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Mishiida Alexander


“When two hearts are meant for each other fate intrigues to influence decisions, change directions and make a match.”


Chapter Twenty: Roses among guns


When two people are made for each other then irrespective of the distinct directions they might have been originally headed in, life and fate contrive to entangle their paths and make them bump into each other. And one thing that always stands out for that relationship is the fact that in spite of their differences, be it intellectual, social or ambitions, they will stick it out through the initial turbulence and hardships, however wild they might be, to ultimately end up in each others arms. Their patience never wears out. In fact, sometimes all it needs is the patience of one out of the two in case the other happens to be flippant. But one of them will always stick with their love and wait for the other half to realize it, making their journey through their lives a memorable everlasting event.


Mishiida and Alexander could have never imagined that after so many years in their lives, they will bump into most random of strangers from a completely different world and still feel an association. Things might not have been rosy for their budding relationship but without their realizing it, it is slowly and slowly gathering strength as they wade through one tide after another of hardships. Its’ only a matter of time before the weakening walls that dam their emotions will give way, flooding their lives with love. However at this moment, far from the rosy and fragrant picture of love, we are involved in accessing a completely different situation. War is finally knocking at the doors.


“Four to five hours Colonel,” President’s words can be felt reverberating over and over again in our heads and we are sure it’s no different for Jerome.



“That’s a few hours too soon,” Jerome replies with as much concern as is writ large on the face of the dignitary his eyes are beholding.


“Colonel, Prime Minister of Australia and India are already online with us and we are in the process of establishing a hotline with the rest of the world leaders as well,” President makes a gesture as he speaks and two small screens pop up on the side of the main picture. Prime Minister of India Mr Deol and Prime Minister of Australia Ms Germanotta appear on the screen. Jerome exchanges greetings with the two dignitaries.


“Colonel, now that we don’t have much time left, we would like to know all that you can tell us about the alien, her craft and weaponry to aid in formulating a concrete war strategy at the earnest,” with no time to waste President comes straight to the point.


“Sir, unfortunately all we have been able to deduce so far is nothing,” Jerome replies, “And Sir as I’ve already communicated to the high command, Colonel Rick has helped the alien escape our custody. But I also assure you, no stone will be left unturned to bring the fugitives in along with the alien.”


“Colonel, that is not important at this point of time. Right now our major concern is the alien onslaught that is almost upon us. Can we survive it? Can we give them a fight?” President stresses the more important issues staring in the faces.


“Sir, one word answer would be no,” Jerome is states the truth as coldly as it could possibly get, “The technology they have beats us hands down. We don’t stand any chance whatsoever in a fair fight.”


“Colonel, are you saying all our advanced weapons and crafts don’t stand even a long shot, if not a simple mathematical chance, against the marauders?” President asks.


“No Sir, our weapons cannot penetrate the force fields that protect their crafts. The alien craft we have in our custody, as long as it was working, the best of our handguns couldn’t penetrate it, whereas an ordinary pistol bullet was all it took to punch a hole into it once it was shut down. That’s how advanced their technology is. Sir, I’ve myself tested the alien handgun and it is more powerful than our bazookas,” Jerome presents cold heartless facts as if trying to scare everyone.


“Don’t disappoint me Colonel! We cannot give up without a fight, that is, in case they want a fight which by the looks of it is imperative,” President looks at Jerome with a hope he will bring some thing out of his magic hat and save the day for the entire humanity. Jerome on his part retreats into deep contemplation.


“Why don’t we just nuke them?” Prime Minister Germanotta asks.


“Maam, as the battle is going to be fought in our atmosphere, any such action will only destroy us. The resulting radiations will make our own world uninhabitable for us,” Jerome puts things in right light, “And by the looks of it, if that alien girl was here on our earth for Uranium and the boxes we have retrieved from her contain the same, I am sure you will understand they are either technologically or perhaps physically ready for a nuclear fall-out.”


“Can’t we just shoot them down in outer space? We’ve got so many rockets for launching satellites at will, why can’t we just modify them and use them to launch a nuclear weapon against them, the invaders?” Ms Germanotta asks again.


“Unfortunately at such a short notice that is not an option available for defence,” Jerome pours more cold water on the dying fire.


“Then what should we do? Have we already lost the war even before it actually started?” Prime Minister Germanotta asks dejectedly.


“Colonel, so far your words have only demoralized us. Give us something to give us a hope that we can make a fight of it. And if this is the end of the human race then be it, but we won’t go down without a bang,” President Arnold’s voice soars with emotions as each and every word leave his lips.


