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“It’s Goodness which has to be revealed, the evil always comes out on its’ own.”


Chapter Twenty Five: Unexpected quarters


The moment a child learns to walk on its’ own he inadvertently learns about the things in the house that are out of bound for him and not to be touched. The curiosity in him makes him steal a moment with those objects only to be caught in the act and reprimanded. The child learns the first lesson of evil, “If you want to indulge in what is wrong, make sure you don’t get caught.” The moment a child learns to speak, he hears words not meant for children and learns how their use is prohibited. The moment that child is old enough to walk out of the house and play with his mates, he uses the same banned alphabetical jargons. He derives pleasure from using what is prohibited and if one of his mates threatens to disclose it to his parents he tries to either bribe or threaten him. He learns the next lesson of evil, “You can enjoy anything as long as you can corrupt or control the guardians of righteousness.”


The evil manifests itself early and enjoys an exponentially ascending relationship with physical growth. The greed for more and lust for success never let the real goodness inside a person to shine out ahead of their faked virtues. Evil becomes the first thing noticeable in a person irrespective of how efficiently he or she tries to hide it. Does the person lie? Are they corrupt? Do they fake situations and controversies for publicity? These things are not hard to spot by an honest heart, a screening eye and a questioning mind. Once the trust is lost the wilderness of the forest of hate towards such individuals and organisations can only increase.


However, in spite of all the evil tendencies there is always an inherent goodness in everyone, the one that always tells them what is right and what is wrong. The only problem is the greed for the promotion of personal interests is so immense the real goodness never gets promoted. It requires a Herculean effort to bring the best out of a person who is suffering for the incurable disease of selfishness. And even if the goodness comes out in a small measure, the darkness of their evil blacks it out of visibility. Goodness has to be forced to the front whereas evil is what always hogs the limelight.


When Alexander was forced to bring Mishiida in, he became all evil for Mishiida who began to hate him. But the moment he put his own life at stake to save her, she realized he was always good and the only thing bad about him was his circumstances. Lieutenant Corbett and Dr Hayley Swift may not have liked Private Curt Sommers an eye for his hateful meddling in their budding relationship but the goodness in him showed up in full measure when he knowingly sacrificed his own life to save their’s.


As we turn our face away from the last fall of a brave soldier we notice a pair of heads watching the action from behind a pile. The impact of the laser fire tosses the weapon held by Curt Sommers far away and just in front of the prying eyes.


Dr Swift holds her face with her hand to silence her shriek and turns her face away while Corbett immediately rushes out and grabs the weapon lying in front of him. He immediately turns around and rushes back behind the pile as we make a dash towards them.


“Look! There’s another one,” Dr Swift shrieks in panic as she points out another of the invaders who has just appeared from behind another pile, perhaps on his way to assist his mates in their assault.


Corbett immediately points the weapon at the alien and thanks to the quick spotting by Dr Swift Corbett gets enough time to take his shot ahead of his opponent. And Corbett doesn’t look like a man who misses many.


As the alien’s body is blown to bits the recoil expectedly throws Corbett behind who rolls over his back two or three times yet manages to land straight on his feet at the end of the last roll with hands ready in firing position.


“Get down!” Corbett yells as he grabs the weapon in both hands and takes an aim. As Dr Swift ducks we turn around and notice the fourth invader rushing from behind us to take on the guy who just shot dead one of his kind. Corbett gives him no chance to even hold his ground and take a shot. As the alien is blown away Corbett is pushed behind by the recoil but thanks to the firing stance he took in this instance, one foot planted firmly forward and the other foot half knelt and stretched back, he is not tossed behind. Rather he glides behind by a few metres, still maintaining his balance.


“Four is what Curt said, didn’t he? Four is what he said,” Corbett is ferocious, “Is there any one left?” Enraged he climbs up a pile, looks around and yells out loud, “Anyone more? C’mon!”


Dr Swift is meanwhile sobbing. Corbett thumps his chest wildly and gives out a loud shriek, a shriek full of pain. He rushes down and runs past us and heads straight to the fallen hero.


“You are a man! You are a real man! I salute you brother! I salute you!” Corbett grabs the dead body of Private Curt Sommers from his shoulders as we walk around to have a last look at the hero dead, his chest burst open. Dr Swift too reaches the spot and kneels down besides the body. She covers her face with her hands and starts crying, “He died for us! He died for us!”


