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Mishiida Alexander


“Hope is what keeps love alive and love is what keeps hope alive.”


Chapter Ten: All of my family


As human beings we love to live a life of recluses. There are those who run away from society to be with themselves and then there are those who run to the society to stay away from themselves. Doesn’t matter what choice we make the bottom line is, we are always running. However, of all the people the ones who are running from themselves are the ones who happen to be most friendly and generally the ones you need to be careful of. If they can’t stand their own true selves, they are not worth knowing at all.


As we follow Mishiida through her travails we somehow get a feeling she is worth knowing every bit, and so is Alexander. They are both running away from society in a way or the other, if one is being hunted the other wants to find himself. And how lucky are we to have bumped into them, thanks to them we have come to know many more people who are unique in their own ways. We may like them or we may hate them for whatever role they have to play in this short essay of a journey but one thing is for sure, they all are going to be remembered.


As Dr Chris Green, Dr Lucy Dawg, Dr Kishore Rathe arrive to take charge of their side of the situation arising out of the advent of our lovely lady Mishiida, a lot of burden from the shoulders of Colonel Rick is relieved. As Rick orders his team to start digging for Mishiida’s vehicle, the three are readied to be flown to the site to oversee and instruct the work before they head to a specially set up laboratory at the RAAF base in Adelaide. Meanwhile, the instructions as well as warnings to our softy boy Alexander are clear, stall her and put her to sleep, somehow.


We meanwhile are suspended like a pendulum bob with three sides to swing to. We hop between our not so in love love-birds, our not so friendly friends and doctors with spades, we are bored as well as tired. In a long day, we check-out how the men at work are digging on the wrong side of the road, how the doctors are setting up their lab with advanced instruments hoping to dissect Mishiida like a frog in a junior college lab, and we spy on Rick making preparations for the late night assault. We also get a chance to sneak up behind Colonel Jerome as he carefully escapes the eyes of Rick while he is busy briefing his team about their mission later tonight, and lines up Craig in a corner while they travel in three big containers.


“With all due respect to Rick, if you want the bitch, you need to let me handle this thing,” Jerome is saying as we approach them.


“Colonel, I understand your apprehensions about Rick being soft on the girl but trust me, he is one of the best not without a reason. I have full faith in his abilities. Although thanks a lot for your keen interest in the job,” Craig replies.


“It’s not about my interest in the job. It’s about the risk that we all as humans face from a common enemy. It’s not just about Australia or America, it’s about the entire world,” Jerome explains the reasons for his eagerness to get on with the job.


“I understand very well Colonel and I appreciate your sense of duty and moral obligation but I trust my man,” Craig turns down his offer once again, “However, is there anything else I can do for you Colonel?”


“Nothing right now but in a few hours time my team will be arriving from the States at Sydney, six men, all exceptional in the art of war-craft. If you could, please get them over here as quickly as you can, and please can you make sure they get this equipment,” Jerome says as he hands Craig a list.


“What? You called your own team?” Craig is bewildered.


“I don’t work without my men. I am the best because my men are the best. They know exactly what I need them to do without me telling them. I mobilized them even before I arrived in Australia. I have a feeling, we are going to need their services,” Jerome adds.


“I don’t know what to say Colonel,” Craig shrugs his shoulders before yielding, “I’ll try my best to get them what you want but I won’t promise. Rick can be a real fire-brand at times.”


“That’s fine! But also keep in mind what I just said before,” Jerome speaks as he leaves Craig to hop off the administration container and hop back onto the one with the command centre, “By the way I don’t trust the kid who is escorting her. He can give us some trouble later on. Is there any chance to get hold of his parents? If possible I want them to be brought over here, with all due care and respect if willingly or forcefully lifted from their home in case they refuse to oblige.”


“What?” Craig is shocked as much as we are but he gets no answer to his query.


