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Mishiida Alexander


“When fighting many enemies at the same time, destroy the strongest one first.”


Chapter Thirty Two: My time at my will


Human battles can often bear an uncanny resemblance to the food chains that run within the nature, in its’ pristine wilderness. Some of them are akin to a Lion hunting down a zebra, while others grossly feign a pack of wolves hunting down a deer. But unlike the unidirectional food chains, running from the herbivore to the top-carnivore, human battles have one angle in access to the brute impact, politics. Victory amongst humans is not determined by the strength of the fighting force, but rather by the tactical superiority. An integral part of this tactical superiority is the political manipulation.


A twist of fate and one can find oneself pitched in a battle where one is forced to take on multiple enemies at the same time. The battle may all but seem to have been lost, even before the first shot is taken. But sometimes, what seems to be a lost cause might just be a minor aberration in the plot for a successful campaign.


When fighting many enemies at the same time, the best strategy is to take on and destroy the strongest one amongst them first, avoiding direct confrontation with its pups, letting them run away with minor battles. At the end of the day what matters is, not how many battles you lost but, did you win the war. A pack always looks up towards the strongest one amongst them, and is generally content under the impression that as long as he is there, they are going to win. A comprehensive defeat of their strongest member destroys them psychologically, and instils a fear for you. Besides the strongest one out can be the right medicine to boost your own motivation.


Alexander’s abduction might have been the instigating factor under current circumstances but Mishiida always knew the only way to win this war is to kill those who lead the assaulters. So she headed straight to them. She would have done exactly the same had she not been interrupted in her quest by the over-zealous humanity.


These and many other thoughts cross our tired minds as we toe behind some weary bodies who haven’t slept for too many hours on the trot now. But fatigue is not what could affect the brilliance of a mastermind like Rick. His planning is immaculate to the dot, and execution precise.


“Relieve the dead of what they don’t need anymore,” Rick whispers to his men.


“Sir,” Ken almost doesn’t make any sound as he and Charles slowly and slowly walk to the two dead bodies and collect their weapons, one apiece.


“Formation Bi-dent,” Rick whispers again, and the four men arrange themselves in a Y-shape, Ken and Charles with their new weapons making up the two top edges, Carl in the centre and Rick at the back. The four men start walking again slowly, making sure not even the fallen leaves getting crushed under their feet make any sound and reveal their movements and location.


Suddenly a sound of crushing leaves attracts their attention. Ken and Charles both kneel down into new assault position, raise their hands and make a fist. Carl and Rick kneel down as well, and Rick turns around to face the opposite direction.


The sound of crushing leaves is heard again as Ken and Charles both look in the direction of the sound. The third time the sound originates too close for comfort and a wombat jumps on to Charles without giving a warning and runs away shrieking.


“Damn you idiot,” Charles whispers.


“Quiet,” Rick whispers again, but before anyone could move, a laser fire just about misses Charles’ head by a whisker.


Charles immediately rolls away to escape a volley of subsequent fires.


“Fire,” Rick yells as he and Ken take four five shots in the direction of the laser fire until they hear two painful shrieks which subdue within moments.


“Check ‘em out Carl and relieve them of their weapons,” Rick tells Carl who slowly makes his way up to the dead and picks up the two weapons.


“Keep the spare on self,” Rick tells Carl who immediately complies.


“Formation King’s Cross,” is Rick’s next command as the four men arrange themselves at the four edges of a cross, all facing different directions and once again moving slowly. We look above at the sky and notice Jerome’s craft has almost made it to the mother ship.


We leave Rick and his men to what they are doing and head towards the mother ship. We catch them just as they are waiting outside the mother ship to gain entry into the flying city. We get inside the craft and notice Sandeep and Ahmed hiding securely in the hind part of the craft. The alien is busy trying to establish contact with his masters. Finally the communication channel opens and a three dimensional face appears in front of him that says something to him. The alien responds to him and points at Jerome who is sitting next to him. The face glides across in front of Jerome and looks at him carefully, then the face turns around and we hear him saying something to someone behind him. The faint voice that we hear in the background sounds familiar. The face turns forward and glides in front of the alien and says something to him. The alien nods in agreement and the entrance to the mother ship opens. As the craft flies in, and towards the topmost docking port of the control tower, we decide its’ time to check what Corbett is up to. We make a quick search of the building but end up finding Corbett still stuck on the same floor, four more bodies dearer.


“Great! Looks like I am stuck on this floor for eternity,” Corbett exclaims as he shakes his head. Suddenly a door just behind him opens and two aliens walk out of the room. He immediately turns around and takes two shots to take them out, but unfortunately the second one escapes with a serious injury as he dives back into the room, shutting the door behind. Within a matter of few moments sirens start ringing in the building.


