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Mishiida Alexander


“Success comes when you loose all your fears and are hungry for it to the point of desperation.”


Chapter Nineteen: Race on


If we look at the life histories of great men who excelled in their respective fields a few things stand out for them, and irrespective of the diversities of their fields of expertise those are always common traits. Things like desire to excel, motivation, thorough planning, foresight, hard-work, diligence and patience are the hallmarks of their endeavours. While the rest of the traits determine the rate and amount of success, the one that determines the possibilities of success is motivation. If one is not motivated enough to succeed no amount of planning will work as the hard-work will be lacking or the patience will wear out, resulting in un-expected setbacks and eventual collapse of the entire venture. To succeed you need to be desperate for it.


Jerome was desperate enough to capture Mishiida, Rick was desperate enough to get her out of her captivity, Mishiida is desperate enough for her revenge while Alexander is still looking for something to be desperate about. Or maybe he already is desperate about something, something he hasn’t realized. Let’s leave that for the time to disclose it to him and us while we continue on our roller coaster ride with our friends on either side. The good thing about being a voyeur is one can be neutral to the point of fault.


As Ken drove the hummer through the gates of the Parafield airport and straight towards the plane that was beginning to roll on the runway for a take off, the men who were on guard at the airport that night made their presence felt. Their bullets were as mean as a metal piece without a heart can be. The only thing is they didn’t have any eyes of their own as is expected about any metal piece.


“We’re under fire,” Ken states the obvious at his hoarse best.


“Tell me the good news,” Rick replies.


Mishiida gets up on her feet and pops her head out of the sun-roof and wastes not more than a few precious milliseconds in silencing the resistance. But the other company hot on our heels is not too far behind us now. Ken drives as hard as he can and cuts through the uneven ground to make it to the runway diagonally, just as the plane is about to lift off and fold its’ feet inside their safe havens. Mishiida realizes she is going to miss the flight and makes a desperate lunge out of the sun roof and towards the departing company but misses the plane by miles.


As she lands on the runway and rolls over twice due to the momentum of her vault, she immediately springs up on her feet and in a fit of desperation decides to shoot the plane down. “Can she do that,” we wonder as she takes aim but our thoughts and her concentration are broken by two rows of bullets that make their way across the length of the runway and straight towards Mishiida who turns around and instantly flings herself away to avoid any violent contact. We turn around and notice the two choppers trailing us have finally made it to us just when we don’t appreciate their intrusion. However Mishiida is in more hurry than us and wastes no time in nullifying the choppers as their engines die out nearly crashing them to the ground but for the reasonable power used by Mishiida, giving enough time for the pilots to land them before they get out of the choppers and leaving their fainted gunmen inside, they run away from the site at their best sprints. Mishiida turns back towards the plane but its’ too late. We are sure Mishiida can still shoot it down as much as we know Mishiida is sure none on board will make it safely down.


“C’mon, lets’ get out of here before the crows arrive,” Rick shouts from inside the hummer as he flings the door open for Mishiida. Mishiida understands what he means and makes a dash back to the side of Mrs Rai.


“Press the pedal out of the floor Ken,” by the time Rick finishes his order the needle on the speedometer has already jumped midway.


A phone rings and Mrs Rai says, “That’s my mobile. Alexander can you hand me my purse from the back?”


Alexander hands her the purse and his mother quickly pulls out her mobile.


“Who’s it?” Rick asks.


“It’s my husband’s,” Mrs Rai replies.


“Great! Tell him to get out of your house immediately and ask him to meet us at some spot that only you two know,” Rick gives her some instructions which we think are meant to avoid Mr Rai from getting in the hands of law as that would give Jerome a negotiating point.


Just as Mrs Rai is about to answer Rick adds on, “Don’t mention the place on the phone and ask your husband to walk to it without carrying his mobile. We don’t want him to be traced. Tell him to get out of there this very instant.”


The phone meanwhile disconnects itself and Mrs Rai dials her husband this time.


“Where are you and where is Alexander?” Mr Rai’s voice sounds from the other end.


“I’ll explain all in detail to you later. But right now get out of our house quick,” Mrs Rai makes it short and quick.


“But why, what’s happening? What is the duo of you mother-son up to?” Mr Rai bombards her with questions of his own and then continues, “Wait, looks like there’s someone at the gate!”


“It must be them! Get out of the house immediately and walk to the same spot that we used to go to when we were newly weds for our night walks,” Mrs Rai shouts out loud and in a tensed voice.


“What are you talking about?” Mr Rai is however not on the same page, “Its’ a cop car! What is happening? What have you done?”


“Don’t ask and get your sweet bum out of our house before they get to it! Don’t carry your mobile and see me where I just said. Quick!” Mrs Rai tries to sound as urgent as she possibly could. The phone at the other end hangs up and like everyone else we get worried as to what happened.


“Sir, there are cop cars behind us,” Corbett’s statement grabs everyone’s attention.


“Mishiida,” is all Rick says and Mishiida does the rest.


