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Mishiida Alexander


“While infatuation is all about I want, sex is all about I did, love is more about I should.”


Chapter Seven: Conniving fate


One of the primary differences between infatuation, sexual interest and love is, while the first two are all about pampering and satisfying yourself and your ego, love is the only one which is about pampering the other half of your relationship, sacrificing your own interests to satisfy the one you love. What a pity most of the human population barely gets a chance to move from the first two levels to the final stage of ultimate happiness. What’s even more pitiable is the fact that the fast pace of our lives, the never ending greed for and the struggle to gather more, they both have sabotaged our senses to such an extent that our sensibilities to identify and appreciate true love when it actually happens to find us have diminished to the extent of near extinction. If we like someone, we get desperate to sleep with them, which is infatuation. If we get to sleep with them, we feel the need to move on to the next one, which is sexual predation. We don’t have time to think about what the other person in relationship with us wants, how the other person feels about the state the relationship is in, and lastly, is the other person even happy in it at all and if not what is wrong with the relationship. The bottom line would be, “We’ve lost our patience with love.”




We are following a very unlikely couple we could have come across in our lives. A couple in the sense that they are stuck together even if not by choice but by situation, Mishiida due to her need to find what she is looking for and Alexander, initially to help a damsel in distress and now to save himself from trouble. And an unlikely one at that because we all know they are poles apart, right from their origins to aptitudes, physically to chemically, and intentions to emotions.




As soon as Mark finishes his radio conversation with the base informing them the spotting of what they are searching for and who she is with, we make a dash and hop in the jeep behind Alexander Rai and Mishiida.




“Has someone ever told you that you look a lot like,” he opens his mouth to talk some nonsense and then realizes it and changes the conversation, “Never mind.” And we feel relieved he didn’t say "Winston Churchill standing in a balcony" this time.




She is meanwhile lost in her own thoughts as she impatiently rubs at the navigation gadget she is holding in her hands. She fails to understand what he says but she pushes the gadget towards him, points at the gadget and looks at him with a grim pleading look as if saying, “Please hurry!”




“Ok! Ok! I’m driving you down there. Don’t get impatient now,” Alexander replies.




As we sit through some more of his nonsense we finally arrive at the next gas station, the one Mark was referring to. We make a dash to the station and notice a tall, lean and mean looking man standing in front of the toilet door and as soon as he sees the open jeep with a caravan, he rushes inside it. Alexander pulls into the gas station and Mishiida looks at him questioningly.




“Oh! Sorry I forgot to go to the toilet at the last one,” he says rolling his hand over his tummy. She fails to understand and gets off as well but he rushes to the other side and motions her to sit down.




“You don’t have to come. You can’t come with me. You just wait here, I’ll be back soon,” he tries his best to make her understand what he is saying using all kinds of hand movements. She may not have understood a word or a single gesture but she realizes he wants her to wait in the jeep, so she sits down. Once she settles down he looks around and walks towards the toilet and we follow him. He knocks at the door and asks, “Anyone in there?”




“Come in,” a stern voice allows him in and we enter along with him.




“Hi my name is Alex,” Alexander starts to speak, when the other person cuts him out.




“Cut the introduction bit out. Here are three things for you, a pen with a microphone, a mobile with a tracking device and a minute ear piece. Put them in your respective pockets and ear quickly,” the man says.




“Who are you?” Alexander asks.




“Not your girlfriend, rest is immaterial,” the man definitely means and sounds business.




“Great, for a moment I got scared of my sexualities,” Alexander takes a jibe.




“Don’t be a schmuck and get lost now. Stick to the track and leave the rest to us. Keep talking to the bitch till we pick her up. Now get moving,” the man’s rudeness makes us wonder if it is a bullying tactic.




“Not before I’ve done it,” Alexander replies coolly.




“Done what?” he asks sternly.




“Well I haven’t driven around so far to come over here and leave without using the facilities,” Alexander says putting both his hands on his tummy as both us, and the man realize what he is referring to.




