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Mishiida Alexander


“If the toss up is between love and life, what worth will be a life without love?”


Chapter Five: Bitch my itch


Everything that happens in life happens for a purpose and every situation one happens to be a part of, is itself a part of an ever sloping learning curve. And whether one likes the thought of it or not but every lesson learnt actually comes to one’s aid in the trickiest and least welcome of situations. Even something as simple as a game of hide and seek teaches one a few lessons on how to snoop on other people’s business, just as we are on our just Christened friend “Mishiida” and our very own everyday next door simpleton “Alexander”. But then who will blame us for doing what every religion on this earth accuses GOD himself of doing. If we think of it, every religion basically blames GOD to be a voyeuristic and sadistic stalker, the one who watches everyone do everything right from picking their nose to going to places and doing stuff we don’t want to discuss over here, and the one who likes to inflict pain on those who have faith in HIM and then claims to love everyone. But then, it wasn’t GOD who created religions. HE only created man and then man created HIM and all the religions the way man liked. If GOD can make a mistake, why crucify us poor humans.


Anyway, here we are sitting by the fire in the middle of a desert which is getting cooler by every passing minute as the night is slowly sneaking up on everything that lies barren around us. While he is caught in a web of thoughts none of which seems to be leading him anywhere or offering a solution, she is lost in the thoughts of her own, or so it seems. We are yawning, bored as we are.


“Why have you come to earth? Are your people going to invade earth? Look I am a friend, please don’t make me a slave or pull my guts out or suck my blood or sap all the water out of my body or whatever nasty things you want to do,” when finally he spoke, he fired a volley. But she doesn’t understand a word.


Finally he decides there’s nothing to be done at the moment as we are in an area with no mobile coverage and she can neither understand him nor does he know what she wants. At least we are not the only ones caught in a maze. He offers her some food but someone who eats sand and glass, human food serves no purpose.


“It’s good for your bones and muscles,” he talks utter nonsense. She picks up sand in her hand and pours it in her mouth. He shakes his head in disgust.


“Bitch,” he mutters almost like a whisper.


She gets up on her feet, looks straight at him, startling him. He takes a step back, “I mean you are awesome. Bitch means awesome. Trust me!” She takes a couple of steps towards him and he falls back by a couple, “Now look, manhandling is a criminal act. Stay where you are.”


She reaches for her gunny bag, takes the snake off its mouth and grabs her favourite snack, a glass bottle and gets back to her sitting place. He gulps a lump down his throat.


He finishes his meal and decides to retire for the night and gets up to move inside his caravan and looks at the broken window panes.


“And who’s going to pay for this bitch?” he mutters in a hushed voice but we hear it. “You want to sleep?” he asks her making hand gestures suggesting sleeping. She just looks at him blankly and he shakes his head and walks inside the caravan. She is still sitting outside and pulls out her tracking device which is highlighting a point and place she is headed to.


She sits there for a while before she finally gets up, walks to the door of the caravan and looks at Alexander who is lying inside under a blanket, now fast asleep it appears. She walks back to her boxes, picks them up in air rather than dragging them, perhaps making sure she doesn’t wake him up, carries them to his open jeep. She puts her boxes in the back and the weight of the boxes nearly digs the bottom of the jeep into the sand. She walks around and hops onto the driver side and holds the steering wheel. She looks around at the controls and tries to push everything that looks like a button and then tries to pull every lever that can be moved, perhaps trying to start it, but the jeep won’t start.


“You forgot the keys bitch,” a voice startles us just like it startles her. It is Alexander standing with the keys in his hand looking at her in the eyes. She looks at him, perhaps a bit ashamed.


He hands her the keys and says, “I am getting back into the caravan, and now that you have decided to steal my jeep along with my caravan with me inside it, please drive carefully as I am tired and want to sleep.” He walks back to the caravan while she looks at the keys trying to figure out how to use them. She finally gives up and walks back to the caravan, goes inside it and nudges Alexander.


“What?” he’s not too impressed.


