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Mishiida Alexander


“Just because you are walking alone doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path.”


Chapter Twenty Eight: Two Moons


Everyone has at some point of life, experienced a loneliness traversing a path less frequented, a loneliness that could lead to an uneasy feeling that something is not right. But the only truth about a path is, it is governed by its’ final destination. Some like it short, some like it quick. Everyone makes their own choice as to the means and routes leading to a particular destination, a destination that might not be unique. But just because the path doesn’t seem to be popular with nobody else, it doesn’t mean someone is on the wrong path or is doing something wrong. They just might have picked up a path not in favour amongst the others on account of personal reasons. Perhaps the path is a bit too slow for them, or maybe it’s too tough. Someone’s choice is a very subjective decision.


Rick and Jerome can both approach the same objective from different perspectives but that doesn’t mean either of them is wrong. Their choice is dependent upon their inherent nature, which inturn evolved as a result of their individual growing curves during their formative years. Their approach might be diagonally opposite to each other, but its’ successful execution will always lead to the same destination. Both of them could have individually dealt with the current situation in their own unique way, but they would have still managed to put up a resistance worthy of their much decorated selves.


As we follow the invaders marching along the deserted streets and roads, we cannot help keep the thought of the innocent people they have just so brutally massacred, out of our minds. The night is falling fast, covering everything around us in a thick blanket of darkness. The complete destruction of the entire human infrastructure has left the entire world powerless and dark. We look heaven wards as if to complain but the sight that beholds us, amazes and shocks us in equal measure and leaves us breathless. For the first time Mother Earth has two moons. One that has always been there since we all opened our eyes and another, slightly smaller in size and of irregular shape, and much closer to the earth. One is natural, the other one alienmade. We are awestruck by the phenomenon and shocked at its’ monstrosity.


As they break into a run, we decide to have a quick look at what Jerome and Rick are planing now. So we head back to their forward base where we find two very pensive seasoned warheads locked in a war of silence that both seem to be wining. Jerome’s team is sitting there along with Ken, Carl and Charles, three of Rick’s trusted men.


“So you think they are approaching the city on foot?” Jerome finally breaks the silence.


“Why else would they go to such an elaborate extent as to land so far outside the metropolis and then leave without any noticeable activity?” Rick replies in a question.


“But isn’t it what we wanted? Why are we so concerned about their coming on to us in person?” Jerome exclaims.


“Yes, but how are we going to drag them into our traps?” Rick asks him.


“Sir, if I may, why don’t we just fire a missile and kill them outside the city itself,” Ahmed interrupts the question hour.


“Because we don’t know their exact location and besides they can scatter and escape,” Rick explains.


“Looks like some of our men will have to interrupt them on ground and drag them into our trap,” Jerome suggests.


“What if our men fall even before they can drag them inside? These aliens can be really quick. Remember Mishiida’s expertise?” Rick reminds Jerome the limitation.


“Your reservations are justified my friend but then isn’t it ‘No pain, no Champaign’?” Jerome asks.


“It’s too risky even with whiskey,” Rick replies, “We cannot risk our men when we ourselves are not sure of the success of the endeavour.”


“Sir, we are ready to risk our lives,” Carl forwards his offer.


“Perhaps we should just wait for them to enter the city and track their every movement manually,” Rick suggests, “Then we can surprise attack them from out of some manhole openings, drawing their attention to our hiding spots. This will lead them into our trap.”


“Your idea does have merit,” Jerome nods in agreement, “But someone will have to track and find them first.”


“Corbett is the best man for this job,” Rick says, “But we need him to protect our NASA team as well as keep Mishiida in check.”


“Sir, why not us?” Charles asks.


“Because we are too far from the location,” Rick replies, “We need someone at the front end to sneak behind the aliens and relay their real time location to us.”


Jerome immediately picks up his radio handset and speaks, “Alpha calling all units, pay attention boys and girls! I need someone closest to the city’s western edge to sneak up behind the advancing alien patrol and relay their real time location to us.”


“Lieutenant Jean Spitzer ready to take order Sir,” immediately a voice echoes on the radio.


