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Mishiida Alexander


“Cowards love their lives, brave love their principles.”


Chapter Twenty Nine: Love in the line of fire


Long life is of those who seldom take risks, and those who seldom take risks, rarely imprint history. And those who don’t matter for history are as good as never been alive. History is written by the efforts of men and women who dare to challenge and change what doesn’t confirm to the perfect picture they envisage. Men and women who stand upright and defend sprightly their principles, values and morals, history is written with their sweat and blood. History is no place for cowards.


Men like Corbett and Curt take decisions in the matter of milliseconds, decisions that change the outcome of a conflict, the conflicts that change the outcome of the battles, the battles that change the course of a war, and a war that adds to the history. Men like Rick and Jerome inspire, organize and lead such men.


As we witness the bloodiest battle mankind has ever seen, we are left in awe by instances of bravery that strike admiration and sympathy at the same time. The bravery of the two men who charged at their eminent death when their families were at risk, was one such instance.


As we stand next to Corbett who is perturbed at the thought of an alien having escaped to where Hayley and Alexander are taking shelter, Mishiida walks up to him and shakes him, as if asking, “What happened to Alexander?” She may not have understood what Corbett just said but she recognises Alexander’s name and Corbett’s concerned appearance.


“Relax! Let me think of something,” Corbett gestures to Mishiida to stay calm and picks up his radio headset. “Gamma calling Alpha!” he immediately calls Jerome.


“Alpha receiving, what’s it Corbett? Over,” It is Rick answers from the other end.


“Sir, I need permission to go to the army cantonment for the protection of Alexander and Hayley, over,” Corbett asks.


“Permission denied! NASA team and Mishiida are more important than Alexander and Hayley. Stay where you are. Over,” Rick replies from the other end.


“But sir, Mishiida is getting impatient, over,” Corbett tells Rick.


“Once again, permission denied. We have a man over there to take care of any eventuality. Stay put! Over and out,” Rick finishes the conversation.


“Great! Her life is in danger and here I am, allowed to do nothing,” Corbett is frustrated.


Mishiida puts her hands on her hips and stares in his eyes, looking for an answer.


“Don’t worry I’ll do something,” Corbett says to her and picks up his radio set again, “Gamma calling Doctor Hayley! Are you receiving?”


We decide it’s time to dash down to Hayley and Alexander.


“Gamma calling Doctor Hayley!” Corbett’s voice booms on the radio handset once again just as we reach Hayley and Alexander.


“That’s Corbett’s voice,” Dr Hayley realizes she is being called. She immediately rushes to the radio set lying next to the officer present there alongside them. “Corbett’s calling for me on radio,” Hayley tells the officer.


“Is he?” the officer wakes up from his trance.



“Gamma calling Dr Hayley, are you receiving?” Corbett asks again.


“How do you speak on these things?” Hayley picks up the radio handset and asks the officer.


“Here, hold this button down while speaking and release it to listen,” the officer quickly shows her the button.


“Hayley, if you are listening, there’s an alien heading your direction. Stay safe!” Corbett says on the radio.


“Hello! This is Hayley! What did you say? An alien heading are way,” Hayley finally replies on the radio.


“Roger! An alien heading your way! Stay safe! Close the entrance,” Corbett tells her.


“An alien heading our way!” the officer nearly jumps out of his seat, “I’ll grab a gun and immediately close the heavy gate.”


“That’s fine! We are safe, don’t worry!” Hayley says on the radio, “The officer is going to close the door!”


As Hayley is saying this to Corbett, the officer picks up an M16 and rushes towards the gate to press the button to shut it down. But it is too late. A laser fire blows the door and a lifeless body of the officer away. The officer’s hand involuntarily presses the trigger down and the gun empties its’ magazine all over the place. A shrieking Dr Hayley ducks for cover and the radio handset falls out of her hand.


“What’s happening out there? Hayley are you alright?” Corbett’s concerned voice booms from the other end.


As doctor Hayley gets back on her feet, Alexander stumbles out of his stretcher. Taking off the glucose drip and grabbing his paining wound, he makes a limping dash towards the box containing guns. Just as Alexander pulls a gun out of the box the alien slowly walks into the room, his weapon held aloft, as he screens the area.


Alexander gives out a loud yell and pulls the trigger. But the recoil of the M16 is too much for an unexperienced Alexander, two shots and the gun lobs out of his hand. He looses his balance and crashes on the floor. The alien charges at him giving a loud shriek as Hayley and us grab our ears.


“What the hell is happening there? Hayley, please talk to me!” Corbett is still asking from the other end and we hear another shriek, this time it is Mishiida. We realize she has lost her patience. “We are coming Hayley! We are coming!” Corbett screams out.


Meanwhile, we look at the alien who is standing on top of Alexander, his gun pointing at Alexander’s face but he isn’t shooting him. He pulls out the camera cum phone he is carrying and opens up Alexander’s saved picture. He compares the picture with his face and nods his head.