She pulls out her gadget and shows it to him and points at the flashing light, as if asking him, “I want to get there. Can you please drive me?”


”Oh yeah sweetheart! You father pays for the gas doesn’t he?” he takes a dig at her before he tries to explain to her pointing at the sky, “It’s night time. It’s dark and we are in the middle of the dessert. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow, which is only a few hours away.” He finishes pointing at the watch he is wearing. She doesn’t understand though and tries again to get his help. He just turns around and goes to sleep. She finally gives up, gets up, walks to the jeep and picks up her boxes, and starts walking again.


“Where are you going? Are you nuts?” Alexander runs behind her, “Look, it’s dark and not safe to drive. I will drive you wherever you want to go but in the morning.”


After a bit of animated explaining she somehow gets his point and walks back to the caravan. We thank Alexander for saving us the torture of walking behind her. Damn this selfish girl, she doesn’t care about us, does she?


Alexander gets back into his blanket while she stretches herself on the couch with her head resting on the pillow and one arm curved below it and her other hand resting under her face as she is lying down on her side. Her one long leg stretches over across the arm rest while the other one, slightly bent at the knee is curled towards her body. Tired as she is, she falls asleep immediately and a very sweet melodic sound starts reverberating inside the caravan as if someone is playing a very soft harp. It sounds almost divine. Alexander turns around and glances at her for a moment, tries to turn the other way but is forced to look again. The soft moonlight coming in through the windows make her stunning beauty so overpowering, he cannot help but look with awe of a school boy staring at a candy. Her beauty is spellbinding. Even we are enchanted by it. Her short black shorts, long heeled high boots, the sleeveless low cut and short length U neck top with thin straps, her sharp features, her long body that is more like a sculpture that was carved by a master craftsman over a decade, everything makes her tantalizingly desirable.


Her beauty makes us forget the chill in the air just like it does to Alexander for a while. He finally breaks out of the spell of her beauty and realizes the cold that is now engulfing everything. He gets up and opens a cupboard and pulls out another blanket from it, but the noise wakes her up. As he walks to her and offers her the blanket, she smiles at him, twists her left arm band, punches a couple of buttons on it and her clothes fold out again, covering her body completely from neck to nails and boots. She releases her locks from the captivity of the pin which she puts back into a small groove in her belt and then she opens up her other bracelet and flips it open into a helmet and puts it on her head. Alexander stands there looking at her with his jaw barely hanging to his face. He stands there for a moment before he realizes it’s time to catch his sleep.


As the two of them retire for the night, we also plan to catch up with some rest when we remember the news item as to how a piece of her tissue was recovered from the bullet and is being sent to ASRI for investigation. We realize it’s no time to be wasted. We decide to sneak to the ASRI site and check out what’s happening down there while our new friends sleep together in different beds.


We make a dash for the ASRI headquarters in Canberra and arrive at its main entrance. As we enter the compound and walk up to the front door we hear an armoured car rushing from behind. As we turn around a pair of bright headlights nearly blind us and we quickly hold our step lest we were to come directly in front of the speeding vehicle. We just about manage to balance our weight on our toes as the vehicle drives by. We almost escape impact but the rear bumper of the vehicle knocks our precariously balanced bent knees knocking us down on our bums as we shriek out, “Ouch! Damn you!”


We test the driver’s counting abilities by asking him a question, “How many fingers can you see?” as we hurl a few friendly phrases we learnt earlier during the day from one of the drivers Mishiida pushed off the road. We grab our knees together with both our hands and blow our lungs out trying to extinguish the burning sensation. The vehicle meanwhile stops in front of the main door of the research facility.


A sentry quickly marches out of the building and opens the door of the vehicle as a few others take guard around the vehicle. The first person, dressed in a grey suit steps out. We recognize him immediately. He is the Defence Minister Craig Burke. The next one to step out is someone not known to us but his military uniform suggests he is a senior official. We get up on our feet and follow them inside the building. In the lobby we come face to face with another familiar face, Colonel Rick Roxon of the Australian Army.