“What’s your current location officer?” Jerome asks


“Just outside the Metropolis and towards the location of the suspected alien disembarking Sir,” Jean Spitzer replies.


“How many men do you need to accompany you officer?” Jerome asks.


“None Sir, I need to be alone to avoid detection,” Spitzer replies.


“You got yourself the job officer! You radio identity is ‘Snoop Dogg’,” Jerome gives him the go ahead.


“Roger Sir, I’ll head to Springwood and sneak around their back,” Spitzer replies.


“You know your job officer! Alpha over and out,” Jerome ends the conversation.


We decide to head to Springwood and snoop on our “Snoop Dogg”. So we make a dash towards the destined place.


In the limited visibility of moonlight and after an agonising wait of an hour, we notice a man approaching Springwood from the rear end. He is almost out of breath, especially since he is carrying a gun and a lot of other things hanging around his body. He is the officer we were waiting for we guess. He rushes to a pile and climbs over it and pulls out his radio set. He turns its’ volume knob down and presses the transmit button to speak.


“Snoop Dogg calling Alpha! I have arrived at the location and am waiting for the enemy. I have turned my volume down to avoid any accidental sounds from alerting my enemies to my presence. So I won’t be able to hear any instructions. I will keep sending the details from my end though. Snoop Dogg over and out!” Lieutenant Jean Spitzer transmits the message in a hushed panting voice.


Together with him we wait for another agonising hour before we hear the footsteps of a group. The alien patrol finally arrives. They quickly scan around while running but don’t stop to inspect the place thoroughly. Perhaps they have made up their minds to target the army resistance only.


As the group runs past the pile on which we are giving company to Lieutenant Spitzer, Spitzer radios in again, “Snoop Dogg calling Alpha! Sixty aliens on exact count, all carrying weapons and advancing towards the city, dressed in back suits and wearing helmets, all around six feet and a half in height, starting to follow them now. Snoop Dogg over and out!”


Spitzer gets up and climbs down the pile and starts following the alien group about a couple of hundred metres behind. The pace at which the aliens are jogging is on the faster side for Spitzer as he starts to pant soon. Besides he’s already run a lot of kilometres to get to Springwood. We can feel his breath running dry and soon he throws his gun away. Then after some time, bit by bit, he pulls out and throws away everything he is carrying except the radio set. After some more time he starts taking his clothes off and throwing them away. This run is taking its’ complete toll on him while the aliens keep up their pace effortlessly.


“Water! Water!” Spitzer pants but keeps on following the invaders. He pulls out his radio set and speaks while running, “Snoop Dogg! They are coming! Metro limits! Out!”


As soon as the aliens reach the beginning of Metropolitan area, they stop, and so does Spitzer who immediately drags himself to the side and lies down to avoid detection.


The aliens meanwhile form a group around the person who appears to be leading them. He speaks something to them and they all nod their heads. The group breaks up into twelve teams of five each and spreads out in all directions.


Spitzer immediately pulls out his radio set and says, “Snoop Dogg in! Aliens! Groups of five! Different directions! Out!” And Spitzer faints due to exhaustion.


We immediately rush to the command centre where Jerome is giving instructions on his radio, “Remember, they are in groups of five. So if you meet one, expect four more! Drag them in and take them down! Alpha over and out!”


“Lets’ keep our fingers crossed now!” Rick says.


We leave the two old stalwarts and their teams in the command centre and rise up in the sky to have a look at the complete picture. We spot the twelve alien teams spreading out in the city. We decide to follow the one closest to our location.


The five aliens are running around the streets carefully looking for any hiding spot of humans. While two of them stand back to back, facing opposite directions and guarding, the three others turn everything upside down to spot humans. We watch them doing their search as one of them finally steps on a concrete slab that makes a hollow sound. The three aliens immediately divert their attention to the slab. One of them effortlessly lifts the slab and tosses it away to reveal a basement.


One of the alien immediately tries to jump in but is left hanging mid air as what looks like a spear hits him in his stomach. The spear fails to pierce his suit and his body, but the stick breaks and the alien falls below. But before he could hit the bottom a couple of loud yells rock the surroundings as two big bulky men rush out carrying the alien on their raised hands and toss him away. But before the two men can even turn around and have a look at anything else, two laser shots blow big holes into their bodies.


