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Mishiida Alexander


“Tall enemies have weak knees. Bring them down and they are shorter than you.”


Chapter Thirty Three: Don’t mess with me


Many a times one is faced with an adversary much taller in stature, farther in reach and stronger in ability. Fighting with such an adversary can appear to be a lost cause, mentally and psychologically draining. Your efforts loose impact even before they reach a crescendo. The next thing you know, you are looking for an escape. But then, is it really as bad as you are making it out to be?


Tall people have week knees. But then, it could be the case with anyone. However, it’s easier to hit a tall man’s knees and bring him down on them. And once down on his knees, no man can hit yours. And in that position he is shorter than you, just the right height for you to take his head off.


The best strategy to deal with a strong adversary is to identify his weakness and make him over-cautiously protect it. Once you have diverted his attention, you are free to pierce his chest. And in case he doesn’t protect it, you can always hit him there.


Jerome and Rick knew humanity couldn’t have taken out the enemy in a direct conflict. That was exactly the reason why they chose to involve it in Guerrilla-warfare. And as soon as Jerome realized the General was keen on the gun they have already destroyed, he immediately used the pretext to break him away from his son and lead him into an unprotected zone. The General in his false sense of security, emanating out of his over confidence in their abilities, let himself to be led astray. Now it is up to Jerome to close the deal.


However, at this moment we are standing right next to Sandeep and Ahmed who in their effort to free Mishiida, have been caught. An alien, his weapon held high and pointing at their heads, walks into the room, a big smile on his face. Sandeep is left in suspended animation, not sure what to do as his finger hangs above the last digit he needs to punch in to free Mishiida.


Suddenly Ahmed turns around and lunges at the alien, grabbing his weapon and trying to turn it away.


“Punch the code Sandeep,” he yells as he grabs the alien’s weapon. But he is too weak to have any impact on the stronger adversary. One single shot blows away a big hole in his chest and a near lifeless body of Ahmed collapses on to the floor, his hands still gripping the weapon.


Sandeep meanwhile punches in the last button and dives away. The alien takes a shot but almost misses him, the laser beam tearing away the flesh on Sandeep’s shoulder. As Sandeep lands flat on his anterior side, gripping his shoulder in pain, Mishiida jumps off her bed and flings her leg hard and high at the alien’s arm tossing his weapon away. The alien gets scared and tries to turn around and run. Mishiida however is in no mood to let those who messed with her get away. She flings in air punching hard in the fleeing alien’s back. The alien looses his balance and smashes into the corner of the door. The force of the impact is enough to twist him around and drop him on his stomach. Mishiida immediately crouches next to him, putting her knee in his back and rolling her elbow around his neck. A single jerk from Mishiida and a lifeless body of the alien falls to the floor. Mishiida gets up and turns around. She looks at Sandeep who clutching his own wound crawls to a dying Ahmed, taking him into his lap.


“Ahmed,” Sandeep says as tears roll down his eyes.


“Khuda Hafiz my friend,” Ahmed just about manages to say goodbye. A wailing Sandeep wraps his arms around a dead Ahmed.


A tear rolls down Mishiida’s eyes but she knows the importance of time now. She immediately rushes out and we dash back into the control room to see what the General’s son in up to.


We find the General’s son grabbing Corbett’s hair and lifting him up.


“Let him go,” Dr Hayley Swift yells at the top of her voice as she struggles to keep her body wrapped in her badly torn clothes.


The General’s son laughs at her and raises his fist to hit Corbett. But Corbett beats him this time and punches him hard in between his legs once again. The General’s son collapses on the floor once again only this time Corbett is too weak to do anything as he himself collapses next to him. We see a badly bleeding Alexander lying in pain in one corner. The Gereral’s son gets up on his feet and this time he is furious. He grabs Corbett from his hair and drags him towards the blue spiral flames emanating out of the pillar. He is about to drag Corbett’s body over the flame when suddenly the door to the room in which Hayley and Alexander were held captive opens. Mishiida enters the room only to find the wall in front open. Her eyes immediately fall on a suffering Alexander and a friend at the mercy of her arch enemy. She looks around and is surprised at the too little company the General’s son has.


The General’s son however immediately yells something at Mishiida to which Mishiida replies back. The General’s son leaves Corbett and turns to his men standing at the controls. He says something to them to which they all reply and shake their heads in negative.


The General’s son gets furious and tries to charge at them but they all pull out their weapons and point at him. The General’s son looks at the subordinate officer who turns his face away, bows to Mishiida and says something to her. Mishiida bows back and says something to him before turning her attention back at the General’s son.


