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Mishiida Alexander


“Believe in destiny but don’t wait for it. Make it!”


Chapter Twenty One: Test of love


Belief is one of the strongest thought processes that can drive a man both to the dizzy heights of excellence as also to the degrading depths of destruction. Belief is what gives wings to the faith in a better future and belief is what makes everyone realize what has happened in their lives was their destiny and what will happen in their lives is what they are destined for. However, those who have the acumen to succeed don’t wait for the destiny to provide them a breakthrough. They rather work hard to create opportunities and only credit their destiny for making one of their shots a hit while many others may have ended up as near misses. More driven you are to succeed more chances your destiny has to make you get there and more your beliefs strengthen.


Mishiida is determined to get her revenge but is not waiting for the destiny to help her though. She might not have been able to do it alone and it may appear she bumped into Alexander because it was her destiny. But what needs to be appreciated is the fact that she bumped into Alexander because she struggled hard and fast to survive the onslaught of her enemies, and made her way across the length and breadth of the universe to get to the earth. She may have run out of fuel but rather than fret and despair, she chose to walk the rest of her journey. It was these untiring efforts of her that gave her destiny a chance to work up magic and make her bump into Alexander. The rest we all hope will be a glorious history.


As Mishiida walks out of the store looking as stunning as she was always born to, a love smitten Alexander walks out of the store behind her, his eyes glued to the only object of his affection in the entire universe, in fact the centre of his universe at the moment. His thoughts are broken by Jessica who rushes out and yells at him, “You forgot the clothes she was wearing.”


Alexander turns around and thinks for a second before he replies, “Keep them safe, will you? I’ll collect them from you later, if you don’t mind.”


“My pleasure bro, my pleasure,” Jessica smiles and waves a cute goodbye to the two of them and walks back inside.


As Mishiida and Alexander stroll through the street a van pulls up right next to them and the passenger side window rolls down. Rick pops his head out and says, “Get inside the van and let’s get rolling. We are running out of time quicker than the van is running out of fuel.”


Alexander opens the back door and gestures to Mishiida to hop in. He closes the door for her and walks around to the other side and gets inside. We hop inside too and sit right in the middle of the two, a vantage point for our observations and besides it means we won’t be sharing the hot lassie with anyone else. Alexander meanwhile is already lost in his thoughts once again, looking on at Mishiida without baiting an eyelid. In fact his eyes are telling his story loud and clear now. He’s lost his waterloo.


“Where did you get her the dress?” Rick asks but his words fall on deaf ears. He repeats his question again but gets no response. He finally turns around, puts his hands on Alexander’s knee and shakes him out of his day dreams, “I said where did you buy her the new outfit?”


“Hmm? Oh sorry, I was lost in my thoughts,” Alexander replies a bit embarrassed.


“We can hear that?” Corbett replies with a wicked smile as he glances at Alexander through the rear view mirror.


“Hear what?” Alexander asks a bit confused.


“Your thoughts,” Corbett spoils himself with every bit of the budding romance.


Alexander’s cheeks turn red as a shy smile appears on his lips as he turns away embarrassed and blushing at the same time like he’s been caught red handed in the act of stealing.


“That’s a nice dress,” Rick comments.


“Oh! We just got it from the store on the other side of the street,” Alexander replies as Rick smiles and nods his head and looks ahead. Alexander looks at Mishiida again who glares at him and turns her face away from him hatefully. We notice tears rolling down her eyes as we glance at her reflection in the window pane.


As the van drives through the township of Bathurst we notice two familiar faces walking down the road. Corbett pulls up the van right next to them and Rick opens his window and tells ‘em, “Get in the back boys, we are late for the religious discourse.”


Charles and Ken hop into the back of the van and Corbett presses down the pedal burning the road below. We all head towards Richmond RAAF Base, New South Wales.


“What’s the news boys’?” Rick asks.


“Sir, everybody is being instructed to get back to their homes and stay there until further orders. An announcement is expected on televisions and radio in another hour or so. Everybody’s been told not to panic but to make haste,” Ken replies.


