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Mishiida Alexander


“It’s not love that hurts, it’s the trust that does.”


Chapter Fifteen: What was my fault?


One of the misconceptions prevalent about love and the one that has much maligned its’ name is it hurts when it deserts. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It cannot be love that hurts because love is what you feel when inspite of every wrong that has been inflicted upon you, you still long to be with the one who left your heart desolate in a desert of emotions burning with desires. What is actually hurting you is the trust, the faith you had in your love on account of your love that was shredded. If love was to hurt, you wouldn’t be ready to accept that heartless tramp back in your life in a flash if it were to be the case. Broken trust however takes ages to be rebuilt. You may accept that person back and still love them as much as you ever did but it takes emotional epochs to have the same trust in them. But then, isn’t it a fair punishment for their hurtful and treacherous flippancy?


Mishiida trusts Alexander and we don’t know why but as they say, it’s easier to multiply integers, deduce algorithms and decipher ancient Egyptian cenotaphs than understanding a woman’s heart. However what we do know is her trust might be blown away any instant now. For Alexander’s defence we know he has been given no other choice. We pray with our hearts, may such a situation never arise. But then voyeurs like us can only pray and not influence the outcome.


With our hearts pounding as heavily as a drum being kicked hoarse in a rock concert we try to identify what has been changed since we last inspected the site. Something seems different but what is it, we wonder? Scrolling around for clues luckless we are about to give up when we suddenly remember the chain of the heavy lift crane. It is no more in its’ original position. Instead what glares out from that spot is a hurriedly filled up pit. The chain, we notice has been pulled away to a side and it connected to something securely hidden behind a wooden box. Our hearts nearly jump out of our mouths as the reality sinks in, “They are here.”


Immediately our heads turn around towards Mishiida who is just about setting her foot out of the mine. The moment she is clear of the gate, the gate crashes to a close disturbing the haunting peace of the area. Mishiida instantly turns around and looks at the gate surprised and as she turns back she immediately ducks, falling flat face down on the ground. Before we can turn around and have a look, a big heavy metal ball, attached to the chain of the crane swings past us and hits the metal gate behind her, distorting its’ contours beyond repair. The ball breaks of the chain and nearly rolls back onto Mishiida. In a flash Mishiida gets back on her feet as the sound of hummers break the silence and two of them smash out of two underground tunnels, tossing away the wooden planks and sand covering the entrance to their hideouts. The hummers cross each other and we notice Private Curt Sommers and Lieutenant Ryan manning the guns while they are being driven by Mathew and Monty. But before they can fire even a single shot Mishiida pulls out her weapon and fires at both. But because of the quick diagonal movement of the hummers they just about manage to avoid being hit. However it is good enough to make them miss their target as well as their bullets are sprayed away from Mishiida.


“Get her weapon now!” A loud shout distracts us and Mishiida as we turn around and notice Lieutenant Sandeep standing on one side, holding Alexander’s parents at gun point and motioning him to grab her weapon. He threatens Alexander by pointing his gun to his father’s head. His father and mother fold their hands as if pleading, “Please son! Do as he says!”


Mishiida is about to turn her gun and fire at Sandeep when a third hummer jumps out from a tunnel directly opposite to Mishiida.


“Get her weapon idiot!” Colonel Jerome roars as he mans his gun while we notice his hummer is being chauffeured by Lieutenant Ahmed.


Mishiida gets a bit confused but before anyone can take an aim she fires another salvo, taking out Ryan and Curt in a flash and is about to take Colonel Jerome as well when  Sandeep shouts again, “Do it now!”


Alexander, who had been watching all this from a close quarter appears to be confused as to what to do but left with no choice decides to do what none of us want him to.


“No!” is all that he says as he dives at Mishiida’s hand grabbing it and turning it away making it miss it’s aim. And that was all the time Jerome needed.


“Bang!” a bullet shatters the fabric of the air that lay between the barrel of the gun and Mishiida’s body at a speed faster than our brains can think at the moment and tears away Mishiida’s clothes as it gets imbedded right above her heart to it’s right. A painful shriek escapes Mishiida’s lips as she looks on at Alexander surprised. She nearly looses her balance as she is about to fall back by the sheer force and momentum of the bullet but manages to stagger back to her feet and is about to shoot again when Alexander, crawls up to her on his knees and grabs at her hand again. She tries to pull away from his grip but another bang breaks the silence once again and another bullet gets lodged inside her beautiful body, this time to the other side of her heart.


She falls to the ground this time, another painful shriek echoing in the surrounds. She tries to turn to her side and get up but another bullet hits her, right in the middle of the first two but still above her heart. She collapses on the ground as Jerome’s hummer screeches to a halt right next to her.


“No!” Alexander cries out as Mishiida turns her head and looks at him. A tear rolls down her cheek and falls off into the sand as she looks into Alexander’s eyes, her lips silent, but eyes asking only one question, “What was my fault?”