“I hope your husband is safe and out of their reach,” Rick says as Mrs Rai breaks down.


“I hope he is alright,” Mrs Rai says as Mishiida gets back on her seat and sees Mrs Rai crying. She embraces her and tries to console her, not by words but by her touch.


“There’s nothing we can do now. We will only find out when we get to him, if we get to him first that is,” Rick puts the situation in the right perspective.


“Sir, we are just about to hit Prospect road,” Ken says.


“Take the second right after Grand Junction road, switch of your lights and drive midway till you get to a white courier van and a white four seater Ute,” Rick gives the next set of instructions.


As Ken pulls up behind the vehicles Rick continues, “Park the hummer on the side and get all our stuff out of it. Me, Alexander Corbett, Mishiida and Mrs Rai will head to pick up Mr Rai while you head to Tailem Bend immediately. Lieutenant Charles Heather lives down there and he has some contacts in Melbourne that could arrange us a chopper by the first light.”


“Sir, where do we get back to you?” Ken asks.


“After picking Mr Rai we will head to Springton and leave Mr and Mrs Rai in the safe house of one of my childhood friends. Then we’ll head to Mannum and that’s where you need to pick us up. Now quick, lets’ get out of here,” Rick finishes his briefing handing him a slip, “These are the locations you need to know. This is where you will find Charles in Tailem Bend and this is where we will tie up with you in Mannum.”


As they all get into their respective vehicles and head into their intended directions we decide to make a dash and see if Alexander’s father is safe. As we get to Alexander’s house we see four to five police patrol vehicles lined outside their house with lights flashing and entire neighbourhood of the small town up. The way they are searching and asking questions to the neighbours it makes it amply clear that Mr Rai has managed to give them a slip, perhaps through the back door or maybe a window, we don’t know. As we are wondering where to search for him, an object flashes to catch our attention, from between the leaves of a tree that is growing just outside a window of one of the rooms in Alexander’s house. On closer inspection we find Mr Rai trying to conceal himself in the bushy branches of the tree, his watch being the culprit in exposing him to us. We want to tell him about it but then, we all know we are just voyeurs.


The cops search the place frantically for a few more minutes before they finally give up the search. We see the Sargent calling someone so we sneak up behind him to eavesdrop.


“Sir, he’s either given us a slip or he is already with them,” the Sargent says to the person at the other end.


“He’s given you a slip,” Jerome’s voice is clear from the other end, “He made a call to his wife just when you reached his house. He’s heading to some secret place of theirs’. Search the entire area. I want that man.”


“Sir, as you say,” Sargent replies and disconnects the conversation and issues fresh instructions to his men to gather any information the neighbours can provide as to the favourite escape of the Rais’ and also instructs the formation of four teams to search in four directions. Meanwhile we notice Mr Rai is not in his hiding spot anymore and we realize he’s used the opportunity to make his escape from the place while those hounding him were busy formulating their next strategies.


“Damn! I wish we had tracking hounds with us,” Sargent dismisses his chaps with a whinge.


We are now at loss as to whom to follow. We have options of tracking Mr Rai, snooping on Jerome or getting back with Alexander, Mishiida and Mrs Rai who are in Rick’s company at the moment. We decide to snoop up on Jerome and see what he is planing next, then have a quick look inside the plane heading for Sydney and then hopefully make it back to Rick and the rest before they get to Mr Rai or track them in Springton. So we make a dash to Jerome at the RAAF base.


“Is the chopper ready?” Jerome is asking Ahmed as we get there.


“Yes sir, waiting for your orders,” Ahmed replies.


“Good! Lets’ go,” Jerome says.


“Sir, what about Ron?” Ahmed asks.


“He will be taken care of in due time. Lets’ get on with more important things at hand right now,” Jerome replies, “Lets’ catch some sleep in the chopper for who knows when we will get the next chance.”


As the two of them walk out of the make-shift but now redundant laboratory, we decide to make a dash and check inside the plane that is ferrying Mishiida’s stuff to Sydney.


“She’s not your type,” Dr Green makes a comment at Lieutenant Mathew who is sitting opposite Dr Dawg inside the plane staring admiringly at her just as we enter the plane.


“Then whose type is she?” Sandeep who is sitting next to Dr Green asks.


“Shush!” Dr Rathe gestures to silence them as we notice Dr Dawg is busy reading a book unmindful of the male company and their discussion.


“Dr Dawg if you don’t mind me asking, you saw that alien from close quarters, and when I say you saw her I mean you really saw her, how does she look?” Mathew asks her.


Dr Dawg lifts her head up from what she is reading, adjusts her glasses with her knuckles, takes her time and says with a wicked smirk, “Let me put it this way. She tastes amazing.”


Mathew is left wordless as his jaw drops and he looks at Sandeep, then at Monty and then at Private Sommers. Then they all look at Dr Green with their jaws dropping.


“I told you she’s not your type,” Dr Green replies with a wicked smile.


