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Mishiida Alexander


“Brave are those who resist the weakening temptations. Strong are those who defeat their inner demons.”


Chapter Thirty One: Thinning air


Irrespective of the motives, means and ends, every battle has its’ beginnings rooted deep inside the many layers of human brain. For every choice there is a dilemma. For every struggle there is a fear. For every situation there is a question. Every man is forced to fight a battle within before waging a war outside. There are temptations to resist which if given a free reign, can degenerate anyone into a selfish manipulator. The fear of failure can tie one’s legs into knots stopping any progress right in its blocks. The daunting questions can scare anyone from facing their answers. The battle is over even before the horns are sounded.


Victory is a slave to the efforts and efforts are a slave to the commitment. Commitment results from a victorious campaign against fear, a tactful handling of uncomfortable questions and an intentional discarding of temptations. No victory can be achieved without fighting a war, physical, metaphysical or psychological.


Rick and Jerome are both aware of the might of the enemy and their own vulnerabilities. But neither of them shirked responsibility when their duty called. Being weak is no reason not to stand up and fight. Dying brave is better than living a coward ‘cause it’s easier to die than face your conscience.


As we sit alongside Mishiida and Corbett, as Mishiida takes on hundreds of alien crafts single handily, Rick and Jerome, neither of the two is too far from our thoughts. We want to be with each one of them but unfortunately, even though we are voyeurs, we still can only be at one place at a time. So we buckle up and embrace for the ensuing conflict as hundreds of blue laser beams are shot at us. Mishiida concentrates on the algorithm running crazily on the small screen in front of her.


As the laser beams converge at our craft, Mishiida starts punching the touch sensitive screen with her fingers and the craft suddenly starts swerving violently in all sorts of directions. Corbett and us, we grip our arm rests hard as we let out a scream, while Corbett’s face constricts. Our arms get lined by blood vessels due to our fast grip on the arm rests. The craft swerves and dodges through the incoming laser fire as all the beams converge at one point just behind our craft. We hear a loud bang and our craft gets a rude jerk from behind. But Mishiida continues flying the craft using the algorithm.


The enemy crafts fire in all directions but Mishiida is amazingly accurate with her mathematical calculations. While we and Corbett look at her face, she effortlessly dodges and wades through the mesh of laser fire and incoming crafts. We look out at the sky and notice how the crafts that have gone past our craft are cutting out sideways and turning around to take on Mishiida again.


Soon Mishiida dodges past all the crafts and immediately turns the craft around. The enemy crafts that had already turned around take another shot at our craft but this time, Mishiida not only dodges the fire but returns it as well. We witness Mishiida’s brilliance and why she is being so ferociously hunted by those who are so scared of her.


Mishiida blows away the enemy crafts as if dusting furniture with a cloth.


“Great!” Corbett exclaims in admiration of her skills and so do we.


In no time Mishiida runs through the files of enemy crafts, wiping them out of existence. As soon as she destroys the last craft she jumps out of her seat and pumps her fist in the air, turns around and raises her hand and gives Corbett a high five.


But the joy proves to be too short lived. As soon as Mishiida gets back on her seat a buzzer goes off on the dash in front. Mishiida is surprised by this sudden sound. She turns around and looks at Corbett.


“What’s the matter?” Corbett asks her twisting his hand. Mishiida motions to him to stand away in a corner. Corbett gets up and does so.


The buzzer goes again and Mishiida hesitatingly presses it. Immediately the face of the General appears above the dash in three dimensions. He is furious as is obvious from the way he is shouting at her. As soon as he finishes Mishiida’s furry erupts as she gives him her piece of mind. Their yelling forces us to cover our ears as we look at what’s happening. The General finally points in a direction and immediately images of Alexander and Hayley appear in front of us. They both are lying in a white room on two white blocks, their hands stretched back and together, tied by what looks like a fibre glass band shinning blue with laser fluorescence, much like our neon lights. The legs are similar tied down as well. There are two big glass containers containing some liquid and positioned right above their heads. Mishiida’s hand immediately extends out for Alexander by instinct as she lets out a faint sigh. Corbett still maintains his cool and looks on at the screen unaffected. The General’s face comes on the screen again and he says something but only this time Mishiida is more receptive. She seems to agree to his command and nods her head. The General cuts the transmission.