“Get out of here and on your way quick. We don’t do your father’s stables,” the man stares really hard into Alexander’s eyes as if trying to stomp them into his brain.




“I don’t care man. I need to go means I need to. You better step outside quickly,” Alexander is unperturbed, perhaps a bit agitated inside by the man’s insulting and threatening mannerisms.




“Are you nuts? You’ll blow up the whole mission. She will see me and get suspicious. Now get your filthy self out of this toilet before I pull you apart limb by limb and then flush you down the toilet,” the man is still rude and forceful.




“Now look here mate, it’s been two long days in the desert and I don’t know how long I’ll be chauffeuring your guest around. I won’t take a chance especially when these happen to be my favourite trousers,” Alexander says as he moves around to the toilet seat and starts unhooking his belt, buttons and flier.




“What are you doing?” both us and the man nearly scream out.




“Mate, if I were you, I’ll turn around and stand in that corner,” Alexander replies as he makes himself comfortable while both us, and the man rush to our nearest corners.




“You stupid moron, do you even realize who you are messing with,” the man nearly roars.




“Feel blessed mate, you are the only privileged one to share with me what even my girlfriend has never been lucky enough to, my most private moment. Gosh, it’s a really nice feeling to have a conversation with someone other than yourself while indulging yourself in you most intense moment,” Alexander rubs into the gash.




“Will you shut your mouth,” the man roars.




“Do you have today's paper by any chance?” Alexander asks.




“Shut up! Shut the hell up and hurry up,” the man spews at him.




“As long as it takes mate, as long as it takes,” Alexander replies.




“Do you see this?” the man asks lifting his shirt up exposing a handgun.




“Wow! That’s a nice ring. What’s the stone you are wearing?” Alexander loves to live dangerously.




“Do you want this stone big enough to have your name with beginning and end dates inscribed on it as well?” the man asks as he pulls his gun out and points at Alexander while still looking away from him and into the corner.




“I doubt if that will make it any faster but you can come around and try putting it on my temple if you want to,” Alexander puts a right hook right under his chin.




“Oh GOD! Why did I bother?” the man moans as he hits himself with gun in his hand.




Alexander starts humming “My heart will go on and on.”




“Damn darn! I need a bonus this month,” the man’s condition becomes pitiable.




“Don’t worry mate, I’ll recommend you for a bravery award,” Alexander takes another jab at him as he bangs his head against the wall.




“Please hurry up!” he finally requests.




“It’s all done mate,” Alexander says as we hear him pull up his zipper, flush the toilet and then wash his hands.




“Please don’t take too long to leave the station,” the man pleads again as Alexander walks out of the toilet and nearly bumps into Mishiida who has become really impatient now and has nearly walked to the toilet.




“What are you doing here? C’mon lets go,” Alexander says as he holds her from her arm and motions her to leave even though she seems a bit interested to see what was behind the door where Alexander had just been.




“There’s nothing in there. Lets’ go,” Alexander says again as he walks towards the jeep and Mishiida follows him.



As soon as Mishiida and Alexander hop on to the jeep Alexander scratches his head, thinks for a moment and jumps out.




“I’ll be right back,” he says as Mishiida gives him a questioning angry glare.




Alexander walks back to the toilet, pushes the door, walks inside, looks in the mirror and tries to set his hair.




“What now?” the man asks dropping his shoulders.




“Oh! I just forgot to fix my hair,” Alexander replies.




The man pulls out his gun and puts it on Alexander’s forehead, “Now listen Miss Universe, I’ve had enough of you for the day. Now are you going or do you want me to forget my duty and kill a beauty?”




“Ok! Ok! Chill,” Alexander says leaving the toilet as the man struggles to get some fresh air. The look on his face says it all as he kicks the wall and smashes his gun on his forehead three or four times.




