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Mishiida Alexander


“Every head is not born to bow, some would rather be beheaded.”


Chapter Eighteen: Get your girl!!


History of mankind has been shaped by men and women who refused to yield when faced with authoritative suppression of their voices. Renaissance was brought about by many a bloody revolution when people refused to be intimidated by authoritarian and inhumane regimes of their time. There are people who refuse to accept an authority just by the virtue of birth or money. They are the ones’ who don’t bow. They are the ones’ who change the courses of nations when they rise in unison.


Rick refused to bow to the pressure exerted on him by the authority above him when he realized what he was being asked to do was not the right thing to be done. Rick decided to take the matters in his own hands even if against the course of law, when he realized the people who are in charge of the whole situation are going to make a mistake the whole humanity would live to regret. And we support him whole heartedly as we know what the other side of the coin is.


“You can’t open that one Colonel,” a voice startles and scares us all as we are kneeling outside the only door that stands between us and Mishiida.


We all turn around in a flash and the site that beholds us is no surprise, Lieutenant Ron Morgan stands staring at us with an automatic assault rifle in his hand.


“Colonel, this gate is security code, card scan and finger scan locked. You cannot open this one,” Ron says with a wicked smile on his face.


“Ron, you traitor,” Lieutenant Corbett seethes with rage as he is tries to get up with his chloroform can ready.


“Easy Corbett! Easy! I’m the one with a gun over here. A gun pointing at your heads and capable of sending you all to hell in one single burst, and no one will question me. In fact I will be honoured for my bravery and timely action,” Ron is very calculative in assessing his gains out of the whole situation.


“You are one shameless,” Corbett is about to swear when he realizes there’s a gracious lady in their company and checks himself at the last moment.


“Relax Corbett, sit down!” Colonel Rick pulls him down from his arm and then looks at Ron and speaks with a wicked smile, “What took you so long?”


“Sorry Sir but there’s a lot going on at the moment over here,” Ron’s words and the whole situation shocks us no end as he continues, “About half an hour back Colonel Jerome showed everyone how without power the alien crafts are vulnerable to even the simplest of weapons. He immediately got in touch with his government in America and shared his findings stressing the need for an urgent decoding of the alien technology. Since our resources are limited in Adelaide it was instantly decided to transfer all the stuff to Sydney for further research immediately.”


“That’s no good. What’s the situation now?” Rick asks.


“Sir, Colonel Jerome and his team have just left for the Parafield airport, where a special plane has been provided to transport all the material gathered from Mishiida along with her vehicle. They will be returning to get Mishiida any moment now,” Ron’s words didn’t sound very encouraging.


“We don’t have time Ron, quick, open this damn thing,” Rick asks Ron to open the gate up as he gets up and makes way.


“He’s working with us?” Corbett is as surprised as we are as he looks on at Rick.


“He always was,” Rick’s smile says the rest of the story.


“And all this time we were cursing him for having ditched us at a time when he needed to have taken a stand for us. Sir, why didn’t you tell us?” Corbett asks the next question while Ron is busy opening the door, getting his thumb scanned, flashing his key-card and punching in the code.


“It was important not to risk his cover as you can see how important a cog he is in our plans,” Rick gives a short and simple answer.


“Sir, the door is unlocked,” Ron holds the door slightly open.


As Colonel Rick takes a step towards the room Ron stops him and says, “Sir, she is in naturals.” Rick looks on at Ron and Ron nods his head to confirm what he said.


“Looks like you and your mom have to go in alone,” Rick turns around and tells Alexander.


Alexander hesitates for a while when Rick says, “Look son, its’ no time for blushing. Go in and get your girl out!”


“Yes Sir,” Alexander meekly grabs the door handle and opens it to walk inside.


“Have you brought sand with you?” Ron asks him just as he is about to enter.


“No,” Alexander shakes his head as his shoulders drop realizing they have missed an important part.


“Damn, we forgot the most important thing,” even Rick shakes his head.


“That’s fine Sir. I brought a pack with me just in case,” Ron speaks pulling out a packet of sand from one of is jacket pockets.


Alexander takes the sand pouch from his hand and walks inside. We follow him in while the rest stay where they are. As soon as Alexander enters the room and his eyes fall on Mishiida lying their without her clothes on, he instantly puts his hand on his eyes and looks away.


“Oops! I am sorry,” escape from his mouth.


He walks around to the other side of Mishiida and kneels down beside her, his hand still on his eyes. He splits his first two fingers a bit to have a quick look at Mishiida’s face and then reluctantly tries to drag his eyes down towards the bullet holes.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he says again as he quickly looks away.


“What are you doing?” Alexander’s mother who has also walked in asks, “Stop wasting time shying like a girl on her first date and put some sand in her mouth.”


“Ok! Ok! I’ll do it mom,” he says as he opens the sand pouch using both his hands and closing his eyes.