After a careful thought Jerome replies, “Perhaps Sir all is not lost yet! Perhaps we can still make a fight of it!”


“Colonel, just give us an option and we’ll make history out of it,” President gets excited instantly along with the other international dignitaries.


“Sir with our current technology we cannot fight them in open or destroy them with their crafts,” Jerome starts and then gets lost in thoughts again.


“Go on Colonel, what do you propose?” Presided nudges him again.


“Sir, if we can somehow get them out of their crafts, we definitely stand a better chance. They can be taken out when not under the protection of their vehicles,” Jerome is getting close to finding the immediate solution to the problem at hand.


“I can understand what your principle is behind this line of thinking but Colonel the question is how do we get them out of their crafts and make them fight us in open?” President asks further.


“Sir, we can’t and won’t fight in open. We need to make them fight us in closed spaces, spaces where they can’t use their crafts against us, spaces where they will have to leave the safety of their crafts and fight us at out advantage,” Jerome replies with the intelligence of a war hardened nut.


“I see Colonel! Your suggestion holds some merit, but what sort of places do you reckon these will be and where can we find them?” President seems to be already impressed with the idea and asks Jerome to detail it a bit more.


“Sir, our buildings won’t be safe and will be destroyed into rubble and gravel but if we can survive that onslaught and drag them out of their crafts to try and finish us, we can fight them in our underground sewerage systems, basements, and in naturally compact locations like mines, caves, gorges and canyons. Basically Sir, places where their advantage of superior craft technology is negated simply because they can’t be used,” Jerome honours President’s faith in him and details the plan of action needed.


“That is an immaculate plan Colonel, bravo!” President is relieved that humanity still stands a chance to make a fight of it. He continues, “Colonel what about their weaponry?”


“Sir, their weapons work on the principles of Laser beams which are high density beams of highly charged particles,” Jerome scratches his brain for all the science he has ever learnt about radiations, “We need to use wood for our defences Sir, shoot them from behind the safety of thick wooden blocks, that’s what we need to do. Wood is a bad conductor of charge and guarantees our safety against their weapons the most.”


“You are amazing Colonel,” Prime Minister Deol is really impressed and so is Prime Minister Germanotta.


“Colonel, your plan seems workable but we need some time to make the necessary arrangements and four hours is too little. You got any recommendations on that front,” President inquires about the next important bit.


Jerome once again goes into deep consternation and after a long and careful thought he replies, “Sir, if we survive this war, we will need a lot of new pilots and planes.”


“What?” Jerome’s statement shocks everyone as President nearly jumps out of his seat.


“I am afraid Sir, there’s no other way to buy time,” Jerome confirms what President and the rest fear he does.


“But how can I ask those brilliant and invaluable assets, those brave sons of soil, to commit suicide?” President’s voice trembles with pain as he asks Jerome.


“Sir, without their sacrifice, everyone including them will be dead anyways,” Jerome is however practical in his approach and thinking.


“Sir, if I may add,” General Snipes gets involved in the discussion, “All are men are ready and waiting for your orders. They have already been briefed about the entire situation and what might be expected of them. None of them is a chicken Sir.”


“I don’t know what to say. I am the President of the States. I’ve got some responsibility towards my people. I am answerable to my people. How will I ever explain such an action to the mothers who will ask me to return them their sons?” President is still in shock and disbelief at the option being proposed to him.


“Sir, I am afraid this is our one and only chance to buy some more time and salvage the situation, else we will become history in no time and there will be no one left to record it,” Jerome reminds the gravity of the situation again.


“Sir, it’s not a time to be emotional,” General Snipes adds to Jerome’s words.


“If that is the only option left then Mr President let them know we know how to die,” Prime Minister Deol puts his weight behind the proposal.


“Colonel, you keep working on the stuff you have got and get back to us as soon as you crack upon something,” President finally realizes there is no option left, “Mr Deol and Ms Germanotta, it’s time to mobilize global armies into a united front. Lets’ get started earnestly.”


“Sir, one more thing I would like to add,” Jerome claims their attention once again, “Sir, I know it may sound hateful and will be actually more difficult to put in practice on ground, but we need to mobilize Taliban’s support as well.”


“Taliban!” all the premiers are shocked.


“Colonel, do you realize what you are saying?” President asks Jerome to revisit his last statement.


“Sir, our forces in Afghanistan can use the harsh and treacherous terrain of Afghanistan which is infested with Taliban fighters and out of bounds for us, not just for their safety but also to fight the aliens. Besides Taliban does have some brave fighters among their ranks. If used properly for a good common cause they can be a bit of a help,” Jerome explains his assertion.


