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Mishiida Alexander


“Who’s worthy of love when the strongest of men sell for the cheapest of prices?”


Chapter Six: Do you know her?



Fate has a strange habit of twisting itself round and round like a spinning bob. As soon as one gets used to a certain pattern of living, it changes its’ direction leaving every plan in disarray. One is left with no choice but to develop an ability of homeostasis towards life and situations. Alexander must have been planning of burning the screens across the globe one day with one Oscar winning performance after another while Mishiida, well lets’ just stick to the familiar terrain for the moment.




So as we spy on our fellows discussing, or rather fighting their brains out at ASRI, Canberra, Colonel Jerome of the US Army drops a bomb when he requests for anti-aircraft artillery.




“What? An anti aircraft gun? What on earth do you need that for?” Craig asks.




“I know why he is asking for it but I don’t think that will be necessary,” Rick replies, “The injured officer has already told us how the bullet could not penetrate her inner tissue layer. We have already picked up anti armour ammunition. An anti aircraft gun won’t be necessary.”




“How do you know? What if our ammunition fails to penetrate her carborundum backed tissue? What will we do then, request her to do us a friendly favour and walk into our captivity or thank her for being such a lovely guest?” Jerome is not impressed. “The way bullet-protection works is, the more the layers of protecting material better it’s stopping power. Now I don’t know much of biology but I do know that tissues are generally made up of layers of cells. What if your anti-armour ammunition comes a cropper against her?” Jerome makes his point.




Rick reluctantly yields to Jerome’s demand and the three men decide to head to the Royal Adelaide Hospital immediately to see the injured officer and gather all the information from him. As they fly in a specially chartered plane, we make a dash to have a look at our friends in the desert. When we find them both sleeping sound, we head to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. As we enter the room in which the injured officer Superintendent Mathew Grey is housed we overhear Rick speaking, “Are you sure you saw the bullet ricocheting from a dark internal layer and her outer skin regenerating?”




“One hundred percent Colonel,” Mathew replies.




“That makes the whole thing very sticky,” Rick replies.




“Why do you say that,” Craig asks.




“That means her body can recover from wounds quickly, maybe not from all but definitely the superficial ones,” Rick replies.




“That’s exactly why I am asking for a big gun,” Jerome feels like he’s been vindicated. “By the way, you mentioned she was in a vehicle earlier, which offcourse she must have been cause she hasn’t come to earth in an envelope from outer space, but you also said when you confronted her she was on foot?” Jerome asks.




“Yes Colonel, that’s true as well,” Mathew replies.




“I don’t understand, did her vehicle perform a vanishing act in that instance?” Jerome inquires further.




“We actually found her with two huge boxes. We thought,” Mathew stops to find suitable words to express his take on the issue.




“And you thought she has folded her vehicle and safely packed it into one of them? You watch a lot of television with your kids?” Jerome takes a dig at him.




“I am sorry sir,” Mathew is taken aback.




“You should be after all the shabby investigation that has been done and the kind of experience you have in this job. Why would she walk dragging her luggage around when she can fly, or drive?” Jerome questions.




“Perhaps she ran out of fuel sir,” Mathew replies.




“Perhaps she did, but then where is her vehicle,” Rick asks, “Did you ask your men to search for it?”




“They did Sir, but they didn’t find any trace of her vehicle over there. So we thought she might have actually folded her vehicle into two boxes. Who knows how advanced technology these aliens have?” Mathew clarifies his situation.




“You may or may not be right. The only way to find out is to inspect the sight. I will dispatch an expert team to investigate the scene of your encounter with the lady,” Rick replies.




“Have we got any leads to her current location, or any fresh sightings?” Craig asks.




“None in the last few hours I’m afraid but men have already been dispatched,” Rick replies.




“I can’t wait to see her,” Jerome quips.




“I’m sure she’s not in a hurry,” Rick replies.




The three men leave the hospital for their rooms in a local hotel to catch some sleep before a very early morning start for their work while we make a dash back to the desert just about at the break of dawn.