“Good evening Colonel. I would like to introduce you to Colonel Jerome Smith of the US army,” Craig starts up the conversation as he shakes hand with Colonel Rick.


“What is he doing here?” Colonel Rick asks a bit agitatedly.


“What do you mean? And what happened to your manners Colonel? Colonel Jerome has been specially assigned by the US government to assist with the tracking and capture of the alien intruder. He’s just flown in from Japan where he was on an official visit, while we await the team from NASA,” Craig rebukes Colonel Rick as well as explains who and why his guest is.


“That still doesn’t answer my question. What is he doing here?” Rick still doesn’t sound impressed by the distinguished company.


“I am here to scratch your back,” Colonel Jerome answers his question with a hateful distaste.


“I don’t like scrubs,” Rick replies back.


“Now wait a minute. What’s happening over here? Do you guys know each other?” Craig is a bit taken aback.


“I honestly regret I do, and unfortunately too well,” Colonel Rick replies as we start expecting some fireworks.


“What do you mean?” Craig asks.


“Is he going to work on this job?” Rick asks.


“Yes he is,” Craig replies.


“Then I am sorry minister but I cannot do this job for you. You better find someone else. Please excuse me,” Rick sounds firm and adamant in his tone and words.


“Chickening out chicken,” Jerome takes a jibe at him.


“This is Australia Colonel. Watch how much you open your mouth,” Rick replies back.


“So, what do you do here? Read romantic novels?” Jerome continues his verbal assault.


“Don’t count on your luck too much Colonel. We love pork in Australia,” Rick replied back.


“What’s going on? What’s the matter with the two of you?” Craig seems to get not a word of it, just like us.


“I cannot work with him. You have to make a choice, either me or him,” Rick makes his stand clear.


“Watch where you step Colonel, my team is the most decorated team from Iraq,” Jerome boasts of his team’s stature.


“And my team is the most adored team from Iraq. Even my team won many medals during the conflict, but when we returned we had more flowers, chocolates and memorabilia as gifts,” Rick’s hatred for Jerome is deep rooted.


“I don’t lead Romeo’s into battle Colonel,” Jerome retaliates.


“And I don’t work with Dr Deaths,” Rick retaliated.


“One more word and you are dead meat,” Jerome is agitated.


“Wishes are not gift horses to ride!” Rick replies back.


Both men look hatefully into each other’s eyes and in a flash pull out their 9mms and point straight at each other’s faces.


“For GOD sake, have the two of you gone nuts,” seems like they have forgotten Craig is still there.


The two stand there looking into each others eyes with a burning hatred and we stand there scratching our heads as to what is happening.


“Enough is enough. Will the two of you put your guns down and behave?” Craig roars this time.


“I cannot work with him Sir. You find another man for this job,” Rick replies.


“You are the best man we have for this job and you are going to work on it and with Colonel Jerome, and that’s final,” Craig tries to close the argument.


“Not if I resign with immediate effect,” Rick is adamant.


“Are you crazy? Why? Is it worth leaving your job and all the benefits?” Craig is taken aback with the turn of events.


“I don’t care minister but I cannot work with him,” Rick replies.


“Let him go and I’ll train a pimp to take his job,” Jerome is insulting with the choice of his words.


“Colonel Jerome, may I remind you that you are in Australia as a specially deputed officer. Please do not take the liberties provided to you for guaranteed. One more idiocy and I am sorry I’ll have to ask you to return to your national duty,” Craig chooses his words carefully to pull the situation back into control.


“Look guys, we are all grown up men and we all understand that we may have a clash of ideals in general, but what we are dealing with is more important than our egos. We are under attack not by terrorists or another country but by aliens who have far superior technology than ourselves. Now we either continue wasting our time fighting each other or we can pool our brains and resources and set up our defences before it’s too late. In case of an invasion and possible collapse of human fight-back, both of you will be in the same situation as everybody else,” Craig replies and explains the whole situation clearly to the two men at war. The two back off from their ego’s and are all ears now, just like us.


