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“True Love demands sacrifice.”


Chapter Thirty Four: Great!!


Everybody falls in love, everybody wants love, but no one is ready to make the sacrifices required to sustain love. Everyone at some point of their life is forced to make a choice between their love and their desires. Career, money, fame, individual freedom, they all could be at stake on one end of the scale, and your love might be making up the weight at the other end. Your choice at such a crucial juncture can determine the future of your entire life thereafter. Those who ditch their love for money, fame, career, freedom or anything else, they never get the happiness they were destined to when they had a choice to pick up love. Money and fame can buy you the best in the market, but you never get the same love. And when your legs are almost hanging in your grave, it’s the love that you miss, the love that you never got from the replacement.


Love demands sacrifice, and without sacrifice no love can be true. And love which is not true, can never lead to a blissful life. You can act happy all you want to but your actions will give away the discontent and dissatisfaction you got from your bought relationship. Any true love story one may read, the one thing they have in common is the protagonists gave up something important for them, in favour of their love.


Soldiers sacrifice their lives for the love of their country and their countries progress. Parents who sacrifice their comforts, their kids grow up to make them proud. People who sacrifice personal gains, they lead revolutions that make better societies. All these and many more acts are based only on the love that made those involved make the tough call, making them pick their love ahead of everything else.


Curt and Ahmed laid down their lives as they loved their duty ahead of it. Jerome, how could he be any different from those whom he led with pride for so long? And the time is finally here when Mishiida will have to make her choice too. It’s either love or throne. Both cannot exist together.


However at this moment we stand witness to the exemplary bravery of Jerome who is lying in a pool of his own blood, his body hurting badly but mind calm.


“Sir,” Monty rushes to his side immediately.


“How are you son?” Jerome asks him like a fatherly figure he has been to his men all the time.


“I am fine Sir, but what have you done to yourself,” Monty cries, “I’ll call the ambulance.”


“I am afraid it’s too late son,” Jerome replies, trying hard to overcome his pain.


“I won’t let you die,” Monty quips and pulls out his radio, “Hexa calling all units! Emergency! We need an ambulance immediately at RAAF base! I repeat Emergency! Colonel Jerome is injured!”


“Hepta copied! Emergency services on their way!”


“Don’t be a Romeo!” Jerome struggles to speak, “We both know it’s my time to go, and what a befitting way after all the years of service! I am dying proud!”


“Don’t say that Sir! You can’t die!” Monty insists like a child.


Just then some missiles are fired and we all look at the sky. Three alien crafts are approaching the earth again, two stop midway and destroy the missiles while one heads down.


“Tell ‘em to stop firing! Tell ‘em we’ve won!” Jerome tells Monty as he puts his blood drenched hand on his arm.


“Yes Sir,” Monty replies, tears rolling down his eyes, “Hexa calling all units on behalf of Alpha! Hold your fire! We have won!”


The firing stops as the advancing alien craft makes haste. The craft heads straight to where we are. The craft lands and its’ door opens. Mishiida jumps out of it, walks towards Jerome and stops just a few feet away from him. Perhaps she still has a tinge of hatred for him in her heart. She looks at him and becomes motionless.


“He’s dead,” Jerome replies overcoming his pain as he tilts his head back and points towards the General’s body with his weak fingers.


Mishiida looks at the body, thinks for a few moments and then rushes to Jerome, hugging him.


“I owe you an apology girl! I am sorry!” Jerome struggles to say a few words to her as Mishiida gets up and wipes her tears. She understands.


“Sir!” Sandeep gives out a loud cry as he carries Ahmed’s lifeless body out of the craft, Corbett giving him a hand, as Hayley helps a limping Alexander out. Monty immediately rushes towards them.


“Ahmed,” Monty yells out.


Sandeep rushes to Jerome as Corbett and Monty carry Ahmed.


“What happened to Ahmed?” Jerome looks at Sandeep sternly even though his voice is falling apart with all the effort he is putting in, “Why didn’t you save him?”


“We were caught off-guard Sir,” Sandeep replies crying, “He gave away his life for the duty and trying to save me and Mishiida.”


“Since when did my men become Romeo’s?” Jerome quips, pained much more by the loss of his two brilliant men, than his own wound, as he barely manages to ask.


“Sir, even you’ve become a Romeo yourself,” Sandeep replies crying, “How could you let this happen to you?”


“We all are Romeos!” Jerome really struggles with his words this time, “We all love our country and friends more than our lives! We all are Romeos!”