“You killed her you scoundrel, you cheat,” Alexander cries out as he gets up and charges as Colonel Jerome who has just hopped off his hummer. But before his hands can even reach Jerome’s neck a hard slap knock him to the ground.


“You bloody idiot. What do you think you were doing?” Jerome says as another of his power slaps smashes into Alexanders face and then another. He finally grabs him from his collars and pulls him up two feet above the ground, “Who do you think you are? You are nothing more than a figment of my imagination that I forgot to erase from my memory.”


“Please let him go,” Alexander’s father’s pleading voice falls on our ears as we see the old couple and Sandeep have walked up to where we are.


“Let him go where, to the tailors to get measured for his wedding suit?” Jerome remarks but the conversation is interrupted by a radio message.


“Alpha calling Gamma! Alpha calling Gamma!” Ron’s voice is heard from the other end.


“Gamma receiving, over,” Jerome replies on his handset.


“Sir, did you get the alien, over?” Ron asks.


“Yes, we did. Why? Over,” Jerome asks in return.

“Sir, just received a message from Dr. Chris Green. His associate Dr Lucy Dawg has specially instructed us not to let the alien have any sand in case we get her. I repeat, do not let her have sand, over!” Ron says from the other end.


“Do not have sand? Why? Over,” Jerome asks.


“Sir, Dr Lucy feels if the alien’s body structure is silicon based, sand will work for her just like glucose works for us humans, over,” Ron explains.


“I see! Message received, Gamma over and out,” Jerome says as he finishes the dialogue and as he finishes the dialogue he notices Mishiida trying to grab some sand in her hand and pulling her hand up. He stomps his foot hard on her arm as if trying to crush it into pieces. Her hand releases the sand and falls motionless. Her other hand is trying to crawl it’s way to her gun but Jerome walks over and across her and stomps her other arm as hard as he can. Mishiida’s eyes close as she passes out while we hatefully glare at Jerome.


Meanwhile Curt and Ryan, who just regained their consciousness, come up to where Mishiida is lying. Our attention is distracted by the noise of the containers pulling into the premises.


“Put her inside the special box,” Jerome says motioning with his head to Sandeep and others.


Ryan grabs Mishiida from her legs and tries to pull her, “Damn! She’s heavy!”


Mathew joins in to help him as the two grab a leg each and drag her body like that of a dead animal into a heavily armoured box atop a truck specially arranged for Mishiida.


“Bring him and Mr and Mrs Rai along as well,” Jerome instructs Sandeep.


“Sir,” Sandeep affirms he’s copied the orders and points his gun at the three of them and motions them to get on the truck.


We follow them inside the truck as the entire fleet makes a move for its’ next destination that we guess is RAAF base in Adelaide.


“Ron, tell the team from NASA to get their dissection and tool boxes ready. We’ll have their specimen as also her craft that will be ready at their disposal in no time now,” Jerome tells Ron.


As Ron gets busy with the radio, Jerome turns his attention towards Alexander and his parents.


“Why did you do that? You said you won’t hurt her?” Alexander is still in rage.


“Mr Romeo! Mind your own future right now and don’t tell me how to conduct my business. Do you know the trouble you are in right now?” Jerome rebukes him once again.


“Colonel, he’s just a kid. He doesn’t know what is right or wrong for him,” Alexander’s father speaks up.


“A kid? I don’t see him wearing nappies?” Jerome rebuts his father, “Mr Rai I can still save your son from all the trouble he will be escorting for interfering in government work, breaking numerous laws and endangering human lives. His career can be over even before it starts but I can still save him but I’ll need your help to do that.”


“What do you want us to do?” Alexander’s father asks as Alexander looks on, still in a shock as to what has happened and perhaps a bit vary of what Jerome is saying. He sits there, his lips sealed.


“Mr Rai, I will make your son a hero and tell the whole world how he has helped us nab the alien who had forcibly made him do her bidding. The whole wide world will hero-worship him and his career will get a jet start. But I need you to keep this whole incident involving you, your wife and your son a closely guarded family secret. Do you understand me,” Jerome makes the deal crystal clear.


Alexander’s parents whisper to each other for a while and finally Alexander’s mother speaks, “Colonel, although we don’t like or approve the way your men have treated us, and we were indeed considering initiating legal action against you and your men but we appreciate what you are offering to do for our son. I think we can patch up our differences and get on with the business.”


“Great! I’ll call the TV crew and give a short interview and you and your son can take over from there,” Jerome finalizes the deal. Alexander however is sitting there numb, motionless and speechless, his eyes fixed at some distant object as if he wasn’t there at all. Appears he’s missed the entire conversation.