As the sun completes it’s turn for the day and dusk arrives we think we have seen enough over here and decide to head back to Alexander and Mishiida who are still a few miles away from Pimba. We notice Mishiida sitting in the jeep with her arms folded and looking at Alexander with a fierce look in her eyes as vehicles after vehicles drive past them blowing their horns.


“What? I told you I’ve got a caravan trailing my jeep and then we have your heavy jewellery in there as well,” Alexander says pointing first towards his Caravan and then towards her boxes.


Mishiida raises his hands and we close our eyes as we hope it is a real good smack but nothing interesting of that sort happens. She taps his shoulder and motions him to stop. As soon as he pulls over she gets off the jeep and walks towards it’s back.


“Where are you going? It’s still too far to travel on foot,” Alexander says.


But walking on foot is possibly not even on the menu for the day for our young lass. She has some other plans as she walks to the fulcrum and pulls out her weapon. She is just about to shoot and blow away the hinge when Alexander realizes what she is going to do and jumps in at the last moment to plead, “Stop! My aunt I’ll take you where you want to go but please don’t destroy my caravan.” Alexander grapples with her hand as he tries to turn its’ aim away from the joint. Mishiida gives him a glare and he looks away. “Damn! What am I doing? What am I becoming?” Alexander is cross with him but he has been given no choice.


As the shadows mix with the black surrounds Alexander takes a dirt road to find a nice spot just on the other side of Pimba town to set up for the night. Mishiida glares at him as she fails to understand what he is trying to do.


“Oh! That’s enough travelling for the day. I am tired now and I need to feed myself full and sleep,” Alexander tries to explain using hand gestures indication eating and sleeping. Mishiida fumes and grunts like a sub-woofer at full volume as we protect our sensory organs of sound. She grabs him from his collars and pulls him near her face and makes a bitting gesture as Alexander shrieks playfully.


As Alexander sets himself up for the night at a nice spot about a kilometre away from the main road with a bonfire and a table with a couple of chairs around it, Mishiida climbs atop the caravan and is crouching there with a gun in her hand carefully monitoring the surroundings.


“She is on top of my caravan watching out,” we hear Alexander speak as we realize he is talking to our friends at the other end. We push our ear right on top of Alexander’s ear with the earpiece to grab all the bits and pieces of information that we can.


“We need to set ourselves up. Get her down and make sure she is not on her guard. Get her inside the caravan and try to put her to sleep,” we hear Rick’s voice at the other end, faint but clear enough to us.


“I’ll try,” Alexander says with displeasure at the job writ large on his face.


“Don’t just try, do it,” Rick is also firm in his demand.


Alexander walks up to his caravan and calls out to Mishiida, “Hey, come on down have something to eat,” trying hard to explain what he means using all the hand gestures he knows. But Mishiida does not seem interested. For someone in the centre of the limelight and being hotly pursued, feeding would be the last thing on mind.


“I can’t get her down,” Alexander says as we try to snoop on the radio conversation again.


“I don’t care, get it done or I won’t care if you come in line of our fire this time,” Rick sounds business.


“That’s blackmail,” Alexander is incensed.


“As long as it works, I don’t care,” Rick says, “You can test us if you want to.”


Alexander gets quiet and starts thinking about something as Mishiida looks at him, her constricting eyes suggesting she smells a rat or something. Alexander stands there for a while, thinks about something and then climbs into his caravan. We stay outside, not sure if it’s safe to follow him as we remember what he did last summer, or rather last morning, or was it today? Such a long and eventful day we’ve already lost track of what happened when.


Suddenly the silence of the night is broken by the sound of a guitar. We along with Mishiida are taken by surprise. As the melody builds on Mishiida looks around long and wide once again and hops off the top of the caravan to have a look at what the sound is about and where it is coming from. We pretend we don’t know it is Alexander the Mozart at his best and follow her inside the caravan. As Alexander plays the melody Mishiida walks upto him and kneels down and listens intently her eyes fixed on Alexander’s face while he is literally lost playing his heart out, eyes closed. As Alexander finishes his melody and opens his eyes Mishiida bows her head, grabs his right hand and kisses it.


