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God Of A Man
Infinity Confined

“A man or a woman made of light, make people around them glow.”

Chapter Sixteen: Made of light
Dated: 22nd October, 2460

A star radiates light, but it feels hot, for it burns itself up making that light. A star’s light falls on a planet and makes it glow, but its’ light is cold for it only distributes what doesn’t belong to it. Same is true about individuals born with a passion, or inside whom passion rises. They radiate energy through their actions and words. Their passion attracts people towards them, and the admiration that arises in those lovers; make the lovers glow when they are around the passionate. But passion doesn’t necessarily have to be rebellious. It could be a simple passion for life, like in those who live life with a light or adventurous heart, and make lives of those around them, worth living by the sheer stamp of their ingenuity.

Then there are people who glow with contentment, for their life has been made easy by the impact of those who touch their lives. Their glow is the borrowed glow that they carry away from their interactions with others. They may be easy to be around with, but lack the warmth and passion that would make those around them take a bit of that glow along.

Then there are those who carry the burden of life, for someone has to carry it and none else can, for it is their own life. Try living around such people, and you might start admiring privacy with vengeance.

Jenny was a fighter, and even though she might have been beaten black and blue by her fate, she held on to the fragile thread of life. Little Jack had been by her side all the time while she had been falling in and out of sleep.

“Please don’t leave me Jenny,” little Jack cried as he caressed her arm with his tiny hands, as if pleading with her to wake up, and his head bent over as he tried to stop his tears with all the might of his eyelids. But one treacherous tear betrayed him and fell onto Jenny’s soft skin.

“No, I will never leave you,” a weak Jenny almost whispered, as she used all her strength to lift her arm and place her hand over Jack’s head, “I promise!”

Promises are accepted with a hope of fulfilment. If it wasn’t for the readiness of those who accept the gift of promise and agree to wait for it, promises would lose their utility in entirety.

“It’s been eight hours since Captain Connors left,” Charles reminded Margaret, who had been left behind in a small emergency craft, to wait for Captain Bradley Connors. “But we’ve been informed that Captain Connors possibly doesn’t need oxygen,” he continued, “But we have also decided not to force our decision on you, and rather leave the choice with you as to what you want to do.”

“I have food supplies for two days, and water for a few more,” Margaret replied without even pausing to give it a thought, “If we are not leaving on our journey anytime soon, I’ll start my return when I’ll hit the last couple of litres.”

Good people don’t need to be reminded of what they need to do. They might however need to be advised about what they don’t know, or what might have skipped their attention. Otherwise, they won’t be good anyway.

The rock might have been ground to dust, but Bradley stood up like a rock, surprising his enemy. More shots were fired at him, but this time Bradley dug in his feet, and his body didn’t move an inch. However, an enemy craft emerged from behind the huge structures where Bradley had been provided with an audience earlier. The craft swung around the corner and headed straight to a startled Bradley. The shot was quick, and the laser strength huge.

As soon as the laser beam hit where Bradley was, an energy explosion resulted, with light and sound emanating out in all directions, blinding and deafening everyone who witnessed it. But faster than the energy exploding out of the site where Bradley stood, it was sucked back into Bradley; an implosion that made Bradley glow like a torch made of laser light.

An enraged Bradley gave out a mighty war cry and pumped a fist towards the craft in a gut reaction, but what happened next surprised everybody, including himself. A laser beam emerged out of his fist and shattered the craft into pieces. Bradley might have lost a bit of his glow in the aftermath of the shot, but the aliens had lost much more; their confidence. Those present at the site looked at Bradley, who looked at his fist, albeit blankly. Finally Bradley gave the attention to his company, and just out of another gut reaction, thrust his hand towards the enemy combatants, with his finger stretched out and pointing to them. Five smaller laser beams shot off, taking two enemy combatants out in an instant, while two others barely survived with their desperate evasive dives. The fifth one was just a directionless shot that took out an insignificant structure in the background. But what the five shots had taken out in an instant was much more; the enemy’s appetite to chase on foot.