As the two lifeless bodies fall to the ground with a heavy thud, loud wails and shrieks of women and children fill up the air. The aliens look at each other and are about to rush into the basement to massacre everyone when a manhole lid is tossed away on the far side of the street. Before any of the aliens could realize what is happening a soldier’s head rises above the manhole. His M16 roars as he empties his magazine. The aliens however are not even scratched as their body suits protect them. One of the alien instantly fires a laser shot at the soldier but the soldier ducks well in time and escapes. The aliens stare at the hole while the women and children in the basement have quietened down due to all the noise of firing outside.


One of the alien slowly walks up towards the manhole when another manhole at the other end of the street is opened up and another soldier empties his gun at the aliens. This soldier too escapes the return fire of the aliens. This enrages the aliens who divide into two groups and charge at the two manhole openings, two at one and three at the other. We hear some more firing sounds and realize the other alien parties have been engaged as well. The alien group that we are following, they meanwhile jump into the two sewerage openings. We follow them inside hatefully, covering our noses and missing masks.


The aliens use one of the control devices they are carrying and a small but powerful light emerges out of the top of their helmets. The light is so powerful it literally lights up a new day inside the sewerage pipes. The rodent population inside is shocked and scared as the rodents run helter skelter. Some of them try to bite the intruders who however are not perturbed by their presence or activity. We meanwhile are thankful that we are just voyeurs and can’t be spotted.


We suddenly hear a loud firing noise, made worse by the confined space that we are in. The firing subsides and the three aliens we were standing next to look at each other and then rush towards the end the sound came from. We follow them as they rush to the spot only to find their two companions floating in the sewerage water lifeless. They immediately become cautious and one of them slowly and slowly moves further towards the floating dead bodies. He notices a wooden block at the other end. He motions his companions to stay still. Suddenly the block splits in the middle to reveal the barrel of an anti aircraft gun. The alien takes a quick shot but his laser fails to affect the thick wooden block. The anti aircraft gun roars again, a lifeless alien body falls into the water, right next to his dead team mates. The two other aliens look at each other and run away from the spot, heading towards the opening they had entered from. But before they can reach the opening a moving wooden block appears from the other end. Again the block splits in the middle and an antiaircraft gun pops its’ head out to take the heads of the aliens off. The alien team has been completely neutralized. We hear a voice calling on the radio, “One team taken out!” We smile and quickly make our way out of the smelling interiors.


Meanwhile the women and children from the basement have come out and are sitting by the side of their dead men, crying inconsolably. We rise up in the sky once again, this time with heavy hearts, to see if all the alien teams have been taken down. We notice a few alien teams still running through the streets of the metropolis. One of them we notice is heading towards where Corbett and Mishiida are located with NASA team.


We immediately rush to the side of Corbett and others.


“One alien team is heading towards NASA team’s location! We failed to intercept it!” a voice is heard on Corbett’s radio.


“I’ll take care of them,” Corbett picks up the radio and says.


He immediately gets up and pulls out the alien weapon. Mishiida notices this and gets up immediately.


“You stay here with them!” Corbett gestures to Mishiida to sit down. He points at his eyes and then at the team and says, “Watch out for them.” He repeats what he has said and Mishiida sits down. We are not sure if she has understood completely what Corbett meant but we follow Corbett who sneaks out of the basement.


Corbett carefully looks around before he climbs up a pile to have a better look. He notices the five aliens checking through one street. They spot one basement and heartlessly massacre everybody inside. Corbett stays unmoved. The aliens move over to another street and find another basement and another massacre follows. Corbett still stays unmoved. The aliens turn into another street and look for another basement. This time Corbett gets up and runs to a street and positions himself in the middle of the street, weapon held aloft firmly with both hands and pointing straight ahead, his eye fixed along the target sighting line, his legs stretched front and back, with front leg slightly bent and hind leg slightly knelt, his body weight balanced on both feet. He seems to have discovered their search pattern and is expecting the aliens around the corner he is aiming at.


