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Mishiida Alexander


“You do what you want to, GOD will make you do what you need to.”


Chapter Nine: Kill her to know her


Every time we are faced with a situation, we always get an associated choice to pick our line of action. Depending upon our acumen, intellect and more importantly, our leaned instincts and psychology, we make our choices. That choice may be an instantaneous destructive solution to the current problem at hand or a retrospective calculated and delayed reaction which may not solve the current situation completely but leaves us with enough leads to work out a better future out of the total chaos our present might be.








Jerome and Rick both are highly experienced, exceptionally intelligent, brave and dedicated to their duty men. However, both have an entirely different perspective on the problem at hand and both have a different way of dealing with it. Jerome is more direct. He wants Mishiida dead or alive, preferably whichever way it is easier. Rick on the other hand is perhaps unsure if they are doing the right thing.








“My team will be arriving at the scene just about now,” Rick says as we follow him, Craig and Jerome into their mobile command centre.








“Wow!” is the word that escapes our lips as we are blown away by the hi-tech modifications this simple looking container on the outside has inside it.








“How long do you reckon it will take them to find out what we are looking for,” Craig asks.








“Ask him if they know what they are looking for in the first place,” Jerome quips.








“They are not Yankees,” Rick replies.








“I know! It’s the Romeo’s which make me concerned,” Jerome is not the one to be taken out.








“Will you guys cut it out for a while?” Craig interrupts.








“How’s everything going Lieutenant? Do we have the audio and tracking signal from the jeep?” Rick asks Ron.








“Sir, all the systems are starting up and connecting. Audio and tracking will be online and working in five minutes,” Ron replies.








“Good work Lieutenant. I want to get into that jeep as quickly as I can,” Rick says, “I want to know how that girl is especially since she was injured in the confrontation.”








That reminds us of the bullet injuries that Mishiida sustained in the ambush and we make a dash for the jeep. As soon as we hop on to the back seat we hear Alexander asking her, “Are you alright, you seem to be in a bit of pain?”








She turns around and looks at the back nearly scaring us as if we have been caught. Our throats dry out for a moment but thankfully she looks through us, carefully. We realize she is checking if someone is following them. We pull out a water bottle from Alexander’s mobile fridge lying in the back along with Mishiida’s heavy boxes and as she carefully monitors the rear view for any enemy sightings we can’t help but wonder the marvel of engineering the jeep Alexander is driving is, for it is not only pulling a caravan but also carrying two heavy boxes which we rather not stress our back muscles trying to lift. We wonder what is inside the two boxes other than the blow drier in one that nearly cleaned us up the other day.








Finally when Mishiida is comfortable enough that no one is following them she turns her head to the front again and as soon as she turns ahead her face constraints as if in pain, her head moves in a jerky motion as if she is about to vomit as she lets out a painful shriek, something similar to what we heard when the bullets hit her.








“Are you alright?” Alexander becomes a bit concerned just like us.








She slowly raises her hand as she struggles with the pain and taps Alexander’s shoulder asking him to stop. Alexander pulls over and asks again, “What happened? Please say something?”








As soon as the jeep halts on the side Mishiida nearly falls out of it as she crawls on her fours to the sand along the side of the road. She taps a few buttons on the control box on her waist belt buckle and her cloth-line recedes once again only this time it doesn’t reveal a gorgeous skin but rather a highly mutilated body with around twenty irregular abrasions on either side of shoulders, the highest one grazing her neck. We notice her black internal tissue which is struggling to heal itself as green coloured blood oozes out of her wounds that are working over time to heal themselves with thick greenish clots. She is in intense pain will be putting it too mildly.








“Damn!” is the only word that escapes Alexander’s mouth, almost in unison with us.








She struggles and crawls to the sand, grabs a fist full of it and thrusts it down her throat. She grabs another fist of it and repeats the dosage. She finally collapses on to the sand, her chest rising and falling violently and irregularly as if she is struggling for her breaths. She lays there for a minute or two when her pain intensifies and her shrieks start melting our hearts and taking a toll on our ears. We notice the clots blocking her bleeding rupture and small metal heads pop out of each of her wounds one by one. As soon as her body throws out the alien objects it heals up quickly and completely. She lies there for a few more seconds before she gather herself up, grabs a fist more of sand and throws it down her throat.








“Wow!” is what Alexander says and we nod our heads. She smiles at him and gets back in the jeep. As Alexander is hoping on to the jeep he suddenly stops, grabs his ear and says in a hushed voice, “Yep, loud and clear.”








