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Mishiida Alexander



“Love happens when you are least prepared for it.”



Chapter Four: “Mishiida Alexander”


One of the favourite pastimes of humans is to plan for something as highly unpredictable as future. Covering your aces, co-ordinating your paces and filling up the cases are all important, more than even saying a hello to parents, friends, neighbours and relatives, all of whom may not be there in the future that is being so vigorously planned at their very own expense. The worst part is, the same future may smack a surprise right across your face when you so not expect it so much so that all your plans are laid bare to threads and shreds.


We are following a heavenly body, so as to say literally who must have made some plans of her own before her world must have been shaken and turned turtles by the future she didn’t plan for. Now she finds herself facing a man who himself must have made some plans for tomorrow. However his tomorrow may not be a far off in the distant tomorrow but just the one that is coming up in a few hours time.


“Oh by the way, I am Alex! Alexander Rai!” he says offering his hand to her.


She’s still lost in her chain of thoughts as she looks blankly at him. Even if she is not, she still won’t understand what he is saying, so he may as well tell her, “I am the emperor of the world.”


“I am sorry if I startled you. I was just rehearsing my lines for the play our theatre group is performing next month. Anyway you could call me Alex,” he tries again.


This time she finally gets out of her slumber, looks at him and then at his hand. She grabs his hand with her wrong hand and turns it around either way as if inspecting it for hygiene.


He is a bit startled by her queer reactions. He pulls his hand back as she gets up from the crouching position she was spying him in. And as her massive frame confronts him, her prides hit his chin and nearly knock him back to the ground. He looses balance for a split second before quickly regaining it, then looks up into her eyes and then scrolls down to her feet and up again to her eyes. Finally after a few extremely stretched uncomfortable seconds of silence he sheepishly says, “You look hotter when you are kneeling.”


She looks in his eyes and we look in both of theirs. We can see a twinkle in either pair. Let us see how much this twinkle shines.


“Oh! Where’s your caravan by the way?” he asks her as she turns around and grabs her two boxes and picks up her gunny bag of food. “Did it break down? Man, are you lucky to have found me? You would have dried down to bones by tomorrow afternoon without water,” he exclaimed in a single breath as we curse him for hitting on our soft wound. Water! Don’t just say the name, show it to us and we’ll show you how to make good use of it.


As she is juggling her gunny bag and boxes he grabs hold of her boxes and says chivalrously, “Now wait a minute! What kind of a person do you think I am? You are in the esteemed company of a gentleman lady. I’ll take care of your stuff for you.”


She looks at him as to what he is doing and how dare he touch her boxes. Her hand quickly moves to her weapon housed in her waist holder and pulls it halfway out but he is not looking at her anymore. He is looking at the two boxes and thinking it to be a piece of cake, tries to pull them together, just like her. But strangely enough, the boxes don’t move. She stops for a moment leaving her weapon in it’s housing and looks at him with a smile on her face as he tries to give a few jerks to both of them. He turns his attention to the smaller one and starts all over again. “I am a bit tired today. It’s been a long day driving around this desert, trying to find a good spot to camp and prepare for my play. My muscles are a bit tight, so I’ll take care of them one by one. You don’t worry,” he says giving a few passing glances at her as she looks on. We can’t help but to laugh.


He pulls at the box with all his might, gives it a few jerks but the box won’t move, in spite of having two rollers at it’s base. But what use are rollers that are stuck in sand. After a few seconds, he finally gives up.


“Look lady, we’ve just met and I don’t know you yet. So it won’t be nice of me to mess around with your stuff. You please better manage it on your own, otherwise you’ll blame me if something breaks down,” he sheepishly exclaims.


As he step back from the boxes and looks at her, she majestically moves across him looking at him through his eyes with a teasing smile on her face and without looking at the boxes, grabs them from their handles and pulls them forward, still looking at him as he tries to look away. Her gunny bag is lying on the ground and as she stops to pick it up, he quickly grabs it and says, “Now look, I don’t want you to think I am a bad person and don’t want to help you. I am a thorough gentleman. I’ll take care of this one for you.” He swings the gunny bag on his back as the two of them walk towards his camp-fire. We follow them close on their heels.


“If you don’t mind me asking, are you moving your house in two boxes,” he takes a dig at her as they approach the camp-fire.