“Now you both need to let the steam and ego out of your systems. Why don’t the two of you go out and sit in a balcony for a while. Put your legs high up on the wall so that all the blood flows to your brains and the resulting higher oxygen levels help the two of you to think clearly,” Craig replies.


“And yeah, make sure you two use different balconies. You know how tight budget government organisations generally work on,” we add our bit but nobody hears it.


As everybody is about to disperse a research worker arrives at the scene, “Gentlemen, you would love to hear this.”


“We would too and we are all ears,” we respond.


“What happened,” Craig asks.


“Follow me gentlemen, I’ll take you to Doctor Gerard Butler,” the researcher replies as we all follow him around a long winding way of corridors before we finally get to a room which has a plate hanging outside it saying, “X-Ray Analysis Division”.


“Welcome gentlemen, I am Doctor Gerard Butler, head of the X-Ray Analysis division at ASRI,” Doctor introduces himself earnestly as everyone enters his room.


After the pleasantries have been exchanged Craig asks him, “What did you find Doctor?”


“Gentlemen, the first thing I can tell you guys is that this thing is a living form similar yet vastly different from us,” Doctor replies.


“We already know that for starters Doctor. Have you been able to crack what this thing actually is?” Rick asks.


“Gentlemen, we tested the tissue sample under ordinary microscope but couldn’t find anything. So we performed a TEM or Transmittance Electron Microscopic scan and realized that this thing is made up of cells just like us human beings. Unfortunately though, the tissue sample we have got with us originated from her skin and like our skin, consist of dead cells with no nuclei to get her DNA or any other thing. It’s just empty compartments, something similar to what Robert Hooke discovered in a cork sample,” Doctor explains the findings.


“So?” Jerome asks the very obvious question.


“So we decided to study the elemental and molecular composition of the cell walls and you will be surprised to know what we found,” Doctor continues creating suspense.


“Doctor, if you don’t mind, can we cut the music and get to the lyrics,” Craig replies.


“Sure gentlemen. When we couldn’t make any headway through Infra-Red or Mass-Spectrometry, we ran the X-Ray Diffraction analysis of the tissue sample and found our guest from outer space is made up of Silicon. Her cell-walls are structures made up of Hydro-Silicates and other molecules made up of silicon as the base instead of Carbon for us humans. And we also found traces of Carborundum,” the Doctor triumphantly declares the findings.


“Carborundum, I see!” Jerome gets contemplative and asks, “Craig did you say the police officers noticed a black tissue layer when the bullet hit her and damaged her outer skin?”


“Yes! So?” Craig is curious just like us.


“How quickly can you assemble a team of at least twenty well trained men?” Jerome asks.


“My men are all well trained and ready to move at my orders,” Rick replies.


“Then let’s assemble the team and get moving,” Jerome says.


“The team has already been handpicked by me. People have been dispatched to all the towns around the area she was last reported from with special instructions to gather all the information we can and in case they encounter her, not to engage her. Now all we need to do is see the injured police officer first before we get on with tracking her down,” Rick replies.


“Why do you want to see him?” Craig asks.


“I need to make sure we have every detail of the incident with us before we launch our search and capture operation,” Rick replies.


“Capture her? Do you seriously believe that is possible? We need to kill her before she does any serious damage,” Jerome is indeed trigger happy we realize.


“Do you understand now why I don’t want to work with this man,” Rick looks at Craig and says, “Somebody put some sense in his murderous head, we need to capture her alive to know how many more like her are already here, how many more are coming and what their intentions are.”


“Do you seriously believe she will talk? Does she even understand what we say and can we understand what she will say?” Jerome asks.


“We’ll find all the answers once when we capture her,” Rick replies.


“He’s right Colonel Jerome. We need to capture her alive,” Craig supports Colonel Rick’s stance as we realize our friend is headed for trouble soon or perhaps our friends are headed for trouble soon. We’ll find out sooner than later.


“I don’t care what you guys want to do but if I am working on this, I’ll need an anti aircraft gun mounted on a mobile unit handy all the time,” Jerome’s statement shocks everyone including us. But we still hold on there trying to gather all the information that we can.



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