The mobile command centre soon reaches Pimba township on its’ way back to Adelaide where the television crews are waiting for quick snippets. Jerome introduces Alexander and his parents to the media and true to his word, makes Alexander a hero and next talk of the world. “The saviour of humanity” is what he is hailed as. Alexander however is mum, still lost and a couple of tears trickle down his cheeks.


“He’s such a softy on the inside. He is so overwhelmed by the adulation being showered on him,” Jerome does the cover up, “Would you like to say something son? The whole world is watching you intently?”


Alexander stays mum and walks away, the media follows him asking questions but he stays quiet and gets into his jeep which Mathew has driven back for him and drives away.


“Mr and Mrs Rai will field you questions for Alexander if you have any,” Jerome declares as he turns around, puts his hand on Mr Rai’s shoulder and whispers in his ear, “Don’t do anything stupid. I’ve given your son an opportunity now make the most of it!”


Jerome walks up to Sandeep and gives him instructions about driving Mr and Mrs Rai back to their home while Mr and Mrs Rai field questions for Alexander, sticking to the story Jerome has created and telling how their son bravely fought the alien without caring for his life as he grabbed her gun so that she cannot shoot, giving the men in khaki a chance to take her down. Mathew subsequently showed the media the CCTV footage from the video camera installed inside the container housing Mishiida’s semi conscious body. Soon after Jerome instructed the box to be air lifted to Adelaide base.


As the media correspondents are busy finalizing their stories to be flashed around the globe, Jerome and his men depart for Adelaide while Sandeep and Mathew start for Mr and Mrs Rai’s house to drop them off. We stand right in the middle of an empty road as everybody around is leaving for their abodes one by one, lost where to go next. We decide to go and check out the preparations being made at the RAAF base by Dr Green, Dr Lucy and Dr Kishore Rathe. After a brief search of the base we arrive at the scene of a make shift laboratory set up by the trio in a highly guarded building just as Dr Green and Dr Rathe are instructing the men taxing Mishiida’s vehicle inside what looks like a disassembly unit with around ten men wielding wrenches and screw drivers waiting impatiently inside, ready to dismantle the whole thing.


“Relax guys! We are not here to destroy it. We need to dismantle it and decode the secrets of alien technology. We’ll first have a good look at it to determine where and how to start,” Dr Green calms the men down.


As this whole thing is going on, the chopper ferrying Mishiida’s armoured cage arrives at the scene and Dr Lucy Dawg walks out of the building. The box is taxied to the other end of the building where it is opened and two strong men try to pick Mishiida up and put her body on a stretcher.


“Damn!” the two say in unison.


“What’s wrong?” Dr Dawg asks.


“She is too heavy to be lifted,” one of the men says.


“Just drag the bitch to the confinement chamber,” Dr Dawg makes it easy for them.


The two men grab Mishiida’s legs and drag her out of the box and across the length of a long corridor towards its’ lonely end. A strong heavily armoured door is opened to reveal another armoured door which has an electronic security device locking it. Dr Dawg flashes a card she is wearing around her neck, puts her thumb on the scanner attached to the locking unit and lets’ it scan and then punches a code hiding it from the prying eyes of the two men waiting impatiently to dump their load.


The door opens and the two men drag Mishiida inside a room made of thick walls and further lined by a thick armour, all painted in white. Dr Dawg lowers a hydraulic-lift bed lying in the middle of it and the two men mercilessly drag Mishiida’s body over it knocking her head against it’s edge as a slight moan escapes semi conscious Mishiida’s lips.


“Thank you gentlemen, you may leave now,” Dr Lucy Dawg says to the men as she tries to lift the bed up again, but the hydraulics fail and the bed stays collapsed to the floor.


As the men leave the room Dr Dawg walks across to the side of Mishiida, kneels down, adjusts her spectacles and looks closely at her wounds. A greenish fluid appearing to be Mishiida’s blood, is lining the edges of her wounds. There is a bit of a movement in the tissue surrounding the perforations as if her body is trying hard to heal itself but is failing to do so. Dr Dawg puts on her gloves and thrusts one finger each in two of the bullet holes and digs them in to feel the bullets and another painful cry escapes Mishiida’s lips. Dr Dawg pulls out a pouch containing a small quantity of sand in it and takes a pinch of it and sprinkles it on the edges of one of her wounds. Immediately the tissue movements speed up and her body tries to push the bulled lodged inside out, but the bullet only comes out partially while most of it stays stuck inside.


“Hmm! Interesting,” Dr Dawg says as she puts her finger on top of the bullet and pushes it back inside and even a semi conscious Mishiida gives out a shriek that is deafening enough for both us and Dr Dawg.


“See you soon bitch,” Dr Dawg locks her in the room and walks away to her own, perhaps to formulate her next plan of action.


Everybody gets busy with the work that’s cut out for them so we decide to go and look for Alexander. We rush to original command centre at the base search through the papers lying there to find Alexander’s address and then we make a dash for it.