He swings the gunny bag down on the ground and as soon as he puts it down he jumps away with a loud shriek, a shriek loud enough to put even the girls to shame, “Yikes! That’s a s. s. s. s. snake.” He just notices the snake used to tie the gunny bag’s mouth in the light of the camp fire and nearly faints. His shriek startles her as well.


“You are a weirdo! How could you do that to such a poor creature,” he is scared as well as incensed, scared as he just carried it over his head and incensed because it still seems to be alive and in it’s present condition, pitiable.


He sits down on a cane-stool as we hear his heart beating at a speed faster than a speeding bullet. She is still standing right next to her boxes and looking around, checking his caravan and jeep.


“By the way, you haven’t told me your name so far. In fact, you haven’t spoken even a word,” he finally manages a few words again. It was a golden silence as long as he let it last.


She continues having a look around while we help ourselves to a bottle of chilled water from his mobile fridge.


“Would you like a drink?” he asks her but gets no answer. So he just gets up and picks up two wine glasses out of a box full of more than a dozen of them, crystal glass all. He pours wine in both of them and walks up to her and hands her the glass. We hit our foreheads with our palms as she takes a sip of the wine, spits it out quicker than we could realize if we are breathing in or breathing out at the moment and bites at the glass. She likes it’s taste and eats it all as Alex is standing there looking at her in a stunned stupor. We try hard to mute our laughter with our hands.


“What the hell! What are you? Crazy?” he is incensed as she turns around and looks at the box containing the rest of the pieces. He looks at her and then at what she is looking at. They both look at each other, “No! No! No!” he says as she makes a dash towards the box and he throws himself at the box grabbing it with both his hands, right next to his chest. She glares at him as if saying, “Oye dude! Get out of my way.” As she tries to grab it from him, he pulls out his gun and says, “I was kidding earlier. This thing is real.” But by now, we all know how true that can be and what use it would be in anycase.


She lets out her deadliest weapon, a shriek. And needless to say, we grab both our ears in our hands and wonder if someone could spare a couple more to put ‘em on our ears as we fall to the ground in pain, just like he is. “Stop it! Stop it!” we can see his lips saying and we nod our heads and look at her. The glasses in his box are the first one to break, followed by his caravan window panes. When she finally stops, he first looks at her and then at his broken wine glasses.


“You can have ‘em bitch!” he says hatefully as he throws the box towards her and she grabs it with a smile and gets on with the job of finishing her meal.


“What the heck are you weirdo?” he exclaims shaking his head as he tries to get up, and as he is trying to get up his hand accidentally clicks on the switch of the radio set lying on the small coffee table lying by his side.


“Aliens are here. We have seen the exclusive footage from the police car camera and her pictures have been mass printed and sent for circulation around the entire length and breadth of Australia. If you find this girl, please call the following helpline numbers immediately. Do not, and may I repeat, do not engage the alien at any costs. She is armed and deadly.”


And as the radio announcer carries on and gives her description, we notice Alex’s face turning pale as he realizes what he is facing with.


“Who are you?” he asks, as we continue to concentrate on the news being broadcast.


“Meanwhile the officer injured during the gun fight has been operated upon at the Royal Adelaide hospital. And the good new is, the bullet recovered from his injury also carries a piece of alien tissue attached to it, stuck between it’s distorted exterior, perhaps as a result of it’s contact with the alien body. The piece has been dispatched to the ASRI for further examination. We will soon find out what matter our uninvited visitor is made off.”


As the news item finishes, we notice Alex has just realized what he was up against while she has just finished her supper. As he sits there lost in deep consternation we wonder what he is going to do now. Finally after a few long minutes of silence Alexander finally asks her, “Who are you? Where are you from? And what do you want from us?” She looks at him, smiles and hands over the empty box of once very beautiful wine glass set to him. He realizes she does not mean bad but he is still concerned and a bit scared. Or perhaps more scared than concerned, but how does it matter?


“What is your name?” he asks her again, “Can you understand me?”


He gets no reply so he gets up and walks up to her and says pointing at himself, “Alexander” and then he points at her and asks, “You?” and makes a questioning gesture to her. He repeats it a few times before she finally understands what he is trying to imply.


She opens her mouth and we close our ears, “Meeeee sheeeeennnnn daaaaaauuugh.” But to our surprise, this time her voice sounds like a string musical instrument playing very sweet melodies. We realize, her earlier two screams were just war cries.


“Mishiida, you mean,” and he gives it a human version as we sit there watching everything as it happens.





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