“You like it?” that Alexander is flattered is evident from the look on his face, “It’s one of my father’s compositions.” He points to a black and white family picture of his family pasted on the inside of his guitar case. Mishiida looks at the picture and then pulls it off.


“Careful,” Alexander nearly jumps off the couch as he grabs at Mishiida’s hand trying to avoid the picture from getting torn.


“That is me when I was a kid,” he says pointing to his face in the picture and then himself and then gesturing with his hands, “That is my brother and that’s my father and that is my mother.” Mishiida looks on as he tries to explain with hand movements indicating small and big.


“My father originally comes from India, one of the best composers of modern era and my mother is half Irish and half Japanese, a great singer. Their collaborations are the best selling romantic records of all time,” he explains to Mishiida as if she understands everything. “What about you?” he asks her motioning his hand questioningly. A tear rolls out of Mishiida’s eye as her face is over come by emotions. She puts the gun she is still holding in one of her hands back into its’ case and pulls out a small gadget from one of the cases hanging on her waist belt that we haven’t seen before.


She gets up on her feet, sits next to Alexander on the couch and pushes a button on the thing and a beam of light starts to slowly radiate out of edge of it as it begins to spread around and soon enough a three dimensional holographic image is created infront of them as we squeeze ourselves on the couch right in the middle of the two. It is the menu of the device and Mishiida juggles some items around using a small stylus as a laser pointer. After some time she pulls out the first image which is actually a three dimensional holographic video clip. We see pictures of two people, a male and a female, hanging on a wall, both having similarly tattooed eyes as Mishiida. She points to them and then points to Alexander’s family picture, indicating they are her parents. She then gestures with her hands that when she was small, they died or were perhaps killed, as we fail to make out from her slit throat action.


“Oh! They are your parents,” Alexander says as he also compares it with his family picture, “You look a lot like your father.”


She then pulls out another picture which shows a big building which by it’s build looks like a building straight out of a science fiction movie, with space craft docking sites at the sides of every floor. Infact we notice a few space crafts taking off and a few docking in as the video progresses. She points to it and her gestures suggest that was her home.


She moves on to the next clip and we see a parade of men and women dressed just like Mishiida is at the moment, marching in unison. The scene shifts to a stage where a tall handsome man is standing. He looks like a very important person as we notice people bowing to him just as Mishiida bowed to the old fellow the previous day. She points at the man and then herself and then points at Alexander’s brother and Alexander in his family picture indicating he is her brother.


“He is your brother?” Alexander asks pointing at the two pictures the same way. Mishiida nods her head as her eyes fill up with tears. As the scene moves on we see an old man who looks like a military commander standing next to him and giving orders and the soldiers obeying much like a procession. We notice it is a gathering with a lot of people watching. Soon a man standing next to the general says something out loud and a young man walk up the stage bows to Mishiida’s brother and her brother puts a medal on his chest as he rises. Then another name is called, or so we believe and another man walks up the stage who bows infront of Mishiida’s brother and then the general. As Mishiida’s brother puts a medal on his chest and gives him a small trophy like thing Mishiida points at the man and the general and then Alexander’s picture indicating the man is general’s son, and we notice intense hatred writ large on her face.


Then another name is called and this one we recognize as it sounds similar to what Mishiida sounded when Alexander managed to get her name out of her. And she duly walks up and bows to her brother as he places a medal on her chest and a bigger and brighter trophy is handed to her as the entire gathering erupts in joy as the whole atmosphere gets full of musical sounds, as if every one is cheering and then the soldiers in the parade break up and start rejoicing and we realize it was Mishiida's passing out parade.


“So you are a soldier, I see?” Alexander says and then he says, “Nothing she is just showing me her karate skills.” We realize our friends at command centre are wondering what is going on there. “Yes we are inside my caravan,” Alexander says in a hateful tone while Mishiida gives him a questioning glance.


“Oh! It was nothing I was just talking to myself,” Alexander says as Mishiida fails to make anything out of it and then moves on to the next clip.