As we enter the caravan Alexander is just waking up while Mishiida is still asleep. Alexander wakes up pushing his blanket to the side turning around and up and puts his feets on the floor, rubs his eyes trying to wipe out the sand and realizes he still has the esteemed company of a gorgeous lady with him, and even though he fails to count us in but we don’t mind it. He rolls his hand on his tummy and then looks at the girl who is also waking up now with the sun finally showing up and the light coming in through all the windows, bright yet soft. She takes her helmet off, folds it and wraps it around her wrist once again, turns the nobs on her other wrist band to reshape her attire. This time she lets the trousers stay long down to her boots, while her top modifies into a U-neck sleeveless top exposing midriff slightly. She pulls out her hair pin and ties her hair into a pony tail again. She sits up straight, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. We notice something strange about her skin and take a closer look at her. Her skin changes from smooth to granular with the granules shifting position and turning around. After a few seconds, her skin becomes smooth and radiant again and she opens her eyes. We realize, she’s just dry cleaned herself up, or basically taken a shower. Alexander looks at her and his shoulders drop when he notices how easily she has refreshed up.




He gets up and walks out of the caravan and we follow him. He walks towards the back of the caravan, goes behind it, cranes his neck around to make sure Mishiida is not coming, and then we regret why we followed him. We leave him to himself and walk back into the caravan. We notice Mishiida has pulled out her weapon and has crouched on her knees in battle mode as she concentrates on the strange sounds she is hearing. We want to tell her it’s a false alarm and not her enemies firing new laser weapons. After a minute, Alexander walks back into the caravan, with a big smile on his face. He notices Mishiida holding a gun, crouched on her knees, looking at him with a questioning stare.




“Oh C’mon now, stop exaggerating,” Alexander realizes, his voice has been heard. She looks at him blankly and we look at him pathetically.




“Now that’s not fair. It’s every human being’s birthright,” he reasons. “Besides I’ve been a gentleman, I walked out and away you see,” he reasons but she doesn’t get a word of it and keeps staring at him, now a bit coldly.




“Wow! What a gentleman!” We think to ourselves.




“Now wait a minute, this is my caravan and you are in my camping space. I will do what I want to,” he says but she still stays silent, her eyes constrict as if questioning him as to what he’s saying.




“Go to hell, I don’t care” he says as he turns around to leave the caravan. As he approaches the door, he turns his head around, looks at Mishiida and whispers to himself, “Bitch!”




Mishiida finally gets up, puts her weapon back into it’s case and walks out into the open where Alexander is picking up and packing his stuff. She pulls out her homing gadget, if we may refer to it as so, and nudges him.




“Yeah, yeah, we are leaving soon my mom but let me pack my stuff first,” he says nodding his head and pointing to what he is doing. She understands and moves back and lets him do what he is doing.




It takes him about twenty minutes to pack all his stuff into his caravan and get ready to leave. Mishiida hops into the passenger side seat while we make ourselves comfortable in the back of the jeep. Alexander shows her his seatbelt and motions her to tie her own but she doesn’t understand him. He tries a couple of times but when she doesn’t understand he bend on to her side and grabs her seatbelt and pulls it around her. As he does so for a split second his arm touches Mishiida on her prides startling her. She gives him a glare and he says sorry and ties her seat belt. But something stops him for a moment and he looks deep into her eyes for a few. Somehow he realizes what he was originally doing and so he starts his vehicle, makes a prayer and gets going. He’s hardly driven a few yards and we notice Mishiida grabbing on to the edges of her seat sitting completely upright, her eyes open wide and her hair almost standing up on top. This coming from a girl who herself gave worst treatment to many men just yesterday. We can’t help but laugh.




As soon as we hit the main road Alexander turns on his mobile and attaches it to the charger.




“Oh! My mobile! We talk on it with other people. I am expecting my director’s call,” he tries to explain to her when he notices her looking curiously at the device.




