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Mishiida Alexander


“Individuality is not a by-product of circumstances. Rather it is a reflection of the choices made under their influence.”


Chapter Thirty: Instant choices


It is really easy to shift blame of a distorted conscience or an immoral soul on to the circumstances that dictated the life history of a person. Even the choices made under such vexed circumstances are generally blamed on the restrictions put on the individual by the circumstances themselves. The truth is every circumstance provides a person enough choices, choices that can be broadly classified as good or bad. What kind of a human being anyone becomes depends entirely on the choices made out of those two broad demarcations. If a person protects their own interest every time life pops up a questioning scenario, that person will invariably become a mean manipulative coward. Great are those who make tough decisions even if at the cost of their own interests.


Alexander made such a decision when he risked his life for Mishiida. Private Curt Sommers made such a choice when he sacrificed self for the sake of two lives and his duty. Rick made such a choice when he gave up his job and risked everything he was left with to protect Mishiida. And now Mishiida and Corbett have made a similar choice for the ones they love.


However at this moment, as we stand witness to the charge of the mighty, we can’t help but fear the fate of all the human lives that are all but oblivious to the dark intentions of those who don’t belong to their world. One after the other, four assault parties of around two hundred crafts each proceed to destroy the dams across the globe. Their leader has a big smile on his face as he and his son look at each other, confident of their victory and standing near the window, watching the action live. We cannot stand their faces anymore and decide to head back to the earth with a hope that Jerome and Rick will come up with some plan.


As we descend, we notice the alien crafts line up in files of ten, each file covering a geographical region. Then two of those crafts head towards the earth. As they approach the earth a few missiles fired at them. Immediately\ the crafts waiting in the file above, shoot the missiles down. The attacking crafts continue on their journey unaffected.


We make a quick dash to the ground and make our way to a running Mishiida and Corbett. They both are repeatedly looking heavenwards to see the action unfold. They both must have realized, the enemy has decided to seal the issue. Corbett is struggling hard to keep pace with Mishiida but is still fighting. Mishiida shrieks and gestures with her hand to Corbett to move faster.


“I’m trying! I’m trying!” Corbett huffs as he replies.


We leave them on their way and head straight to the command centre where two pensive looking old men are watching the radar screens intently.


“So what do we do now Sir?” Ahmed asks.


“Better ask what are they going to do?” Charles replies.


“What do you reckon Rick?” Jerome asks Rick.


“I have as much an idea as much a virgin about sex,” Rick replies shaking his head.


“But where are they heading to?” Jerome asks.


“At their current speed, we’ll sure find out soon,” Rick replies.


“President Arnold Stallone calling Jerome, are you receiving?” President Arnold’s voice booms on the radio.


“Receiving Sir,” Jerome immediately answers.


“What’s happening now? Over,” President asks.


“I have no idea Sir, over,” Jerome replies.


“Is there any way to contact and talk to them? Over,” President Arnold asks.


“We do have an alien in our custody now Sir, thanks to our friend Mishiida, over,” Jerome replies.


“You know what to do then Colonel. Get me the results. Over and out,” President finishes the conversation.


“How are we going to do that?” Rick asks Jerome.


“I don’t know,” Jerome replies, “Perhaps you can call your Romeo and ask him to bring Mishiida in to talk to our captive?”


“Sir, they are heading towards our Blue Mountain Dams?” Charles interrupts the conversation.


“What?” Jerome and Rick exclaim in unison and look at the radar screen. To their horror Charles is right.


“All missile units, fire at will! Bring them down before they destroy our dams! I repeat fire at will,” Jerome immediately yells on the radio. In a matter of moments we notice scores of missiles on the radar screen, all heading in one direction, towards the alien crafts. Once again they are all destroyed even before they could get any closer.


“Damn it!” Jerome yells as he bangs his radio handset down on the table in front.


Rick picks up the radio handset and speaks on it, “All units in low lying areas, prepare to evacuate.”


“You better make an evacuation call on the public radio as well,” Jerome tells Rick.


“It will cause panic,” Rick replies and then answers his reservations himself, “But then, if I won’t they will all perish.”


“Most of them are going to perish anyway,” Jerome says to Rick, “The force of the water escaping those breached walls will wipe away anything in its way and into the ocean. We can only hope a few lucky ones’ will survive.”