Alexander walks back to his jeep, gets on it, starts it and then says, “Actually I had this strange feeling while driving today, as if one of the tyres was wobbling. I better check the air pressure before we leave.” And Alexander pulls up his jeep right next to the toilet where the air pressure check point is. We hear the man banging his head against the wall as Alexander gets off the jeep and checks the air pressure for each tyre one by one including the spare wheel.




“The pressure seems alright with the jeep, I better check it for the caravan as well,” Alexanders says as he hops back on to his jeep, takes his time reversing and realigning his jeep along with the Caravan and gets off to check the tyre pressure for the Caravan wheels. We momentarily step inside the toilet to visit our not so gentlemanly friend and we notice how he’s stuffed his mouth with paper towels to muffle his angry grunts.




After a healthy eight to ten minutes Alexander finally gets on the jeep again and drives off, and one angry man finally gets a chance to walk out of the toilet, fire three shots in the air with a loud scream that startles our friend at the gas station counter inside, and takes a long deep breath, actually a few of them. We make a dash back to the jeep and grab our seat. But something has really changed now.




Alexander is sitting there very quiet and with a serious look on his face. Mishiida notices the change just like us and looks at him with constricted eyes as if wondering, “What happened?”




“Ok! Ok! I will,” Alexander says in a hushed voice as we along with Mishiida look on at him trying to figure out what he is talking about. We realize he’s talking to those sitting in a far off place now. We also realize, it’s time to visit our friends on the other side now.




We make a dash back to the gas station where we notice our friend talking on the radio, “Sir, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to return to Adelaide base or do you want me to drive down behind them.”




“Keep following them for now until further instructions. We’ve told him to drive forty kilometres per hour less than the speed limit. That should give us ample time to plan our next move,” the voice at the other end is of Rick. We realize they have set up their base somewhere at the RAAF base in Adelaide. We make a dash to the same and after scrolling every nook and corner of the base we finally reach the underground control room where everyone including our friend Jerome and Craig along with some men that we guess constitute Rick’s team are stationed, monitoring various screens and gadgets.




“Speak louder. We can’t hear you properly,” Rick nearly yells in a microphone.




“I can’t. She will get suspicious,” we hear Alexander’s hushed voice come through the speakers.




“She will get suspicious if you’ll speak in a hushed voice. Just keep looking at her but talking to us. She won’t understand a word you are saying,” Rick sounds sense.




“Ask him where they are heading to,” Craig asks.




“He wouldn’t have a clue from what I make out,” Jerome replies, “He’s only following the direction her navigation device is pointing in.”




“He’s right,” Rick replies, “Now all we need to know is two things, where and why she is heading to?”




“Wrong,” Jerome contradicts him, “All we need to know is the next town we can lay an ambush for her.”




“Are you kidding,” Rick is taken aback, “There will be people inside the town, how are we going to get them out of the harms way in case she were to clash with us, which most likely she will?”




“Ask the local police station to clear a section of the town for us, perhaps towards the other end of the town and lets’ lay our siege over there,” Jerome answers.




“But that won’t be possible at such a short notice besides we don’t even know what route they are going to continue along. We need to track them for a bit more time to get a general idea as to where she might be heading to so that we know which town to lay the siege in,” Rick makes a point.




“What do you have in that desert to interest her, opals, minerals, metal, gold? Just what do you think might be her interest in there?” Jerome asks.




“None of these perhaps, but you forgot to mention Uranium,” Rick replied.




“No, I didn’t,” Jerome quips with a smile for having made his point.




“What’s the next town on their way to Panalatinga Uranium mine?” Rick asks.




“They are heading towards Taylorville at the moment sir,” Lieutenant Ron Morgan says as we check his name from his id.




“How long will it take for them to get there,” Jerome asks.




“About an hour and a quarter at current speed sir,” Ron replies.




“How long before we get their?” Jerome asks his next question.




“Three quarters of an hour via choppers,” Rick replies.




“That means we don’t have much time to waste,” Jerome says.




