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God Of A Man
Infinity Confined

“Faithful think about their kind, faithless about every kind!”

No dawn, no dusk.
Dated: 25th March, 2460.

It is true that faith has a very strong unifying influence, but only amongst those who share it. It at the same time creates a very sharp divide between those who share the faith, and those who don’t. The reason religion was able to foster so much hatred amongst God loving humanity was the power of attachment it created amongst the adherents of various religions. Those who believed in a God were always ready to defend their love for the supernatural, at the expense of everyone natural. Ironic how it was only those who believed in some God, who were ready to kill others who didn’t believe in a God, or believed in some other God, while those who never believed in a God always wished for everyone to live.

One might be inclined to consider if God really was the Satan, out to destroy humanity by making it fight amongst itself. But to believe in a Satan would itself be a matter of faith. The result would still remain the same. Perhaps the relevant question was never “what should one believe in”, but rather “why should one believe in anything.” But who could have directed humanity when its leaders were lost in “how to spread our faith” than “whether it would be appropriate to question another faith.” Problem with faith lies in the fact that rather than questioning “how is my faith better than yours”, everyone is keener on explaining “how is my faith better than yours.” When the starting premise of the debate is conflict, how could the result then be productive?

Humanity is never shaken out of its’ stupor better than by a catastrophe. The third world war changed the way humanity looked at God and religion, but now the nature has challenged the very basis of human civilization; the relationships. At the center stage is not a faith in God this time, but a faith in future. And who would know this better than the handful of minds in control of the supposedly last human bastion in two universes; the spaceship “Maa”.

“The thermal signature is coming from the last chamber on the left, just beyond the coolant towers,” Jhiang directed Captain Bradley Connors, who was looking for the intruder on the space ship, “I don’t have a visual. The person is hiding under a sheet of linen.”

“Don’t worry, I got him,” Bradley replied just as he approached the door of the small knee high chamber. In a flash he flung the door open and yelled, “Get out and show me your face unless you want me to fire the gun first and then talk to your dead body.”

“Please don’t shoot, I mean no harm,” a trembling but familiar voice replied, as the intruder finally crawled out of his hiding spot.

“You,” the hatred on Bradley’s face was palpable, but he was anything but undisciplined. He knew what his job was, and immediately grabbed his culprit from his neck and dragged him straight to the flight deck.

“Norman, how dare you,” Commander-in-Chief Anne De Villiers yelled out as soon as she saw who the unwanted company was.

“You son of a bitch,” Captain Chris Davis immediately lost his cool on seeing him, and jumped out of his seat. “My wife is dead because we couldn’t afford an extra person on this craft, and here you are; the unwanted and most useless of all human beings! I’ll kill you!” And he immediately rushed at Norman and grabbed him from his neck, trying to strangulate him. Bradley immediately intervened and saved Norman.

“Let me go!” Captain Chris Davis however yelled as his temper got the better of him.

“Behave yourself Captain Chris Davis, and mind your seat,” Commander-in-Chief yelled at him.

“Why should I?” Chris however retorted back, “My entire family is dead, and he gets to live. How is it fair?”

“What is fair in this universe Captain Davis; the law of nature?” Anne yelled back, “And what family are you talking about? Those who are dead cannot be brought back to life, but you have a new family of one hundred and twenty people under your command and control, whose lives depend upon your expertise. What about the welfare of this new family?”

“What to me? They all can die, just like my family?” Chris however would have none of it, as he wrestled to get out of Bradley’s iron hold.

“Your family is still alive,” Anne’s reply subdued him slightly, “You have a child to take care of; your only child. He is one of the hundred and twenty lives that breathe the air on this spaceship. How can you forget him?” And finally Captain Davis realized there was still something at stake that demanded judiciousness in behaviour.

Sensing that things have calmed down, Norman finally spoke, “I knew your wife Captain Davis. She hid me in your compartment at the facility while I was there.” He then pulled out a ring from his pocket, and thrust it towards Captain Davis.

“That’s our wedding ring,” Captain Davis immediately recognized the piece of jewelry and grabbed it from Norman’s hand, “You scoundrel, how dare you take it from her.”

“She gave it to me, last night,” Norman explained, “She said that I should tell you, that she forgives you.”

And Norman’s reply finally broke down the man, as Chris collapsed on to his knees crying, “She knew it! Oh she knew it all along.” Bradley immediately stepped by his side to comfort him.

Comfort is as much in lack of pain, physical or psychological, as much it is in making of a similar gain. But at the end of it all, it is just a relativity quotient; between what was and is. It may not necessarily be a complete redress of the grievances, but is certainly an advancement in the right direction.

“Bravo one to Alpha one,” Lieutenant Jake Reginald called out on his two way radio. He was leading a four member team for a reconnaissance of the land that lay in front of the NSS Full Bloom.

“Loud and clear Bravo one; go ahead,” Rear Admiral Gurubaan Ahluwalia’s voice boomed from the other end.

“Sir, you won’t believe what we’ve just found,” a very cheerful Jake replied.

Only those things can be found that have been lost by someone. Everything else is discovered. And yet people meditate or become recluses, to discover what is inside their minds. It is arguable if they are really discovering something they didn’t know of already, or they are just recovering something that they lost inside their selves in some days gone by, or had left it untouched so far. But whichever way one classifies the journey and its’ fruit, the loneliness it entails is hard to miss.

“Aman! Aman,” a lonely Jenny yelled out loud, hoping it was just a nightmare that would pass away. A sun was still above her head, yet the lonely beach felt stone cold. Being almost bare physically was the least of her concerns. She was bare emotionally, and not to mention, scared and scarred.


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