“Colonel, however intelligent your suggestion may sound but firstly none of us is keen on building bridges with them nor it will be easy even if we wanted to,” President replies with a conviction of a seasoned statesman.


“I know Sir, but what has to be tried has to be,” but Jerome also knows what is important, “I’ve myself fought in the war against them but this time I know we can use them on our side rather than fighting at two fronts. We will needlessly loose our troops stationed in the region in case the aliens overrun our defences in that zone.”


“Colonel, I am not saying you are wrong, but it is a tough call,” President reasons with him.


“Sir, we need to save and ration our troops as well as gain hold of vantage points. That is the only chance of our success,” Jerome insists again, “We need to talk to them and Sir we need to make sure our men at the seas are safe, either in submarines or preferably on shore. Vessels at sea will only be a target practice for the invaders.”


“Colonel, you have cut out some real tough work for us but you are an intelligent soldier and I won’t challenge your expertise on these matters. We’ll see what we can do, you meanwhile take care of your side of things,” President makes a final statement before the conference is ended. Jerome gets busy on the phone to instruct the NASA experts as to what to do. His instructions are clear, “If you can’t figure anything out, dismantle it, tear it down, I don’t care. Just get me the results, and in quick time.”


His instructions concern us no end as we are well aware what tearing down that stuff means. But then we all know, we are just voyeurs who cannot influence a thing that’s happening. So we decide it’s time to catch up with the other half of our friends who must be arriving shortly in a chopper. In fact, we hope they will arrive soon enough and stop the damage before it’s too late. So we make a short flight to their chopper.


“Calling flight ATZ 0059, do you copy?”


“Damn, it’s the ground control at Sydney,” the pilot in the chopper wakes up and alerts Rick just as we hop on next to them.


“What do they want?” Rick asks as the call is repeated on the radio.


“Flight ATZ 0059, please identify yourself.”


“Answer him,” Rick says.


“Flight ATZ 0059, Chopper 0596955, registered to Mr Adrian Mackay of Avondale Heights Victoria, en route Bathurst New South Wales on a private flight,” the pilot replies.


“Is Mr Adrian Mackay on board?”


“It’s Mr Adrian’s business associate and company executive Mr Gordon Berry flying for a business meeting,” the pilot replies.


“Can we please talk to him?”


“Yes officer what can I do for you?” Rick realizing the tricky situation grabs the radio handset and asks.


“Sir, with due apologies you are requested to abort you flight and either return to your home city and await further instructions from your local police station or make a safe landing at the nearest township and report to the safety of the local police station.”


“Why? What’s the matter?” Rick asks.


“Sir, these orders are from the higher authorities and all flights are being cancelled or grounded internationally.”


“Damn, that’s too radical and too soon! Something’s wrong,” Rick comments before continuing on the radio, “But we are almost there, just another five minutes more.” Rick finishes as the pilot gestures to him the expected arrival time at Bathurst.


There’s a moment’s silence before further instructions are given.


“Sir, I just had a word with my supervisor and he says it’s alright for you to terminate your flight at Bathurst and report to the local police station there for further instructions.”


“Looks like the trouble is arriving earlier than expected,” Rick says as he looks on at Charles, Ken and Corbett. He then turns to the pilot and says, “I think we will have to arrange some other form of transport from Bathurst but good quick thinking on your part.” And Rick pats pilot’s back to acknowledge it.


“Who will we send to the local Police station?” Corbett asks.


“Did I tell you Charles looks immaculate when he has freshly shaved himself? I wonder how he would look in a tuxedo?” and Rick looks on at Charles.


“Sir, I’ll try my best not to scare the kids,” Charles replies with a smile.


“Sir, please prepare for the landing. We are making it at what looks like a footy oval behind a group of houses,” the pilot says.


Everybody buckles up and the pilot lands the chopper. They all walk out of the chopper and then the field as some curious locals peep at them from above their walls or through their windows.


“Charles you head straight to the Police station and get all the information. Remember we have friends that we will be staying with if asked,” Rick instructs Charles.


“Sir, what address do I give?” Charles asks.


“Get it from the guy you will be renting a tuxedo from. Ken you accompany him,” Rick instructs them, “The good thing about you two is, your pictures won’t be hanging on every police station and post office walls yet.”


“Sir, we are flattered,” Charles jokes.


“We will arrange a transport and meet you at the other end of the town going towards Sydney,” Rick instructs them further as they walk up to the road and take their separate directions.


Alexander and Mishiida follow Rick and Corbett as they look around for a car rental shop as they walk down street after street. They finally get to what looks like a mini market of the town and Rick finally sees a car rental place.


