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Mishiida Alexander


“True love is always gradual. It grows on you with time.”


Chapter Eight: Stay close!


Somehow people have this strange notion that only love at first sight is true love or love at all. Nothing can be farther from the truth. What you feel at first sight is only infatuation budding out either as a result of physical attraction, social clout or financial flamboyance. Love, and more specifically true love is what develops between two hearts over a period of time, when the two individuals realize how they complete each other, one making up for what the other lacks, and when they both feel a strong urge to do their best to make the life of their other half happier and comfortable. Infatuation wears off as soon as the sexual appetites have been pleased whereas love begins when the sexual interests are over. If a relationship doesn’t last that long then there never was any love between the two.








As we follow our friends Alexander and Mishiida, we realize the vast differences between the two but we still feel a connection between the two. Alexander may have brought her right to the doorsteps of entrapment but where was the need for him to tag her along in the first place? Mishiida may be in some kind of hurry but why is she still hanging around with Alexander if he is wasting her time? We may not have the answers to these questions at this moment but then right now we are too pre-occupied with something else to bother finding an answer right now.








With our hearts pounding so hard against our pericardial cavities so as to nearly pop out of our bodies, we stand in the middle of a deserted street scanning every building, every brick around us to spot prying eyes. As Mishiida walks towards the toy rocking horse in the front lawn of a house on the opposite side of the road, we slowly step back until our backs rest with the Caravan, a bit scared at the thought of the firepower that might shatter the fake serenity of the surrounds that engulf everything around us. We turn our heads and see Alexander walking towards the gas station, turning his head around again and again, walking at a pace as if he doesn’t want to walk anymore, as if he will turn around any moment and run to Mishiida. Or perhaps we are hoping against hope, he’ll do something and get her out of there. There is simply no other movement in the area, not even the rolling of leaves. Even the wind has frozen for a few moments, as if stopping by to have a look at what is happening, or rather what is going to happen.








Mishiida steps on to the lawn and kneels down right next to the rocking horse, perhaps enticed by the vibrant and colourful object that it is, lost in some deep thought. As she puts her hand on the seat of the horse gently and rocks it slowly we notice a head rising from behind a window, helmet first. Our heart nearly jumps our of our mouths, as a couple more rise, all dressed in helmets, jackets, with black paints on their faces, M-16s in their hands. We notice one of them giving a thumbs-up to someone behind us. We quickly rush around the caravan and notice similarly clad men sneaking from behind the house on our side of the road. Four men holding strange looking propelling guns sneak in front of the men and as they do so something catches Mishiida’s attention. As she quickly turns around we hear a familiar voice, “Now!” as we notice Colonel Rick rushing out of a house behind our Caravan. The four men fire their hand guns and four nets are flung over Mishiida. Just as the nets catch Mishiida by surprise, the men inside the house smash out of the windows and the men on our side of the road, make a dash towards her and pounce on her like a hungry leopard sneaking up and pouncing on it’s unsuspecting prey. In a flash, Mishiida is all entangled in four thick rope nets and nearly ten to fifteen men are trying to pin her to the ground.








“Bring the heavy metal container around now,” Colonel Rick yells on the radio and then says to his men, “More men on her, don’t let her go.”








As we notice more men, around fifteen to twenty to make a fair guess, rushing out of their various hiding spots we hear an ear-shattering shriek and we grab both our ears and miss the sound of shattering glass. As ten to twelve heavy bodies covered in still heavier armoured jackets and ammunition are flung around in all directions, Mishiida pushes herself on her feet still caught in the webs, and we duck to avoid being cleaned by a near-ton man who flies over us and over Alexander’s jeep.








“Out of the firing line quick,” Colonel Rick instructs his men as Mishiida struggles to get out of the nets.








“Fire,” Colonel Rick’s men waste no time in getting back on their feets and out of the firing line.








“No,” we notice Alexander is still around and hasn’t walked to the gas station and rather rushes towards us as we get back on our feets right next to Colonel Rick who’s himself got a gun with modified barrel in his hands, perhaps for the anti-armour ammunition.








