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Mishiida Alexander


“The easiest thing to do is kill a man provided you are coward enough.”



Chapter Fourteen: Calm before the storm


We human beings may have many an aberration and acute angles as far as our psychologies are concerned but one thing that stands out from the rest of the Kingdom Animalia is our strong fascination for blood and violence just for the sake of it. Darwin’s theory of evolution may not have presented a very rosy and cosy picture of nature at its’ purest evil when he stated with aplomb and still made it concise, “Survival of the fittest” but even the violence that is an inherent part of the food chain and territorial behaviour of every animal and insect species cannot come close enough to the havoc mankind is capable of just for the heck of it. Humans love to kill, be it a game or be it a fellow. The worst part is, humans always find a way to associate it with their ego and self esteem and claim such an act to be the pinnacle of their bravery. Truth is there ain’t no bigger a coward than the man who kills another, for if he were to be brave he wouldn’t have been afraid to face the one he killed as alive. What does it take to pull curtains down a life, just the intent to kill and an opportunity to do so without getting caught or harmed? You can stab a man when he is not looking or shoot him when he is not prepared. Cowards is what we are as a species.


Fate hangs in balance for Mishiida as we follow her travails, seems like one girl was never destined to have it easy and on a platter. Watching her plead with a total stranger for help make us pity the atrocities destiny has inflicted on this unflinching soul; born in nobility, left for hounds, living like fugitives yet yielding no ground.


“Simple! Just get rid of her weapon for us,” Jerome makes it a simple one line procedure for Alexander.


“But, that’s impossible,” Alexander exclaims.


“Say that again and I’ll tie your butt to Napoleon’s sword,” Jerome roars and continues, “I don’t care how you do it but that’s exactly what I expect from you.”


“But,” Alexander’s words are left in his mouth.


“Look kid, I’ve got work to do. I’ll read you a lullaby later, now you do as I say and I’ll do what I want to,” Jerome says as he hangs up.


We notice Alexander looking at his mobile and Mishiida looking at him. Our thoughts are broken by a radio call.


“Charlie calling Alpha! Charlie calling Alpha!”


“Alpha receiving, over,” Ron replies.


“The work at the site is over, you apparatus has been set. Repeat, apparatus is set, over,” the voice at the other end says.


“Great! You and your men can rest now. Alpha over and out,” Ron finishes the conversation and so does the person at the other end.


“Sir, your stuff has been set up at the site,” Ron says to Jerome as he is about to leave the container.


“Great! Tell ‘em to get out of the site now,” Jerome replies.


“They have already been issued the requisite instructions sir but I’ll make sure they are followed,” Ron says as he picks up the mobile and dials a number and tells the receiver at the other end to make sure everybody has left the site before their team arrives to set itself up.


We wonder what surprises have Jerome planed and set up for Mishiida and decide to have a first hand look at the same. We are just about to leave the command centre when we hear Ron speak, “What the hell is he up to now?”


We look at the screen and notice Alexander has pulled his jeep off the road and is driving in a direction neither intended by Mishiida nor welcome by our friends on this side. We notice Mishiida is surprised as well as she grabs him from his arm and shakes him as if asking, “What are you doing?”


We fail to hear a single word Alexander is saying but we notice him motioning Mishiida to calm down. He pulls his jeep to a halt and jumps out of it. Mishiida follows suit. We notice Alexander pleading with Mishiida with folded hands and saying something which we guess must be on the lines of “Please go away. They are after you. It’s a setup.”


Immediately Ron pulls out his mobile and gives someone a ring. We see Alexander pulling out his mobile, looking at it’s screen and then putting it back in his pocket without answering.


“Pick up the damn phone you imbecile,” Ron grunts but Alexander doesn’t budge.


Ron starts punching the buttons on his mobile as we walk up behind him and read what he is typing.


“Bad idea! We got our satellite on you two, kid. Get back in jeep and back on track or you both are dead.”


Alexander looks at his mobile again and perhaps reads the message.


Ron types again,


“I can see you have read my message. Now do as I say and make our job easy and we’ll make your life easy.”