“Great!” is all Corbett says as the General’s son’s full body appears in three dimensions, right in the middle of the corridor and right in front of him. Corbett immediately turns around and tries to run but another hologram of the alien appears directly opposite to the original. The general’s son laughs at Corbett and points his finger at him. We notice a blue light descending down at the far end of the corridor as three aliens jump out of it, their guns pointing firmly at Corbett. Two doors at the other end of the corridor open and four to five aliens emerge out of each and surround Corbett from behind. Corbett looks at those surrounding him from both sides, and they look back at him.


“Great!” Corbett shakes his head and lowers his weapon. Immediately one of them walks up to Corbett and hits him on his head. Corbett falls unconscious to the ground. The alien lifts him up on his shoulders and carries him towards the flashing blue light lift. Two of his mates join him. The lift heads straight up towards the top floor. We decide it’s time to head upstairs and see what is going on between Jerome and the General.


“We want friendship with you people,” Jerome can be heard trying to explain with elaborate hand gestures, just as we arrive inside the control room.


The General looks on at Jerome and then at his son. The two have a bit of a conversation before the General’s son motions at one of their men manning a screen at the front end of the control room, and says something to him. The man nods and immediately starts working on the control panel in front of him. A picture of the gun Mishiida was carrying, flashes on the screen. The General’s son hops down from the balcony, walks up to Jerome and points at the picture of the gun. Then he looks at Jerome. Jerome thinks for a second and then nods his head in agreement.


“Yes, I know where that is,” Jerome says nodding his head and pointing in the directions of the gun. “I can take you with me to find it,” Jerome says pointing to the General and himself.


The General’s son immediately steps between his father and Jerome’s gaze and shakes his head in negative. He then points at himself and then at Jerome, then at the gun, as if saying, “I am the one who will go with you.”


The General immediately says something to his son to which he disagrees. The two start to discuss with each other. Finally one of their four subordinate army officers’ speaks to break the dead lock. Finally the General looks at Jerome and then points at himself and three of his sub-ordinates. Jerome nods his head in agreement. The General, followed by his three subordinates, walks up to a corner of the balcony and a lift appears and lowers them down. They walk up to Jerome and motion him to follow them. We follow them as they lead Jerome out and into the craft that he came in. As the four of them fly away for earth along with Jerome, we return to the control room of the mother ship to see what the son is up to with Corbett.


As we return to the room, a lift similar to the one that brought Mishiida into the control room appears, and the three aliens escorting a now conscious Corbett, violently push him on to the floor. Corbett puffs and gets up on his feet. The sound of alien laughter fills up the room. We turn around and notice the General’s son sitting on his throne, one subordinate officer giving him company. Corbett looks on at him for a few moments, and when the Genreal’s son doesn’t stop laughing, Corbett himself starts laughing out loud. Corbett’s laughter at first bewilders and then irritates the General’s son, who gets up from the throne, jumps off the balcony and punches Corbett hard in his stomach. Corbett clutches his stomach in pain and collapses on the ground. The General’s son keeps standing on top of him, waiting for Corbett to overcome his pain and react. Corbett once again, as soon as he gets over his pain, starts laughing at the General’s son.


This rebellious behaviour irritates the General’s son so much that he starts kicking Corbett non stop. But Corbett keeps on laughing, caring not for his body that is slowly breaking down under pain. The General’s son finally stops and looks on at a wilting Corbett who still manages to give him a smile. The General’s son thinks for a moment and then an idea suddenly hits his mind. He immediately jumps back on to the balcony, goes to his father’s throne and punches a button to open up the room housing Alexander and Hayley. He looks at Corbett and gives him a weird smile. He then jumps from his balcony and into the room housing the two captives.


“What is he doing here?” Hayley turns her head towards Alexander and asks her.


“I don’t know,” Alexander replies, “But I can use a hand to scratch my bum.” And Hayley burst out laughing.


Corbett stays silent and looks on unmoved. The General’s son stands between Alexander and Hayley, who are still unaware of Corbett’s presence there. The General’s son looks at Corbett and lifts his eyebrows, as if asking, “So, what say now?” Corbett stays silent, perhaps trying not to let the alien know his weakness. When Corbett acts unaffected, the General’s son climbs on to the block on which Hayley is lying.


“Oh my GOD! What is he doing?” Hayley asks but before Alexander can answer, the General’s son starts kissing and grappling Hayley like a hungry wolf.


“Keep your hands and body off me you rascal,” Hayley spits venom at him.


“Stay away from the girl you dog,” Alexander yells, “Talk with me if you want to.”


The General’s son stops and looks at Corbett, who still acts unmoved.


“I said, talk to me you jerk,” Alexander yells again, “What are you looking at? Get off her.”


The General’s son looks at Alexander and then at Corbett. He gets off Hayley’s bed and hops on to Alexander’s.


“Oye! What are you trying to do?” Alexander immediately gets scared, “I only asked you to talk to me.”