Caught unawares and alone the General’s son looks around trying to find something when finally his eyes fall on Alexander. He immediately rushes towards Alexander, perhaps to try and use him as his shield but Mishiida lands right in between him and Alexander. One big punch from Mishiida and the next moment the General’s son’s body is flying in the air.


Left with no choice, the General’s son gets up, says something to Mishiida and gets ready for a fight. Mishiida smiles, nods her head in agreement and immediately takes up her assault stance. The two slowly and slowly inch towards each other, their eyes fixed on each and every movement of the other. The General’s son takes the initiative and flings a punch at Mishiida who ducks by bending over back and balances herself on the tips of her fingers, but while doing so she also flings one of her feet high and right under his chin. His body is tossed away in the air. Mishiida immediately regains balance on her feet and charges at the General’s son, the two exchanging fierce blows and trying to block the hits from the other. We witness some of the best moves of the alien marshal arts.


Finally after a long duel Mishiida seems to gain the upper hand as she starts thrashing the General’s son mercilessly. The General’s son beaten and bruised finally lands close to one of his men. He immediately gets up and punches his man out, grabbing his weapon in the process. He immediately takes a few shots at Mishiida who ducks around like a gymnast but always towards him. She finally get close enough to hit him on his knee with one leg to bring him down, and on his face with her other leg before he could hit the floor. Her heel knocks out one of his eyeballs as he clutches his eye in pain.


Mishiida gets up and takes him to task, giving him a taste of the brutality he had inflicted upon her earlier. She bashes him around the flame in circles until she finally stops and looks up, as if lost in some distant memories. Her eyes fill up and tears roll down them. She gets ferocious like a Lioness and grabs the General’s son with her hands. She lifts his body up in the air, turns around and tosses him through the blue flame. The flame cuts his body into two as his legs and torso fall on either side across it. She gives out a loud shriek and rushes to the pillar bearing the flame. She kicks and punches the pillar ferociously.


She continues venting out her anger when a hand suddenly taps her shoulder. The sub-ordinate officer who had been watching all this silently has come down from the balcony to console her. She turns around and hugs him tightly, crying. The sub-ordinate officer pats her head and says something, trying to console her like a family elder. She finally calms down and asks him something. He replies pointing towards the earth.


“Mishiida,” Alexander’s painful voice calls her from behind.


She turns around and looks at a badly bleeding Alexander who is trying to get back on his feet. She immediately rushes to him and helps him get up. She looks at him, crying. She wipes her tears and kisses him softly on his lips, caresses his face, kisses him again and then hugs him.


“We need to take him to the hospital,” Hayley says as she gets to the edge of her room.


“Are you alright?” Corbett however asks Hayley.


Hayley not caring for the company anymore jumps down into the control room before folding herself back in her torn clothes. She rushes to Corbett who manages to get back on his feet.


“You came here for me?” Hayley asks Corbett, crying as she touches his face.


“I came here to save myself,” Corbett replies, “I couldn’t have lived without you anyway.” And two hug each other.


“Great!” is what Corbett says as Mishiida and Alexander look on at the two and smile. They turn around, look at each other and then hug each other. The two couples share a deep kiss each as everybody in the room smiles and turns away.


Finally Mishiida turns around and says something to the subordinate officer who immediately nods and rushes to a control board. We realize it’s time to catch up with Jerome. We leave everybody safe in the mother ship and head towards the earth.


On our way we notice how alien crafts have all lined up in five files of two hundred crafts each, each file at a different height and angle to the earth. Perhaps they are all present there to provide protection to the craft carrying the General and his three subordinate officers. We dash past them all and make our way down to the earth where we find three alien crafts parked at the site of the Richmond RAAF Base. Five alien soldiers are guarding the three crafts. We leave them there and search through the piles trying to find Jerome and his company. We head straight to the location where the make shift laboratory was set up, the place where everything belonging to Mishiida was taken apart. The fact that Jerome is not there surprises us no end.


“Where could he possibly be?” we wonder as we search around. As we rise up in the sky to have a better look we notice its’ far-eastern end beginning to get brighter. The morning is just around the corner. We finally notice Jerome leading the General, his three subordinates and five men towards the biggest pile at the site.


“It is buried under this one,” Jerome says pointing to the aliens just as we reach there.


The General looks at his subordinates surprised and then gazes back at Jerome, his eyes constricting.