“We will soon get into the coverage area. My director might call me today regarding my first show date,” he explains with a proud smile and dreamy eyes.




We sure enter the coverage area and the mobile certainly rings, but the ring says it all, “I am no angel baby!”




“Yikes! That’s my girlfriend! Damn! She will kill me! If I talk to her she will kill me right now and if I won’t talk to her she will kill me latter but very painfully. Oh GOD! Why did I have to turn this thing on? Somebody help me,” he starts to panic like a school boy who failed to finish his homework and is about to face his class teacher.




He pulls over to the side, grabs his mobile in both his hands and pleads to Mishiida, “Can you please take this call for me? Help me. Say something, say anything.” And the call drops off.




He screams out loud and Mishiida closes her ears and we roll to our sides laughing at the sight. “Look who’s closing their ears,” we say to ourselves.




“I am dead!” is all he says.




“I am sorry, but you don’t know my girlfriend,” he says. “When Hitler died, he was reborn as a girl, and for some damn darn reason, of all the billions of people on this earth, I had to be the one to hook up with her,” he laments on.




Mishiida meanwhile sits there watching him cry with her arms folded and a stern look in her eyes as if saying, “Dude, what’s your problem?”




He realizes she doesn’t know what he’s talking about so he asks a stupid question, “You know Hitler, don’t you?”




When he gets no reply he continues, “Well Hitler was,” and stops and starts thinking about how and what to explain. “You see, Hitler was a cross dresser. He used to wear a mini skirt over tights. And since he wasn’t sure about his sexuality, he grew a small moustache to keep both sexes interested,” and we nearly fall out of the jeep laughing.




But Mishiida is still not impressed. “I guess we are getting late. We better get moving,” he says as he puts the jeep into a gear to drive. And the phone rings again, the same ring.




“I am dead!” he repeats himself before gulping a big lump down his throat and mustering all his strength to answer the phone in a very meek tone, “Hello!”




“Hello what?” the roar from the other side, we are sure it must have been audible in a half-mile radius.




“Where are you Alex? Why didn’t you call me? What are you up to?” Damn it’s an ambush, we think to ourselves as we scroll for cover and a sympathetic feel for Alexander takes over us.




“Robyn! Sweetheart! I love you baby! I was missing you all the time. I was just not in coverage area,” Alexander struggles to pacify her.




“How dare you get out of the coverage area?” and Mishiida nearly falls of her seat scared as much as we are.




“That’s a lion, that’s a Gorilla, no it’ Godzilla,” we think to ourselves.




“I am sorry sweetheart. I was kidnapped against my will for ransom. It’s only when I told them that my father is bankrupt did they let me go. Otherwise do you think I will even dare to dream in my wildest fantasies to get out of coverage area?” Alexander replies from under his skin and we can’t help but look for our abs we just lost somewhere in the sand rolling over it laughing.




“Damn you cheat! You liar! I have had enough of you! I am going to teach you a lesson!” Robyn is really angry, “You can go wherever you want to baby because I’ve found a new boyfriend. It’s over between us!”




“Really?” Alexander is mightily relieved and so are we but he quickly rectifies himself, “I mean, how could you do this to me? I love you Robyn and I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this to me. I won’t survive.”




“I don’t care. It’s over between us. You go to hell what to me,” Robyn sounds adamant.




Alexander fist pumps the air and says a soundless “Yippee!” but continues on the phone, “No Robyn, please don’t! I love you and I need you. Baby, you are the only one I care for on this earth. Please don’t leave me.”




“Really?” Robyn’s voice changes, “Do you really mean that? I am sorry baby. If you love me so much I will not leave you. I will tell Charles to find another girl. It’s not that late yet.”




“Now look Robyn! Lets’ not be hasty over here. We both need some time to think. I mean Charles is a good guy and I am sure he loves you deeply as well. Look, it’s been a long day. Why don’t we talk about it tomorrow? I think you should go out with Charles again and get to know him better. I love you and I want to see you happy,” Alexander tries to salvage the situation as he bangs his head against the steering wheel.