Bradley, for the first time, felt power like he had never felt before, the power that he had never had before. But there was no time to be wasted. More crafts were rising around the horizon, heading towards him. He might not have been destructible so far, but he was still vulnerable to capture. Run he had to! And that’s what he did. He knew exactly where he had to go, but no one else did. The biggest surprise however was; he ran not like a sprinter. He literally flew like a laser beam, nearly at the speed of light, until his glow faded out.

A fade out is inevitable if active rejuvenation is not undertaken. Deterioration is inherent in nature; it is called ageing. But ageing wine is always the exception; and knowledge is a wine that gives a heady feeling of its own.

“Sir, don’t you think we should start looking for a habitable planet in this universe, rather than following the space tear route,” an inquisitive Lieutenant Jake Reginald asked.

“Not necessarily,” Rear Admiral replied after a brief thought, “Firstly, we need to get in touch with our people that we know are still alive, for that would give us someone other than us to bond with. Then we need to figure out which universe would be better, for if our Chief Engineer is correct, then we might need to develop a model to figure out how the two universes would end up after their rendezvous. And only then can we decide where to find a new abode for humanity, and then much later, start a search for the remainder that is currently lost.”

To find new ways one has to either get lost first, or lose something first. Desire and need can be very powerful drivers of destiny. Curiosity and greed however could lead to similar discoveries too, but often much more, for in these cases the search is not bound by a pre-determined aim. The height of efficiency is however reached when need and greed come together in an unstoppable combination.

If anyone thought that the first reaction of Bradley would be to find an escape from the planet, they wouldn’t have been any further apart from reality. Bradley instead ended up right at the gates of the biggest alien research and development facility. Yes there were guards and there were gates. But no one had yet warned them!

That Bradley wasn’t welcome on that planet was not something he didn’t already know. That he didn’t care for what stood in his way was more out of his need than foolhardiness, or indulgence in new found power. He quickly neutralized the guards at the gate, and passwords would no longer stop him anyway. The sirens were on everywhere, yet Bradley knew where exactly he needed to go, and how to get there.

The two alien scientists were taken by surprise, but their weapons wouldn’t kill Bradley and he didn’t leave them on his unwilling hosts for long. But scared wouldn’t be the word that would describe the emotions his hosts experienced. Disarmed yet proud they stood, ready to die but not to divulge anything Bradley might have had to ask of them. Surprisingly for them however, Bradley didn’t ask anything. He just pointed the weapons relieved of their hands, back to their heads, and pretended to shoot. But even more surprisingly, Bradley smiled and handed the weapons back to them. He waved them a goodbye, and escaped out of their room, leaving them flummoxed. He had four more rooms to visit in the facility, which he duly did, yet no one understood what he was doing. Within a matter of minutes Bradley had done what he had intended to do.

But if he thought it would be an easy escape, then that was not going to be the scenario. An entire company of enemy had laid seize to the facility, and this time they had clear instructions; not to fire directly on Bradley, but all around him, to bamboozle him. The plan was to capture him alive, and cages and traps had all been readied. Unfortunately for the aliens though, Bradley had already figured out the secret escape route designed for the benefit of the best of the alien brains, should the facility ever comes under a hostile attack. And Bradley didn’t need an invitation to use what he knew.

Before the aliens figured out what had happened, Bradley had already escaped miles behind their backs, on an escape all terrain shuttle designed for use by their own kind. This time however, he headed straight to where everyone might have expected him to head to in the first place; the alien military space-port. The surprise was on his side, and the small escape shuttle had enough power to engage the clueless defenders of the facility. Unwittingly they handed Bradley the power that he needed, and Bradley made full use of it. Within minutes he was on the tarmac, having neutralized nearly ninety percent of the port’s defences, and he headed straight for their deadliest craft to date.

The backup was on the way, but Bradley was up in air before anyone could have stopped him. And once in the air, the naughty army man wouldn’t escape without destroying the first alien fleet that was flying in to stop his mayhem. This he needed to do, to give him a head-start in his escape. Chase was imminent, but it was in his interests to put it behind by as many minutes as he could.

