his attention to Jake, “Alpha one to Bravo one; Jake, you are clear to make the announcement on the radio, but make sure your men keep an eye out for any nasty surprises.”

“Copied sir,” Jake replied as he hooked the radio set back to his shoulder and grabbed the megaphone hanging by his side, “This is Lieutenant Jake Reginald of the New Saisho Armed Forces. If there is anyone living in these houses, please come outside. We are here to rescue you. I repeat, please come outside.” And as he continued with his announcements, he and his team took a cautious stroll down the streets, slowly making their way back towards the beach. The beach was going to be the last place to finish their physical search.

Barriers can be both physical and mental. While physical barriers can restrict you, mental barriers can actually break you down. It is much more important to overcome the mental barriers first.

“Oh my mother, these are our people,” a panicking Jenny exclaimed as she heard the very first of the announcements, “Damn this door.” Desperately she flung her body against the demon that stood in her way. “C’mon Jack, give me a hand,” she exclaimed as she repeatedly crashed her body into the thick wooden block, crying out for help and banging the door at the same time, hoping to catch the attention of those patrolling her street for the first time in months. Alas the noise of the craft was enough to drown her muted cries that escaped the closed room! The caravan kept marching on.

A journey doesn’t end until one arrives at the destination, numerous oasis might have lain in the path however. A resting spot is just what they are, and no more.

“The images of the planet show a complete ice cover on the planet,” Jhiang informed Anne and Charles, as Aslam prepared to transfer the controls to the next shift. Jhiang continued, “Initial analysis of the radio waves transmitted by the planet suggests it has the same elemental composition as is consistent with our universe. Looks like a planet lost by our universe, and it probably might have hosted life. In fact, I won’t be surprised if some life is still alive, even though it is now lost in completely starless space.”

“What a shame, no use to us,” a dejected Anne lamented, “But good to know that it reinforces our belief of finding a habitable planet for us.”

“Wouldn’t have been quiet useless had we had spare time,” Jhiang replied, “For then we could have replenished our ship with some natural supplies, like water, and possibly meat.”

“Of course,” Anne quipped in response, “Would have given us an opportunity to feel the real gravity again too. But alas; too good to be true!”

A lost opportunity is also an open window, for another to come by. It doesn’t matter, how good was the last one that you missed. It’s more important as to what you will make out of the next one. Making good of one opportunity is never enough. An opportunity can only set you up for a new opportunity. It cannot make you accomplished. Rather the struggle put in after the loss of an opportunity is what makes you better, both as someone who will grab the next, and also you ability to milk it.

The struggle was desperate, and the blood was real. “You are bleeding,” a crying Jack exclaimed as he saw the desperate Jenny flinging her body against the heartless piece of wood with all her might. With her knuckles skinned, ear hurt and shoulder aching, Jenny was a picture of struggle at its worst and best at the same time. But blood was the last thing that was going to stop her. Debatably death might have!

It is not what you would take away with you on your journey, but rather what you will leave behind, that matters. Forget something important, and you will fret through the entire endeavour, and leave nothing behind, those left behind will have nothing to say about you.

The caravan had moved on to the beach, and there was a surprise waiting for them.

“Sir, you won’t believe what we found here,” Jake radioed back to the ship, “A car!”

“What’s the registration,” a bemused Rear Admiral asked.

“It’s one of those fancy plates, says; Army,” Jake replied.

“That’s Captain Aman Ahluwalia’s car,” Rear Admiral immediately recognized his son’s license plate, “Funny it’s ended up here.”

“Sir, do you want me to check where it might have been when it was lost?” Engineer Marcus Dodd asked his officer.

“Negative,” Rear Admiral replied before replying back to Jake, “Have a look inside and see if there’s anything interesting that you can see inside.”

“Would you like us to bring it along?” Jake asked, “As a token!”

“Negative,” Rear Admiral replied, “We might end up rescuing people on our journey, so no point in carrying weight we can avoid. Tell you what; let us leave behind a couple of barrels of fuel that we don’t need anyway, as our token.”

Sometimes it is not the gift, but the impact that gift leaves behind, which is all that matters. Gifts are often desired but seldom useful, for they are not a planned acquisition. A gift rather is a liability that one needs to return in some other form.

“Help!” a tired, desperate and bleeding Jenny cried as she finally managed to break the door. Splinters of wood abraded her soft skin as she forced her had through the breach to unlock the door from the outside. Like a desperate deer running away from a forest fire, towards water, she dashed out of the house, and behind the ship. “Help!” she kept shouting, her feet faltering but her desperate efforts unwavering. She tumbled, got up, ran forward, tumbled again, but kept on going. “Help!” was all she could say with a fast deteriorating voice.

But those who came unannounced, had already boarded their train, and the train left the platform. All that was left behind was a desperate and broken girl, and a wailing child.


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