“It is there,” Jerome says again, pointing at the pile and nodding his head in affirmative.


The General pulls out his weapon and points it at Jerome’s head.


Jerome shrugs his shoulders and says again, “I told you, it is there.” He points at the pile once again.


The General looks at his officers once again who also shrug their shoulders in helplessness and point at the pile. The General nods his head contemplatively and says some thing to the five men accompanying him. The men nod their heads, put their weapons away and climb up the pile. They start dismantling it rubble by rubble, tossing everything away like it was made of cardboard.


The General looks suspiciously at Jerome once again who quips nodding his head in affirmative, “It is there!”


As soon as the General looks away Jerome looks up at the sky and we follow suit instinctively. To our and Jerome’s surprise the files of the planes have all started their return to the mother ship one by one.


“What the hell,” Jerome says pleasantly surprised.


Just then the communication gadgets each alien including the General is bearing, they start beeping. They all get surprised but before they can answer their devices the three craft they had arrived in, lift off in the air and fly away. The General immediately pulls out his device and presses a button. The face of Mishiida appears in front of him. As they all get involved with what’s happening Jerome slowly and slowly sneaks away from the group.


He pulls the string of his watch out and after a beep he yells in it, “Now!”


Immediately lids covering trenches are blown away, throwing the sand covering them all around. Anti aircraft guns are lifted out hydraulically and start firing at the group of aliens from every possible corner. Before any alien can answer the fire, three of them are taken out while the General and his subordinates along with their two surviving men run in different directions.


Jerome runs away from the group while the General follows him, firing at will. Jerome dodges his fire as he turns around a pile and gets out of his sight. The General turns the corner only to realize, he’s lost him. With no means left to get away and his men running for their lives, the General is left with no choice but to search his foe.


The General walks through the piles slowly, carefully looking for Jerome. Suddenly a few soldiers appear around the corner and fire at him with their automatic assault rifles. The General takes them out in no time and continues with his search. We too start one of our own and in no time find Jerome stationed above a pile, a brick in his hand and concealed from the Generals view, watching every move of his foe carefully through a small opening between piles of concrete lying in front of him.


The moment Jerome is confident enough of taking his man out, he flings the brick with force at the Generals hand, disarming him. Before the General can react Jerome charges at him yelling at the top of his voice. He flings himself in air but rather than punching him on his torso or head, he aims for his weak spot. The General is down in no time. Jerome quickly gets up, grabs the General from one of his legs and drags him away from the weapon that the General is desperately trying to grasp, still writhing in pain from Jerome’s blow. The moment Jerome notices General’s pain subsiding he kicks him at the same spot again, and then again, until he has dragged the General away in to the middle of another street.


He immediately leaves the General and tries to rush towards his weapon but a laser fire just misses his head. Perhaps Jerome’s instant moment saved him, but the near miss distracted him enough to topple him of his feet. Luckily for him, before the General’s subordinate who had come to the General’s rescue can take another shot, a hummer mounted anti-aircraft gun blows enough holes in his head to silence him forever.


But immediately a laser fire from a side destroys it along with its’ occupants. Another burst of anti-aircraft gun is heard not to far from the current site of action and the lack of laser fire response indicates the neutralization of the enemy to us. A few more random gun fires can be heard in distance. Perhaps rest of the General’s party has been engaged as well. However, all this commotion made us miss the action we were witnessing.


We turn around and find Jerome getting up and making another dash for the General’s weapon but a leg thrust between his legs tackles him face down to the ground. Jerome quickly turns around but it is too late by then.


The General thrusts a thick metal rod he’s pulled out of the rubble, straight through Jerome’s chest. A painful shriek escapes Jerome’s lips, and the General enjoys every bit of it as he twists the rod around. The General pulls the rod out of Jerome and thrusts it through the other side of his chest, then again through his stomach, stabbing him five times in all and finally leaving the rod inside his body. Jerome grabs the rod with both hands while still in pain and tries hard to pull it out of his body. The General laughs and walks away toward his weapon.


“Sir,” a sound from behind distracts us. As we turn around, we find Monty running towards a badly wounded Jerome. He bends over in his run up, picks up the General’s subordinate’s gun and as he falls forward, he tosses it towards Jerome. “Catch it!” is the shout and catch it is what Jerome does, without any mistake.


As the General turns around after picking up his gun, Jerome holds the weapon firmly, stretches his arms above and behind his head, tilts his head behind to take an aim. The next moment, a headless body of the General falls to the ground.





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