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Mishiida Alexander


“Righteous thou path, harder shall the obstacles be, and greater shall be thou glory.”


Chapter Seventeen: No time to blink


Great stories about great men all have one thing in common, their indomitable spirit in the face of adversities of monumental proportions. Perhaps the first and foremost criterion a legend must measure up to is, one’s victory has to be the victory of human frailties against brutalities of gigantic extremes. The sole virtue that separates great men from the rest of the crowd is; they don’t yield when the easiest way out is to take a flight. The great Macedonian, Alexander wasn’t born the ruler of the world. He picked up a sword and won it. Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace, was a frail man but with his conviction moved a nation into a non-violent extravaganza that changed the shape of the future his fellow men and women were staring at, and in the process taught the rest of the world a valuable lesson about the power of peace.


Mishiida, a brave warrior who has been treacherously ousted from her own world, now lies unconscious, her life hanging in balance, at the mercy of her captors. Alexander, the only person she trusted in two worlds, is distraught and helpless, distraught with everyone for not having done the right thing or let him do the right thing, and helpless as he can neither change the situation nor retrieve it. Neither of the two is away from either our minds or our hearts. We know this is the toughest challenge either of them have faced in their lives. Now all we are waiting for is to see how they fair in their examination.


As we stand next to Colonel Jerome in the base command centre watching the images retrieved by the International Space Station by virtue of its’ chance location, our eyes are opened wide by what we see. One after the other four huge shadows passed across the face of Saturn’s largest moon Titan in quick succession. The capture times of the images clearly showed they were making haste.


“Colonel, the number of shadows spotted embellishing Titan and the strange visitor we have in our custody, both incidents combine to present a picture clearly indicating, we are not dealing with an asteroid. And I am sure you would have noticed by now, they are in a bit of a hurry,” General Kevin Snipes confirms it for us.


“Sir, how much time do we have before they arrive?” Colonel asks.


“They’ll hit the horizon latest by tomorrow evening,” General replies.


“We need to inform the rest of the world and muster all the support we can,” Jerome the soldier is right on his money.


“Colonel, the information is in the process of being shared with the governments of all the other nations. Everyone is being told to make sure all the important people are transferred to safe hideouts in case the intentions of those arriving are not friendly. And offcourse their military help is being solicited as well, in case we need it,” President Stallone re-assures the Colonel.


“Sir, what are the instructions for me?” Colonel Jerome asks, “Are you going to send some more people to assist Dr Green, Rathe and Ms Dawg to speed up our investigations?”


“That is what we have called you up for Colonel. Had we had any more time at our disposal we might have either sent more personal for your help or asked you to transport all the alien equipment along with the alien to the States, but unfortunately time is a commodity in real miserly supply at the moment. So you and your company are on your own and much depends on what information can you provide us, and as quickly as you can,” General Snipes places the entire responsibility on Jerome and his friends from NASA’s shoulders.


“Colonel, do whatever you have to but tell us how to take them down before they hunt us out,” President makes Jerome’s work clear and concise.


“Sir, I assure you, no stone will be left unturned to provide you all the information that can be collected at the earliest,” Colonel Jerome replies and continues, “But one question that is coming to my mind is, how big are these things to have cast such huge shadows on Titan?”


“Parallax Colonel, the images are not the shadows of the crafts but the crafts themselves that flew across the face of Titan at a critical distance and in a way that they blocked a major chunk of the light reflected by Titan’s surface and hence appeared as shadows in our images,” Dr Green explains it to Jerome.


“Dr Green is right Colonel,” General Snipes confirms Dr Green’s assertion.


“Sir, any special instructions you have for me or my team right now?” Jerome asks the next relevant question.


“Yes Colonel, we have set up a team of experts over here to assist Dr Green, Dr Rathe and Dr Dawg in their research. You all are required to liaise with your counterparts across this side of the Pacific via constant video conferencing,” General Snipes then introduces them to the three teams constituted to help them in their research.