“I would rather say we let them drive a bit further down to Morgan because Taylorville is not much of a town. There are only a few houses scattered far and wide. At Morgan however, we will have buildings and structures to set ourselves up as well as it will give us more time to prepare ourselves,” Rick replies.




“I’ll leave the cooking to you Colonel. Call me when it’ time to dine and I’ll show you how to feast,” Jerome quips.




“Don’t feed yourself to sleep. I won’t waste a chopper ferrying an elephant around,” Rick takes his jibe at him.




“Perhaps you should have bought more vehicles than green bags in last budget,” Jerome takes his dig.




“Can we get to work gentlemen,” Craig interrupts.




“Alexander, are you listening?” Rick asks on microphone.




“Yes, I am,” Alexander replies.




“Keep driving the road you are on. In and hour and a half you will reach a town called Morgan. I want you to drive to it as slowly as you can, get there and pull up just a couple of hundred yards after the gas station over there. Do you copy?” Rick sounds stern.




“And what do you want me to do?” Alexander replies.




“Just get out of the vehicle and out of the way as soon as you can?” Rick replies.




“What about my caravan and jeep?” Alexander replies.




“We’ll buy you a new one,” Jerome quips.




"And also free car wash for one year at select car-wash locations across Australia," Craig the politician butts in. Both Rick and Jerome give him a strange look. "I think I'll leave the negotiations to you guys only," Craig corrects himself.




“What does that suppose to mean? What are you going to do with her?” Alexander gets a bit excited.




“Leave that to us son. You do what we tell you and you will avoid trouble,” Jerome says.




“Nothing you need to worry about. Just do as we say,” Rick adds.




“Look, I am the one bringing her to you, but let me make it very clear to you, I don’t want you to hurt her in any way,” Alexander replies.




“Perhaps you would like to tell me which shirt goes with my underwear next,” Jerome rebukes him and continues, “Do as you are told and leave our job to us.”




Alexander gets quite but we can sense his displeasure at the situation and the tension he is under. As Rick gives directions to Ron to contact the local police officer to quickly evacuate the area and then gives directions for his team to assemble to depart, we decide it’s time to hop back to our friends Mishiida and Alexander.




As we get back to the jeep, we realize, the atmosphere has changed in the jeep completely. Mishiida is getting impatient with his driving while he is all tensed up. Mishiida finally nudges at him, flashes her device and points at the other vehicles as they drive past them blowing their horns at Alexander for his ridiculously slow driving on a highway in country side.




“Ok! Ok! I am driving you where you want me to. Stop pushing me now. Will you?” Alexander gets agitated, “Can’t you see the big caravan attached behind the jeep,” Alexander continues pointing towards the Caravan he’s towing behind his vehicle.




Mishiida reclines back in her seat, folds her arms and sits there quietly but we can see the tension on her face, how she wants to run away to where she wants to and how she’s stuck there with him. After nearly an hour and a half of uncomfortable silence in the jeep we finally get to Morgan and as instructed Alexander drives a couple of hundred metres past the gas station, pulls his jeep over to the side and gets out of his jeep. There is an eerie silence and solitude around, a look as deserted as in the middle of a burning desert. Mishiida looks at him as she gets off the jeep and walks around to him as if to ask, “What happened?”




“I need to go to the gas station, you stay here,” Alexander says to her pointing at the gas station. Mishiida’s shoulders drop as she probably believes he is going to waste more time walking into another gas station. She starts following him but he stops her once again.




“You stay here,” he points to her to stay near the jeep as he walks away from the spot towards the gas station, "I'll be back very soon." Mishiida understands what he is trying to say from his gestures but is not sure whether to follow him or not. She takes a step towards him but then stops. As he walks away Mishiida stands there for a few seconds as if retrospecting whether she’s doing the right thing letting him lead the way. She finally turns around to grab her seat in the jeep again when her attention is drawn towards a small rocking horse lying in the front lawn of a house. She walks towards it while we stand their in a corner scanning in all directions to notice any movement.





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