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Mishiida Alexander


ďLove is not about what you are to your love. Itís about what your love is to you.Ē



Chapter One: Familiar Unknown



One of the biggest mysteries about the Universe might not be how it was formed but rather where it was formed. What and where is this big space situated, the one that contains our universe and possibly many more like ours, and why is it there? Is it possible that our universe is just an accidental creation in someoneís laboratory, someone whoís too gigantic to have a measure in any human standards? Perhaps we are too intellectually challenged and technologically imbecile to answers these questions. And as if that wasnít enough, to make fun of our inadequacies and to put us back in our place, every now and then our own universe throws a surprise at us whenever we try to stand taller than our own heights. The one that we are following right now seems to be none too different scenario.




After annihilating itís enemies the strange looking space craft headed straight towards the earth. But why earth, why not Jupiter, Mars or Saturn, there were many in itís way, why not one of them? And who is in this craft anyway? And why were those following it so intent on destroying it? Does this means trouble for earth? As we follow the craft lost in a complex mosaic of questions troubling our limited cranial capacities, we notice the International space station approaching fast. But the speed at which this particular visitor craft is travelling we wonder if it will be possible for any human invention to manage even a single shot of itís existence or itís approach towards our earth?




Sometimes we ask ourselves questions we ourselves donít want to find answers to, but if thereís one thing consistent about life, it would be it inconsistency. It took only one second for the visitor, friend or foe, evil or good, to answer the last one of our questions. As it approached the proximity of earth, blue coloured, irregular shaped streaks of light hit the space station and every man made satellite we could see within the limits of the horizon. The space station was tossed away in a circular motion just like a grumpy boss tosses away your sheets of hard labour straight into the bin with the greatest contempt humanly imaginable. The satellites, geostationary, polar and all, prides of the nations that burnt billions of dollars first creating them and then putting them where they were, they all fell off their orbits like a soldier who was standing guard on a fort wall had just been shot and his motionless body is falling off the edge. It was a catastrophe back down on the earth with global communication blackout. High alerts were immediately sounded around every corner of the globe and everyone wondered if it was a terrorist attack or an attack by one of their enemies. Nuclear armed nations immediately put their most destructive arsenals on standby and everyone concerned with defence, policing, politics and administration was put on high alert.




While the whole world was engulfed in partial blindness, or rather deafness, or perhaps both, what with the eyes that watch our earth and also itís surroundings all lost in one quick swipe, and the resulting chaos and fear for personal and financial safety gripped every soul across the globe, our so far not so friendly visitor calmly continued on itís journey. As it entered the earthís atmosphere, a strange umbrella like structure shot out from itís front and opened up and around itís front half. As it approached the earth further, beginning at itís tip and following the umbrella around, a bright glow developed. The friction of earthís atmosphere worked overtime to try and burn the alien object and destroy it before it got any closer. Alas nature has itís limits that can be exploited. The umbrella cut through the friction, protecting the entity it was covering, just like the ones we humans carry around in rain, the ones that we sometimes spin around in jovial mood, tossing the rain drops everywhere in a circular motion. Natural fireworks in all their glory were at display, but they never reached the crescendo we may have hoped. The speed of the alien craft was too much to waste any time.




Once the craft had descended close enough to the earthís surface itís speed decreased dramatically and as the resulting friction fell in value, the umbrella was withdrawn. Instead two pairs of wings folded out of itís sides, the larger ones midway and the smaller ones near itís tail, much like our aeroplanes. A small rudder projected out of itís front end, to direct itís flying direction. We hoped against hope, what the pinnacles of human technology failed to detect overhead, perhaps the old world charms of navigational engineering, the radars, will pick up now. But it was flying too close to the surface making even that hope a long shot.




The craft finally reached the middle of a desert it had been flying along all this while when the one on-board finally decided it was time to stop and take a stock. The pulling over was so abrupt we nearly bumped into itís back. We would definitely have if we hadnít dodged to the left at the very last moment to avoid the collision. We end up face down in burning sand. We curse the intruder and turn around. Our sun burning hatefully bright, blinds us for a moment as it stares straight into our eyes from the top edge of the alien craft. We close our eyes for a moment and get up on our feet and look at the alien craft hanging in air a few feet above the ground level as the jets of a hot gas underneath it blow dust vigorously all around and more so in our face as a pit was getting dug underneath by the ferocity of their onslaught. We spit the dust out of our mouths distastefully, swear a bit more and start walking around it towards its rear admiring the intelligence behind something so small as the size of a mini truck yet packing so much power in it and immensely versatile in mobility.