Once everything is sorted out, everybody disperses and heads to their respective rooms and start the video conference via their laptops and start formulating their next plans and strategies. We decide it’s time to have a look at what Alexander is doing. We make a dash for his home.


We find Alexander sitting on the edge of his bed, his elbows resting on his knees and his chin resting on his folded fists, lost in thoughts deeper than the Pacific. The look on his face says it all as we notice some moistness in his eyes. We kneel down in front of him and try to tell him, “This is your test, the test of your courage, your commitment and your love. Don’t get bogged down.” Our chain of thoughts and his are broken by the sudden ringing of his mobile. He lets it ring, uninterested in talking to anyone. The mobile rings again, and again and again. He refuses to pick it up, four times. Fifth time it beeps with a message.


“Bug off!” Alexander quips as he picks up his mobile and reads the message. We take a look as well.


“Meet me outside the bar immediately. Captain Rick.”


“What now?” Alexander says as he uninterestedly gets up and puts his mobile in his pocket and walks out. We follow him.


“Where are you going?” Alexander’s mother asks him.


“Just around the corner mom,” Alexander replies.


“At this hour! Why?” Alexander’s mother looks at the clock striking midnight but Alexander neither looks nor answers, and walks out of the house. We stick with him.


“What took you so long?” Captain Rick asks as Alexander reaches the front of the bar we all have been to with him earlier.


“I started as soon as you sent me the text. It takes only a couple of minutes from my house,” Alexander replies.


“You could have used your jeep and saved some time,” Rick said as Corbett, Ken and Carl emerge from the shadows. Their attires and make up suggesting an operation in offing.


“Do you want me to go back home and return in my jeep?” Alexander is still spiteful.


“Relax kid, we are here on your side,” Ken replies.


“Thanks, that assures me although I ain’t sure myself as to which side I am on. I betrayed the girl who trusted me, I don’t like the pack that I helped, and now I have uninvited company that claims to be my support,” Alexander is cross with everyone.


“Look son, you need to give us one chance to prove to you, we are indeed the people you can count on,” Rick’s words settle down Alexander a bit.


“I’m sorry Colonel but the last couple of days have been absolutely draining on me, my emotions and everything I’ve stood for in my life,” Alexander says dejectedly.


“We understand that and I assure you, we will make you trust in others once again, we will make you trust in yourself once again,” Rick says putting his hand on Alexander’s shoulder.


“What can I do for you Colonel,” Alexander asks.


“Firstly I am not a Colonel anymore and secondly, you are the only one who can do what we want you to do,” Rick raises the suspense.


“For me you are still the Colonel,” Alexander replies.


“For us too Sir,” Ken Pitbull replies, “Else no one will call us Lieutenants.” Everyone bursts out in a laugh.


“Ok guys, lets’ get back to business, shall we?” Rick comments as everybody becomes all ears.


Rick continues, “One of my nephews who happens to be an amateur astronomer has sent me some images of Saturn’s moon Titan, the images are a bit fogy but the information is clear, we are under an invasion threat.”


“That is indeed concerning,” Alexander says, “Only Mishiida and her gun could have saved us and she is their captive.”


“That’s true and that is why we have gathered here,” Rick says, “I know Jerome is a good meaning man but his methods are not going to work this time. He would try to break her up as well as everything they have retrieved off in an attempt to get the information he is searching for, realizing little that we actually need her help.”


“But what can we do, we don’t have any access to her anymore,” Alexander shrugs his shoulders.


“That’s what we are gathered here for tonight gentlemen. We need to salvage her from her captors. The mission is highly dangerous and risky. Failure means capture and persecution, that is if we will be alive after the alien invasion, which most likely is not going to be the case,” Rick predicts the future like a sooth sayer.


“How do we do that and how can I help you in it. I don’t even know the Alpha Beta Gamma of army training,” Alexander asks.


“We need you to talk to her and recruit her help for us,” Rick says.


“That’s impossible! After what I have done with her, I may get her up if I am able to take sand to her but she will butcher me the first thing up,” Alexander knows how grievously he’s hurt Mishiida.


