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God Of A Man
Infinity Confined

“Everyone cherishes acknowledgment, especially of traits they never realized they had.”

Chapter Eighteen: Hoping of hope
Dated: 31st October, 2460

Acknowledgment plays an important part in human experience, even if it might not be a complete packet in itself. When someone acknowledges they were wrong, it provides a sense of fulfilment to the one wronged, even though punishment or restoration might still be needed to make good their loss. When someone’s greatness is acknowledged, it brings a relaxing calm to their persona, even though a reward commensurate with their efforts might still be needed. Acknowledgment works on feelings, while physical awards are merely a matter of social convenience, to keep pursuit of social good a worthwhile undertaking.

People often achieve mastery in fields they invest their single minded dedication to, and mastery invariably brings laurels in due course. However, the most cherished moments of such greats often include very fond memories of times when they were lauded and acknowledged for something they never invested their time or effort in. Every man or a woman, irrespective of how successful they become in a field disconnected from physical traits, cherishes most the moments when they were approved for their looks by the opposite sex. Fashion became an industry because even those who don’t have the appetite to invest efforts in looking good, have always cherished attention their style statement might generate. The show is to invite attention, even though the invitation might not be an expression of interest beyond admiration. Acknowledgment works magic when it is the least expected, and especially for what it never was imagined for, even if it might have been wished for.

But those who acknowledge also have the right to expect something in return, from insignificant to precious. Fans expect unadulterated appeasement of their insatiable desire for more work. Enemies expect an honourable deal. Lovers expect unconditional love, while, haters expect respectful release. This right to have something in return is based on the fact that acknowledgment is not a right, even though it is always desired. Acknowledgment is the extra benefit that comes at an extra cost, for it never comes alone, but always accompanied by an award or reward.

“Jack! Jack,” a concerned Jenny had been searching for the kid for almost half an hour now. The days had been consistently warming up, with no winter respite in sight, and Jenny feared the worst for their health.

“I miss you mom,” a sad Jack however, unaware of Jenny’s search that was all over the place now, had returned to their house, and was sitting by the side of his mother’s grave, “But don’t worry about me mom. Jenny loves me just like you. I love her very much.” And Jack wiped a tear of his cheek before continuing, “But she is always sad. Could you do one little thing for me, and please send Aman back to Jenny? I am too small to go out and find him. She cries every day and I don’t like it.”

Jenny, who had just returned after searching around the entire neighbourhood, overheard the little guy, and a smile grew on her lips. “Jack,” she exclaimed as she stepped forward, intent on being stern with the young boy for his misdemeanour, “How many times have I told you not to stay out late in the afternoon? Do you know how hot it is?”

“I am sorry Jenny,” Jack turned around and replied apologetically before getting up dusting his clothes, “I was just coming back when I saw two beautiful little flowers by the side of a rock.”

“Flowers?” a surprised Jenny asked.

“Yes flowers,” Jack confirmed it again for her, “And I was like; maybe I should pluck one for mother, and the other one for you.”

“So did you?” Jenny asked.

And Jack put his head down ashamed, “No, I just left them there?”

“But why didn’t you pluck them?” a curious Jenny asked.

“You always say the heat here will never let any flowers grow,” Jack reminded Jenny of her statement made on an earlier occasion, “They are beautiful, and if I had plucked them, they both would have died. But I wanted them both to live.”

“Oh that is so beautiful Jack,” Jenny exclaimed with delight, “That was so thoughtful of you, to not pluck them.”

“Jenny, will more flowers grow now?” an innocent Jack asked as he looked up to Jenny for an answer.

Life will always take its own course, for life is not just about everything you do in your world. It is also about what everybody else in your world does. The only thing in your hands is to do your best, and then hope that so would everybody else. And if that doesn’t happen, then you might as well be ready with an alternate plan.

“Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the nomination of Chief Engineer Marcus Dodd for ‘Excellence in Service’ award, and Lieutenant Jake Reginald and his team for ‘Meritorious Service in Peace Time’ award,” Rear Admiral Gurubaan Ahluwalia was addressing his men in a modified military ceremony, “As soon as we either get back to Earth, or we get in touch with Commander-in-Chief of Humanity in turmoil, Miss Anne De Villiers, I will forward the recommendations for the official confirmation.”

Everybody greeted the announcement with claps and loud cheering, even though everyone was forced to attend the ceremony in an unconventional way, confined to their seats or cubicles. Neither the spaceship was a place that could afford the luxury of space for a gathering, nor were their jobs easy.

“Sir, it’s a shame we’ve built this masterpiece, and yet no one else knows about it,” Chief Flight Officer Antonio Marks quipped with a sad tinge to his comment.

“Don’t worry young man,” the Rear Admiral replied, “Grace can be delayed not denied, to the one born with passion. This masterpiece will get its share of limelight in due course of time.”

Being in the limelight is also an instance of intense vulnerability. While those outside the limelight seek to push the one inside out, those inside the limelight cannot see who in the dark is throwing the barbs at them.

“The results are pretty encouraging,” Doctor Harvey informed the Defence Core Committee, “The alien Science is completely interposable with ours. As it happens to be the case, the charge distribution across the atomic structures of this universe might be in reverse to that of ours, but the elements making up the matter are similar in nature and character to those of our universe. It is science at its’ bewildering best.”

“So we can use their design for our purposes?” Anne asked.

“Now that would take some more time to be assessed, for Mr. Jhiang and Mr. Elahi are still working on a computer model to test it,” Doctor Harvey replied, “But I am pretty sure that shouldn’t be a problem, because their spacecrafts fly well, and in fact really well in this universe. There is no reason why any craft of similar design and make constructed by us won’t fly provided we have fuel to burn inside it. The job of the fuel is to provide energy, whatever that fuel is; and a spacecraft is only designed to fly.”

“That sounds really positive going forward into our second week Doctor Harvey,” Charles quipped, but before he could say anything more, a huge shock wave rocked the ship and emergency sirens were immediately turned on.

“What the hell happened now?” Aman exclaimed, but he wasn’t left hanging in suspense for too long as Christina informed everybody on the speaker the terrifying reason.

“We’ve got company,” Christina’s shocked voice boomed on speakers.

“Damn these bastards,” a frustrated Bradley punched his fist into the table in front of him and got up to leave.

“Where are you heading to?” Aman quickly asked, but Bradley didn’t stop to reply. He just kept walking, towards the hatch; grabbed a rope and tied it around his waist, opened up the hatch and jumped out; without any helmet or space suit; intent on taking the adversary’s hits on his body but save his spaceship if he could.

When the circumstances are dire, the response cannot be any less urgent. But should you be left with no response, than your grace shouldn’t fail you in your suffering.


OK, this is about 35% of the chapter. The rest of the chapter can now be purchased as a part of the complete novel from Amazon Kindle at:

God Of A Man - Infinity Confined (On Amazon Kindle)

Now as to why you may wish to read the rest of it; well, there’s not much left in the novel except for:
  1. The ususal twist in the tail, which you would eventually get to know once I’ll start releasing the next book in the series.
  2. A cameo that I will not mention in the next book, so you won’t know unless you read the chapter in full.
But, it’s really not that much, is it?


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