“You two stay out of trouble and close. Me and Corbett will go inside and arrange a conveyance,” Rick tells Alexander as Mishiida wanders a few meters away and stops in front of a local boutique. Alexander walks up to her as Rick and Corbett walk inside the car rental shop. Mishiida is meanwhile glued to something she has spotted gracing one of the displays inside the glass window. Alexander walks up behind her to have a look.


“Wow! That would look great on you,” Alexander says as he notices the Dark Maroon Rexine leather, figure hugging, front zip jacket and trousers along with matching high heeled knee high boots. Mishiida glares hatefully at Alexander and turns away and starts to walk.


“Hey! Look I am sorry for what happened but you should understand I had no choice. Please let me make it up to you,” Alexander rushes in front of her and pleads. He gestures to her towards the door of the shop. She looks hatefully at him and then to what he is pointing towards. Alexander realizes she is trying to figure out what he is saying and he rushes to open the door for her and invites her to visit the shop. Mishiida is uninterested but walks past him and inside the shop. Alexander follows her in.


“Hi, how you doing?” the pretty and petite sales girl welcomes them. She seems to be the only one in the shop.


“I am Jessica and you are?” her question is left in limbo as she realizes she knows the faces from the television, “Oh my GOD! Please don’t kill me. I have four kids and two husbands to take care of.” And she freaks out.


“Relax! Everything you watch in news is not true. We are friends and will never ever hurt you or anyone else,” Alexander replies as Mishiida takes a stroll around the shop. But it takes a while and a lot of cajoling to cool the sales girl down.


She finally asks, “Is she dangerous?”


“The only one dangerous is we humans, she is almost a saint,” Alexander replies and it seems to finally settle down the sales girl.


“What can I do for you today,” Jessica finally asks wiping her tears, still breathing a bit hard.


“That dress you got in the display, the Maroon Rexine complete set, you got one for the lady?” Alexander asks.


Jessica looks at Mishiida and figures out her size, “You are lucky, we just have one piece her size. In fact we were thinking of returning it to the manufacturers as we don’t get too many girls that long in this small town.”


“Well than it’s you who is lucky, you got yourself a sale,” Alexander replies, “That should entitle me for some discount.”


“C’mon now, don’t be a miser. Does love have any price tags?” Jessica gets into her natural sales girl flare and is absolutely at ease now.


“Girl, you win,” Alexander says, “Can you get it out for her and can you help her change into it as well? She doesn’t know how to use any of our stuff.”


“Sure! My pleasure! And I will drop a matching blouse and panty set for free,” Jessica replies and Alexander clears the payment. She then walks into a corner and pulls out a box containing the dress, pulls out another box containing the shoes and then searches for the matching bikini set. Finally she grabs all the stuff and takes it to the changing room and returns to Mishiida and says, “You are one lucky girl to have a man who loves you like him,” and she winks at Alexander who blushes as he rolls his hand behind his head and looks down and away with a smile. Mishiida looks on at her and then Alexander trying to figure out what’s happening. Jessica gestures her towards the changing room. Mishiida fails to understand a word but follows her.


“This one if for you lady,” Jessica’s voice from inside gives us the hint she is showing the stuff to Mishiida. There is a pin drop silence after that followed by the sounds of struggle.


“Ouch!” Jessica’s sound catches our attention and we get worried and so does Alexander. “Easy lady, leave it to me and just let me handle your body for a few moments,” Jessica’s next few words calm us down. She is dressing her up.


After a few minutes Jessica walks out of the changing room, “Big lucky boy, presenting to you the real Miss Universe!”


Our jaws drop along with that of Alexander as Mishiida walks out of the changing room, the Dark Maroon Rexine leather making her look ravishing in those matching high heels, the zipper of the jacket done tantalizingly low enough to reveal a matching blouse ring adding all the glamour the whole world needs at this moment.


“Wow!” Alexander takes his time, which feels more like a whole day, but finally manages a word.


Mishiida puts her hand on her waist and looks at him with scorn and turns her face away.


“Boy is she angry with you,” Jessica exclaims.


“After what I did I’m lucky she is still with me,” Alexander says.


“Perhaps because she loves you,” Jessica’s reply leaves Alexander speechless.


Mishiida walks up to the door trying to figure out how to open it. Alexander wakes up from his slumber and rushes ahead to open the door for her. Mishiida looks at him and then away.


“Don’t loose her mate,” Jessica makes one last statement.


“I won’t until I die,” Alexander replies with a smile and follows Mishiida. And we follow them.





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