“Not if I am with you,” Alexander’s mother’s voice startles us all as we turn around and see her walk out of the shadows and into the light. She has followed us to the meeting place and has overheard everything that has been discussed so far.


“Mom, what are you doing here?” Alexander asks.


“Mrs Rai, how do you think can you help us?” Rick asks the more appropriate question.


“Colonel, Alexander told me about her parents’ demise and her rest of the family getting wiped off as well. He also told me how he showed her our picture. I am sure when Alexander gets her up she will be angry with him but once she sees me there with him, she will calm down and listen. Then Alexander can explain to her what happened the way he’s been doing so far about the other stuff,” Alexander’s mother replies.


“That’s too dangerous. We don’t know how angry she is with me and what she will do to me. It’s like sending you to gallows as well alongside me,” Alexander is not impressed.


“I think your mother has a better idea Alexander. Knowing what I know about Mishiida, the last thing she would do is hurt your mother, and your mother is your only chance to redeem yourself in front of her as well,” Rick reasons with Alexander.


“But,” Alexander still has some doubts but is cut short by Rick.


“We don’t have time to waste, it’s now or never,” Rick says.


“But how will we do it?” Alexander seems to have resigned to Rick’s plans for the moment.


“Lieutenant Ken, please brief everyone about the plan of action,” Rick transfers the baton to Ken.


“Here’s what we will do,” Ken starts detailing the plan of action, “The RAAF base is protected by motion detectors, weight sensors, video equipment, frequency jammers, electrified fences and manned gates. The only way to gain entry at this time would be to have someone in the security centre shut down the alarms and make sure video surveillance in unmanned for a brief period of time so that we can climb the fence and get inside. So the plan is, our friends in the army and living at the base will hire a cab from the city to return to the base. Corbett will travel in the boot of a cab. They will use their influence at the gate to have the sentry at the gate clear the cab for driving in to their quarters to drop them off. Corbett will then make his way undetected to the security centre, and using his chloroform spray, will subdue the men manning it, and then do the needful. We will climb the fence as soon as the frequency jammers are temporarily shut down and we get an all clear message from Corbett.”


“But what about my mom, how will we get her inside? We can’t expect her to be climbing fences at her age,” Alexander asks.


“Mrs Rai will have to travel with our friends in the cab and Corbett will escort her to us once we are inside,” Rick makes the necessary re-adjustments to the plan, “And Mrs Rai, it’s better you are going in with us, you can give these clothes to Mishiida.”


“What? Why?” Alexander’s mother is surprised and so is Alexander.


“Knowing how things work, I am sure Mishiida would have been stripped of her attire by now, for research and investigation,” Rick explains.


“And you think they won’t provide her fresh clothes?” Alexander’s mother asks, a bit taken aback by the treatment expected to have been meted out to a woman.


“Mrs Rai, on the contrary they must be planning to dissect her now,” Rick replies.


“That’s sick!” Alexander’s mother is disgusted.


“I know Mrs Rai, and that is why we don’t have much time,” Rick states as he gestures everyone to get moving. As they all walk to a parked hummer and get in it to drive to their next stop, the RAAF base, we decide to have a look at what Jerome and his side is up to.


We make a dash to the RAAF base and head straight to Dr Green and Dr Rathe’s lab where we find Jerome and Lieutenant Ahmed giving them company. About ten odd men are trying to open up the vehicle while Dr Green and Dr Rathe are struggling to figure out the gadgets retrieved from Mishiida. We notice even the half stuck weapon system atop Mishiida’s craft is not providing them any access inside.


“Just leave it and get aside,” Jerome’s patience wears off as everybody looks at him. He pulls out his pistol and takes an aim.


“Colonel, what are you doing?” Dr Green jumps on his feet and tries to stop him.


“Dr Green, this thing was impenetrable to bullets fired by automatic assault rifles, what damage do you expect a 9mm pistol bullet will do?” Jerome asks as he takes aim and shoots as soon as the men working on it has cleared it.


