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Mishiida Alexander


“Never give up your Love. Give up bad habits, bad company and bad advisers.”


Chapter Three: You found me!! (Part II)


Curiosity leads to new discoveries and every new discovery leads to new curiosities. The thirst for more and newer knowledge is inherently unquenchable. The more one tries to satisfy it more one gets lost in intrigues and wiles of unanswered questions.




We are following a strange visitor from some far off world, a visitor who is hotter than the sun we are walking under right now but who is opening up one mystery after another. We were still struggling with the first question itself, “Who is she?” and now we have a “What is she?” and “Where to is she?” making a mockery of our cranial capacities. Only one thing is certain, she is not human even if she looks like one.




As she walks majestically across the sands dragging her two boxes behind her we cannot help but ask, “Lady would you mind running? We are thirsty. We don’t know what you want, but we want water.” But she cannot hear us so it’s no use whispering to thin air. We may as well continue following her.




Finally after a couple of long hours of following her through the deserts we come across the first sign of shrubs and a lake. We notice a small building along the side of a small dirt road. We are not sure though if we are glad that she’s noticed it as well. As she’s walking towards the building we notice a small sign board saying, “Charlie’s Motel, Morgan SA.” We follow her to the front of the building. She walks up the two steps and stands right in front of the strong wooden door. She stands there for a while as if trying to understand how it opens. She tries to push it but it doesn’t move.




“Let me help you,” a voice startles us from behind and she nearly jumps around to see who it was.




“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you,” the elderly gentleman says as he turns the door knob and holds open the door for the lady.




She walks into the building leaving her boxes on the ground. A man emerges from the room behind the counter, “Howdy! What can I do for you?”




Paying no attention to what he is saying, she starts looking around the lobby and checking the sofa’s lined up against the walls, the paintings on the walls, the pottery items and other things.




“Excuse me Lady! Can I help you?” he repeats his question but his words are falling on deaf years or so it seems.




“She’s a bit queer,” the elderly gentleman remarks, “I held the door open for her and she didn’t even say thanks, leave alone greeting.”




“Perhaps she’s on weed or something. We get some real strange ones over here,” the reception desk guy remarked. “What can I do for you though? I’ll deal with her later,” and the counter guy became involved in dealing with the elderly gentleman while she continues checking the surroundings. Her gaze is finally fixated to a painting of a girl and a boy playing together, as if lost in some other space and time. A couple of tears line up the edges of her eyes, stay there for a few seconds and then shamelessly glide down her soft appearing cheeks and fall on the sofa by her legs and another question is added to our ever lengthening questionnaire. Where her tears fall, they burn the mattress as if somebody has poured acid over them. Infact, at close quarters we can actually smell the mattress burning. What is she? We ask ourselves, scratch our heads and as we look at her face again a couple of tears again appear in her beautiful blue eyes and for the first time we see her face distort in emotions, as if trying hard to control them from overflowing.




“So Room no 12 is all yours mate, straight up the stairs to the left,” we are distracted by the conversation between the old fella and the reception bloke.




“Cheers mate,” the old fella says and is about to leave the counter when just like us and the receptionist, his attention is attracted by the news item being broadcast on the radio:




“Earth is under attack! The aliens are finally here, or so it seems if the police officials from Renmark are to be believed. A police team investigating a brutal assault incident in a local bar in Barmera were in for the shock of their lives when they found themselves hunting a high speed vehicle allegedly being driven by the assaulter. The police team soon found itself facing the assaulter who has been identified as an extremely powerful six foot tall beautiful looking girl with sandy complexion and black coloured tattoo marks around her blue eyes. The girl in question is not just another ordinary human being rather the police would like us to believe, she is bullet proof. The entire police team was allegedly knocked unconscious by a strange weapon of alien origin by the girl in question. The Captain of the team was accidently injured by sfriendly fire when a bullet ricocheted of the girl’s body and hit him in his leg. It is being said that the current communication crisis resulting out of the destruction and de-orbiting of most of the satellites was perhaps a ploy by the aliens to blind us about their arrival. Both ASRI and NASA have been informed of the situation and a team each is being quickly dispatched by the two premier agencies. Meanwhile people are advised to look out for anything or anyone strange and inform the police immediately on one of the following numbers.”




The receptionist and the elderly gentleman both look at our strange visitor.




Meanwhile she has finally decided it’s time to move on and has turned around to leave when we notice the hand of the receptionist moving below the table, searching for something. He finally pulls out a gun from a drawer and points it straight at our visitor from outer space.




“Hold it lady! You are not going anywhere! You move one step and I will shoot!” he says at the top of his voice.