Hayley in the meantime grabs a chair and sneaks behind the alien. She gives a loud shriek and hits the alien hard in his back. The impact makes the chair falls out of her hands but the alien is unaffected. He turns around and looks at Hayley who gets scared. The alien takes of his helmet, looks on in Hayley’s eyes and gives a wicked smile. He walks up to a shaking Hayley, puts his weapon on the side of her head, and slides it down tantalizingly through her hair, down the side of her neck and to her bosom. He puckers his lips at her.


Alexander meanwhile gets back on his feet and tries to charge at him but the alien turns around and lands on punch on his head, knocking him out of consciousness.


“You jerk!” Hayley yells and tries to punch him but the alien grabs her from the back of her neck and pulls her towards him, putting his weapon right on her heart. He forces her face towards him and gives her a kiss. She spits on his face and he slaps her hard on her face in retaliation. She falls unconscious as well. The alien, free of his immediate worries, pulls out his fancy gadget again and makes a call to his leader.


The leader’s face appears in three dimensions and the alien explains to him the situation and shows him Alexander. His leader seems to have been impressed and gives him some instructions. The alien nods his head and his leader drops out of the conversation. The alien puts his helmet on, weapon and camera away, lifts Alexander and Hayley on his two shoulders and walks out of the underground hideout. He walks out of the compound and gets on to the main road. He starts walking out of the city. We follow him for a few minutes when a car comes to a screeching halt behind us. We turn around as Corbett jumps out of the car while Mishiida kicks the door off the car and hops out.


“Stop where you are and let the two go!” Corbett yells out loud as he pulls his weapon out and takes his perfected shooting stance. He doesn’t take the shot as Hayley and Alexander are both hanging over his shoulders covering his back. Mishiida meanwhile pulls out her weapon and is about to run towards the alien when the alien turns around, puts the two down with their feet on the ground but bodies resting by his shoulders. The alien notices advancing Mishiida and immediately pulls out his weapon and puts it to unconscious Alexander’s head. Mishiida stops in her stride immediately. She has her weapon in her hand which she points at the alien, who securely hides his head behind Alexander’s. The alien pulls at Alexander’s hair and Mishiida nearly pulls out her hand as if to say, “Stop!” The alien’s helmet covered head shakes as if he is smiling at having caught Mishiida’s weakness.


Corbett meanwhile tries to take advantage of the alien’s preoccupation with Mishiida but the alien pre-judges his move and immediately puts the weapon on to Hayley’s head. Corbett stops immediately. The alien looks at him and then, still supporting the two by his body and his weapon pointing at Alexander’s head, he takes off his helmet with one hand. He then tilts Hayley’s balance behind on his arm and starts kissing her on her lips, sucking at them, bitting them, his eyes still on Corbett and Mishiida.


“Don’t you dare touch her,” Corbett roars.


The alien immediately stops and laughs at him. He kisses her again and when Corbett tries to move forward, the alien puts the gun on her head.


“Damn it!” Corbett gets frustrated. And just as Corbett turns his face away in anger and disgust, about twenty missiles rise up behind him and advance like streaks of lights over our heads. Everybody looks skywards and follow the missiles. Just as the missiles cross over our heads, an equal number of laser shots destroy them mid-air.


We turn around and see around twenty alien crafts emerging out of the skies and almost all of them stop far up in the sky. Only one aircraft heads towards where we are standing. More missiles are fired, this time all aiming for the one craft that’s heading our way but the crafts that have lined themselves far above, shoot them down when they are barely out of their blocks. Mishiida takes aim at the craft but the alien shrieks out at her, pointing his weapon to Alexander’s head. Mishiida stops immediately.


The alien craft lands right next to the alien and as its door opens, Mishiida runs towards Corbett letting out a shriek and motioning him to run.


“What happened?” Corbett looks at her surprised but she grabs him from his collar and nearly drags him away. He stumbles on his feet but regains his balance quickly and runs behind Mishiida.


About six aliens jump out of the craft and start taking shots at Mishiida and Corbett, barely missing them, as the two vanish behind a pile. The other alien meanwhile picks up Alexander and Hayley on his shoulders and carries them inside the craft. The other aliens look at each other and then say something. Then they all nod their heads and get back in the craft. Perhaps they were discussing weather to chase Mishiida and Corbett or not. As soon as they return inside the craft, the craft door closes and the craft flies away and back towards the parent craft.


As the craft flies away Corbett runs out from behind the pile and gives out a loud frustrated shriek. Mishiida follows him into the open and looks hatefully at the crafts and gives out her shriek.


“Alpha calling Gamma, are you receiving?” Jerome’s voice is heard on the radio hanging by Corbett’s waist.


“Gamma receiving, over,” Corbett replies.


“What happened, what’s the situation, over?” Jerome asks.


“They have taken Alexander and Hayley hostages, over,” Corbett replies.


“That is bad but you don’t worry! We will figure out some way to get them back. You return to the side of NASA team immediately, over,” Jerome instructs him.