Alexander reads the second message as well and stands where he is as if numb. Mishiida tries to shake him out of his slumber. We notice him drag his feet back into the jeep as Mishiida stands looking at him perhaps a bit surprised, but then she hops back into her seat. And once again Alexander heads back onto the main road and back in the direction they were heading in originally. As all this is happening we hear the sound of a chopper. We rush out and see a chopper taking off with Jerome and his team towards the site of next action as we see a couple of familiar faces sitting by the windows. We decide it’s time for us to make a dash to the site to apprise ourselves with the surprises that have been readied for Mishiida, beforehand.


We make a dash at the speed of light and reach the “Panalatinga Uranium Mines” faster than what an Olympic champion takes to complete a hundred meters dash only to be hit by a surprise stronger than the jab of a five times heavyweight champ. Not a crow to be seen and not a fig to be picked, all pristine emptiness at it’s harrowing best. What the hell? Are we at the right place? So many questions originate in our grey matter that our brains hang-up for a moment. We frantically search around the place but there’s not a clue to be picked, not a trick to be spotted. All we notice is a vacated premises, it’s main heavy metal sliding door left open atop as if inviting Mishiida to indulge herself, and the only other object giving it company is heavy lift crane stationed just to the side of the gate, about ten yards from it, it’s chain coiled and lying on the ground in a heap. We scratch our heads and then our butts and decide it’s time to have a look inside. We walk inside and all we see around us is a typical mine dimly lit with few globes turned on in between others which are not. We make our way down to the bottom but nothing suspicious to be smelt or seen. What is Jerome up to, we wonder.


As we walk back out to the top and out of the main door, we notice a cloud of dust arising out of a dirt track leading to the mine, Alexander’s jeep un-mistakenly distinct in the middle of it. It looks like he took a shortcut. Perhaps he wants his side of the ordeal to end as quickly as possible. We forget we are voyeurs who can’t be detected and are nearly crushed by Alexander as his jeep screeches to a halt a millimetre away from our knees as we scream our throats hoarse. Just as he pulls over our body weight falls forward as we are delicately balanced on our feets and we put our hands on his jeep’s bonnet to support ourselves. “It’s burning like hell,” we scream out as we pull our hands back as soon as we put ‘em on the bonnet and fall flat on our bums. As we support ourselves on our elbows and raise our upper bodies and head, first long leg lands on the ground followed by what makes it a part of the pair as Mishiida stands infront of us. Alexander also unhappily hops off the jeep but we somehow miss him. As Mishiida walks to the back of the jeep and pulls her two boxes out the jeep appears to grow taller by a foot and a half as it’s suspensions are relieved of the heavy load.


Alexander walks up to Mishiida and asks, “Do you need any help?” Then he realizes his humanly limitations and scratches his head, “I mean can I join you?”


Mishiida may not have understood a word but perhaps realized he wanted to help her. She leaves her boxes, takes a step towards him nearly scaring him two back, grabs him  from his arms and gives him a small kiss on his cheek just a millimetre or two away from the edge of his lips, her bosoms touching his chest softly. She looks at him, smiles and then gets on with what she has in mind. Grabbing the two boxes she sashays into the mine and down like a super model doing her catwalk and we grab our lower jaw with our hand and put it back next to it’s upper counter-part. Alexander stands there motionless for a few seconds, his fingers caressing where she kissed him, softly. A tear rolls down his eye as he is lost in deep consternation. After a few seconds of stunned silence, he drags his feet and torso behind her.


We stand there for a while scratch our heads and think about the whole thing. It’s a toss up between sticking with Mishiida and Alexander down real under and waiting atop for our friends to catch them in their setting up act. What the hell, we decide to stick with the ones’ we really love, don’t we?


We rush to join Mishiida as Alexander toes behind us and we look at him and chid as we put our arm around Mishiida, “Who’s got the girl now?” Unfortunately for us, neither she can feel us, nor can he see us. Who are we kidding? We sheepishly follow them to the lowest point, lowest not by our moral state but by altitude.


Once there Mishiida sets up her two boxes at least twenty meters apart from each other and five feet clear of the walls. She looks at the roof and makes sure it’s high enough. She goes to the smaller box first and opens up the hatch we saw in her movie clip the other day and punches some buttons. What’s written on them we can’t make that out, but then even she can’t speak French, so why crucify ourselves. Once she finishes her gig the box starts making a few squeaky sounds and Mishiida steps back and so do we and Alexander. In a few seconds the box opens itself up into the machine we saw, we all know where and when. Then Mishiida re-enacts the procedure with her bigger box and it opens up into the gun that is as beautiful as it is deadly. Mishiida, opens up a small box on the side of the machine and pulls out what looks like a cylindrical container and fits it onto one of the three hatches protruding out of the roof of a cabinet like structure on the machine. Three containers are there in all and each one is set up on a vacant hatch one by one. What are these? Are these for the gun or for her craft, we wonder?