As we approach the rear end we are thrown many feet back by the strong gusts of gases being pushed out by the five bright blue holes it always had at that end but the oneís we had conveniently forgotten. We grab our heads with both our hands to make sure our body is still in place below our heads and itís not just our eyes looking from a bodyless entity. As we lay there cursing and wondering we notice an antenna protrude out of itís top and fold out into a dish. It circles around as if generating data and we hear a suction sound, just like a vacuum. Perhaps the intruder is checking the environs for their suitability to itís kind as we haplessly glance at the hot sun burning right above our heads sapping every bit of water out of our bodies, drying our lips. We wonder, of all the places on this earth, why this desert, why not Hawaii, Kashmir, Gold Coast or even Alaska. At least itís blowers would have kept us warm in Alaska while we would have snooped around on the intruder.




As we lay still lost in our thoughts and wondering what a monster is going to jump out of the craft, the antenna is withdrawn and we hear the engines dying down. We turn to our side and try to get up when we hear a queer metal sound and we notice a gate lifting itself up open. A stair case slowly extends out of the gate. Our heartbeats become fast, our body hair stands up on itís edges and our whole body starts shaking with fear, anxiety and excitement, all at the same time. We are excited cause we are about to witness a life form other than humans for the first time, we are anxious to know what does it want from our earth and us, and we have a fear as to how will we fight this entity if itís intentions are not healthy for human existence. We turn onto our side and balance our torso on our right elbow which is stuck in burning sand. But heat is not the least of our concerns right now. We are more interested and involved in figuring out what is happening.




As we lay there with baited breaths, one long leg stretches itself out of the gate. Before we notice itís shape, colour and clothing, the first thing that strikes our mind is, how many more will come out now? As the leg lands the foot attached to itís distal end, balances itís weight on it, it pulls the body attached to itís proximal end and in a flash the second leg lands straight into the sand in front of it as the alien form jumps onto the ground.




Our jaw drops from our mouth to the sand to join our elbow as we watch in astonishment the site that beholds us. A clear unmistakable feminine form stands right in front of us and a body that would make the hardest of human hearts melt like cheese at the first sight of heat. As we slowly drag our bodies up on our feet and walk towards and around the intruder to have a better look we notice how the intruder is dressed in a black body hugging suit made up of a shining stuff that looks more like glazed tiles, and also, how those long legs are enclosed in long boots exactly matching the dress in colour with heels longer than a beer mug. The waist has a white belt with a thick box like buckle in the middle, and a holster made of the same material as the belt and possibly housing a weapon, and we notice a couple of more rectangular holders hanging from the belt. The boots too have a rectangular white box each, on the outside near their top ends. However her hands that are covered in black gloves give us the first scary thought in a long last few seconds. Her near six feet frame may be a delight for any fashion designer especially with those killer long legs, but her fingers are too long to make a man feel comfortable if she was to put her hand on his chest. As we look at her face covered in a white helmet, we almost pray she doesnít support a beard underneath it.




With the right hand, the intruder grabs a thick white band wrapped around her left wrist and rotates itís outer layer around until we hear a click sound, and the gloves covering her hands start to fold back revealing her gorgeous sand coloured fingers, much like the hot one that we are standing on at the moment, glaring at her. We realize all the length of her fingers was the long nails she was supporting. Our hopes rise again. Once her gorgeous fingers are revealed, she flicks a button on the side of her helmet and the latch holding it below her chin opens up. She bends forward and pulls the helmet off her head while her below shoulder length black hair falls around her face obscuring what we are dying to have the first look at. She presses a button around the helmet and it folds itself into a long thick stick that she folds around her wrist to make into another armband much similar to the one sheís supporting on her left wrist. Her face is still covered with her dark black hair, straight and shining and we get so impatient we nearly try to flick it around her ears with our own hands to have a look at her.