The bullet crashes into the side of Mishiida’s vehicle and contrary to Jerome’s statement, takes a chunk of what looks like a silicon dioxide tile off the side. As everyone looks on surprised, Jerome fires another shot at the same spot and the bullet pierces the body to enter it.


“Damn it!” Jerome quips.


“Yes Colonel! Damn it! You have damaged the vehicle now,” Dr Green says a bit agitatedly.


“That’s not the point doctor. The point is, in its’ current state, that is powerless, even a pistol bullet is enough to bring it down. But when it is mobile, even the biggest bullets fail to penetrate it. The point is how do we break through their technology? How do we break through their defences?” Jerome explains and asks Dr Green.


Jerome grabs the assault rifle from Ahmed and fires at will as Dr Green and Dr Rathe are shocked and shout out to stop him. But it is too late. By the time Jerome finishes the magazine loaded inside the gun, there is a big hole in the wall of Mishiida’s vehicle.


“Tear it down boys, enter and decode. Give me the technology and how to break it. You have less than twenty hours,” Jerome says as he puts the gun down and walks out of the room leaving Dr Green, Dr Rathe and the rest wordless.


As everybody gets on with the dismantling and tearing apart of Mishiida’s vehicle, we disappointed with the turn of events follow the Colonel who walks back to his room, pulls out his mobile and dials a number.


“Any progress Dr Dawg?” Colonel asks. We realize Dr Dawg is working on Mishiida and head to Mishiida’s confinement. We find Dr Dawg, assisted by two women researchers, scanning Mishiida with a big Machine.


“Colonel, looks like the only way left is to dissect her up now,” Dr Dawg says as we look at the images being generated by the machine clearly suggesting it is failing to penetrate her skin for a scan.


“Yes Colonel, I know we don’t have much time but I need a couple of hours to make a thorough plan of how to dissect her and what to pull out of her body,” Dr Dawg says as she finishes the conversation, “Girls, you take a break for a couple of hours and meet me again in my room. We need to cut the bitch open.”


“Oh Rick! Hurry up,” we think to ourselves as the two girls drag the machine out of the room and Dr Dawg locks it up. We rush outside and search through the RAAF base for the security centre which somehow gives a deserted look. As we walk inside we find six men, all unconscious, tied and gagged lying in a corner and Corbett, wearing a mask, typing a message, “All Clear!” Soon enough we notice Rick, Ken, Carl and Alexander climb over the fence one by one on and make their way towards the make-shift lab.


Corbett gets up and walks out. We follow him as he walks into a park and straight to Mrs Rai who is hiding behind a bush with clothes for Mishiida in her hand.


“Time to go Mrs Rai,” Corbett says.


“After you Lieutenant,” Mrs Rai replies as the two walk stealthily avoiding detection and make their way towards the lab. They soon join the rest in front of the lab.


“What’s the situation inside Corbett?” Rick asks.


“There’s no security inside the corridor. We just have to be careful about someone jumping out of a room,” Corbett replies.


“Well, then we need to keep our chloroform canisters handy and masks on,” Rick keeps it simple, “Ken, Carl take the sentries out now. Corbett, Alexander, Mrs Rai, get ready.”


Ken and Carl fire drugged darts at the two sentries guarding the entrance knocking them unconscious and then drag their bodies to the side and into the dark. Rick, Alexander, Mrs Rai and Corbett rush inside. The long corridor is deserted but well watched over with security cameras, something they don’t have to worry about at the moment. They quickly head towards the end of the corridor, reading the name plates outside each door and looking through the small glass windows in case the door happened to have one, trying to figure out Mishiida’s confinement. They finally get to the room at the end where Mishiida is housed as the heavily armoured door readily gives away its’ identity. They open the first door and enter the small space between the first and the second doors. That’s where they stop or are forced to stop as they notice a big digital security lock with a scanner attached, staring and mocking at their faces.


“You can’t open this one Colonel,” a voice from behind startles us all and dries up our throats.





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