She looks straight in his eyes. Everybody stays silent for a few milliseconds while we are wondering if this guy has gone crazy. Didn’t he hear the news? She is bullet-proof!




She walks a couple of steps towards his.




“Stay right where you are!” he shouts at the top of his voice. His hands start to shake, his voice begins to tremble, his face becomes flushed and we can notice sweat on his brow, and so can she. She smiles at him, turns around and walks slowly and majestically out of the door, her hips swinging from one end to another, her long legs stretching forward in those high heels. She grabs her boxes and is on her way again. The poor guy collapses on the table in front of him crying like a girl, as if some bully just snatched his lolly from him. We rush to catch up with her.




As we are walking through the few houses in Morgan we notice an old man picking bottles from rubbish bins and putting them in his gunny bag. She walks up to him. As he is looking at the strange visitor, she takes the empty beer bottle he is holding in his hands, smells it, licks it and then starts eating it.




“Wow! What are you?” the old fella asks what we’ve been trying to find out for a whole day now.




She looks at him and then at his bag, notices more bottles inside it. She stretches out her hand and holds his bag in it as if asking “Can I take it?”




The old fellow does not say a word and simply lets the bag go. She hold the bag in her hand, then she swings her right hand in a circle in front of her body, kneeling down on one knee at the same time while she stretches her other leg behind. She pulls up her hand vertically in front of her mouth as if trying to play “The Train” with her thumb resting below her chin and her first finger touching her nose. Perhaps it’s the way people of her kind respect their elderly.




She starts moving again, towing her two boxes behind her and the gunny bag containing her favourite food hanging on to one side. And we continue tailing her as she walks across the hot dessert without caring for the heat, without the need of water. Thankfully the sunset is not too far now and we are eagerly awaiting it.




After walking for another hour she finally stops and pulls out her gadget again to see if she is still heading in the direction she wants to. We step a bit closer to have a look at the vibrant screen of what looks like a mini computer when she suddenly turns her head and looks at her feet. We jump on our feet and nearly a mile high in the air. There below at her feet is a big king brown snake fiercely bitting at her right foot, or at least it is trying it’s best. After all, it’s the attitude that counts, doesn’t it?




She looks at him for a moment, then kneels down and picks it up in her hands. She holds it from near his head and pulls out her tongue and tries to lick it. The snake bites her tongue and she squeezes his face with her thumb and first finger to make it release. She nevertheless licks it and the look of her face says it all. Not addible, at least for her. She disdainfully puts it down and is about to move when she thinks about something and turns back. As the snake tries to make good his escape she grabs it from it’s tail, picks it up in both hands and uses it to tie a knot on her gunny bag securing her food. We notice the poor snake’s tongue sticking out as if someone has just strangulated him. She checks her directions and starts moving again.




Meanwhile the sun finally sets and the darkness starts engulfing the entire surroundings. The temperature around us is falling sharply now and we are wondering what will happen to us at night especially when we are only in our jeans and t-shirt. But she is still walking as if she is a machine and hence tireless.




As we continue following her through the desert we finally come across a spot in the shrubs where we notice a fire burning and a jeep and a caravan parked near it. As we get closer we notice someone lying there in a blanket by the side of the fire.




We slowly sneak up towards the caravan, following what she is currently doing. She hides herself behind a bush and pushes the branches away to have a look at what’s over there and who is it.




“I didn’t kill ‘em.. I didn’t kill em.. I didn’t do anything..” the person appears to be sleep taking.




“I didn’t kill ‘em for GOD sake,” he roars as he wakes up and starts shouting at top of his voice, “I didn’t kill ‘em. I didn’t kill ‘em,” as he jumps out of his blanket and rushes straight towards where our visitor is hiding, and pulls out a gun and fires a couple of shots in the air, “I didn’t kill ‘em.”




She gets scared by his sudden aggressive behaviour and pulls out her weapon and takes aim, but then she suddenly stops. But to her misfortune the burning fire is reflected off her shining weapon and it teases him.




“Someone there? Who’s it?” he says as he moves toward the bush she is hiding behind. He finally sees her and as soon as he sees her, he is left speechless and spell bound. Her own condition happens to be no different. She is looking at him, a handsome tanned guy, about five feet ten, and roughly in his twenties or whereabouts.




After a few moments of silence and awe he finally realizes the situation and blurts our, “Oh! I am sorry! I was just rehearsing my lines for the play I am acting in. Have a look for yourself if you want to,” he says pulling some papers out of his pocket.




He tries to forward the papers to her but realizes he’s holding a gun in his hands. “Oh Sorry! This is fake!” he says hiding it back in his waist holster.




“Oh by the way, I am Alex! Alexander Rai!” He says as he offers his hand to her.






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