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Mishiida Alexander


“The one who is loved is always prettier and stronger than the one who loves even if it’s in contradiction to the physical attributes.”


Chapter Thirteen: How does that make us good?


Irrespective of whether someone has a literary taste or intellectual bent of mind or if someone is a simpleton, there are a few things that only need a questioning mind to comprehend certain fallacies omnipresent in every human’s behaviour. It needs no exhaustive and tiring surveys to assert, GOD and love are two things that have been talked, written and sung about the most. More literature has been written about these two than any other stream, be it science, literature or arts. These are the two things every man and woman on this earth thinks to know the best and claim it to be their birth right to present an opinion in every discussion that were to take place in any nook and corner of the world. What a pity, it’s these two that no one understands the least. More blood has been shed over these two than the ink used to write words eulogizing either. And the irony is both are meant to unite people in a common bond, making them one from many. But then isn’t man capable of finding the most trifling of issues to make humanity bleed? What can often be solved through negotiations is generally rostered for a duel. Man somehow loves to be in the thick of action as long as it involves subjugation of someone else to physical brutality.


It’s been two days since we’ve been following Mishiida and Alexander and as many days since the rest of humanity has been desperately trying the catch up and smash act. If Mishiida can trust Alexander and show him her weak side, why will she not trust anyone else? Perhaps everyone is too busy formulating the next battle strategies, this simple question has simply detoured their brains. Thoughts like this and many more flash in our heads at the speed of light as Alexander is pulling over his jeep to the side and Mishiida disappoints neither of us. As she gives out one of the loudest shrieks we’ve heard from her, both us and Alexander may have prayed we had an extra pair of hands to block our ears for fear of our auditory safety, we see flocks of birds desperately trying to fly away all around us. Mishiida vehemently starts punching some buttons on the screen of the gadget she is holding but it takes us no second guess to realize, her craft has been discovered. We decide it’s time to head to the site of bounty hunting, so we make a dash for it.


As soon as we arrive at the scene we notice the men at work digging exactly where the craft is buried.


“Careful guys, careful! Make sure you don’t damage the vehicle,” their supervisor is giving instructions, “I’ll update the command centre about the find.”


He pulls out his radio set and starts talking, “Delta calling Alpha, Delta calling Alpha, are you receiving?”


“Copy, roger,” the distinct voice of Ron at the other end explains where the call has been made to.


“The alien craft has been discovered, I repeat, discovered, roger,” the man yells again as we hear the deafening roar of the craft’s engines starting up and the reply from the command centre is lost in the noise as the craft rises out of the pit scaring away everyone standing around in it’s vicinity.


“We got a problem, we got a problem. The craft is mobile, roger,” the man yells in the radio again as he falls back to take cover behind his vehicle.


“Don’t do anything. I repeat, don’t do anything, roger,” Ron speaks from the other end.


But expectedly, Mishiida isn’t waiting for anyone as she remote controls the unit. A circular hatch opens and rises above and out of the roof and four barrels of what we guess are weapon system fold out of the edges of the pillar supporting the hatch. The next moment weapons fire in all directions making every one run for their lives and take cover. But the laser fire destroys every vehicle and object it hits, leaving them vulnerable and forcing them to fall back further.


“We are under fire, I repeat, under fire, roger,” the man yells in his radio unit.


“Return the fire, roger,” we hear Colonel Jerome speak for the first time.


The men fire at the vehicle but the bullets fail to scratch it. It keeps firing randomly, perhaps because Mishiida cannot aim remotely at the right spots or maybe she doesn’t want to. The skirmish continues.


“No luck. We can’t even scratch it, roger,” the man speaks again his voice now laced with panic.


“We are monitoring the scene via satellite, keep firing until we send help, roger,” Jerome directs.


The duel continues for another couple of minutes when we are surprised by the sound of the engines failing and the craft slowly lowers down and back into the pit. We head to the pit and notice how it has fallen quiet and the weapon system is stuck midway between the open and closed position.


“Sir, a strange occurrence just happened. The craft engines have died down and it’s sunk back into the pit, roger,” the man makes another call.


“Yeah, we saw that. Looks like she has run out of fuel or something,” Jerome is speaking when we hear Ron in background, “Sir, we’ve tracked the two, the images are coming up on screen in three two one.”