The next moment around thirty guns roar in unison and only in one direction, but their sound is muted by another of Mishiida’s war cries as she tears the nets to shreds.








The first volley of bullets hits her and she lets out a shriek. But this time it’s not ear shattering but rather softer and somehow sounds a bit painful. As the moments nearly slow down to a stupor we notice the bullets hitting her one by one from all directions, the one’s hitting her body covered in her suit making no impact on her but the ones hitting her bare skin causing deeper abrasions than what we noticed the first time. As the anti armour bullet's head hits her bare skin tearing her outer skin layer, the secondary charge contained inside the bullet just about manages to scratch her black coloured underlying tissue just enough to spill out a green liquid that we guess is her blood. But this time her wound doesn’t heal instantly or rather completely. A hard green coloured clot develops at the site of the wound much like our healing wounds but her neither her black internal tissue, nor her outer sand coloured skin heals up this time.








She immediately takes a high leap and lands on the roof of the house behind her as the soldiers follow her reloading weapons and firing at will now.








“Stop it,” Alexander has also nearly run back to the Caravan but before he can get any closer a big elbow knocks him to the ground.








“Stay inside your skin kid, it’s a job for men,” Colonel Jerome rebukes him as one man under Rick’s command grabs and pins him to the ground.








We hear another ear shattering shriek as we notice Mishiida has just seen Alexander been knocked down. Her hands move in a flash and before anyone can count from one to two she covers her entire body up in her suit, removes her bracelet and converts it into her helmet and puts it on her head. As the soldiers standing below on the ground empty their weapons on her, she stands atop the roof, feet planted firm and wide and hands on her hips. She waits for them to finish their rounds at leisure. As their weapons fire the last bullet housed in their magazines their jaws drop and as they slowly disengage the empty magazines to replace them with fresh magazines, as if in a daze, she swoops down on the first two soldiers standing closest to the house. She pins them to the ground, one slap on their face each and they are left unconscious.








She get up walks slowly and majestically to the middle of the road, turns her head around and spots the soldiers reloading their weapons. She shrugs her shoulders, raises and drops her hands in disgust and as they open fire, she pulls out her weapon, and knocks everyone one by one, talking her time, stopping for a moment to swap the gun in her other hand, scratch her butt and then swap the gun back to her firing hand and continues. As Colonel Rick realizes what’s happening he drops his gun and charges at her. Before he could get to her, she knocks each one of his thirty odd men unconscious.








Colonel Rick lets out a war cry and lunges at her, showing all the martial arts skill he’s learnt in his carrier as an amazing soldier and an excellent leader. She stands there as he hits her again and again. Finally when he is tired, he pulls out his revolver and points it at her head. She takes her helmet off, folds it and puts it on her wrist and then slowly puts her weapon on Rick’s forehead. She looks into his eyes and he stares into hers’, his nostrils inflating violently as he breathes hard to get his anger as well as heavy excited breathing in control. They stand there for a few seconds when Rick realizes he is in no position to win and puts his gun down. But Mishiida stays still, her weapon still pointing at his head. She stays like that for a few moments before she brings her weapon down, as if trying to make a point.








“Shoot at her head you idiot,” Colonel Jerome yells at him but Rick doesn’t move and looks on at Mishiida.








Colonel Jerome realizes Rick is not going to shoot, “Get out of my way,” he says as he rushes at Mishiida bare hands. He flings his body in air with a fist pointed straight at Mishiida but before he could even touch her, she grabs him mid-air from his neck with one hand. As he hangs in her hand struggling with both his hands to unlock her grip she looks at him.








“Take this bitch,” he says as he pulls out his commando knife and tries to slash her arm. The knife fails to even scratch her and falls of his hands. She looks at him for a few seconds, still holding him in her grip. But when he doesn’t give up his struggle she flings him over Rick and into the side of Caravan.








She looks at Rick, then at the man holding Alexander to the ground and then again at Rick.








“Let him go,” Rick says.








“Yes sir,” the soldier says as he lets Alexander go.