As soon as the conversation finishes Corbett lets out a loud scream and punches hard on the dash in front, causing a dent in it. Mishiida gets up and tries to calm him.


“What was that rascal saying?” Corbett asks Mishiida pointing in the direction where General’s face appeared.


Mishiida points at self, then at the flying city above, and then gestures flying with her hand.


“He wants us to go to him?” Cobett asks Mishiida, pointing at her, himself and then at the parent ship.


Mishiida shakes her head in negative, points at self and at the parent ship, then she points at him and at the ground.


“No way, I am going there with you,” Corbett exclaims pointing to self, her and then at the parent ship.


Mishiida shakes her head again but Corbett folds his hands together and then pointing in the direction of the mother ship, says, “Please, I need to go there for her.”


Mishiida looks on at him, thinks for a moment, and finally nods her head in agreement. They both take their seats again. Mishiida folds the algorithm screen back and takes over the manual controls once again. She flies the craft straight towards the mother ship as the gates are lowered to allow the craft to fly in. Mishiida heads it straight towards the top most docking port of the control room at the front of the mother ship.


“Drop me somewhere before,” Corbett points at himself and motions to lower the craft. He then points at Mishiida and gestures flying and says, “You go ahead and meet them.”


An excellent soldier that Mishiida is, she immediately understands Corbett’s plan and docks the craft a few ports below the top. She opens the door, gets off her seat and motions Corbett to get up and move as well.


“But I wanted you to drop me someplace earlier than yourself,” Corbett exclaims.


But Mishiida rushes out. Corbett follows her out and as soon as he hops out of the craft, the entrance to the building opens and four armed men march out of it, wielding guns. But Mishiida is too quick for them as she pulls out her weapon and finishes them in no time.


“What are you doing?” Corbett is surprised but Mishiida rushes in, gesturing him to follow her. Corbett complies.


Once inside the building, Mishiida stops in the corridor, turns around and looks at Corbett. She points at Corbett and then in one direction, then she points at herself and points, first at the opposite direction, and then at the top. Corbett nods his head, pulls out his weapon, gives her a thumbs-up, and gets going. Mishiida stands there for a second or two and then rushes in the opposite direction. We follow Mishiida as she runs through the corridor. Suddenly a door opens just as Mishiida runs past it and two aliens walk out. They see Mishiida and scream. They pull out their weapons but once again, are beaten to the trigger. Mishiida dives in the air, twisting around towards the ceiling, takes two shots to take the enemies out, then twists again to face the floor, lands on her palms and rolls over to hop back on to her feet. She continues her quick dash.


Suddenly the General’s three dimensional image pops right in the middle of the corridor. Mishiida is forced to stop in her stride. The General blows hot at her once again and this time Mishiida lowers her weapon. A room towards the other end of the corridor opens and four men walk out of the room and head straight to Mishiida. They surround her, their guns pointing at her head. One of them says something to her and she hands over her weapon to him. The man at the front gestures her to follow him. They escort Mishiida to the end of the corridor. They all stop at the end of the corridor and turn around. Mishiida follows suit. A bright blue light cylindrical veil surrounds them. The veil has got all sorts of algorithms running in its’ structure. The man leading the party uses his fingers to rearrange what looks like a digit, in the algorithm and we are lifted up in the air much like our lifts. We look down at our feet and realize we don’t have a floor below our foot anymore, rather a blue light base.  Soon enough our lift stops, right in the middle of the control room as Mishiida and us stand facing the General, his son and other military officials. The four men escorting Mishiida give the General the extended bow introduced to us by Mishiida and walk away from her, leaving her in the middle of the room. Mishiida however stands her ground, hatred simmering in her eyes.


The General’s son gets up and shouts something at her to which Mishiida replies something. Whatever she says, it enrages the General’s son as he hops off the balcony, charges at Mishiida and lands a very heavy punch in her stomach. Mishiida collapses down on the floor for a second but gets back up on her feet. General’s son says something again and Mishiida replies with equal hate. The General’s son grabs her from her hair, pulls her around, and slaps her hard on her face, then again, and again, and again. He continues bashing her around the room for some time when finally Mishiida starts struggling to get back on her feet.