“Be careful and don’t go near the vehicle until further instructions, roger and out,” Jerome finishes the conversation as the man on this side confirms it, “Roger, out.”


Without wasting any time we make a dash for the command centre. As soon as we enter the unit we notice two screens displaying images from both the site of Mishiida’s craft and Alexander’s jeep. We notice Mishiida ferociously trying to punch some buttons but when nothing changes, she flings the gadget down and starts crying, her hands folded on the dashboard. We see Alexander trying to console her.


“We got her Ron, we got her,” Jerome says with a smile on his face.


The unit door opens and the six men Jerome counts on enter bringing along with them the company Jerome must have been waiting for, only their faces are covered with masks and hands tied as Sandeep and Ryan push them inside. They are trying desperately to free themselves but they are not in a position to do so. Both are still in their night dress.


“Just in time guys, you are just in time,” Jerome says, “Why didn’t you let them change before bringing them here?”


“Sir would have been tough especially when they were asleep,” Curt replies.


“What, you didn’t ask them to come over here first?” Craig says as he enters the unit.


“Sorry sir, were we supposed to?” one of the faces we are yet to assign a name to speaks as he rubs his hand on his head and looks at the others with a wicked smile on his face.


“That’s not on Colonel. This thing will make headlines and our government will be in hot water,” Rick complains to Jerome, visibly upset at the way the whole thing has been handled.


“Relax minister, leave it to me. By the time we are finished with this whole thing, they will be thanking us for letting them and their son escape without any damage and you and your government will be hailed as a messiah world over. We’ll make them believe so,” Jerome says as he looks at the struggling couple, “Release them now.”


As soon as the face masks are removed and the cloth pieces gagging the old couple are removed the visibly enraged couple lash out at the humiliating and tyrant treatment meted out to them by the men for no evident fault of theirs.


“Have you people got any shame at all? Who the hell are you, and what do you think you are doing? Minister Craig, I am shocked to see you involved in this thing and that too when we have been loyal supporters of your party all our lives,” Alexander’s father is the first to speak.


“How dare you perform such a criminal act? Ain’t you even afraid of the law? What is our fault to be treated like this?” Alexander’s mother is the next to vent her frustration as she collapses on his father’s shoulder crying, their hands still tied.


“Mrs and Mr Rai, I am extremely sorry to have put you in such and uncomfortable situation and I sincerely regret the behaviour of my men and the trouble it has caused you to but you must appreciate the fact that the matter is really urgent. It’s not only of international importance but your son Alexander is in trouble as well,” Jerome speaks up before Craig could say a word as Craig lowers his hand that he had just raised as if about to make an excuse or present an explanation in defence.


“Mate, who ever you are, I neither know nor I care to know. Minister Craig, tell your goons to release us immediately or be prepared to face the consequences. We don’t tolerate such nonsense,” Alexander’s father is still fuming with rage.


“You are not listening Sir. It’s not we who are in trouble, it’s your beloved ward,” Craig who has taken the hint from Jerome replies, “You are better off cooling yourself down and be all ears to what we have to say. Do I make myself clear?”


“What do you mean?” Alexander’s father realizes the situation is not too conducive for battle cries yet, “What could be so terrible that my son committed to warrant such an illegal manhandling of his innocent old parents?”


“Have a look at this screen,” Jerome points to the screen flashing live images of Alexander’s car. The images are a bit blurred but Alexander’s parents still identify it straight away as can be gauged from their eyes that split wide open and they are left speechless.


“What’s it all about?” Alexander’s father finally speaks.


“Looks like you haven’t been hearing the news on the radio. Ron, can you play me some live television?” Jerome looks at Ron who immediately turns on the television and scrolls across various news channels until he hits a local channel flashing the news Jerome has spoon fed various stations, the one we saw in the gas station.


As soon as the news item finishes Ron turns the television set off and Jerome continues from where he left, “Your son is a fugitive and most wanted man at the moment. He has interfered in the functioning of government agencies twice now. The girl she is escorting at the moment is an alien and a threat to international security, to our world. We have tried to capture her twice but have failed each time as your son intervened and helped the girl escape. Infact one of your brave men and pride of Australia, Colonel Rick has resigned from his post taking moral responsibility for the failure of efforts to nab her and all just because of your son.”