“You scoundrel, you don’t love me! You only want to get rid of me! NO! I won’t leave you! I love you and I am staying with you! Damn you! Just come back home once and I will sort you out,” and Robyn bangs the phone down and Alexander lets out another cry, “Why me?” Mishiida puts her comforting hand on his shoulder. He looks at her and cries out, “Mummy!”




After a few moments of more lamenting we finally get going again. We travel for almost an hour when we come to our first countryside town gas station. Alexander pulls his jeep to a pump, picks up the nozzle and starts filling it, “Now look, I don’t know who you are and what you want, but I have my own problems to deal with, my own career to make. I will drop you wherever you want to but after that you are on your own. And I am doing this because you are our guest,” he says to Mishiida who’s still sitting in the jeep. We however notice the guy at the gas station counter looking curiously at our friend. There’s another guy in the store near the drinks aisle but he seems not to have noticed our arrival at all.




Alexander fills up the gas tank and pulls out his wallet and showing it to Mishiida explains, “I am going inside to pay. You stay right here.” He is getting better at using sign language.




He walks in and we follow him inside. The guy at the counter is looking at him questioningly. We hear the news flash on the radio.




“United States and India are launching three new satellites today while France and China are launching two each. Worldwide communications will be restored latest by tomorrow and television channels will be back day after. So please hold on.”




“Do you want to buy some protection as well,” the counter guy asks Alexander with a wink.




“Oh no, she’s just a friend, nothing like that,” Alexander replies with a blush.




“Do you know her?” we turn around to check in the direction of the voice. The other guy in the store that we thought didn’t notice our arrival asks.




“Don’t look at me. Keep looking at the counter. She should not know that we are talking to each other,” he continues as Alexander’s face turns pale.




“Do you know what you are escorting,” the guy asks again.




“Who are you?” Alexander asks.




“You haven’t answered my question first,” the guy sounds stern and business like.




“No I don’t know her. She just walked up to my caravan last night and now she wants me to take her somewhere,” Alexander replied as he fumbled with the cash from his wallet, his nervousness visibly getting the better of him.



“So you mean, she can talk to us? Where does she want to go?” the guy asks.




“Who are you asking me all these questions?” Alexander asks turning his head around.




“Don’t look at me idiot! I am special officer Mark Wembley from the Central Bureau of Investigation. Do you know who she is,” Mark replies.




“How do I know? Can I see some id?” Alexander asks.




“She is dangerous and wanted. Looks like you haven’t been listening to the radio,” Mark says as he puts his batch on the counter.




“I know she is an alien. I heard that,” Alexander replies.




“Then you also know you are committing a felony by helping her, I guess?” Mark continues, “Do you know how much trouble you are in for this?”




“Look officer, I’ve got nothing to do with this. She just asked me for help,” Alexander replies and as he does so we notice Mishiida is getting impatient and she gets out of the jeep and starts to walk towards the station.




“Look, I can see you are a well meaning man. I can help you! Where are you heading next?” Mark asks.




“I don’t know. She just shows me a gadget and I am just driving in the direction of a flashing dot. Right now we are heading west on this road and will be for a while,” Alexander replies.




“Good! There’s another gas station about thirty miles from here. I want you to stop there and go to the toilet. One of our men will be waiting for you inside. He will hand you a tracking device. Just follow wherever she is taking you and leave the rest to us,” Mark quickly replied.




“But,” Alexander is about to say something when Mark cuts him, “No ifs and buts son. You are in trouble and only this will help you,” and Marks moves away from the counter as Mishiida walks inside. Alexander hurriedly pays the bill and motions Mishiida to walk. They get into the jeep and drive off while we are still waiting in the gas station to check what Mark is going to do.




“Number Four calling base!” Mark gets on the radio and gives them Alexander’s plate number and a brief description of the situation and what needs to be arranged. When he finishes, we decide it’s time to continue following our friends Mishiida Alexander.






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