We get there just as Alexander is pulling into his drive way.


“Alex!” a loud shriek breaks the silence as Alexander gets out of his jeep and a hot looking girl rushes out towards him, “Where have you been sweetie? Do you know how much I missed you?” And she grabs his face in her hands and showers him with kisses.


“Go away Robyn,” Alexander says in a voice that almost sounds like a whisper as he pushes her hands off him.


“What do you mean? First you show up after four days and then you talk to me like this?” Robyn changes her tone instantly, “Have you become such a huge star just by getting a bitch caught?”


“Shut up! Just shut up! And get lost! I don’t want to talk to you or see you! Just leave me!” Alexander blows out this time surprising even Robyn.


“How, how can you,” Robyn is left stammering for words before she regains her attitude and blows back, “How dare you talk to me like that? I am your girlfriend.”


“No, not anymore,” Alexander retorts back in the same vein, “You are the most spiteful, overbearing and shameless girl I’ve know in my life. What were you saying the other day? You are leaving me for Charles? Go to hell, I don’t need you.”


“I will, I will! Do I care for a sucker like you,” Robyn shouts back.


“Yeah, tell me about it. All the time I’ve been with you, I have been the one working hard to save this relationship while you have only shamelessly flirted with other guys right in front of my eyes. But not anymore! It’s over between us,” Alexander shouted again.


“How dare you?” Robyn taken aback by Alexander’s sudden found freedom of speech struggles to find an answer to what he just said and fails. She charges at him and tries to slap him, “How dare you dog?”


Alexander grabs her hand midway and she tries to use the other and Alexander grabs it as well, “Look, I come from a well cultured family where we don’t hit women, or for that matter we abhor all kinds of violence. Why don’t you just get lost?”


Robyn realizing it was all over, drags her feet back to her car parked outside. She pulls out her mobile and starts dialling a number. We wonder who it is for so we decided to snoop at her.


“Hello Charles, how are you sweetie? What are you doing tonight?” Robyn is unfazed by her break up and gets on with her new interest. “Damn what a chick!” we think to ourselves.


As we walk inside the house we find Alexander standing in the balcony of his room, gazing in the distance. Soon Sandeep and Mathew arrive and drop off Mr and Mrs Rai who notice Alexander standing in the balcony. They walk into the house and into his room straight away.


“Are you alright son?” Alexander’s mother asks him as she puts her hand on his back. Alexander turns around and breaks down on his mother’s shoulder crying like a girl, “I betrayed her mom, I betrayed her.”


“That’s fine son. You have possibly saved the entire humanity from annihilation,” his mother tries to comfort him.


“That’s not the truth mom. That’s not the truth. Mishiida wasn’t here to destroy us. Infact she needed our help,” Alexander’s statement shocks his parents.


“What? What do you mean?” his father asks him.


“She belongs to the royal family of her kind. Her family has been killed in a coup by a scheming general and his son. She was here to get Uranium for her gun and vehicle to possibly launch an assault on them,” Alexander explains.


“How do you know that? How do you know her name is Mishiida,” his father asks him.


“She told me her name,” and then Alexander tell them everything that happened right from the time he first met her and to the point where she showed him her video images, telling every detail of Mishiida’s story. By the end of it Alexander’s mother starts crying as well while his father says, “What have we done?”


“Can’t we talk to that Colonel and tell him all?” Alexander’s mother asks.


“I don’t think that will work. He will only trouble Alexander as to how to open the gun etc. That man does not work on emotions. There’s nothing we can do now. Let’s just pray the people who were hunting Mishiida don’t come trailing her to earth cause if they do so, we are history,” Alexander’s father puts everything in right perspective.


Alexander gets up and starts to leave. “Where are you going?” his mother asks him.


“I don’t know,” Alexander replies.


“Don’t do anything stupid. Come back,” she yells but Alexander doesn’t listen and walks out of the house and into his jeep.


“Let him go and be alone with himself for a while. That will help clear his thoughts and calm him down,” Alexander’s father comforts his mother.


“But what if,” Alexander’s mother is about to say something when his father puts a finger on her lips. She embraces his and tears roll down her cheeks.


We decide to follow Alexander who drives straight to a pub.


“Look who’s here,” the bartender shouts as Alexander enters the pub, “Welcome to the new world Alex. You are finally here for your first drink if I am not wrong. So when did you start drinking?”


Alexander however doesn’t say a word and sits down quietly by the bar.


“You didn’t answer my question,” the bartender tries again but when he doesn’t get an answer he asks, “Ok! What would you like to have for your first drink?”


“Give him a double martini to help drown his pitiable self into the seas of cowardice!” a familiar voice startles us as Alexander turns around to look at the speaker.


“You?” is all that Alexander says.





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