“Will you stop blushing like a girl and do it quickly or do you want me to do it?” Alexander’s mom loses patience with him while we are enjoying each and every moment of it.


“I am doing it mom. Stop putting pressure on me,” Alexander retorts as he pulls out a bit of sand in his hand, opens his one eye and tries to open Mishiida’s face with his finger and thumb to pore some sand in her mouth. But Mishiida’s jaw is locked firmly.


“I can’t open her mouth mom,” Alexander finally gives up.


“Maybe you should try pouring a bit on her wounds, maybe just a pinch,” Mrs Rai makes a suggestion we all know will work.


“I can’t do that,” Alexander however refuses for some inexplicable reason.


“Why?” his mom question him.


“Mom? How can I stare at her when she doesn’t know, and especially the condition she is in,” Alexander makes the reason of his hesitation clear.


“Oh C’mon Alexander, don’t be a girl now and do it,” his mom uses a bit of stern voice to tell him what we are thinking.


“Ok! Ok!” Alexander says as he grabs a bit of sand, puts his one hand on his eyes and looking through fingers split open pours a bit of sand on the top most wound, almost dragging a line of sand into the wound.


As the wound starts healing up his mother tells him, “Its’ working. Put some more sand in, quick.”


Charged up with the thought of Mishiida getting well, Alexander finally sheds his inhibitions and grabs a fist of sand and pours it in her three wounds. Mishiida lets out a squeak as she tries to lift her head, her arms and legs tremble, while the three bullets are pushed out of her body. She wakes up with a forceful breath and a squeaky sound, and immediately notices Alexander.


She lets out an angry shriek which forces us, Mrs Rai and Alexander to close our ears as Mishiida looks on at her nakedness, and without even noticing the company of Mrs Rai gets up off her bed and grabs Alexander from his neck and lifts him up in the air. She lets out another cry and is about to punch him hard when Mrs Rai braving the sound barrier grabs her elbow with one hand and says, “Mishiida.”


Mishiida stops, turns around and looks at Mrs Rai. She instantly recognizes her from the picture she saw in Alexander’s guitar cover.


“Mishiida, how are you my daughter?” Mrs Rai asks her lovingly as she walks over and across her bed and puts her hand caressingly on Mishiida’s cheek.


Mishiida instantly releases Alexander who falls on the ground, grabbing his throat, coughing and taking deep breaths. Meanwhile, tears roll down Mishiida’s eyes and she collapses into Mrs Rai’s arms crying. Unfortunately as soon as her tears touch Mrs Rai’s skin she lets out a scream.


Mishiida instantly realizes what happened and wipes her skin almost apologetically as if saying, “I am sorry mom. I didn’t mean it.”


“That’s alright,” Mrs Rai tries to calm Mishiida down and shows her the clothes she has bought for her.


Mishiida looks on at her and then at the clothes. She picks up the T-shirt with one hand and as she lifts it, it opens out. Mishiida turns it around carefully inspecting it, perhaps wondering, “What am I supposed to do with this.” She notices a few painted spots on the T-shirt and thinks them to be some kind of buttons and tries to push them hoping to open it up or putting it on. But nothing happens.


Mrs Rai realizes what Mishiida’s problem is and offers to help her, “Here, let me show you how to put it on.” Mrs Rai helps Mishiida put on the T-shirt, then the jeans, and finally the shoes. Mishiida looks on admiringly at Mrs Rai as we turn around and look at Alexander who is sitting in a corner, his hands firmly on his eyes.


“You can open your eyes now,” Mrs Rai tells Alexander as Mishiida looks on at him hatefully. As Alexander gets up Mishiida takes up a couple of steps towards him and is about to slap him when he cries out, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It wasn’t my fault. Please forgive me.”


“Mishiida, please forgive him,” Mrs Rai comes to his rescue once again as she walks up to Mishiida and holds her wrist in her hand softly and looks on at Mishiida, shaking her head in negative. Mishiida looks on at Mrs Rai and then at Alexander.


“I am sorry Mishiida but they threatened to kill my mother and my father,” Alexander tries to explain to Mishiida gesturing with his hand the same way as Mishiida did when telling him about her parents, then he points first at his mother and then pulls out his wallet and points at the picture of his dad in it. Mishiida gets the idea and thinks for a moment, perhaps trying to remember the last few moments before she was hit by the first bullet, how she saw Lieutenant Sandeep pointing a gun at Alexander’s parents’ heads. She lets him go and looks on at Mrs Rai as if asking, “What do you want me to do now?”


“Let’s get out of this place now, quick,” Mrs Rai reminds us and Alexander the place they are standing in as she gestures them towards the door. The three of them walk out of the door where Colonel Rick, Corbett and Ron are waiting. As soon as Mishiida sees Rick her hand automatically goes to where her gun used to hang but realizes she is not carrying it anymore. She takes a step towards Rick as if to hit him when he backs down a couple of steps gesturing with his hands to stop.