We see Mishiida and her brother talking to an old but very intelligent looking man. Soon the three walk outside into a courtyard where we notice a big gun. The man starts fiddling with some controls on the gun as its’ barrel is tilted towards a huge mountain in distance. He pushes a button on the control panel and a thick beam of light travels towards the mountain. A few seconds later the beam hits the mountain as it is blown up into rocks and only a hint of it's earlier existence is left. Mishiida and her brother look really impressed as Mishiida’s brother taps the man’s shoulder and the man reverently bows to him. The man then taps a few buttons and a small chamber opens up near the proximal end of the barrel. One after the other, he pulls out three cylinders and puts them into matching grooves on a big machine like thing. He then pushes a few buttons on the control of the machine and the machine folds itself into a box that is similar in make and size to the smaller box that Mishiida is carrying, and then the man pushes a few buttons on the control of the gun and it folds itself into a box similar to the bigger box that Mishiida is carrying.


Alexander’s jaw drops down with amazement as he realizes what Mishiida is dragging along with her, “So that’s what they are!”


“Nothing, she was just showing me how to fold and unfold her clothes with the press of a few buttons,” we realize Alexander is lying to our friends who are listening to this conversation intently at the other end.


She then brings out another slide and we notice it is a party in the big building we saw earlier and we realize her brother is actually the head or ruler of her world. We notice him standing with a beautiful young woman with a small kid holding her hand standing by her side. They all are saying something and the musical notes emanating out of the scene make it amply clear it was a large boisterous party. Mishiida pauses the clip, points at her brother, the lady and the child, and then compares it with Alexander’s family picture indicating the lady is her brother’s wife and the kid is their son. And as she is explaining it she is overcome by emotions as she barely manages to control the tears that are rolling down her cheeks like two rivers. Luckily the synthetic material that lines the caravan floor looks to be acid resistant. She lets the clip run further as we notice the camera closing in on the family and her brother’s wife grabs her camera and we notice Mishiida bowing to her brother, than embracing him and then she kneels down and plays with the toddler who seems to love her to pieces and seems to be her lifeline as well. Mishiida starts crying while watching this clip and a very painful melancholy sound reverberates in the caravan. The toddler rushes to his mother and we notice the camera changing hands as we guess the toddler has grabbed it from his mother. As the camera is turned towards the two pairs of legs standing infront of it we notice one pair move closer and we notice it’s Mishiida who kneels down and says something before extending her hand out to grab the camera, but the camera slips from her hand and falls on the ground and is focussed between the toddler’s legs and a knelt down Mishiida. Just as Mishiida bends around and her hand moves to grab the camera we notice a sharp ray of light go through right where Mishiida’s head was and the next moment we notice the tiny toddler’s body being blown to pieces as Mishiida shrieks in horror while diving away and we notice chaos everywhere. The clip ends abruptly just as we notice a familiar looking young man’s face appear in the frame. Mishiida starts crying inconsolably as the clip finishes.


“Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t cry!” Alexander tries to clam her as his own eyes are filled with tears as he reaches out to her and grabs her face with both his hands to wipe her tears. But just as he wipes her tears he realizes they are not made of water. “Ouch!” is all he says before he starts rubbing them on to the couch to wipe the acidic tears off. Mishiida grabs his hands and blows air at them and the look in her eyes says it all, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean that.”


“That’s fine,” Alexander says as he pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes Mishiida’s tears. The two sit there for a while, looking at each other as Alexander is holding her face in his hands. The time stops for a few seconds over there as nothing moves. They just keep on looking at each other. Mishiida is still barely trying to hold back her emotions while Alexander is lost somewhere far, perhaps wondering how much this girl has already seen and how much more she has to still.


“Sorry! I didn’t hear that,” Alexander says as their trance is broken. Mishiida gives him a weird look as we try to hear what the command centre is instructing him to do now.


“Get out of there now! Quick!” Rick is heard saying.





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