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Mishiida Alexander


“The love that is true and everlasting is the only one that shines through every test it is put to.”

Chapter Twelve: I’m a man


Those who are blown away by the looks of the opposite sex generally fall for the worst experience of their lives whereas those looking for true love feel the tenderness of a pure heart before they look at the face that presents it. People forget how at the end of the day if you don’t come home to find a warm embrace that will make you forget all the atrocities your day heaped on you, life is more than a grinding stone. Looks barely last beyond a decade or two and the unpredictability of their degeneration means, you may regret to live next door to a person who married the one whose love was pure but was half as pretty but as it generally happens, has matured gracefully. A quarter of the life is about youth, the rest is about adjustment.


Alexander has recogonised the sweet and soft Mishiida entrapped inside a tough soldier while Mishiida trusts Alexander even though she’s barely known him for a day. However the unpredictability of life always generates situations that test the very fabric that makes the length and breadth of a relationship.


“Lieutenant Ryan, Mathew, Monty, Ahmed, Sandeep and Private Curt Sommers reporting Sir,” the loud, clear and a distinctly strict toned voice introduces the late arrivals to us. Now the only thing left for us is to associate faces to the indexed items, or perhaps it won’t be necessary.


“Nice to see your faces gentlemen,” Jerome replies in a stern military tone, his smile conspicuous enough from the edge of a ten mile radius. He looks at Craig who is standing next to him giving us company in being bewildered and then says to his men, “You must be tired! Why don’t you take some rest?”


“Sir, will you give us two days off when we are finished with the mission?” one of them asks.


“Like every other time Private Curt, like every other time,” Jerome replies.


“Sir, let’s not delay our holiday then,” another one replies.


“You are always eager to join the fun Lieutenant Sandeep. Do you know what your mission is?” Jerome asks.


“Yes Sir, to kill the alien,” Lieutenant Sandeep replies.


“Kill her? But I thought we were going to capture her alive,” Craig is shaken by Sandeep’s response and looks haplessly at Jerome.


“If she is fortunate enough,” Private Curt answers for Jerome who looks at Craig as if asking him, “See?”


“Let’s get on with the job boys,” Jerome says before looking at Craig, “Have we got the kid’s parents yet?”


“What? No! I mean, that’s not how it works over here,” Craig says shrugging his shoulders.


“Lets’ make a pact, I won’t guide you regarding your foreign policy as long as you promise not to advice me in military matters,” Jerome is curt but straight to his point, “Have you got their address?”


“Yes, I have,” Craig says with a bit of a hesitation.


As Jerome turns around towards his men Sandeep says even before he opens his mouth, “Sir, that hummer looks big enough for eight.”


“You won’t have satellite navigation though,” Jerome reminds them.


“As long as he is not the one driving, I have got a map tucked in my back-pack,” Private Curt Sommers chips in pointing at the one who was the first one to introduce everyone.


“Why? You want to have sex with me in the back,” the other one replies.


“Lieutenant Ryan, we have esteemed company over here,” Jerome rebukes him and continues, “Lets’ get started boys! Hop inside the command centre and I’ll get you the address.”


As they are about to hop inside we hear another helicopter coming. “Now who could that be,” Jerome asks.


“No idea mate. Lets’ wait and see,” Craig replies.


“Sorry Sir we forgot to bring the bag-pipes along with us. We didn’t know we were in the welcoming committee as well,” Ryan quips.


“My men don’t rest or wait when they are on a mission Craig, lets’ get inside, whoever it is can come in as long as he is a friend,” Jerome says as his men climb up into the command centre container.


“Are you really going to kill her?” Craig pulls Jerome from his arm and asks him softly before they get on the container.


“Minister, you need the girl and I will get her for you and that should be your only concern at the moment. You man Rick is as good a soldier as I am and his men as good as mine, and I may hate to admit but perhaps he is a better human being as well. However there is one huge difference between me and him, the difference big enough to affect a different result in this mission. My men are not confused,” Jerome replies with a hard look on his face.


“What do you mean?” Craig is as bewildered as us but he pops the question before we can put the right words together in our heads. But Jerome only gives a smirk in reply as he hops on board the container, just as the helicopter is landing. We decide to follow them inside to stay in the thick of action rather than being a part of the welcoming committee.