They both sit by dead Curt’s side for a few moments before Corbett gets up, “We need to get going!”


“What? We can’t leave him like this,” Dr Swift chokes with emotions.


“He will be given a burial worthy the stature of this brave soldier but the time is not now. We need to get the medicines to the hospital,” Corbett reminds Dr Swift what they need to be do, “You grab the medicines box and I will collect the remaining three weapons.”


Corbett runs around and collects the remaining three weapons but when he notices Dr Swift sitting still by Curt’s side, he grabs her medicine box too.


“C’mon, let’s go!” Corbett approaches Dr Swift and puts his hand on her shoulder. Dr Swift reluctantly gets up and they start running towards the main road once again.


They reach the spot where the two unmanned alien crafts lay parked now. Corbett halts Dr Swift behind a pile and sneaks up around another and behind the first of the alien craft, his weapon pointed directly in front as he slowly and slowly sneaks up to the door of the first one, in a semi crouched posture. He seems to have learned the trick to overcome the ferocious recoil of the alien weapon. He enters the first craft and checks it thoroughly for any aliens. He gets out and repeats the check with the other craft. When he is sure that there are no aliens left in either of the crafts he comes out and yells, “All clear Hayley!”


Dr Swift rushes out of the hiding and runs straight to him. She puts the medicine box down and collapses in his arms. They stay there for a few moments to calm themselves down before Corbett finally breaks the silence, “I think I am in love!”


Dr Hayley Swift blushes, “With whom?”


“Someone who is the sweetest person I’ve ever known,” Corbett says as he kisses her on her forehead, “I love you!”


“I love you too!” Dr Swift says and they embrace each other one more time and enjoy a passionate kiss.


“Ok! Time to get the work done,” Corbett finally wakes up to the situation.


“What about these crafts?” Dr Swift asks.


“Mishiida can use one of these while the other one will be a government property unless offcourse the aliens recover them before us,” Corbett says and then thinks about something for a moment, “I don’t think we have much time on us! We need to get to the hospital and then I need to get to the forward base as quickly as I can.”


“How do we get there now?” Dr Swift asks.


“Looks like we’ll have to run,” Corbett suggests what we all fear he will. Left with no choice we join the two as they jog their way along the main road and towards the underground facility.


“Look, that car seems to be alright,” Corbett notices a car parked inside an open but now half collapsed garage in a crumbled house on the side.



“It looks alright but it is a bit risky to get it out. The garage may collapse completely on it if we try to move it,” Dr Swift adds.


“You may be right but we don’t have much time now. We need to hasten up our progress and to do that we do need a vehicle,” Corbett argues and adds, “You stay right here and I’ll try to get it out of the garage.”


“No! It’s too risky,” Dr Swift pleads with him.


“I know! But that’s what I am trained for! What else do you love me for?” Corbett asks with a wink and runs into the front yard of the house as Dr Swifts next few words are left hanging somewhere deep down her throat.


Corbett walks up to the garage and looks around. The roof is dangling down but is still held halfway above the ground. One of the walls collapsed into two pieces and the second piece is actually acting as a jack to keep the ceiling above the car. Corbett notices the car keys hanging from a hook on the side wall. He soft steps inside the garage trying not to cause any vibration, grabs the keys from the hook, opens the door slowly, puts the car in neutral and slowly pushes it out of the garage. He manages to get the car out safely and the roof stays hanging where it was. Dr Swift breathes a huge sigh of relief, rushes to him and hugs him tightly. “Don’t do such a thing again! Not in front of me! Never in front of me!” Dr Swift’s emotions pour out.


“It’s alright! Lets’ get inside and hope it starts,” Corbett kisses her on her cheek and they get inside the car.


Corbett turns the ignition on and the car starts up.


“Great!” Corbett exclaims, “You keep a watch behind us!”


Dr Swift joins us in the back seat as Corbett presses hard on the pedal. The car seems to fly through the piles of rubble. Luckily we don’t get any more company.


As Corbett pulls up at the spot Dr Swift pointed out to be the entrance to the underground medical facility, we get out of the car and look around to see the destruction that has been caused. Dr Swift and Corbett quickly enter the underground facility and we follow them inside. It is a complete hospital with all the facilities and emergency electricity supply. Dr Swift quickly makes way to the room of the head of the emergency department. Corbett stays outside the room while we join Dr Swift inside.