She finally puts her hands around the hanging hair line, pulls it together and looks straight up right into our eyes, as we are spell bounded and surprised at the same time. She pulls her hair together and holds it in one hand and pulls out a pin from a corner of her waist belt and ties the hair into a pony tail, while we are still admiring her beauty which is so human to look at. Her sky blue eyes, sand coloured skin, a nose so sharp that if moon was to fall on to the earth and was to land on it by any chance, it would be split into two halves, so beautiful and so gorgeous. The only glaring thing was the black markings that surrounded her eyes, more like a tattoo but as dark as her hair. She seemed to have no eyebrows but the black design around her eyes made the anomaly unnoticeable. The dark design around her eyes was peculiar that while the inner edges of the designs around both of her eyes were circular arches that extended nearly to her hairline on top and the lower end of the nose at the other, their outer edges were inverted arches that connected with the top and bottom end of the inner arches giving a look of a triangle made of two sides arched inwards and one side arched outwards. But even this anomaly added to her beauty which was other worldly.




While we are standing there lost in our thoughts and staring at her in awe struck amazement, she pulls out a remote control like device from one of the rectangular holder on her belt, and presses a button. The craft that she was travelling in splits medianly in two directions, horizontally as well as vertically, held together only by pole like structures. She presses another button on the remote the stair is pulled back, the door closes and the walls, roof and floor of the craft start to collapse and fold. Finally she presses the third button and the craft joins together into one piece that is the size of a big van. Itís blowers are pulled inwards and four wheels project out, making it a car. She turns around and has a good look around the place. She finally kneels down on one of her knees and grabs a handful of hot sand in it and we suddenly realize that our backs have been nearly scorched by the sun now and we need some water too. However our attention is once again captured by her activity. She pulls the sand close to her nose, smells it, then sticks out her tongue and licks it. It looks like she liked the taste of it as she puts two more fists of sand in her mouth and literally eats it.






As we are still standing there stunned into a stupor, she hops back into her now modified craft, lower itís side and front shields to reveal the windows and windscreen, and starts driving it in the forward direction. Once again we are left with unanswered questions to ponder on, who is she, where does she come from, is she a human being from a parallel universe or another dimension, or is she from our future, what does she want and who were those who were following her? Our stupor is suddenly broken when we realize sheís fast running away from us. We start following her all over again, making haste to catch up on the gap she has already created between us. We finally catch up with her as she hits the first road we come across after miles of heartless, hot desert.




She starts following the road when a vehicle coming from the other side nearly collides with her head on. She doesnít care, while the other vehicle skids off the road trying to avoid the collision.




ďYouíre on the wrong side you bimbo,Ē is all that we hear the outraged man shout out at the top of his voice as he pulls out his hand and tries to test her counting skills by silently asking, how many fingers do you see? We miss the rest of the fun as we follow our new attraction at a breakneck pace. A few miles on the road, and a few more near hits, she finally arrives outside a small country side town. Luckily she just learnt a few moments back which side of the road to stick to. She stops on the side of the road and starts walking towards the door of a pub. As we walk beside her we notice a bill board on the side saying, ďAdelaide Ė 250 kmĒ. We realize we are in South Australia.




A couple of buildings before the pub, we see a small child playing with a tennis ball. The child sees our friends and realizes she is new in the town. He slowly walks to her and says in his cute voice, ďHi, my name is Josh. Who are you?Ē




She looks at him blankly. We donít know if she understands a word heís saying or not but we look at her looking at the kid and we can make out an unmistakable softness in her eyes.




The kid, not getting a response from her holds her hand and pulls it and asks again, ďAre you new here? Do you want to see my mother?Ē




She kneels down on one of her knees, she stretches out her hand and touches the cute little boy softly like a mother and we notice a pair of eyes struggling hard to keep an ocean of emotions behind the walls which are about to collapse under the immense pressure they are enduring.




ďDo you want to see my father?Ē the kid tries to get an answer again.




A tear rolls down one of her cheeks.