The General’s son however grabs Alexander’s wound in his hand and squeezes it. Alexander yells out in pain, but Corbett stays unmoved. The General’s son finally looses his patience and yells something at the subordinate officer who is still standing in the balcony. The officer bows his head and immediately punches a few buttons on the arm rest of the General’s throne, and the cylindrical pillar with two helically coiled ribbon shaped flames emerges out of the floor again. Corbett gets cautious but stays silent.


The General’s son gets off Alexander’s bed and walks up to the side wall. He puts his palm on the wall and rolls it around in a combination of clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. A slab moves out revealing a control pad. He punches a few buttons that release the tied hands of Alexander and Hayley, who immediately get up on their feets.


“Talk to me now,” Alexander says as he limps towards him, clutching his wound in pain.


The General’s son immediately grabs him from his neck as Hayley rushes to Alexander’s aid.


“Let him go,” Hayley pleads as she grabs his arm holding Alexander’s neck, with both her hands. That’s when her eyes fall on Corbett who immediately shakes his head, suggesting her to stay quiet. Hayley gets the hint but the General’s son notices the telepathic communication and immediately release Alexander and grabs Hayley.


“Let her go,” Alexander yells and tries to grab his arms as the General’s son rips open Hayley’s clothes. Hayley shrieks and immediately rushes into a corner trying to hide herself in her torn clothes.


“You dirty jerk,” Corbett yells and immediately lunges towards the opening in the wall of the room. He jumps to grasp the top end of the wall with his hands and lifts his body up.


“Corbett?” Alexander also notices Corbett’s presence, but as soon as Corbett’s head appears above the floor of the captive cell, the General’s son grabs Corbett from the hair of his head and pulls him up.


The Generals’s son is about to punch Corbett in his face when Alexander lunges and grabs his legs, lifting his feet up in the air to make him fall on his back. This gives Corbett a chance to get back on his feet.


The General’s son however, immediately jumps back on to his feet and kicks Alexander hard in his face. Corbett immediately charges at him and kicks him in his groin. The General’s son collapses to the floor in pain. Corbett immediately rushes behind him and tries to strangulate him by gripping his neck in his arm. But the General’s son grabs him from his arm and pulls him above his head and throws him out of the room and on to the floor of the control room. Corbett falls on his back and shrieks out in pain. Alexander tries to jump on to the General’s son but a merciless kick in his stomach spins him around in the air and across the two blocks in the middle of the room.


The General’s son gets back on his feet and jumps into control room and right next to Corbett who is struggling to get back on his feet. But this time General’s son is in no mood to let him get a moment for himself and starts kicking him around the room mercilessly.


“Let him go,” Hayley yells at the top of her voice.


“Fight with me you dog,” Alexander yells as he climbs down the wall of his room and lands into the control room, immediately clutching his paining wound that has started to bleed now. The General’s son walks to Alexander and punches him hard in his face, as Alexander crashes on to the floor bleeding from his nose and mouth.


“You scoundrel,” Corbett yells as he struggles to get back on his feet and charge at him. But a big heavy punch spins him around and flat on to the ground.


Getting impatient at this merciless bashing up of our friends, we rush to the room where Mishiida is lying, as if she will be able to do something. We find Mishiida struggling to get her hands and feet released of their bindings. We walk up next to her feet and look at her helplessly. As Mishiida continues to struggle, the door behind us suddenly opens. As we turn around Sandeep and Ahmed sneak into the room and immediately notice Mishiida.


“Mishiida, what happened?” Sandeep asks surprised.


“Mishiida immediately says something to them and then points towards the side wall with her head.


“What is she saying?” Ahmed asks.


“I don’t know!” Sandeep replies, “Perhaps she’s pointing towards the wall.”


“Perhaps the key to release her bindings is in the wall, like the controls to open their doors,” Ahmed suggests.


“You may be right,” Sandeep says as he immediately rushes to the wall and puts his hand on it. “What now?” he asks Mishiida.


Mishiida immediately tilts her head backwards and tries to look at her hands and then at Sandeep.


“I should look at your hands?” Sandeep asks pointing towards her hands.


Mishiida nods her head in agreement and spins her finger around in circles, a few times clockwise and then anti-clockwise. She then looks at Sandeep and nods towards his hand resting on the wall.


“Oh, I get it,” Sandeep says as he rolls his hand on the wall in clockwise and anticlockwise manner, the same number of times as Mishiida spun her finger around. The controls in the wall are revealed.


“Damn,” Sandeep says.


“What happened?” Ahmed asks.


“Unlike their door controls, this one has a lot of buttons,” Sandeep says.


“Don’t worry! Mishiida will guide us,” Ahmed says as he walks behind Sandeep to have a look at the control panel.


They look on at Mishiida who once again, motions them towards her hands. As they carefully observe her hands, Mishiida folds her hands and then opens her fingers as if giving them the code numbers.


“Five, Nine, Six, Nine,” Ahmed speaks them out loud as Sandeep punches in the button by counting them manually, but before he can punch in the last digit, the door to the room opens again.


“Uh Oh!” is all Sandeep says as he looks up at the wall in front.





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