“What took you so long? We were really worried for your safety?” the senior doctor asks her a bit agitatedly but visibly relieved to see her alive.


“I got an emergency case down at the military hospital and had to stich him up. I couldn’t inform you as the phone lines were dead,” Dr Swift explains the reasons to her senior.


“I see! How’s the patient now?” the senior doctor asks.


“He’s doing fine! I put him on a drip and also put him for some blood transfusion,” Dr Swift replies to his query.


“Where is he now and have you brought what we need?” the senior doctor asks again.


“He’s safe at the underground command centre at the moment and is doing well, and here’s the box with all the important medicines we need,” Dr Swift hands over the box containing medicines to the senior doctor.


“Good work Hayley! I am proud of you my girl,” the doctor replies as he inspects the medicines contained in the box.


“Sir, if I may, I need to return to the patient I just mentioned to make sure he is safe. Do I have your permission?” Dr Swift asks him.


“Are you crazy? No way! You will get killed on the way! You are lucky to have made it safely over here,” the senior doctor turns down her request straight away.


“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be safe! I am in good hands!” Dr Swift says as she walks to the door and opens it and gestures Corbett to come inside, “Would you like to come in, I want you to meet someone.”


“Who’s there?” the senior doctor asks just as Corbett comes in, “Oh! He’s from the army!”


“No sir, I was from the army! Now I freelance!” Corbett replies extending his hand for a handshake, “The name is Corbett!”


“What are you doing with my daughter and how did you end up in the military hospital?” the senior doctor reveals his relationship to Dr Swift.


“I didn’t know Hayley is your daughter!” Corbett is as surprised as us.


“You didn’t answer my question,” the senior doctor is however not interested in anything else.


“I work for Colonel Rick as a specially contracted soldier for special assignments! He’s got a few links at the right places and helps me make my living still doing the work I can’t do as an army regular, thanks to my injury,” Corbett explains.


“Papa, he’s so brave he killed two aliens single-handedly after one of our brave mates had laid down his life killing two others. He’s even got their weapons in his possession,” Dr Swift praises Corbett in front of his father.


“Perhaps he is a brave man but that doesn’t warrant me risking my only daughter in such a situation,” Dr Swift senior is however not too impressed.


“I don’t know what you two are talking about but I am heading to the forward command centre to pass on the captured weapons and some information to my seniors,” Corbett is unaware of the discussion that was going on between the father and the daughter.


“She wants to head back to the injured patient you people have left behind at the underground command centre,” Dr Swift senior replies.


“I don’t know how important it is for her to be there but I can assure you that patient is important. He is Alexander Rai, the guy whom our only alien friend Mishiida loves, the guy whom she trusts. We need him as much as we need her,” Corbett explains.


“But it’s too risky outside,” Dr Swift senior argues.


“It sure is, but not for me and if Hayley wants me to get her back there I can assure you that I will be the one to loose his life first before anything happens to your precious daughter,” Corbett assures him.


“It is important for me to get there dad. Please let me go! It’s my duty!” Dr Swift argues.


“What can I say?” Dr Swift senior finally yields to her request, “Just be safe!”


“Don’t worry father, I trust him,” Dr Hayley grabs Corbett’s arm in her arms and fold herself around it.


Dr Swift senior senses the emotional chemistry between the two and says, “Take good care of my daughter Mr Corbett.”


“Its Alistair Corbett sir,” Corbett shakes the old man’s hand again.


“Nice meeting you son. I am Dr Will Swift,” Dr Swift senior shakes his hand.


Dr Swift quickly grabs a first aid box and picks up some medicines from one of the almirahs in her father’s office. Corbett and Dr Swift then leave his office and head outside. They get into the car and we hop on to the back seat. As soon as they get inside the car Hayley quickly grabs Corbett in her arms and kisses him hard on his lips.


“What was that for?” Corbett blushes.


“To the forward command centre first?” Hayley ain’t interested in answering.


“Yep,” Corbett replies, “By the way, do you really need to be with Alexander or are you just trying to be with me?”