“You are right! I’ll make the announcement,” and Rick walks to the radio equipment meant for public announcements. We divert our attention back to the radar screen.


As the crafts approach the Blue Mountains, more missiles are fired at them, this time from the hills. A craft that was closer to the hills is shot down while the other one escapes thanks to his friends up in the sky.


“What are they doing?” Rick yells out, “They are exposing the location of our Prime Minister.”


“What?” Jerome looks at the radar screen and bangs his hand on to his forehead.


“Alpha calling trident, why did you fire the missiles?” Rick calls the unit who fired those missiles.


“Trident speaking! Sir they were close to our location and we thought we had a chance, over,” the officer at the other end replies.


“You idiot, you just exposed the location of the Prime Minister and other important members of the community,” Rick yells at him, “Your only job is to protect those people in case of an eventuality.”


“Sir, it was a direct order from the Prime Minister herself, over,” the officer replied.


“You should have told her that she is important, the people she is with are important,” Rick says to him.


“Everyone is important Colonel Rick,” Prime Minister Ms Germanotta’s voice is heard from the other end, “I would rather die saving as many as I can then live with dead bodies of every single Aussie on my conscience, or for that matter, anyone who lives or breaths in Aussie air. He followed my orders and he did well. Over and out!”


“Sir, the craft is approaching one of the six Blue Mountain Dams now, and there are four more alien crafts heading down now,” Charles draws everybody’s attention to the radar screen.


“Damn!” Rick exclaims.


“Where are we going to evacuate?” Jerome asks.


“We won’t have to,” Rick replies, “We are on the raised ground. The water will rush out into the sea quickly and won’t reach our end.”


“Sir there’s another craft on the screen now,” Ahmed yells out, “It just appeared of nowhere.”


“Gamma calling all units,” Corbett’s voice booms on the radio, “I and Mishiida are taking off in this alien craft. Spot us on your screens and make sure not to shoot us down.”


“Bloody Romeo,” Jerome shrieks out and grabs a radio set, “What are you two doing?”


“Making history Sir! Over and out,” Corbett replies from the other end.


Jerome shakes his head.


“Sir, the dam’s gone!” Charles exclaims.


We decide it’s time to take a look outside. As we get out of the command centre, we notice Mishiida’s craft rising up and taking on the four incoming crafts. The cat and mouse chase begins. Mishiida shoots one down instantly and then flies her craft towards the mountains dodging the fire from the tailing crafts. Following them we notice the craft that had reached the dams had already destroyed three out of the six. The water escaping from behind those destroyed walls was heading down towards the coast, wiping out anything and everything that dared stand in its’ way.


A bunch of laser fire dashes past our heads, almost scaring us. We turn around and see that the crafts waiting above in the sky have also started firing at Mishiida’s craft. Just about then a sudden streak of light from another end catches our eye. We turn in its’ direction and notice a unit has fired a missile at the craft that was destroying the dams, just as that craft approached the fourth dam. Whoever was manning that unit was smart enough to utilize the opportunity generated by the distraction caused by Mishiida and Corbett. Immediately a bunch of more missiles is fired at the crafts line above. Busy in their hunt, the crafts are taken out within a matter of moments.


Mishiida meanwhile continues flying through the mountainous maze, dodging the fire of the toeing crafts. After one particular turn, as soon as her craft passes by a mountain, a missile is fired that takes out the craft toeing her the closest.


As soon as the occupants of the remaining two crafts realize they are in hittable range and that there is no one protecting them from above, they immediately turn around to escape. But it’s already too late. The moment they decide to flee the battle, Mishiida turns her craft around and finishes the job in two shots.


She immediately starts her accent towards the mother ship but two more teams of alien crafts appear from two opposite ends of the skyline. Mishiida heads directly towards the one approaching from the closer side and engages them. She takes out two in an instant and then once again the dog chase begins. Meanwhile the alien crafts that emerged from the other end stop just beyond the hittable range and lower down on a far off peak. We make a dash towards the spot and find them dropping off their men for a physical clean up of the mountains.


We decide to check what Rick and Jerome are going to do about it. On our way we witness the gushing water mercilessly clearing away its’ path, destroying everything that has already been destroyed. Women and children, young and old, we see them all running desperately for their lives in the streets, their boats already having been destroyed in the first assault. They run helter skelter. Some of them, thinking that wood will save them, are standing behind wooden doors they have just about pulled out of the rubble. We notice some of them who don’t have the doors, are fighting for the doors with those who have them. The waves that hit them however neither show mercy, nor give them any chance. Having seen enough, we leave the scene and head back to the forward command centre.