Mishiida walks up to Corbett, puts her hand on his shoulder and shows him the remote device of the captured crafts that she had recovered from the dead aliens. She then points to him and herself and gestures flying with her hand, as if saying, “Let’s go and get them!”


“Did you copy my last message? Over,” Jerome asks from the other end.


“We are going in!” Corbett replies on the radio as Mishiida fiddles with the remote, trying to remote control the craft. But the dejection on her face shows that she is not being able to operate them remotely.


“What? Have you lost your mind? Return to the command centre and see me immediately, over,” Jerome orders him.


“We are going in Colonel, over and out,” and Corbett finishes the conversation.


“Don’t do that! Don’t go anywhere,” Jerome yells over the radio, “Report to me immediately.”


But Corbett gives no answer as he and Mishiida walk away in the direction of the crafts they captured. The car they had come in had been destroyed by the laser fire from the aliens who just assaulted them.


“Answer me Corbett!” Jerome yells again, “Answer me you Romeo!”


But the two keep walking.


“Damn you Romeo!” Jerome says with frustration.


We decide it’s time to visit the alien craft and see what they are doing with our friends, Alexander and Hayley.


As we approach the parent craft we are astonished by its’ monstrosity. Shaped like a string ray, rhomboidal in spread and pyramidal in its rise and depth, it is bigger in its spread than the biggest city on the earth. It rises higher than it reaches deep. Our awe is bigger when we step inside it. It has an artificial sky of its’ own, which looks like the sky on the earth and it gives the feeling of the day inside. We look below and are surprised by the floor which gives the look of a sandy beach with rocks scattered around. Further down we notice high rise structures which we figure out, must be the residential quartes. There is enough space inside for the smaller crafts to fly freely as in normal sky. We fly in a bit deeper and across the high rise structures and we notice a big aircraft base behind it. There must be more than a thousand small crafts lined over there. The spread of the craft and the hugeness of the fleet leave us speechless. We turn around and notice a big building at the front end of the craft that seems to be connected to the front of the craft which gives us a feeling that it is the control tower of the craft. We decide to go and have a look.


As we are flying towards the building, the floor below splits open at a location and a bunch of crafts fly in. We decide to have a look at what is located in the floor which gives an inverse pyramid look from outside but a flat appearance from the inside. We fly through the floor and into the basement which, we find out, houses all the engines and machinery running the craft. We look around in wonder and then fly out of the basement and into the building at the front end of the craft. We rise through its’ various level where aliens are working on different screens and gadgets. We finally reach its’ top storey which is actually a big room. As we step inside we see huge glass windows, lined with a lot of screens just above them and huge control panels below them. There are men sitting on those controls, working. We see our earth’s horizon just out of it, which appears like the moon crescent with most part of it covered in darkness of night, and a thin but brightly lit greenish blue edge. As we reach the middle of the room, a sound from behind attracts our attention. We turn around and notice a balcony just above the entrance to the room where the general we saw in Mishiida’s video is sitting on a big throne in the middle of the balcony, and his son is sitting on smaller throne to its’ side. There are some other aliens who appear to be officers of the alien army. They too are sitting around on some smaller thrones. Each throne has a big transparent panel in front of it, showing various screens. The father and son are busy discussing something.


Just then the door to the lifts open and the alien who kidnapped Alexander and Hayley arrives with the two, pushing them into the room and in front of the balcony. The general and his son look on at the two prisoners and clap their hands, followed by everybody else in the room.


“Where are we?” Hayley asks Alexander.


“Definitely not at my wedding,” Alexander replies.


“How can you be so cool in such a situation?” Hayley asks.


“Because I don’t want to act a sissy in front of a gorgeous girl,” Alexander replies as Hayley giggles.


The general and the son both say something to the alien who captured our two friends. The applause it generates hints they are lauding his efforts. The general’s son then hops off the balcony and walks up to Alexander who looks away. He grabs Alexander’s face from his chin and turns it around. He then yells harsh in his face as we grab our ears.


“Have you got no mint on you?” Alexander says as he grabs his ears.


The general’s son gets enraged at Alexander’s nonchalance and punches him in his stomach. Alexander collapses on the ground in pain. The general’s son looks at him writhing in pain. He kneels down besides him and lifts his shirt to reveal his wound that Alexander is grabbing. He smiles at Alexander, gets up and walks to Hayley. He puts his hand on her face and caresses her hair. She spits at his face at which he grabs her and gives her a violent kiss. She struggles to free herself from his grip but fails. He finally pushes her away and says something to the alien who captured them. The alien nods his head and grabs Hayley from her hair and Alexander from his leg, and drags them away and out of the room. We are just about to follow them when the general gets up from his throne and says something to everyone. We stop to have a listen to it and see what he is up to now.


He orders the men manning the controls at the front who immediately start working on the controls in front of them. Soon various dam locations around the world are flashed on the screens above. The general points at the live pictures of the dams and says something. The aliens start working on something again. To our surprise, we soon see around two hundred crafts leaving the parent ship and flying past the windows of the craft and travelling towards the earth in different directions.





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