As soon as we climb inside we see the six men introducing themselves to Ron and our attention just like everybody else’s is drawn to a small radio playing a local station with current news.


“And the television will be back tomorrow morning as well.”


“What, the satellites are ready?” Jerome looks at Craig a bit surprised, “Where is our satellite access?”


“Sir, if I may interrupt, just before the start of tonight’s mission I got a message from the headquarters that we will be getting the access straight away,” Ron replies for Craig.


“Great, I can then log you on to the systems with my password,” Jerome is excited.


“Sir, unfortunately you won’t be. Due to some technical problems we couldn’t get a US satellite,” Ron adds to his words.


“Than where are we getting it from?” Jerome asks.


“It’s INSAT Divyadrishti Sir,” Ron replies.


“INSAT Divya whatever that is, doesn’t that stand for Indian National Satellite?” Jerome states the obvious as a question.


“Yes indeed mate,” Craig replies.


“Why in the world an Indian Satellite?” Jerome shows his great displeasure.


“Why not Colonel?” a voice from behind startles us all as we turn around and see the Indian Ambassador to Australia walk in through the command centre door, “If we can run your Silicon valley for you what’s the problem with using our satellite?”


“And you are,” Jerome asks.


“Gentlemen, Colonel, this is the Indian Ambassador to Australia Mr. Ramanathan Iyer,” Craig does the introductions.


“Colonel, I am here to present you the access to the state of art masterpiece with a resolution of one meter, the latest in Indian space resume, INSAT Divyadrishti, or INSAT Divine-eyesight.”


“Thankyou Ambassador, but I am surprised India would be interested in this thing,” Jerome has his doubts.


“Why shouldn’t we be Colonel? We are also on the map of the world. The thing that affects any other country and has a potential to threaten or affect us as well, we have to be interested in it. Besides we are fast becoming the new Go-to member of the US, ain’t we,” Ramanathan replies.


“But still,” Jerome wants to say something but stops midway.


“Still what? When is your birthday?” Ramanathan asks.


“Why do you ask?” Jerome questions in return.


“I want to gift you a globe,” Ramanathan replies.


“We’ve got aplenty in our office Ambassador and I know very well where India is on it,” Jerome is taken aback.


“I was referring to a light bulb,” Ramanathan quips with a wicked smile.


“Let’s get on with the job now shall we? Ambassador,” Craig breaks the deadlock.


“Sure, you can use this USB device to log on to the satellite and I will put in the password to grant you the access, that’s why I have specially flown in here at this hour,” Ramanathan replies.


As Ron takes the USB and works on his system and opens up the satellite linkup Ramanathan takes over and does the rest to grant access to the satellite.


“Gentlemen, before you can use this satellite, I want you all to join me in honouring my great country by showing respect to our National Anthem as it is played,” Ramanathan says as he stands up in attention. Jerome wants to say something but Craig makes an eye contact with him and hints him to do as is being asked. The Indian National Anthem plays out loud.


As soon as the Indian National Anthem finishes playing and Jerome and the rest are about to get at ease Ramanathan says, “What, are you not going to join me for the Australian National Anthem?” Before anyone can say a word, “Advance Australia Fair” starts playing.


As soon as the Australian National Anthem finishes Jerome says, “Are we going to stand for the French, British, Bangladeshi, Moroccan and other National Anthems as well?”


“No, but I am sure you won’t like to disrespect your own National Anthem,” Ramanathan says as Jerome’s next word is left hanging in his mouth as “The Star-spangled banner” gets playing.


“Now you can get on with your work,” Ramanathan says after the US National Anthem finishes playing, “And before I take your leave here’s something for you Colonel.”


Ramanathan hands him the USB key for the satellite and continues, “The password for the moment is; From India to Australia and America with love.”


Jerome is surprised and can only muster, “But, why?”


“We are not jerks Colonel. When I left Sydney Rick was still at the helm, midway from Adelaide to here on the chopper the heads had been changed. I know everything about you Colonel. You are an excellent soldier and an exceptional leader, but you need to be more compassionate,” Ramanathan says tapping Jerome’s shoulder.