As we wonder what he meant by that he says, “She is fine.” And we realize our friends back in the mobile command centre are back in business. We leave Mishiida and Alexander in the jeep and make a dash for the command centre. On our way we decide to take a detour and have a look at the site where Mishiida buried her craft. We notice a team of forty odd men desperately trying to search every nook and corner for a buried vehicle with metal detectors in hand. We leave them at the spot and make our way back to the command centre.








“What is the next plan of action?” Craig is asking as we enter the command centre.








“Let me see what will be the next best place to lay our siege,” Rick replies as he scrolls across the map to make his choice.








“Why bend through legs to scratch our back when we can rub it against a wall,” Jerome quips in a metaphor.








“What do you mean?” Craig asks.








“Just ask the kid to pull over somewhere in the evening, pitch his tent and go to sleep, with her if he wants to,” Jerome can make the whole plan sound as simple as frying potato chips.








“That’s a great idea,” Craig can easily make the high jump team for Olympics judging by his reaction to Jerome’s resourcefulness.








“That’s ridiculous! That gives us no chance to set ourselves up, and considering the ferocious lioness she is, we might be dead meat this time,” Rick is not impressed though.








“Who needs to set himself up? Give me an anti-aircraft gun and I’ll set her up for a dawn service,” Jerome is confident he’s nailed his target even before loading a charge.








“Now wait a minute! We are not here to hunt her down, rather we need to capture her alive otherwise how will we know what they want from us, or rather our planet and what sort of intentions do they have,” Rick has some point in his speech.








“What do they want? We already know they need Uranium. What else do you think she is here for, tango?” Jerome asks.








“I agree with Colonel Jerome on this one,” Craig nods his head.








“We are guessing she is after Uranium, we are not sure what the rest might be after or where they are. We don’t even know who they are and how powerful they are. If she is one of their populace ordinaire we are in for a spanking, or more aptly, smothering,” Rick contradicts with emphatic reasoning.








“Who cares? Kill her and know how to kill them. Take her clothes off and unlock the mystery behind their technology. Chop her body to pieces and get all the genetic information you need and personally, I am more interested in her handgun and folding helmet cum wrist band. We don’t need her alive to know how to kill them or what can be used to break their armours and destroy their weaponry,” Jerome can break it down to basics.








“That is in-human! Who knows she might be a friend as all the signs so far suggest,” Rick is outraged, “That is the only reason why I don’t want to work with this man. All he is concerned about is technology and kill.”








“But he does have a point Colonel,” Craig seems to be impressed by Jerome’s simplistic approach, “She is not human and moreover, all we need to do is paint her a monster in media and no human rights group will bother to take her side. People love to live in fear as that gives them something to talk about during coffee breaks. We’ll give them enough to avoid any hassles for us.”








“I cannot be a part of such an un-ethical act. If you need me on this job then let me decide what and when for this mission,” Rick makes his stance clear.








“So you don’t want to catch her! Planing to start a family with her?” Jerome asks more like taking a dig.








“I never said I won’t catch her. I'm only saying we are going to do it my way if I am working on this mission,” Rick replied.








“Give him a furlong,” Jerome nudges Craig.








“Look Rick, you are one of the best we have and I need you on this job. Now I don’t care how you do it, all I want is that bitch out of the wild and into a cage or coffin, whichever is easier and quicker,” Craig shows his preference for Jerome’s direct approach.








“Let me handle it my way and I will make sure I bring her in,” Rick is confident.








“Let me have it my way and I will make sure we know how to bring her family and friends in as well,” Jerome smiles as he says his bits.








“You know what I like about this desert, the solitaire and heat. Yeah that’s right. I find the solitaire romantic as you can be with yourself and feel your own emotions, and the heat, the more it burns your body the stronger you feel as you cherish your ability to withstand hardships,” we hear Alexander talking nonsense to Mishiida on the radio. “Thank GOD she doesn’t understand a word,” we think to ourselves before we wonder who among the two is a girl.








“Tell him to drag her along as slowly as he can and then pitch somewhere for the night,” Jerome says to Rick.








“Alexander, are you receiving me?” Rick asks on the radio, almost half heartedly.








“Yep,” Alexander replies.








“Good! Now listen carefully. We want you to drive as slowly as you can taking all the time you can. We have an idea where she is heading to. We want you to make a stop somewhere after the town of Pimba for the night," Rick says.








"Tell him to put her to sleep somehow, even if he has to sing. We can always turn our radio down," Jerome adds with a wicked grin.








" Do you copy?” Rick asks.








“What are you going to do with her?” Alexander sounds a bit concerned.








“Why don’t you leave our part of the job to us and just do what you are told to?” Rick asks.








“Look, this chick trusts me. You guys want me to betray her trust but I don’t see any reason. She seems friendly and hasn't hurt anyone. Why should I help you guys?” Alexander asks.