“What has Alex done,” Alexander’s mother starts crying inconsolably as his father tries to comfort her.


“Colonel, I don’t know who you are but I plead for mercy. My son is not a criminal. He’s is so innocent and simple he must have made the mistake under some influence. Please save him by all means. We are ready to do whatever you ask us to do but please help us. Help our son get out of trouble,” Alexander’s father pleads for mercy.


“Mr Rai, you are an intelligent man. Yes, we can still help your son get out of this mess provided he helps us and that’s why we had to bring you two here so rudely. Trust me Mr Rai, if it wasn’t as urgent as it is, I would have personally come to your house for a cup of coffee,” Jerome says.


“What do you want us to do?” Alexander’s mother asks.


“Mrs Rai, we know where that girl is heading to and we are ready to set up our next ambush there. We also know how to kill her, but there are two problems,” Jerome continues.


“And what are those problems,” Alexander’s father asks.


“Firstly, if we try to kill that girl, you son might as well end up as a casualty caught in stray fire, which is a very high possibility scenario considering the fact we don’t want to loose this girl now or it will be too late,” Jerome’s words scare Alexander’s mother who struggles to push her breaths down her throat.


“Please don’t kill my son,” she pleads with folded hands and starts crying again.


“That’s exactly what we don’t want and that is why we have brought you two on board. We know your son is a good man who has only made a wrong judgement call under hormonal pressure. So relax Mrs. Rai,” Craig tries to comfort the old couple.


“What is your second problem Colonel?” Alexander’s father asks.


“Our second problem is, we don’t want to kill the girl but rather capture her alive. And that’s where we need your help,” Jerome leaves the second problem un-explained for the moment.


“I don’t understand! How can we help you in all this?” Alexander’s father is confused as to what Jerome is hinting him to do.


“Simple Mr Rai, we want you to tell Alexander to confirm to whatever I tell him to do or we will be left with no choice but to kill the girl and possibly him as well in order to secure and save the world,” Jerome makes it crystal clear as to what he wants.


“That’s blackmail! You know you can’t kill an innocent man,” Alexander’s father is shocked.


“Don’t worry about what I can do and what I can’t Mr Rai, just think about your son and the trouble he is in. If you don’t do as I speak your son will either get killed along with the girl or if he is lucky to survive, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for anti-national activities, as also espionage and sabotage charges. However if he does what we tell him to, we will make him a national hero and we promise not to press any charges against him,” Jerome leaves them no choice.


After a few minutes of deep contemplation and a bit of whispering the old couple finally agrees to do what Jerome wants them to.


“Good! Your help is much appreciated Mr and Mrs Rai and trust me, your good turn won’t go waste. Congratulations, you just saved your son,” Jerome says as we notice a content smile on Craig’s face and we wonder if he is marvelling the wily masterstroke of a soldier and how he has converted a lost cause into a wining situation.


“Ron, how’s everything with the plan? Is our man ready at the site?” Jerome asks Ron.


“Our man is ready and waiting for the two of them,” Ron replies.


“Great! Minister have you arranged the hardware I requested you for this party?” Jerome asks Craig.


“Everything’s ready and being transported to the site right now Colonel,” Craig assures him.


“And please don’t forget to get the site vacated,” Jerome adds.


“Don’t worry Colonel, everything has been taken care off,” Craig replies.


“Awesome! Men, prepare yourself for the big game, get your gear ready. We fly to the site as soon as I make through the last bit of the maze over here,” Jerome instructs his six stalwarts.


“Yes Sir!” the six men speak in unison as they salute and leave the command centre to prepare for the real action part of their mission. As they leave we turn our attention to the screen focussed on Alexander and Mishiida and we notice Mishiida pleading with Alexander perhaps requesting him to drive her quickly to the place she is heading to as we see her showing her navigational gadget to Alexander. We notice Alexander nodding his head and saying something animatedly which we think is him trying to re-assure her that he is making haste.


As the satellite follows their jeep we notice it pulling to the side of the road as another vehicle comes into the frame. It looks like a four wheel drive has got into some kind of trouble as we can make out its’ open hood and a man standing in the middle of the road looking like waving his hands for Alexander to stop.