“What if we lock you out of your satellite when we are finished,” Jerome replies with a naughty grin.


“Don’t worry, we are Indians. We’ll find a way to break back in,” Ramanathan replies with a bigger grin.


As Ramanathan departs the site, Jerome and his men get on with the job at hand. While his men are dispatched to pick Alexander’s parents up, Jerome instructs Ron to track Alexander’s vehicle.


“Sir, it’s night time and we won’t be able to do much with the Infra-Red imaging at the moment as we are not sure which images will be the ones’ we are looking for. We will have to wait for the morning,” Ron replies.


“I guess there’s not much we can do at the moment then,” Craig says.


“We still can,” Jerome says as he thinks something over in his head, “They say the television will be on air tomorrow. Can I get some television crew immediately?”


“Why is that?” Craig asks.


“You just wait and see?” Jerome replies.


As Craig gets busy arranging TV newsmen we decide it’s time to look up for our two gems lost in the sands. We think to ourselves, “We can always catch what tricks Jerome is up to later on a television set somewhere.”


We rush back in the direction Mishiida and Alexander were heading to. We make a dash all across to the Panalatinga Uranium mines, the one Mishiida is purportedly heading to but we fail to find them anywhere along the route. Perhaps she is not looking for Uranium, or perhaps they have stopped somewhere for Alexander to catch some sleep, we are lost in a maze of questions. “Right way is the right way,” we think to ourselves and scroll all across the right side of the road link to the mines from the site of earlier action and finally bump into the Caravan and jeep we were hounding just before the break of dawn, about half a mile inwards from the main road. Mishiida is crouched on top of the Caravan holding her weapon, all eyes for any movement. Just as we are about to enter the caravan Alexander nearly bumps into us wiping his eyes and throwing his morning breath all over our face as we quickly fall back ten steps to get some fresh air.


“You are still up? Damn, you should have caught up with some sleep,” Alexander says as he notices Mishiida sitting on top still all alert.


The next moment Alexander’s shriek wakes up all the birds and animals residing in the desert between Darwin and Adelaide as he notices the state of his Caravan and Jeep in light for the first time.


“Look what you have done!” he exclaims to Mishiida who looks at him with surprise as he points to the bullet holes that litter his caravan and jeep on all sides now. Mishiida hops off and looks on and figures out what he is referring to. She smiles and taps his shoulder as if saying, “It’s all right. You’ll get better” and then motions him to get moving.


“Yeah, Bitch! What do you care? It doesn’t belong to you. What have you got to loose,” we realize Alexander can cry like a girl as he falls on his knees and hugs his Caravan’s side, “Oh, I am so sorry my sweet-sweet paradise.”


Mishiida stands there for a while before she finally taps his shoulder again and reminds him to get moving.


“I know, I know bitch, but can’t you wait until I finish the funeral of my favourite abode away from home,” Alexander says. Mishiida puts her one hand on her hips and hits her head with the one with the weapon with the other.


Alexander takes his time to get over it and then get ready for the drive. He hops into the driver seat and starts his jeep, “Do you know how much money a Caravan costs?”


Mishiida cannot answer that, both us and Alexander know, so he continues, “I’ll stop at the next gas station to refresh myself quickly and grab some snacks. Do you mind?”


Mishiida still stays silent as Alexander drives up to the next gas station, pulls over and heads to the toilets. Mishiida follows him, “No you can’t come with me,” Alexander tries to stop her but she won’t listen to him this time as she follows him in.


We want to stop her but we prefer to wait outside as we hear a bang and a door is blown open and Mishiida is standing outside fuming.


“Yeah, stand on guard outside. Don’t let anyone in,” Alexander’s voice can be heard loud and clear as we are rolling on floor grabbing our stomachs.


The man at the counter rushes outside to see what’s happened outside and sees Mishiida standing there and as if instantly he has recognised her, his jaw drops as he slowly steps back and back until he is inside the shop and then her turns around and rushes to his phone as he looks at a television set lying on the side and tries to read and dial some number. He keeps dialling the wrong number perhaps because of his excitement. Mishiida walks into the shop and the phone drops from his hands as he gulps a big lump down his throat. She walks up to the counter looking at the man in his eyes as he steps back shaking in fear. Alexander comes in soon enough as we are about to incline at the counter to have a look at what’s being broadcast on the television.