“Because she is a potential risk to our planet and by helping her you have stepped to the wrong side of the law. If you want to save your back you better do what we say and avoid stressing your neurons,” Rick sounds business, “We know you aspire to be an actor, you don’t want to see your dreams put to rest even before they could take their first breath, do you?”








“That’s a threat. I refuse to be intimidated,” Alexander is incensed.








“Then what do you want, a date with Madonna?” Jerome yells as he grabs the mic from Rick.








Alexander gets quiet so Rick speaks again, “Look kid, do as we say and you’ll stay out of trouble. Get her to us and we will get you where you want to.”








Alexander still stays quiet so Rick gets impatient, “Look, do as I say or I will have no option but to order an aerial assault on your caravan. We don’t want to kill her but if left no choice, you both will be history and even history will not have a clue about either of you.”








“Ok! I’ll try,” Alexander finally takes the bitter pill, “But you promise me you won’t hurt her.”








“Oh yeah, what else would you like us to do? Should I go and finish your dishes as well now?” Jerome sounds aggressive, “Don’t tell us what to do, just do what we tell you to.”








“Alright,” Alexander’s displeasure is evident in his tone.








“Atleast that’s sorted out now,” Rick replies with relief.








“Sir, Lieutenant Andrew Guerin is calling from the sight,” Lieutenant Charles Heather, manning the communications in the command centre speaks.












“Put him on,” Rick says as everybody’s attention is grabbed by this announcement.








“Sir, it’s Lieutenant Andrew Guerin reporting from the field,” Andrew’s voice reverberates in the command centre as the mobile command centre comes to a halt.








“Yes Lieutenant, what did you find,” Rick asks.








“Nothing sir, we found nothing at the site,” Andrew’s reply is the least they wanted to hear at that moment.








“Lieutenant, has your team checked the whole site thoroughly, you’ve just been there for hardly half an hour or something,” Rick asks with a grain of doubt.








“Sir, we have thoroughly scanned the area with high powered metal detectors but nothing has been detected,” Andrew replies.








“That because you don’t know what you are looking for,” a strong voice distracts everyone including us as we all turn around and see a tall figure climb into the command centre, his face and features not visible in the bright background of the open door and his white lab coat doesn’t help us either.








“Who are you?” Colonel Rick asks as three more figures climb into the truck, one a clear feminine shape.








“It’s the team from NASA gentlemen and myself the Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia Smith Ross as you may already know,” one of the new arrivals introduces himself as our eyes get used to the change in visibility and we are able to see everyone’s face clearly. “This is Doctor Chris Green, head of Astro-physics division of NASA, this is Doctor Kishore Rathe, head of aeronautical and space engineering wing and last but not the least, Doctor Lucy Dawg, head of Zoology division,” he finishes the introductions.









"Oh my! Are you sure he's not a singer and she's not a model from Hong Kong, along with a nerd?" is the thought doing the rounds in our heads.








“Only three, where are the rest?” Craig is surprised.








“Looks like they have sent the brains and want us to provide the brawn,” Rick replies as he shakes hands with each one of them, “What do you mean they don’t know what they are looking for?”








“Because they couldn’t find what they were looking for,” Chris replies.








“Offcourse they knew they were searching for a vehicle,” Craig speaks out of turn, "Didn't they Colonel?"








“No they don’t,” is Chris’s short and terse reply.








“Will you please explain what you mean,” Rick asks.








“Colonel, there are two kinds of what. The what what and the other what,” Chris replies.








“I don't get it either?” Jerome also shows his failure to comprehend what Chris Green is saying.








“Colonel what were your men looking for?” Chris asks.








“A vehicle believed to have been driven by our alien guest and now missing somewhere,” Rick replies.








“Now that was the first what which they know. Now comes the second what, what characteristic of that vehicle were they searching for,” Chris replies with a smile.








“Well they were checking for metal components, what else do you think a vehicle will be made off?” Craig replies.








“I know what he means,” Rick replies, “Space crafts generally have glazed tiles on the outside to protect them from the extreme temperatures that develop outside the craft due to friction when it enters any heavenly body's atmosphere. And glazed tiles are made of Silicon, the same element that makes up sand. They couldn’t have detected Silicon because that is what they would have tuned their metal detectors to overlook.”








“Colonel I can recomend you for my job at Nasa,” Chris says.








“So what do we do now,” Craig asks.








“We ask them to stay there and start digging manually all over the place. If the need be, I will send in for more men,” Rick replies.








"Tell your Romeos' we ain't looking for a Rose garden,” Jerome quips as we look on while Rick orders his team to start digging up the entire scene again.





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