“There’s our man Sir,” Ron points him out to Jerome.


“Do we have the audio?” Jerome asks.


“Yes Sir. Putting it on now,” Ron says as he fiddles with some controls and we hear the voice of the man.


“Thanks for stopping mate, looks like my battery has gone flat,” the man can be heard saying.


“No worries mate,” Alexander’s faint voice can be heard in the background, “Let me have a look.”


While Mishiida is still sitting in the jeep looking keenly at what’s happening, Alexander gets off his jeep and walks along with the man to front of his four wheel drive and behind the open bonnet.


“Here, take this number and make a quick call. We’ve got your parents,” we notice the man handing something to him behind the bonnet hidden from Mishiida’s gaze.


“What?” Alexander’s surprised reaction is obvious and expected.


“I said we’ve got your parents, call this number immediately. Are you hard of hearing?” the man’s tone changes colour to a shade darker.


“But who are you?” Alexander fumbles to find the right words to frame the state of his mind into a question format.


“We are what you have been dealing with all along. Now be quick and stop wasting time or we’ll kill your parents,” the man sounds harsh and rude.


“But you can’t do that. You are the government,” Alexander exclaims.


“And how does that make us good?” the man replies, “Do as I say and everybody will be fine. Now get going before she gets suspicious.”


The man pushes Alexander away as Alexander walks back to his jeep turning to look at the man again and again. He drives off in his jeep again but within a couple of minutes we notice him fiddling with his mobile and a ring shatters the momentary pin drop silence we had in the command centre.


“Hello!” Alexander says as soon as Ron picks up the phone.


“Hello there. Hold on and someone wants to talk to you,” Ron says as he hands over the handset to Jerome.


“Who do you think you are? Do you think we are running some kind of a circus over here?” Jerome yells at him.


“Who are you and where are my parents?” Alexander asks.


“Listen to me first you First World War error of judgement, you don’t know what you have done. You have not only twisted and shattered the law of the land but you have endangered the lives of the entire humanity. Here, talk to your father,” Jerome says as he hands over the handset to Alexander’s father.


“Hello Son! How are you?” Alexander’s father asks.


“Old fella, can we leave the chatter for the father’s day and come to the point?” Jerome cuts the conversation to the point.


“I am fine dad, how are you and mother and where are you two?” Alexander asks.


“Look son, we are being held captive by the army right now and unless you listen to what the Colonel has to say, they have threatened to eliminate us, you and the girl, all at the same time. Son, please listen to what this man has to say and we will all be out of trouble,” Alexander’s father stays to the point.


“But father, these people want to kill Mishiida,” Alexander replies from the other end as Mishiida can be seen watching Alexander carefully as he speaks her name.


“Son, if you won’t listen to them they will definitely kill her, and perhaps you, as also us. Even if you survive somehow, they plan to put you behind the bars for the rest of your life for having broken the law of the land. Your career will be over even before it started. What are you doing? Do what they say and both you and the girl will be safe,” Alexander’s father re-apprises Alexander of the whole situation.


“But father how can I cheat her, she trusts me?” Alexander says.


Jerome grabs the handset from Alexander’s father and yells at the top of his voice, “Now listen you Romeo, either you give us the girl and we promise she will be safe and you will be a national hero, or else we kill the girl and take care of you as well. Both you and we know what ammunition she and her so called bullet proof clothing is vulnerable to. And in case you don’t know we know where she is heading to and we will be ready for her this time. I don’t think you want me to remind the chain of consequences to you again.”


“But,” Alexander’s sentence is left hanging in his mouth as he thinks for a moment and realizes the gravity of the situation.


“Do you promise not to kill her?” he finally asks.


“Look, if you’ll do what we tell you to, she will be safe and you, your career and parents will be safe as well,” Jerome says.


“Can I think about it?” Alexander says after a brief pause.


“We don’t have time for meaningless intellectual meanderings kid,” Jerome quips, “Make up your mind or we have made ours’ already.”


After a brief uncomfortable pause Alexander finally asks, “What do you want me to do?”


“Simple! Just get rid of her weapon for us,” Jerome says.




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