“They must be landing assault parties. Damn!” Jerome smashes his fist on the table as we arrive at the centre.


“Someone needs to go and save the Prime Minister and other elite of our society,” Rick quips.


“And someone needs to go and talk to them,” Jerome adds.


“Talk to them? You’re joking,” Rick is surprised and so are we, “We can’t even get to them leave alone have any conversation with them.”


“I know, but someone has to try,” Jerome replies, “And yes we can get to them. We still have that other craft we captured and the alien in our captivity.”


“Yes, we do have the craft and being located at higher grounds its’ still available, but how are you going to make the captive comply?” Rick asks Jerome.


“I don’t know but have you got any other idea?” Jerome asks Rick in return.


Rick becomes contemplative and finally yields to the situation, “You are right! We have no other choice.”


“I’ll go and try to seek his help,” Jerome says, “You take on the command from here on.”


“I can’t,” Rick replies, “Someone has to save the Prime Minister and the rest.”


“What? You cannot fight them in the open,” Jerome is shocked, “It’s a suicide!”


“I know,” Rick replies, “But hey, who’s the Romeo?”


“But,” Jerome wants to say something.


“Look, you go and try talk to the alien commander-in-chief, while I’ll go and try to save my Prime Minister,” Rick says to Jerome patting his shoulder, “We both are at as much risk, so there’s no point arguing. It’s time for the big boys to take on the game!”


Jerome is left speechless for a moment as Rick extends his hand for a handshake. Jerome takes Rick’s hand in his hands and then pulls him into a brotherly embrace, “Best of luck my friend. Hope to see you again.”


“You will,” Rick replies, “If not here then in heaven, where all the good chicks are!”


“You made heaven sound so boring, I don’t feel like dying anymore,” Jerome says and the two laugh together, possibly for the last time.


“Lets’ go men,” Rick says to Charles, Ken and Carl.


“Sir we only have one weapon,” Carl says.


“Yes, I know,” Rick replies, “That’s why you three are going to bait them and I am going to shoot them, one at a time.”


“It going to great fun,” Charles says.


“It sure will be,” Ken replies. And the four men march out of the command centre.


“Time for us to get moving as well,” Jerome says to Ahmed, “Where are the others?”


“They are positioned outside Sir,” Ahmed replies.


“Time to shake a leg to break a leg,” Jerome nods at Ahmed to get going. The two walk out of the command centre.


We decide it’s time to go and join Mishiida and Corbett, so make a dash to their craft.


“Great!” Corbett says as we notice him sitting on the chair next to Mishiida who is flying the craft, his hands firmly gripping the armrests, his body stretched as far back as it possibly could be, his hair standing erect. Doesn’t take long for us to imitate him, considering the way Mishiida is flying the craft.


We are heading straight towards the mother ship when suddenly a beep distracts our attention. We follow Mishiida’s gaze and spot a screen which shows more than hundreds of crafts heading towards Mishiida.


Mishiida’s face literally explodes with rage as she lets out a loud war cry. We are not sure whether to grab our seats or our ears but Corbett decides to keep clinging on to the seat as he looks helplessly at her.


Mishiida turns around and looks at Corbett.


“What now?” Corbett innocently asks.


Mishiida turns her face forward again, turns the craft around and directly towards the incoming opponents. She punches a button on the dash in front and immediately a screen pops out of the dash, right next to where we are. What looks like a very complex algorithm, can be seen running on it. Mishiida opens a hatch on the craft steering and pushes a button inside it. Immediately the steering moves away from her and ends up right in front of Corbett while the screen shifts its’ location to right in front of Mishiida. Mishiida grabs the screen with her hands. She looks at Corbett once again who looks back at her blankly, a pitiable look on his face. In the reflection on the windscreen we notice Mishiida protruding out her tongue out and then biting it with her lips. She then shakes her head in negative and makes a pitiable face. She uses her hand to gesture swearing of neck. We realize she is not sure what is going to happen, and when the pilot is not sure what is going to happen, it is generally a great time to contact your insurance agent. She then turns around and looks at the oncoming air traffic. Fierce blue streaks of light head straight towards our craft. We feel like letting out a scream. But Mishiida concentrates.





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