“We are more than happy to be your Romeos Sir, but please don’t leave us,” Sandeep says as he struggles hard to overcome his overpowering emotions.


“You can’t stop a Romeo son,” Jerome says as he puts his hand on his shoulder, smiles and becomes motionless, his eyes still wide open. His hand slips down.


“Sir!” Sandeep and Monty cry out as Sandeep holds Jerome’s hand in his hands. Monty puts his hand on Jerome’s forehead and closes his eyes, both crying their hearts out.


The sound of an ambulance catches our attention but it’s not needed at this spot anymore.


While everybody is busy consoling Sandeep and Ahmed, the second craft flies down as well. Mishiida’s subordinate officer hops out of it and walks up to Mishiida. He is followed by five men who all line up as if ready to take orders.


The officer says something to Mishiida and Mishiida replies back to him. The officer says something again, this time pointing to the men standing behind him, who all say something to her in unison. Mishiida thinks for a moment, turns around and looks at Alexander who realizes they are requesting her to return.


Alexander limps up to Mishiida and says, “I love you my Angel but it’s time you returned home amongst your people.” And tears roll down Alexander’s eyes, “I promise you my life won’t be the same without you anymore and I promise never to love anyone ever again. But you need to return.”


For the second time today Mishiida understands each and every word said to her as tears roll down her eyes and she cries and hugs Alexander tightly. Tears roll down every eye present.


Suddenly Mishiida lets go her embrace and looks on at her subordinate officer. She says something to him, pointing towards self and the Earth. The officer is shocked at what he hears and argues with her. Even the five men standing behind him say something to Mishiida. But Mishiida is adamant as she shakes her head in negative, points at self and the Earth again and says something. The officer moves his face around dejectedly and shrugging his shoulders continues arguing with her. Mishiida refuses to buzz as she shakes her head in negative once more and then says something to the officer again, pointing at him.


The officer firmly shakes his head in negative and the discussion goes on for a few more minutes.


Finally, the officer gives away and says something to Mishiida who smiles happily. The officer however points at the craft behind him and then at Mishiida. He says something pointing at the Earth. He turns around and says something to one of his men who immediately rushes into the craft they had just arrived in and brings out the Mishiida trademark silver weapon with pink lining.


The officer says something to Mishiida to which she nods her head in agreement, replies with a smile. The officer and the men give Mishiida the extended bow given to someone important, revered or old in their culture. Mishiida accepts their respect with the grace of a queen.


The officer and his men get up and return to one of the crafts and fly away. Mishiida meanwhile turns around and looks at Alexander with a smile.


“What, you are not going?” Alexander says as he wipes his tears smiling ear to ear. Mishiida gives him a big smile and hugs him tightly again. “Ouch!” Alexander lets out a faint shriek as he realizes he is physically hurting as well.


“We better take him to the hospital,” Dr Hayley Swift quips.


“Great!” Corbett adds as Hayley laughs and hugs him.


The two couples kiss each other once more as the sun shows up around the edge, shining as brightly as it always has. The contrast of the situation couldn’t have been bigger; two departures and two unions. Our eyes are moist, both with sadness and delight as we wipe our tears.


“But wait a minute! What happened to Rick and his men?” the question suddenly crosses our mind and we decide it’s time to go and look for them. We immediately leave for the hills.


We reach the hills where we left Rick and his men fighting the aliens and immediately start our search, flying just about a hundred feet above the ground. The morning light has dramatically improved our searching radius but to what use?


As we search through the dense vegetation all we find is bodies; bodies in the trees, bodies lying over each other as if making chemistry. And for some strange reason the great artist Robbie Williams’ song “Bodies” start to play in our head. Suddenly Rick appears from across the other side of the hillock, a cigar in his mouth and held in between his thumb and first two fingers, his weapon in the other hand. Following him closely are his three men, each carrying their weapons in one hand, and a bundle of seized weapons tied with their belts in the other.


“Great!” is all we say as we smile and rise above in the sky, for as much as me may have wished to savour this moment of glory, we realize we are just voyeurs whose job is only to watch and record everything that happens. However, this day 15th August will no longer be just another day for the entire world after this.


With these thoughts in our mind, we rise up in the sky to witness something new. Who knows, we may end up following MishiidaAlexander once again on a new adventure.


The song continues to play in our head:

“Jesus really died for me,

Jesus really tried for me!”


-The End-





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