True to his expectations the aliens rush into the street Corbett is waiting on. Before they can even balance themselves on their feet Corbett fires five shots, with each shot sliding him backwards and backwards. He takes out four aliens while one of them escapes.


“Great! Now it’s either me or him,” Corbett quips and gets up on his feet and rushes up a pile. He looks around but fails to spot the fleeing alien. He rushes to the other side of the pile and climbs up another pile on the other side but fails to spot the alien again. He rushes down the pile and is about to run atop another one when a brick comes thick and flying and hits him in his leg. Corbett falls face down on the ground and looses his weapon. He is hurt as well but overcoming his pain he gets up and tries to limp towards his weapon when the alien walks around and in front of him. Corbett stops and looks at the alien. The alien takes off his helmet and smiles wickedly. He raises his weapon to Corbett’s head but something behind Corbett catches his eyes and his face expression changes instantly. His hands start trembling as his helmet and weapon falls of his hands. Both Corbett and us, turn around to see what struck his eyes.


We see Mishiida standing behind us, her weapon free hands on her waist, her legs stretched out. She is glaring hard and straight into the alien’s eyes. The alien collapses on his knees and folds his hands. He says something which sounds like pleading. Mishiida walks up to him and says something. He nods and picks up his helmet and weapon and hands it over to Mishiida. Mishiida says something again and he pleads. Mishiida’s eyes constrict as her tone gets harsher. The alien pleads harder and gets up. He opens his belt buckle and turns around. It sounds like he is pressing some buttons and before we realize, his clothes fall of his body. He bends over and removes his boots from his feet and gets up, still standing face away.


Mishiida walks up behind him, turns the knob on the weapon towards what we know is the less destructive side, and shoots the alien in his head. The alien falls down on the ground motionless. Mishiida looks at Corbett, points at the alien lying on the ground and motions with her hand to lift him up. Corbett immediately pulls out his radio and says, “Gamma calling Alpha! We have captured an alien.” Corbett relays the information to Jerome who instructs him to wait until a team of men arrives and takes the alien into captivity. It doesn’t take long for the team to arrive. They handcuff and foot-cuff the alien with strong chains and take him away.


Mishiida takes the alien’s clothes and shoes and motions to Corbett that she needs to put them on.


“I’ll ask Doctor Dawg to help you with the clothes you are wearing,” Corbett understands her request and replies pointing in the direction of their hiding spot. Mishiida and Corbett then return to their hiding spot.


“Dr Dawg, could you please help Mishiida change her clothes,” Corbett asks Dr Dawg on returning.


“With pleasure,” Dr Dawg replies with a wicked smile, “Here come with me.”


Dr Dawg takes Mishiida into another room to help her change. After a fair while Mishiida finally emerges from the room, her face slightly red but her alien clothes on. Dr Dawg follows her out. Mishiida glares suspiciously at her but Dr Dawg smiles. Mishiida suddenly realizes something and rushes inside. She brings out the clothes she was wearing and walks up to Corbett. She points at the clothes and then points at her self nodding, as if saying, “I want to keep these too!”


“You can keep these,” Corbett nods his head and takes the clothes from Mishiida’s hands and folds them properly. “Have you got a bag over her?” Corbett asks the others.


“Yes we do,” Dr Rathe says and walks up to a drawer and pulls out a bag from it.


Corbett packs the clothes in the bag and hands it to Mishiida. Mishiida takes the bag from Corbett and bows thankfully.


Mishiida then opens the belt buckle and punches some buttons inside it. Her boots immediately grow long heels, just like the ones’ we noticed in her original attire. And she modifies her top into a noodle strap, short top. She picks up the helmet lying on the table and folds it into a waist band. She finally smiles at everybody else who is watching all this with awe, their lower jaws sweeping the table in front of them.


Suddenly a message beeps on Corbett’s radio.


“One alien has escaped into the army cantonment. I repeat, one alien has escaped into the army cantonment.”


“But that’s where Hayley and Alexander are,” Corbett gets worried instantly and gets up on his feet.


Mishiida hears Alexander’s name and sees Corbett worried. She gets up as well and walks up to Corbett. She shakes him impatiently as if asking, “What happened?”





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