“Once again these are the pictures of the highly dangerous, violent and aggressive alien and her escort Alexander. Any information about their siting should be immediately forwarded to the following number.”


The screen is flashing Alexander’s driver license image and Mishiida’s image from the police car camera at the time of her first encounter with the police. Alexander looks at the screen, jaw dropping and speechless and then at the man at the counter, who is making an honest mirror image of Alexander at the moment. They both look at Mishiida who looks at them and then walks out of the store. Alexander stands there for a few moments and then walks out looking back at the man at the counter again and again who’s looking at them as if he is in a stupor.


Mishiida hops on to the jeep and looks at Alexander who is standing next to it, his jaw still dropping as he is lost in his thoughts. The man at the counter is still standing like a statue while his phone handset hangs down the counter.


“You’ve ruined my career,” Alexander finally manages to get a few words out as Mishiida looks on amazed.


“You bitch! Why did you have to do that?” Alexander tries hard to fathom the reality of the moment that faces him, “My Grammies!” and a tear rolls down his eyes as he possibly visualizes his dream of giving a thanks-giving speech vaporize into steam somewhere just above his head.


Mishiida sensing he won’t get on with the job at hand gets off the jeep, walks up to his side and taps his shoulder and motions him to get into the jeep.


“I am not going anywhere any further with you lady,” Alexander says out loud as he takes a couple of steps back.


Mishiida smiles at him and tilts and nods her head as if pleading, “Please, just this one time!”


“No way,” Alexander is adamant.


Mishiida puts her hands on her hips looks at him for a few moments and then realizing he won’t get on the jeep, walks up to him.


“What are you going to do? Stay away from me,” Alexander says as he tries to fall back but Mishiida is quick. She grabs him from one of his arms, bends over and puts her other arm around his legs and lifts him over her shoulder.


“Hey! Put me down! What are you doing? I’m a man,” Alexander shrieks.


Put him down she does but in the driver seat.


“Wait a minute! I am the man over here. You don’t do this to a man especially when you are a lady, that too from nobility,” Alexander tries to get off his seat but Mishiida pulls out her weapon and puts it on his butt and pushes it back on the seat.


“Ok! Ok! Lets’ not get excited. Where are we going?” Alexander changes his tune.


Mishiida looks at him, smiles and nods her head as if saying, “Good!” She walks around and is about to hop onto the jeep when she stops, thinks for a moment and then walk towards the back of the jeep.


“What are you doing?” Alexander nearly shrieks and rushes out as he sees Mishiida pulling her weapon, adjusting a nob on its’ side and pointing it at the hinge joint of the caravan and the jeep.


“Stop,” Alexander shouts as he rushes back but it’s a few milliseconds too late as Mishiida blows away the fulcrum, raises her weapon to the level of her face, looks at it as she turns it around sideways, looks at Alexander and puts it back in it’s casing.


“Why?” is all that Alexander is able to say as Mishiida points at him to get back in the jeep.


“No way, I am not going anywhere with you now,” Alexander exclaims. Mishiida on realizing he is refusing again takes a couple of step towards him.


“Alright, alright, I am a man of my words. I’ll take you where you want to but only this time,” he says as he steps back and hops into the jeep.


They get back on road and this time Alexander hits the speed limit for the first time in two days. Mishiida sitting by his side looks at him for a while, there’s a smile on her face. She keeps looking at him when finally he is irritated and perhaps a bit cross with her at the way he has been treated and the loses he has suffered. He asks in a very rude tone, “What?”


Mishiida bends towards him and gives a small kiss on his cheek.


“What was that for?” Alexander says as he blushes and a smile comes across his face as he tries to look away, but Mishiida keeps on looking at him. There is something in her eyes that is making them twinkle now, just like the stars at night.


“Beep, beep, beep!” and something goes buzzing abruptly and violently somewhere in the jeep as Mishiida is startled out of her trance. She pulls out the gadget she used to control her vehicle the other day and looks at its’ screen. Her face becomes enraged and her breathing becomes heavy as Alexander slows down and pulls to the side sensing what is coming next.





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