ďWhy are you crying?Ē the child asks her now and himself starts to cry, ďPlease donít cry. I will call your mom and she will love you. Please donít cry.Ē The child tries to calm her and stretches out his hand to wipe her tear.




ďOuch!Ē the boy shrieks and pulls his hand back as soon as it touches her tear. ďThat hurt. You burnt my hand, I am going to tell my father about it,Ē he runs away into the pub crying, and she stretches out her hand to try and stop him, as if saying, ďNo I didnít mean it.Ē More tears roll down her eyes.




She finally gathers herself again, and starts walking towards the pub. Outside itís gate she notice the poster of a stripper who is in a skimpy outfit, long shoes, a short skirt and a deep neck small top. She opens up the lid of her waste belt box and presses down and holds a button. Her skin tight trousers start rolling up from the edges of her shoes and roll up to take the form of a pair of shorts, while the upper part of her clothing rolls down her neck to form a deep neck top with lower edge receding just above her naval revealing her sand coloured abdomen.




As she walks inside the pub the kid screams out, ďSheís the one who burnt my hand daddy.Ē




ďDonít worry son Iíll take care of her, you go back to the house,Ē the father of the child manning the bar told him. As the child walked past her, he looked at her with great hatred while she looked at him apologetically and once again a tear rolled down her cheek.




ďNow miss I donít know who you are but you have no right to hurt my child. I am sorry I cannot serve you and I am calling the cops,Ē the man continued.




She looked at him and then turned her head around to scan her surroundings. It was clear now, she didnít understand a single word he said.




ďExcuse me Miss, I am talking to you,Ē the man became angry at her unperturbed behaviour after hurting his child.




ďLet me handle this Charlie,Ē a not too nice looking man, skinhead with tattoos all over his arms, neck and back, sleeveless leather jacket, tight black leather pants, long beard and stocky appearance said.




ďHey sexy, what up? Nice tattoos around your lovely blue eyes baby,Ē saying this he approached her and gave her a slap on her back. To his bad luck, she took it to be an act of aggression. She grabbed his hand, twisted it around and as he screamed out in pain and bent down on his knees, his friends who were standing around the pool table jumped in. ďWhat the hell do you think you are doing?Ē one of them said as he grabbed a bottle smashed it on a table and launched himself at her in attack.




She stood there, holding his friends arm in her hand, waiting for his friend to get closer and as he came close, one of her legs flew up towards the ceiling to meet his chin in an instant and smash him into the wall meters behind, knocking him dead in one instant. Two of his friends pulled out their guns and fired a couple of shots at her. The bullets hit her and bounced of like lost feathers. She twisted the arm of the man she was holding and pulled it out of his body as he fell on the ground withering in pain. She grabbed a chair made of steel, held one of itís legs in each hand and pulled it apart into two in an instant. Then next moment, the two separate entities which were once a complete chair rested straight through the chest of the two men who dared fire at her. Their bodies took their time to fall to the ground. Meanwhile she moved towards the bar where the owner was standing, shocked and terrified at the turn of the events, ďDonít kill me please. Take all the money you want but donít kill me,Ē he pleaded as he opened the cash counter and put all the money in front of her. By that time his child came back running and saw the dead bodies, he was scared and started crying. He ran straight to his father wrapped his arms around him and started pleading, ďPlease donít kill my father. Please leave my father.Ē




Once again she looked at the wailing child and a her eyes became moist again.




ďHere take all my money, but please donít kill me,Ē the man pleaded again.




She looked at the money, picked it up in her hands, looked all over it again and again, put it back on the counter and moved towards the glasses that were siting on the bar counter, full of beer and booze. She picked one of them, smelt the contents and took a sip and immediately threw it out. The look on her face told the whole story. She didnít like any of it. She however put the glass to her mouth again and bit it. She liked the taste of the glass. She picked four of them and ate them in a quick succession while the owner and his child watched in horror. When she was finished she looked around and had a look at the mess she had made and left the pub.




As she stepped out of the pub, she pulled out a small screen from another of the rectangular holders on her belt and punched some data on it and we notice a small flashing dot on the screen. She headed back to her van and got rolling again. Who is she and what does she want that we still donít know, but we are still following her.





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