As Alexander gets up Mishiida runs up to him.








“Are you alright?” Alexander asks, but Mishiida is too worried about him. She runs her hands over him as if checking he is alright.








“I am alright. Are you alright?” Alexander asks again but she holds him from his shoulder and turns him around like a bob and checks if he’s alright in the back as well and then turns him around again.








When she’s finished scanning him, she looks back at Rick, walks up to him and yells in his face, as he holds his ear with his hands and collapses to the ground yelling, “Ok! Ok! We are sorry!”








She finally stops and turns around and looks at Alexander. Rick gets up on his feet and points to him from behind her with his hand and eyes, “Stay with her.”








Alexander looks on at him, then walks up to her and motions her towards the Caravan. They both get on the jeep and drive away with the Caravan.








“Why did you let her go?” Jerome complains.








“What could have I done?” Rick asks, “I am sorry I didn’t invite her for dinner if that’s what you were expecting me to have done.”








“Leave that aside Colonel, just tell me one thing, where the heck is my anti aircraft gun?” Jerome roars into his face.








“We didn’t have enough time to transport it with us this time?” Rick replies.








“How do you expect me to work with you if you are not going to provide me with what I need? I am not here for a picnic down-under,” Jerome is really angry.








“Neither are we, Colonel! But things take time and we didn’t have enough. We had to make arrangements for a mobile command centre to follow her,” Rick said.








“Oh! So you already knew you will not be able to catch her and you set up a mobile command centre! Are you working for us or for her?” Jerome retorts.








“That’s outrageous! No one can question my sincerity and dedication to my job Colonel. You say that again and I will rear a family of vultures on your meat,” Rick is outraged.








“Just like you killed her right now? Colonel we both saw she is vulnerable to anti-armour bullets. Why didn’t you shoot her in her head?” Jerome questions.








“Because I didn’t want to kill her, that wouldn’t have served any purpose,” Rick replies.








“You didn’t want to kill her? Look at what she has done to your men,” Jerome quips.








“I can see very well Colonel, they are all still alive. She could have killed all of us but she didn’t. I see that, you don’t,” Rick replies.








“Oh! So she is a saint! What about the three men she brutally attacked at the bar, the ones' who are still in a critical condition in the hospital, and what about your injured police officer?” Jerome asks.








“Let’s not forget Colonel that was her first contact with humans and they were the ones’ who attacked her first. They are injured but not dead, and injury to the officer was an accident,” Rick replies.








“So you think she knows human anatomy well enough not to have killed them intentionally?” Jerome asks.








“Perhaps she does. If she knows where to find Uranium, I am sure she knows more about us than we know about her,” Rick replies.








“What happened guys?” their conversational deadlock is broken by Craig who has just flown in a chopper to check the ground situation himself.








“We lost her,” Rick says.








“He means he lost her,” Jerome quips.








“Lets’ not argue guys. We will blame each other when we go fishing together. Right now lets’ just concentrate on the job at hand,” Craig remarks, “If she’s escaped, what’s the next plan of action.”








“Before we start all over again, what happened to my request for a satellite access?” Rick asks.








“The same that happened to my anti-aircraft gun,” Jerome comments.








“You mean the one you forgot at home?” Rick retorts.








“Colonel, we’ll pull our legs and if the need be our pants when the party time arrives. Lets’ stop this bickering for now,” Craig reminds the two of the business at hand, “We will get satellite access in a few hours time from now. The new satellites have been launched and will be operational soon. We are already in negotiations as we speak.”








“Finally some good news,” Rick takes a deep breath.








“Also the team from NASA has arrived at Sydney and is being flown in to Adelaide as soon as possible,” Craig continues.








“Finally some good news,” it’s Jerome’s turn now.








“What happened to your team that you were sending to inspect the site of her first encounter to look for her vehicle?” Craig asks as we overhear their conversation as the three walk inside the rear of a big vehicle and as we enter we notice how it has been modified into a fully functional command centre.







“My men will be arriving at the sight just about now,” Rick replies as he looks at his watch.





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