“Stop Mishiida, he’s a friend,” Alexander jumps in and grabs Mishiida’s elbow. Mishiida looks on at Alexander, she understands what he is trying to imply but still gives Alexander a hateful glare and turns her face away in fury.


“Let’s get you out of this place girl,” Rick says as he gestures her towards the door. We follow them as they all quickly sneak out of the door and make a quick but soundless escape towards the exit.


As soon as they open the door and step out they bump straight into Colonel Jerome and his men who have just returned from the Parafield gardens’ airport.


“What the hell is happening here?” Jerome roars as soon as he sees Rick and his men.


“Rick? What the hell are you doing here and how did you get in,” Jerome yells before his eyes fall on Mishiida, “You!” His hand instantly goes to his gun while his men pull out their weapons. Rick and his men are outnumbered and out-weaponed but Mishiida out-plans and out-wits them all.


Next moment while everyone is busy covering their ears, including us, painfully collapsing on to the ground, Mishiida knocks each one of Jerome’s men and Jerome himself unconscious, bare handed. As Mishiida dusts her hands  having finished with them and Rick and his men, including Mrs Rai and ourselves get back on our feet, Alexander rushes to the side of Jerome as if he had noticed something, and what a something had he noticed!


Mishiida’s weapon’s handle can be seen shining under Colonel Jerome’s coat where it has been housed in a case by the side of his waist belt. Alexander quickly retrieves the weapon from him and gets up to hand it to Mishiida.


Mishiida grabs it from Alexander’s hand with a jerk, gives him a glare and looks away. Alexander rubs the back of his head with his hand as a smile comes on his lips.


“Lets’ get out of here quick,” Rick says to everyone but unfortunately, Mishiida’s scream has alerted everyone in the base as they realized Mishiida has come out of her confinement. We hear hummers and all kinds of vehicles racing towards our location and sirens start sounding.


“Damn!” Rick exclaims and yells, “Take cover!”


Rick and his men, along with Mrs Rai and Alexander run towards the bushes ducking as army vehicles converge in from all directions and flash lights mounted on moving vehicle are turned on.


As soon as they reach the compound where Mishiida is standing, the first soldier to notice her yells. “It’s her! She’s escaped! Fire!”


But Mishiida is Mishiida.


As we duck for cover lying prostrate on the ground just like Colonel Rick and the rest of our friends, Mishiida doesn’t even give a chance to anyone to fire as she knocks everyone one out in less time than what the soldier took to shout the spotting message to everyone. As unconscious body lie littering the compound and on top of vehicles, Rick and his men get up.


“Wow! That was amazing,” is all Rick says before he realizes the next urgent need of the moment, “Let’s get the hell out of here before the cocks’ crow.”


Mrs Rai takes Mishiida’s hand in her hand and nudges her to follow her as they all start to run in the direction they came from.


“What happened to you? Why are you standing there?” Corbett asks Ron as he notices him standing still in the compound.


“You people go, I’ll have to stay,” Ron says.


“But you will be caught! They will know from your finger scan as to who let Mishiida out,” Corbett exclaims.


“I know! But someone has to take the responsibility for letting you people in. We can’t risk our friends and the cab driver who helped us,” Ron explains.


“He’s right Corbett, let’s go,” Rick speaks to Corbett as he grabs his arm and pulls him towards the escape route.


“But Sir,” Corbett wants to say something but Rick cuts him.


“It was always a part of the plan Corbett. Now let’s go,” Rick explains to Corbett.


“Best of luck Sir,” Ron says as Rick thanks him and escapes with his company while Ron is left standing there as Jerome regains consciousness and gets up shaking his head, followed by the rest of his team and then the rest of the men.


“I’ll make you regret each and every moment of your remaining life,” Jerome roars into Ron’s face.


“Colonel, I did what is in the best interests of human race,” Ron replies.


“Wrong statement,” Jerome retorts as he knocks Ron out in a single punch.


“Sir, should we follow them?” Sandeep asks.


“We don’t need to. We got what she needs. Let them come after us now,” Jerome states as a matter of fact. He then grabs his mobile and dials a number. “You have five minutes to get airborne!” is all Jerome says. We realize he is ordering the plane pilot to take off with Mishiida’s belongings.


We make a dash to Colonel Rick, him men and Alexander, Mishiida and Mrs Rai, all off whom have just jumped into their hummer.


“Quick, lets get to the Parafield airport before Jerome orders the plane to take off!” Rick says as Ken turns the ignition on. As soon as the hummer starts, he presses the pedal as if they are in a race and are running a lap behind. The speed at which Ken drives and considering the fact that choppers have been dispatched after them, it comes at no surprise that they hit the Parafield airport in under ten minutes.


“There it is. That must be the plane they are transporting Mishiida’s stuff in. Let’s get to it quick,” Rick yells as Ken breaks through the gate and speeds towards the plane which is also starting its’ run.





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