At this point the General gets up from his seat and says something to which Mishiida replies again, her words laboured as she struggles with the pain of the blows her body has just survived. General says something to his son and his son starts bashing Mishiida mercilessly again. After thrashing her for some more time, the son stops as his father say something to her again. Her reply enrages him as he turns around, opens a lid on top of the armrest of his throne, presses a button, and a small cylindrical pole emerges in the middle of the room. He presses another button and two helically coiled, ribbon like blue light flames emerge out of the top of the pillar. General’s son grabs Mishiida from the back of her neck and her arm. He drags a bent Mishiida straight towards the flame and says something to her. Mishiida replies again but the son gets furious, kicks her in her stomach with his knee, and tries to pull her head over the flame. Mishiida resists.


The General says something again to which Mishiida replies in an agitated tone. The general’s son tries to push her face over the flame again but she resists. The son starts kicking and punching her non-stop but nothing seems to get the words they want out of Mishiida’s mouth. The General finally says something and presses another button on his seat. A wall on the side of the balcony slides away and we see Alexander and Hayley lying tied below the containers full of a fluid. The General says something again and this time Mishiida replies pleadingly with her hands folded. The General shakes his head and says something again but Mishiida’s answer, once again, doesn’t go down well with him as he says something to his son. His son then goes berserk hitting Mishiida. He goes on and on until Mishiida looses her consciousness and her green blood flows out of her mouth.


The General says something again and the General’s son drags Mishiida away, grabbing her from her legs. We follow him as he drags her into a room that appears to be right next to the one Alexander and Hayley are in. He lifts her up from her armpits and puts her on the white block in the middle of the room. He then walks to a side wall, rolls his hand in a circular motion on it and a block moves out of the wall. We notice a control pad on top of it. The General’s son punches some buttons and we hear a sound. We turn around and notice Mishiida’s hands and legs have been tied to the block with blue light fibre glass pipes, exactly the way Alexander and Hayley’s are. We decide enough is enough and decide to search for Corbett in the building.


We rush through the building searching every nook and corner and find a trail of six dead bodies. Following the trail of the dead we finally get to Corbett who is hiding behind a metal block, three aliens are patrolling the corridor ahead. Corbett waits there patiently until one by one two leave in another direction. As soon as the sound of the foot steps decreases to one pair, Corbett jumps out of the hiding and straight into his firing stance and boom. As another dead body falls with a thud the two others who had just left him come rushing but two more booms lead to two more thuds. Corbett continues on his slow progress, and considering he’s already killed nine in less than fifty meters distance, it is indeed too slow and too destructive. We decide to go and have a look at what Jerome is up to and leave the mother ship in Corbett’s command and make our way to Jerome and his team whom we meet just about when they are entering an underground facility just on the outskirts of the flooded terrain.


“You five make your way to the craft and hide somewhere there,” Jerome says to his men, “Wait for me and the alien to arrive there and get inside the craft. You sneak up right behind us unnoticed.”


“Sir, there is not enough room for all of us to hide on that craft,” Monty replies as he remembers from his inspection of the same when they captured it.


“How many of you can I take then?” Jerome asks.


“Only two,” Monty replies.


“That’s miserly,” Jerome says and then thinks for a moment, “Ok! Sandeep and Ahmed will go with me, while you get back to the command centre and stay in touch with the States. Ryan and Mathew, I want you two to oversee search and rescue of those still alive but trapped in flood water.”


“But sir I want to go with you,” Monty insists.


“Your job is no less important Monty,” Jerome replies, “Besides I am sure you all want to go with me but I can only take two.”


“But Sir,” Monty wants to say something but is cut short by Jerome.


“It’s no time to be a Romeo,” Jerome tells him, “Battles are not won by ifs and buts son! When ifs fail, butts get shot.”


“As you order Sir,” Monty relents.


“Good!” Jerome replies, “Head to your posts and jobs men. I smell victory and I want victory. Else post me your heads and I promise never to remember you!”


“Sir!” the five men salute and march away into their respective directions. Jerome looks at them for a while and then walks inside the facility. The sentry on guard salutes him as he nods his head and asks, “Which way is the captive?”