“And what’s the situation?” Rick asks further.


“Sir, everyone’s busy panicking,” Charles replies.


“What else did they expect and what else could they have done?” Rick shakes his head in helplessness, “That makes our job really tough now.”


“Why do you say that?” Alexander is all ears and concerned.


“Everybody would have panicked by now and would be eager to get back home. The traffic is going to be chaotic and dangerous. We’ll be lucky if we are able to make our way through to RAAF base in this vehicle,” Rick explains.


“So what will we do?” Alexander gets concerned.


“We’ll have to swap vehicles at nearly every intersection or traffic blockade with someone at the other end of the spectrum,” Rick replies.


“What do you mean?” Alexander doesn’t get his point and neither do we.


“Every time we get stuck in traffic we’ll have to get out of our vehicle and walk to the other end of the jam and in our intended direction, swap keys with a driver whose vehicle suits our needs and get going again. We’ll drive off in the new vehicle while the driver of that vehicle can use ours for temporarily and return it to the nearest police station when everything is back to normal,” Rick makes it clear and simple for everyone.


“It ain’t going to be that easy,” Alexander quips.


“Why do you think we are carrying guns?” Rick replies with a simple question as everybody bursts out laughing and Ken pats Alexander on his shoulder from behind.


As we approach the city the roads begin to get busier and busier. “Speed limits are for dummies” seems to be the motto of every motorist driving past us.


“See how everyone’s panicked! Sir, I am sure there will be plenty of people shopping in the malls to stock up on food items as well,” Ken comments.


“No Ken I don’t think so! Even the shopping malls will either be close by now or atleast staff less. Those working in them are also human beings only and like everybody else, susceptible to freaking out,” Rick replies with the wisdom worthy his age and experience of life.


“Sir, time to get the guns out,” Corbett interrupts the conversation.


“What’s the matter?” Rick asks as everyone looks ahead. A huge traffic-jam just on the outskirts of the township of Marrangaroo stares in our faces.


“Get off the road and drive through the dirt and try to get us as far as we can. The lesser we’ll have to walk the quicker we’ll be,” Rick advices Corbett.


Corbett dutifully follows the instructions as we drive off the road and into the bumpy sides only to be shaken and stirred like in a blender. Corbett drives around and behind a couple of houses on our side of the road and drives us to the four way intersection and stops right next to the intersecting road which is also choking with traffic.


“Sir, this is the farthest I can take you unless you want me to travel around this line of traffic as well and then around its’ other side to get back on the road we were originally travelling in,” Corbett comments.


But all his suggestions come to naught even before Rick could give it a thought as car after car ends up right next to us blocking us from all sides. Seems like everybody heard and took Rick’s advice and followed us along the dirt path and is now stuck as much as we are and right where we are, on the wrong side of another chocked line of traffic.


“Damn these idiots, what are they doing behind us?” Corbett is incensed.


“That’s what panic makes you do. You follow every possible lead your brain can provide and leads you straight to a dead end,” Rick calms him down, “And now that we have no choice, let’s take a walk and grab a new vehicle.”


Rick leads everyone out of the car as they walk through to the other side of the jammed traffic lines. The noise of honking horns and yelling people is driving us nuts while Mishiida is looking on trying to comprehend what is happening. We walk across to the other side of the traffic and straight away Rick notices a van stuck between a few vehicles but towards the middle of the road.


“Let’s get that van. It looks big enough for all of us and will be easy to turn around and drive off on the free side of the road,” Rick says as we walk towards the van.


The big bulky fella driving the fateful vehicle is munching on his favourite burger unmindful of the traffic and panic is not the word that would describe the indifferent look on his face. Rick walks up to him and says, “Mate, we need your van to travel. It’s urgent!”


“Really? You’re kidding me,” the man replies almost spitting his food on Rick, “Mate, I tell you what, take a walk. It’s good for your health too.”