Minutes can however be long or short, depending upon which way the urgency is inclined. If someone is waiting urgently, they are long, and when someone is engaged urgently, they are short.

The day had been long for Margaret, who had been sitting in a craft whose engines were running, but it was going nowhere. For the first time in her life she realized what every tree and plant must have experienced their entire lives; time never ends.

“Oh Bradley,” she exclaimed out of frustration for the first time, for so far she had only called out the name in hope and desperation.

But desperate is not the one who has run out of resources, dejected that person might be. Desperate is the one who is instead looking for them.

Bradley had lost his wireless handset along with his attire, when he was stripped to his skin by his then holders, and put into the new attire that ended up in tatters when he escaped. He did manage to get hold of a new set of clothes, but there was no way to contact his people for either assistance or rescue. He was flying fast towards an unknown future, but certain that someone would be waiting for him somewhere.

While he set the radar on his machine to detect a blimp of familiar, he set out onto another system trying to calculate something.

“One hundred and ten miles it would have to be,” he exclaimed once his calculation were over, although his statement would have made no sense to whoever wasn’t inside his brain reading his thoughts.

He immediately set onto another set of tasks, setting the craft up in some way, while he kept looking at the radar screen at the same time.

“There it is,” he exclaimed as soon as his radar detected a blimp in the unknown space. “Two alien minutes to go,” he exclaimed as he looked at the alien clock, and then at the alien distance measurement. He immediately punched in a few more commands into the craft’s system, before jumping out of the seat and rushing towards the hatch. He quickly opened the hatch and jumped out. It is hard to say whether he forgot the helmet, and whether he needed to carry any of the alien air supplies to survive in space vacuum, but he jumped nevertheless.

Faith might give hope, but rationality gives the reason. And it is reason which allows a calculated risk likely to succeed. An unreasoned risk is an invitation to failure.

Margaret, having stared out into the pitch black for too long, finally dozed off in her seat. But the thud was not only loud enough to shake her out of her sleep; it shook the craft in its entirety. “What the hell,” she exclaimed in horror and nearly jumped out of her seat, “Shit, I let my craft get hit by a rock.”

But that was no rock that hit her. A bright light was flashed from outside her craft’s front screen, strong enough to light the insides of her craft’s cabin that was barely big enough for four people to stand comfortably behind the seats. The light was then turned away by the pointer, towards own face. It was Bradley straddling her craft’s front, an alien torchlight in his hand. He had made a hundred and ten alien miles journey in space within a matter of few seconds, thanks to the inertia thrust provided by the craft he had jumped out off.

“Bradley,” a shocked and surprised Margaret exclaimed.

Bradley however gestured her to open her craft’s hatch, which she duly did, and then jumped out of her seat to assist him get inside. A rope was stretched out of the hatch that Bradley grabbed, and then wasted no time in climbing inside. But no sooner had he landed inside, closing the hatch, an excited Margaret jumped on to him.

“You made it, yeah,” she exclaimed as she straddled him in excitement and planted a small friendly welcome kiss on his cheek.

“Oh C’mon, we don’t have time to waste,” Bradley however was in a disinterested rush, “We need to get out of here quickly.”

“What? Why?” Margaret immediately had more than one question for him.

“They are following me; twenty two alien minutes behind,” Bradley exclaimed as the duo rushed to the two seats. “I’ve ditched their craft at a speed that will allow them to gain on it completely in twenty two minutes and ten seconds, and two seconds later the craft will explode and destroy everything that is within five hundred thousand miles radius in the space.”

“Five hundred thousand miles,” a shocked Margaret exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, that is way far from where we are,” Bradley however assured her, “But we need to get out of here so they don’t find us.”

“Oh, I see,” Margaret exclaimed as she put the craft into motion, and finally gave it a direction.

“By the way,” Bradley continued, “You haven’t brushed your teeth today, have you?”

“Oh, C’mon now!” an exasperated Margaret threw her hands in the air.


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