“Sir, straight ahead, second right, first left, third room on the left,” the sentry replies.


Jerome thanks him and walks away in the direction guided. He reaches the door and the sentry on guard salutes him.


“Anyone else inside?” Jerome asks him.


“Just the six guards Sir,” the sentry replies.


Jerome nods his head and gestures him to open the door. As we walk inside with him we find the alien heavily chained around his legs and arms, six men surrounding him, two carrying electrodes and electrocuting the alien to keep him in control.


“That’s alright,” Jerome says as all the men salute him, “You can wait outside.”


“Sir, he’s very dangerous,” one of the men comments.


“I know,” Jerome replies, “But I still want to talk to him alone.”


“But Sir, he doesn’t understand our language,” the sentry points out.


“That’s fine, I don’t like discussions anyway,” Jerome replies, “You all can leave him with me and please do give me the keys to these locks.”


“Yes Sir,” the men reply as one of them hands Jerome the keys. They all walk out of the room one by one as the alien looks on at Jerome, surprised.


As soon as everybody has left the room, Jerome walks up to the alien who stays unmoved, watching carefully Jerome’s every move.


“It’s fine! I’m a friend,” Jerome says gesturing to him to stay back. He walks near to him, shows him the keys and points to the locks, “I am going to open these.” The alien nods his head, still looking at Jerome surprised. Jerome kneels down besides him and unlocks the chains one by one. As soon as the chains are released the alien jumps up on to his feet and is about to punch Jerome when Jerome says, “Stop! I need to talk to you.” Jerome points at self and the alien. The alien fails to understand him but stops anyway.


“I need you to take me to your mother ship,” Jerome says to him pointing at him, then at self and then skywards. The alien fails to understand so Jerome repeats it again a few times until the alien finally gets it and nods his head in agreement. Then the alien says something and points at his naked body.


“I’ll get you something,” Jerome says as he gestures him to stay there. Jerome walks out of the room and asks the sentry to bring him a spare uniform. The sentry nods and run to a room further down the corridor and returns with a dress he thinks will fit the alien. Jerome takes the dress back inside and helps the alien get dressed. He then motions the alien to walk along with him.


“Get us a vehicle,” Jerome tells the sentry at the door who nods and rushes to arrange a vehicle.


Jerome walks him out of the underground facility and into a waiting hummer. He orders the driver to drive them to the location where the second captured craft is. Jerome and alien sit quietly through the journey as the alien looks out of the window at the destruction they have caused on earth. They finally reach the location of the captured craft. The alien gets excited immediately and nods at Jerome to follow him. The alien reaches the craft and puts his hand on the side of the door and moves it around in an alternating clockwise and anticlockwise fashion for a few times, when a latch opens to reveal a control pad. The alien punches a button and the door of the craft opens. We notice Sandeep watching all the intricate procedures carefully from behind a pile. The alien gestures to Jerome to get onboard. As soon as the two board the craft, Sandeep and Ahmed sneak inside too. The door closes and the craft takes off.


As the craft takes off we decide to have a quick look at what Rick is doing, so make a quick dash towards the hills. After a very short search we find Rick and his three men, slowly and slowly making their way through the dense vegetation. The three men, Ken, Carl and Charles, leading Rick by about thirty metres in a single file, are spread out laterally over Seventy five metres. Suddenly Charles stops, kneels down and lets out a muted whistle. He raises his hand and makes a fist. Everybody else kneels down too. Each man has his weapon ready in the firing position. Rick however takes the stance proposed by Corbett. Soon two manly forms are noticed just above the top of the cliff, lit by the moonlight.


“Who goes there?” Charles yells out. In reply we hear the trademark shriek of the aliens as the two forms charge in the direction of the voice. Ken who is at the other end of the formation opens fire at the two aliens. The fire distracts the aliens as they stop and look at each other. Ken empties his gun and then starts running. The two aliens make a dash towards him firing at will but only getting the trees in the way. As soon as one of them appears in the target line of Rick, a single shot from Rick silences him. The other alien immediately charges towards Rick who starts running sideways in the direction Ken had gone. The alien follows him diagonally in the same direction but Carl opens fire at him. The alien stops for a moment and Carl immediately yells out, “Now!”


Rick turns around and takes out the other alien.





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