“Look mate, we urgently need to get somewhere and our vehicle is stuck on the other side. You can have our vehicle. It’s a newer van than this and will take you home. This way it will be easy for all of us. You’ll get to your destination and we’ll get to ours,” Rick reasons with the man.


“Bug off!” the man is disenchanted and un-relenting.


Rick’s patience wears off and he pulls out his mouser and points it at his head, “Get out of the van before I blow your burger into your head and your head into your burger.”


“Is that so?” the man gets enraged as well, bends down and pulls out a twelve bore shotgun from under his seat and points it at Rick, “Let me see you do that you sucker.”


Immediately Ken, Charles and Corbett pull out their weapons as well.


“Let’s see who shoots first,” the man says as he is about to push the trigger when Mishiida walks upfront from behind and looks on at what is happening. The man’s eyes fall on Mishiida and immediately his attention is diverted, “Isn’t she one of them who are causing all this mess? I’ll shoot her first.”


The man turns his gun and is about to fire at Mishiida when Rick grabs his moment and the hold of his barrel. With one quick pull and a jerk Rick disarms the man as well as drags him out of his van and on to the road. Rick’s men gather around him with guns pointing at his head. The people in the vehicles close by notice what is happening but are too scared by what they are already going through and choose not to interfere. Rick drops the keys of their van in front of the man, “I’m sorry mate we had to do it this way but I hope you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s an emergency. There’s a black van on the other side of the road crossing our road, parked in the field. The registration number is SUV 059. Once things settle down return it to the nearest police station just like we’ll leave yours at one.”


“You won’t get away with this. I will get you one day,” the man is seething with rage.


“That’s fine. We are in no hurry anyways,” Rick quips as everybody hops into the van. Alexander however waits for Mishiida holding the door open for her. Mishiida walks up to the man who is still on his fours and looking hatefully at Rick and his men. She kneels down besides him and looks at him. She places her hands on his, holds ‘em softly and gets up on her feet with him. She looks at him calmly before she gives him her elaborate salute that she gave the other day to an old fella. The man is taken aback by this show of gratitude. Mishiida gives him a smile and gets into the van.


“She’s amazing,” we hear the words escape the man’s lips as his anger vanishes like morning mist. He bends over and picks up the keys to Rick’s hired van as Corbett turns his van around and drives past him. Mishiida looks at the man through the window and smiles. The man keeps looking at her and his gaze follows the van as we leave him behind.


On our way to Richmond RAAF base we swap nearly nine more vehicles but luckily the subsequent changeovers weren’t as eventful, atleast not for our side. It took us nearly three hours for a two hour journey and that too after speeding at break neck speeds without the fear of getting caught. In fact with everybody speeding ridiculously it was much safer that way.


“Sir, how are we going to get inside? Have you got any plans or men inside who can help us?” Ken asks.


“Unfortunately Ken looks like we’ll be doing it all the hard way this time,” Rick replies a bit dejectedly, “At such a short notice there was never a chance to make a plan nor could I have arranged any man inside to let us in.”


“Sir, where do you plan to infiltrate the base in this scenario?” Corbett asked.


“Corbett, you know the military engineering wing don’t you? Just drive to the end closest to it. I have a feeling we will find all our stuff there,” Rick instructs Corbett who nods and makes haste.


We finally arrive at a deserted spot at what looks like the back of the RAAF base.


“Ok everybody the plan is simple. We are not going to shoot anyone. No casualties at any cost. Is it clear?” Rick asks everyone.


“But how are you going to stop them,” Alexander asks.


“We are only going to guide Mishiida through the maze of the RAAF base while she is the one who is going to take care of every man we encounter. We know she won’t hurt anyone and none can hurt her,” Rick replies.


“Are you kidding? They know she is vulnerable to big ammunition and now she doesn’t even have the protection of her clothes!” Alexander fumes.


“I know that very well but I also know she won’t let it get to such a point where she becomes a target of anyone’s fire. And besides we are not going to be just voyeurs out there. In case we sense any trouble, we are carrying our tranquilizer darts with us,” Rick reassures his concerns.