Mishiida looks around and sees a trolley full of rock pieces. She kneels down and opens up a box on the side of one of her boots and pulls out a small gadget. She punches some buttons and what looks like a needle, protrudes out of it. She tries to prick the surface of the rocks lying in the trolley and waits as the gadget makes noises like a super-computer hard-drive working over time. We move around and raise ourselves on our toes and look over her shoulder to see what’s going on. We notice some strange language signs and symbols flashing across the screen like an algorithm gone wild. It takes a few moments before it stops and some symbols flash on it’s screen with a beep. Perhaps she was quantizing the amount of Uranium in the rocks. She looks satisfied and goes back to the machine and punches a few buttons on it’s control panel. A structure looking like a funnel opens out of it on one side while a pipe protrudes out on the other side. She walks up to the trolley, pushes it closer to the machine and grabs a piece of rock. She puts it on the floor and gives it a massive hit with her fist breaking it into smaller fragments. She drops the fragments into the funnel and the faint noises emanating out of the machine indicates to us, she’s grinding the rocks, extracting Uranium, and perhaps enriching it as well. All the UN sanctions and related fiascos about the sharing of nuclear technology appear a farce as we marvel the wonder of alien engineering. Soon enough ground dirt starts pouring out of the tube at the other end as Mishiida keeps breaking rocks and putting them one by one in the funnel.


After a few minutes, a heap of empty trolleys and a mound of ground dust, we hear three beeps and three lights start flashing in unison, one atop each cylinder. Mishiida stops putting in more rocks, punches a few buttons to stop the process and then removes the containers one by one and places them back where she pulled them out from. She resizes the cabinet using the controls on the machine and then opens up the barrel of the gun and pulls out three containers, smaller than the ones’ she just filled, and places them one by one at the same spot where the earlier ones were. Now we know the first ones are the fuel containers for her craft if Uranium is what it flies on.


She then pulls out her weapon and opens up a small hatch on its side revealing nine very small containers similar in their look of material to the rest. She opens up a small door on the side of the cabinet and puts them one by one onto hatches similar to the ones for the bigger containers. Immediately about seven lights and beeps go off and she pulls out the ones’ below the flashing lights and puts them back in her weapon. So these are the ones’ that are full of charge, we realize. She then starts the entire process of crushing, grinding and purification again until she has filled each one of her containers while the mound of dirt grows big enough to block our way. Alexander meanwhile is standing motionless watching intently each and every action of Mishiida.


Mishiida folds her gun and machine back and uses her mighty blower to scatter the dirt blocking our way. Once our track is clear, she puts her blower back into the place it belongs. She then grabs her boxes and starts walking. But now her walk is slightly laboured compared to what it was earlier. Perhaps the weight of enriched Uranium is telling now. And at that moment we realize we missed catching our friends setting themselves up as we smack our foreheads in indignation at ourselves. As we are wondering whether to rush out or stay with the two, Alexander who is walking along side Mishiida says, “Can I have a look at your weapon for a moment?”


As Alexander tries to grab at her weapon Mishiida leaves her box and grabs his hand in a flash twisting it, with a smile on her face as Alexander’s face constricts with pain. He collapses on his knees screaming, “Ouch! Ouch! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Never again, I promise.”


Mishiida smiles at him, leaves her other box and motions with the index finger shaking her head alongside, as if saying “You can’t play with that?”


When she finally leaves Alexander’s hand he starts blowing hard at it. “You bitch!” he says, “Ouch!” and blows again.


He gets up and quickly walks out of the door as we follow Mishiida as she approaches the exit sashaying magnanimously even with the weight she is towing. We walk next to and across her and get outside. Alexander is standing on the side of the door, a bit hyper and breathing heavily, the internal turmoil, conflict and pain visible on his face. But the site outside shocks us even more than what it did when we arrived at the spot in the first place. Still not a sign of anyone but something looks strangely different from what it was when we left it. We scratch our heads and try to figure it out just as Mishiida walks out of the door.





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