“I need to be with him! His injury may not be serious but he still needs care and attention of a doctor,” Dr Swift replies to him, “Don’t worry, I will never let my love come in the way of my duty. It’s just that I won’t let an opportunity to love you slip away from my fingers.” And Dr Swift grabs him from his neck and gives him a big deep kiss. “Let’s go now!” and Dr Hayley winks at him. Corbett blushes like a girl, shakes his head and turns his face away. He presses down the pedal once again. Hayley squeezes herself to the back seat again to keep an eye if anyone is following.


The car speeds away towards the forward command centre at the sea shore. Surprisingly, no one follows us and we arrive at the forward command centre without any ado.


Corbett and Hayley hop out of the car and we join them as they walk up to the entrance to the underground command centre. A sentry at the gate asks them who they are to which Corbett replies that he is Colonel Rick’s man. The sentry talks to someone on the radio and on getting an all clear, lets’ them in.


We walk along with them to Jerome and Rick who are engrossed in a deep discussion as to the next course of action.


“Sir,” Corbett stands in attention and salutes them to draw their attention.


“How are you Corbett?” Rick asks.


“Where’s Curt and who is this girl and what is she doing here?” Jerome asks three more.


“Sir, this is Dr Hayley Swift who operated on Alexander. We are returning from the underground hospital where she needed to drop some important medications and now we are heading back to where Alexander and Mishiida are, at the former underground command centre at the RAAF base,” Corbett replies to almost all the questions.


“That’s fine but where is Curt?” Jerome asks again as Mathew, Monty, Ahmed, Sandeep and Ryan look on at Corbett.


“Sir, that’s the reason I am here!” Corbett replies, “Sir, with great sorrow but with immense pride I inform everyone that Private Curt Sommers has achieved the ultimate martyrdom. He laid down his life for humanity by taking on the enemy single-handedly, weapon-less, to save myself and Dr Swift, taking out two aliens in the process.”


“What? You are lying!” Sandeep bursts out as he rushes to Corbett and grabs him from his collars, “You are lying! No one can kill Curt! He’s the phantom of the day!”


“I am sorry mate, but it is true,” Corbett replies holding his head down in grief.


“He’s dead and you are alive! What were you doing you coward? Are you not a soldier?” Mathew joins Sandeep.


“He is not a coward! He took out two aliens himself!” Dr Swift jumps to his rescue.


“Control yourself boys!” Jerome’s eyes are moist and voice choking but he still tries to calm everyone, “How did it happen?”


Corbett explains in short all that happened and finally reveals the four weapons recovered from the aliens, “We left their two crafts back at the site. They may still be there if the aliens haven’t recovered them!”


“You’ve done great job son!” Jerome pats him on his soldier, “I am deeply grieved at the loss of one of my best trained men but you’ve done a great job!” Jerome tries hard to control his tears and says, “My man, when did he become a Romeo!”


“Sir, what about the two crafts? Mishiida can use one of them and we can recover the other for ourselves,” Corbett suggests.


“You get back to Alexander and Mishiida and stay with them until further orders,” Rick tells him tossing a wireless set to him, “The aliens have moved deeper into the earth and to other cities and countries now. They won’t be returning soon. We have time to recover the two crafts and will arrange the same.”


“Where are the aliens heading to now?” Corbett asks.


“They have already neutralized Russia, China and India. Now they are moving towards Japan, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Afghanistan,” Jerome informs him.


“What about our men in Afghanistan?” Corbett gets concerned.


“We contacted Taliban, requested them, offered them truce and many other incentives to let our troops access their caves in the mountains, but they didn’t trust us,” Jerome replies shaking his head, “GOD help our men out there!”


Corbett and everybody else hang their heads in grief.


“Anyway, you better get moving and get to Mishiida and Alexander quick,” Rick reminds Corbett.


“Sir, can I keep one of the alien weapons on me?” Corbett asks.


“What will you do with it? Can you use it properly?” Rick asks.


“Sir, I’ve found a way to use it and I can show you all how to do it,” Corbett replies and then shows them the stance to fire the weapon. He is allowed to keep the weapon while Rick and Jerome share one apiece. The last one is handed over to Lieutenant Ahmed.


As Corbett and Hayley head back towards Mishiida and Alexander, our hearts pour out for our brave men facing the prospect of fighting the aliens in open Afghanistan terrains. We decide to head over to Afghanistan to take a look for ourselves.