“But,” Alexander however is not convinced and Rick has to cut him, “Look son, I know you love her but you have to trust me on this one. Remember, she is out and safe just because of us.” And Alexander gets silent on that one.


They all step out of the van and walk up to the fence.


“Sir, all the security measures in place here are the same as the RAAF base in South Australia. We’ll have company in no time,” Corbett states.


“Great! Even I don’t like to party alone,” Rick quips and then looks at Alexander, “Alexander, these wires are electrified. Could you ask Mishiida to toss us all across the fence?”


“I’ll try,” Alexander replies and then walks up to Mishiida to try and explain the situation to her with his elaborate hand gestures. Mishiida either fails to make any head or tail out of what he is saying or is disinterested in listening to him. When nothing works he almost gives up when an idea strikes him. He picks up two small figs from the ground and tries to give it another shot.


“Look, this is you and this is one of us. You need to pick us up and toss us over the fence,” Alexander says as he points to the fence and tries to toss the fig over the fence. Even before the fig he throws up in air could land on the ground Mishiida grabs him from his collars with both her hands, picks him up and tosses him forcefully across the fence as if saying, “Sure, with immense pleasure!”


“Whoa, whoa, wow!” Alexander shrieks as he lands on the other side and rolls over a few times to finally land on his feet. And alarms start sounding everywhere.


“Quick, toss everyone across,” Rick and others rush to Mishiida.


Mishiida gently tosses everyone across the fence as they all land smoothly on their feets without much ado. Finally she grabs Colonel Rick and jumps gracefully across to the other side.


“Hey that was mean!” Alexander exclaims as he realizes why he was tossed away like rotten bread.


However before we can take another breath unwelcome company is upon them.


“Mishiida,” is all that Rick says and leaves the rest to Mishiida.


Once the first assault is silenced, Rick yells again, “Come, let’s go!” and he motions Mishiida to follow him. Everybody including Mishiida starts following him as he makes his way through the compound as fast as his legs could carry him. It is clearly a full blooded frontal attack by Colonel and his team and what is clear is clear is it’s neither welcome nor appreciated. Waves after waves of men try to block their way and Mishiida keeps taking them out. “Where is Jerome and what is he going to do?” we wonder and make a dash for his control room.


“Welcome to your funeral old pal,” is all Jerome says as we bump into him and Ahmed who has probably updated him of the attack, “Let’s give them a nice little grave each!”


And Jerome marches out of the control room as he and Ahmed hop on to the modified hummer, with Ahmed taking the wheel and Jerome manning his favourite gun. They are joined by Mathew and Monty who are manning a similar gun each, atop a similar machine, each being driven by Ryan and Curt Sommers. They make a dash towards the military engineering wing.


“You take ‘em from left Monty, you from right Mathew,” Jerome yells as his men nod and they divide into three advancing assault parties. Ryan picks up the most speed, followed by Curt and then Ahmed so as to differentiate their arrival times at the scene of combat. We however beat them to it and get there just as Mishiida is busy taking out others. Rick and his team are carefully taking out the soldiers with their sleeping darts too. However Mishiida seems to be a bit slow and restricted in her movements. Her attire seems to be inhibiting her natural flow because of it’s stiff and inflexible built.


“Yeah,” Mathew gives out a loud war cry as he arrives at the scene first but before he can take a single shot Mishiida is quick enough to put him to sleep. But almost immediately Monty arrives at the scene as well and Mishiida turns around to take him out. Before Mishiida can fire at him Colonel Jerome arrives at the scene as well and without even taking a proper aim fires a shot.


“Mishiida!” Alexander realizing Mishiida will be too late to defend her self as she takes out Monty, desperately lunges between Mishiida and the approaching 20mm mean monster.


There is only one thing that is good about bullets, they don’t discriminate. Irrespective of the caste, colour, religion or race, they hurt or kill anyone who dares stand in their way. This bullet is no different. It does its’ job and so does Alexander.





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