“I am feeling sleepy,” Dr Rathe interrupts the conversation, takes a big yawn, stretches his arms almost knocking Sandeep’s head off and decides its’ time to rest his weary frame. Others’ look at him and take the hint and make themselves comfortable, as much as is possible in those straight back side lined seats. We shake our heads and decide to catch up with Rick and our loves Mishiida and Alexander. We find them just as they hit the road towards Springton with Mr Rai having joined their company. There’s sleep everywhere around except for Corbett who is struggling to keep his good eye open but still driving. Mishiida however is still awake and is looking on at Alexander who is also sleeping, his head resting on his mother’s shoulders. The dawn is also breaking up just as we get to Springton.


“Sir, we are there,” Corbett wakes up Rick.


Rick quickly gets up and alert to the situation, “Take the next right and drive down until you get to wine-yard number 13.” Corbett follows the instructions and stops the vehicle right in front of Plot number 13.


“Mr Rai, Mrs Rai, time to get up,” Rick wakes up the old couple as he alights the van, “I will introduce you to my friend Roger Moore, an ex US Marine, now settled in Australia. He will take care of you while we grapple with this mess.”


“Rick, howdy big fella,” a big burly man shouts from a distance as he rushes to the gate to unlock and open it.


“I’m good, how are you Jumbo,” Rick asks.


“Not too bad for a young gun of Sixty two,” Roger replies.


“Roger, I need your help,” Rick cuts to the main without much ado.


“I know. You would never visit an old pal otherwise,” Roger replies with the confidence of a long familiarity, “Where’s the girl? I want to see her with my own eyes.”


“She’s also inside the van,” Rick says as he opens the doors of the van. Mr and Mrs Rai step out of the van followed by Alexander and finally Mishiida.


“Wow!” Roger says only one word as he sees Mishiida.


“Can you introduce me to her?” Roger asks Rick.


“O C’mon, next thing you’ll be asking for an autograph,” Rick jokes.


“For old times’ sake,” Roger doesn’t mind.


“I guess I can do that for an old pal,” Rick says as he introduces Roger to everyone and tries to introduce him to Mishiida as well. Roger thrusts his hand for a handshake and Mishiida takes it in her hand and twists it around to see what’s wrong.


“Ouch! Rick, please tell her I’ve got arthritis,” Roger exclaims in pain and Mishiida immediately releases his hand as she sees him grimacing.


“Anyway Roger, lets’ get on with the reason why I am here,” Rick says as he takes Roger for a walk with him and explains the whole situation and how he needs his help to hide and protect Mr and Mrs Rai until the whole issue has been sorted out.


“Anything for a good man’s bad pal,” Roger says punching Rick in his stomach mockingly. They then return to where the rest are standing. Rick leaves Mr and Mrs Rai in Roger’s care and leaves with the rest for their next destination, Mannum. Rick takes the wheel from Corbett in spite of his un-willingness as he realizes the importance of resting even if for a bit.


At Mannum Ken, Carl and Charles are all waiting for them.


“Everything’s ready?” Rick asks as soon as we get to the chopper.


“Sir,” Charles replies in affirmative.


“What’s the excuse for the radio controls,” Rick asks.


“Sir, this chopper is the property of a big business man based in Victoria. Excuses won’t be necessary,” Charles replies.


“I hope that is the case else we will have to needlessly wear out Mishiida again,” Rick says with extreme confidence in his company.


They all get on board the chopper and fly off. Alexander who is sitting next to Mishiida is looking on at her face while Mishiida is looking down at the fields and mountains that look like mole hills from the heights. She turns around by chance and notices Alexander looking on at her. She looks him in his eyes for a moment and then turns her face away hatefully. Alexander’s head bows down, perhaps ashamed at himself. Rick notices all that has happened but stays quiet. He and Corbett close their eyes to catch some invaluable sleep and even the noise of the chopper can’t disturb it for them.


We decide it’s time to catch up with Jerome at the RAAF base in Sydney. We get there as soon as we can and search through the entire base to get to the military engineering section where most of the research was going to take place on Mishiida’s stuff. Jerome and his team arrive at the new command centre where more than a handful of army experts are busy setting up the connection with their counterparts in US. Jerome hands the guy manning the operations the key to INSAT Divyadrishti and logs in with the password to setup the connection.


“Good morning Mr President,” Jerome says as soon as President Arnold Walter Stallone and General Kevin Snipes appear on the screen.


“Colonel, we don’t have time anymore,” President’ statement shocks Jerome.


“Why Sir, what happened?” Jerome is lost for words.


“Colonel, the latest images show some shocking details. Without wasting any time we’ll forward the same to you right now,” President says and points to someone behind the camera and the latest images of alien progression appear on the command centre screen. As we watch the pictures everyone’s eyes pop out.


“Those cheeky rats,” Jerome exclaims as he witnesses still images of hordes of smaller crafts of varying shapes and models, something on the lines of what Mishiida came in, all emerging out of and making progress ahead of their bigger and enormous parent ships.


“Sir, how much time do we have?” Jerome asks.


“Four to five hours Colonel,” President replies.





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