“Incoming! Incoming!” a soldier is heard yelling at the top of his voice as he makes a desperate dash towards a bunker just as we arrive at the forward post in Afghanistan. Before the young lad can make it to the safety of the bunker a laser blast rips the ground open behind him, the debris injuring him as his body is tossed away in air. The aliens have arrived there too.


The guns of allies roar but their fire is no more than bugs smashing against the windscreen of a speeding car for the aliens. The rockets fired at the alien crafts fail to even reach the vicinity of the crafts and get destroyed. The alien crafts hover above the holed troops like mosquitoes over a lake, taking out the poor entrapped soldiers bunker by bunker. So many young lives are lost in such a short span of time. We close our eyes and hope the whole thing will vanish like a bad dream, just like a pigeon closes its’ eyes on seeing a cat thinking he’s made it vanish. But the mayhem continues and cries of help and painful shrieks fill up the atmosphere.


Suddenly all the noise caused by the ruthless mayhem is overshadowed by a loud yell that is completely different from any other sound at the moment. In fact it’s not a yell, it’s a war cry.


“Yalgaar!” the word echoes again as we open our eyes and look around.


The Taliban have arrived.


“Yalgaar,” another loud yell and a big rock is tossed in the air from what looks like a catapult from centuries ago. The rock climbs up in the air and approaches the nearest alien craft with unexpected ferocity. The rock does what rockets and missiles failed to do. It hits the alien craft hard and damages it. The craft looses its’ flight and crashes to the ground. A large ball of fire is what it turns into.


Immediately another alien craft spots the militia and destroys the catapult along with its bearers in one single shot.


“Yalgaar,” another war cry resounds from another end of the mountainous terrain and another rock is fired from another catapult. The same result is achieved. One more alien craft is downed. The next moment another alien craft annihilates this resistance.


“Yalgaar,” another war cry is let out and this time around five catapults are fired at once. Two alien crafts are taken out while the remaining three go after the catapults hidden amongst the rocks.


Left with no choice the militia run into the open firing with their automatic assault rifles which we all know are useless in this battle. The alien crafts get involved in taking out the spreading militia in the open field below. The militia brave the alien assault as well as the anti personal mines spread out around the military base for securing the area as they involve the three alien crafts in a game of cat and mouse. The holed up troops get the idea from the militia and come out in the open and distract the aliens with their fire as well. When the crafts have been completely distracted, a handful of men reload the remaining five catapults with rocks again.


They wait with agonising patience for the crafts to come into the right firing range as their fellows are mercilessly butchered one by one by the aliens in front of their own eyes until finally the time is just right to take a shot.


“Yalgaar,” a loud cry resounds again from what looks like the leader of the group in this battle. The catapults are fired again. Two more crafts are taken out and only one is left.


The remaining craft realizing the true threat it faces, turns its’ attention towards the catapults and starts taking them out one by one.


“Reload,” the leader of militia yells again and then charges with a handful of men and towards the alien craft before it could take out the remaining two catapults.


The alien craft destroys one more catapult before it fires at the advancing militia. Its’ single fire blows away a big hole in the ground right in the middle of the charging group, tossing their bodies away, the debris doing the rest of the damage. But that was all the time the remaining militia needed to reload and fire the last remaining catapult.


We are sure the aliens flying the craft would have seen the huge rock smash right into their faces before being smashed to the ground for their imminent death.


The aliens have been defeated in this battle.


The remaining soldiers and militia group together shaking each others hands as they walk up to the dying leader of the militia.


The commanding officer of the troops comes forward and kneels next to the dying man to have a few words with him.


“This is Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Schmidt of the US army,” the officer says extending his hand for a handshake with the dying leader.


“Salaam-alaikum! I am Ashtaf Hameed,” the dying man struggles to put some words together.


“We are thankful for your timely help,” officer tells him.


“You requested Pathans for help! You couldn’t have perished on our soil after that,” the dying man replies.


“Do we have your friendship and permission to use your caves?” the officer asks.


“You can use some of our forward caves. My men will lead you and your troops there,” the dying man took his time to complete the sentence, “We have ideological differences and we have our problems but just like you, even we don’t want the entire humanity to perish.”


“I am sure we can discuss the issues at some later time in a much friendlier atmosphere after all this is over. Right now, I and my troops would like to thank you for your help,” the officer thanks the dying man.


“Insha-allah! Khuda hafiz!” the man finally rests in peace, peace that he never had in his lifetime.







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