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Mishiida Alexander


“To win the battles outside, start by wining the war inside.”


Chapter Twenty Seven: Get him


Your strongest enemy is your self and the biggest battles are always fought inside your mind. The fructification of actions into an achievement lies in the successful germination of the seed of the thought that initiated those actions. However the evolution of a thought into a successful endeavour is dependent on the result of an intense battle one has to wage against self in the battle grounds of their brain. Every thought that breathes inside the cranium evokes a positive impetus and a negative indecision at the same time. Irrespective of how badly one wants to take a certain set of actions, there’s always a voice in the brain that not only highlights the associated pitfalls but also balloons them up into unscaleable heights. The fear of failure, and in some cases the fear of loss of face resulting out of those failures, they are good enough to scare anyone into avoiding the venture completely thus culminating the growth of a once wonderful thought. The only secret to success lies in the successful mastering of those fears and acting on hunches without the fear of setbacks. The war within has to be won to win the battles raging outside.


Private Curt Sommers had every chance to escape with the girl and leave Corbett to fight the aliens. However his sense of duty was loud enough to drown any voices of impending death that could have deterred him from the call of his destiny. His valiant fight sowed the seeds of belief amongst humanity that the enemy, howsoever strong he might be, can be taken down if you have courage, conviction and presence of mind. He set the benchmark that would make any soldier desperate enough to better.


Lost in our thoughts about what we have already seen, we are rudely shaken out of our thoughts by a scaring laser burst that digs up the metalled surface besides us. They continue their vicious search for humanity with the sole intention of its destruction.


We decide it’s time to get back to our friends inside the command centre and see what they are planning, if anything they are. We make a dash and head to a very contemplative Jerome and Rick.


“It feels like we have got nothing to do,” Jerome is heard lamenting, “Feels like we’ve already given up the fight!”


“Relax Jerome,” Rick comforts him, “I know you are a man of action and such long inaction in the middle of a ragging battle seems like an unconditional surrender to you but trust me, this agonising wait is going to lead us to the path to victory.”


“I don’t know! We are not planing anything! We are not making any decisions! Feels like we are teenagers whose video game just blew up due to heavy electric load and now we have nothing to do but sit on our bums and watch each others face,” Jerome explains his state of mind.


“We have already set up what we needed to for the ensuing battle. We already know what we need to do to drag them out of their crafts. Now all we need to do is to wait until our weapons are ready for the first assault,” Rick tries to renew Jerome’s focus.


“I can’t wait! I want to blow them away,” Jerome insists like a small kid who only wants his candy.


“Relax! You’ll get your chance,” Rick laughs as he says.


“Gamma calling Alpha,” Corbett’s voice booms on the radio.


“Alpha receiving, go ahead Corbett,” Rick picks up the radio.


“Sir, are we stuck here with Dr Green and his team? There are aliens all over the place,” Corbett asks.


“Do you want a confirmation certificate or just a verbal affirmation will do?” Jerome grabs the handset from Rick and answers.


“Sir, I am worried about Alexander. He’s alone!” Corbett explains.


“Don’t worry about Alexander son! He’s a Romeo,” Jerome replies, “Stay where you are until further orders.”


“Sir, Mishiida is getting impatient,” Corbett explains.


“Look son, there’s nothing I can do for you at the moment. Give us some more time. Once we are able to figure out a way to thwart these giant mosquitoes away, I’ll give you a go ahead to lead her to wherever she wants to go. Alpha out,” Jerome explains his limitation. Corbett radios out as well.


Just as Jerome puts his handset down a loud shattering noise that is threateningly close rocks the entire command centre.


“What the hell was that?” Rick nearly jumps out of his seat as he is forced to grab its’ arm rests.


“Sir, our centre’s been hit by the enemy fire,” a soldier comes rushing in and breaks the horrific news, “Our exit has been closed.”


“Damn it!” Rick clenches his fists and bangs them on the table in front.


“We’ll have to exit through the sewerage system again,” Jerome points out the only way left out for them.


“I hate to think of it,” Rick replies.


“Charlie calling Alpha,” a voice booms on the radio.


“Alpha receiving! Dr Akshay Chopra, give me the good news or I’ll put my radio handset for auction on the internet,” Jerome receives the radio call.


“Sir, we have modified two of our Bristol Bloodhound anti-aircraft missiles and equipped them with solenoid based electro-magnets to give them polarity,” Dr Akshay Chopra informs from the other end.


“Why two, Dr Chopra?” Jerome is puzzled.


“Sir, one of them will have North polarity on the outside and the other will have South polarity,” Dr Chopra tries to explain, “Depending upon the polarity of their crafts, one will be repelled by the force field protecting their crafts while the other will get it’s momentum multiplied.”


“I see! Dr Chopra, I am getting the logic behind your work but what if they change the ionising radiation that effects the polarity of incoming projectiles?” Jerome shares what questions his mind.


“Sir, the ionising radiation can be altered in its’ strength and intensity, but its’ effect cannot be altered. They will still cause the same polarisation that they are inherently able to cause due to their own electric characteristics,” Dr Chopra replies.


“But Dr Chopra, if I remember correctly, in case of solenoid based electro magnets, the polarity can be reversed, isn’t it?” Jerome shares his doubts.


“Yes Sir, that is indeed correct,” Dr Chopra replies.


“So what if they reverse the polarity of their fields alternatively to repel our missiles one after the other?” Jerome asks.


“Sir, that is a possibility and we are already busy working on equipping our missiles with electro magnets whose polarity can be altered remotely by our commands depending upon their aerodynamic performance in relation to the alien craft field. What that means is, once we fire a missile at a craft and we find it is loosing momentum, we will immediately know that the alien crafts have altered their defensive field polarity and we will then change the polarity of our missile. Any momentum it would have lost will be compensated by the gain it will experience when the alien craft’s opposite polarity will pull it towards itself, harder,” Dr Chopra allays Jerome’s concerns.


“Then why use these two missiles and why not wait until we get the better concept battle ready?” Jerome asks.


“Sir, the better concept needs more time to be incorporated in our missiles without affecting their aerodynamic stability and control, as it involves not just an addition of electro magnets into the missile frame, but also a remote controlling mechanism. Our current attempt will not only be a surprise element that will make them wary of our abilities but will also keep them busy for a while. It will buy us the time that we need,” Dr Chopra replies.


“I understand what you are saying Dr Chopra. When are we ready to shoot?” Jerome understands Dr Akshay Chopra’s logic.


“Sir, the missiles have been transported to one of your Gunner units. You can command them anytime,” Dr Chopra replies.


“Thanks Dr Chopra, Alpha over and out,” Jerome finishes the conversation and makes another call, “Alpha calling the Gunners with new missiles.”


“Captain Suzie Smith commanding the Gunners squad with modified Bristol’s receiving Sir,” Captain Suzie Smith receives the call.


“Send ‘em the greetings with love,” Jerome gives the go ahead.


“Roger Sir,” Captain Suzie replies.


We sneak out of the command centre to take a look for ourselves. From a distant end two missiles are fired at an alien craft hovering not too far off. As expected one of the missiles looses its’ momentum while the other one annihilates the intruder with a ferocity that increased with approach. Immediately an alien craft heads to Captain Suzie’s location and annihilates it with a single laser shot. With a tinge of sadness in our hearts, we head back into the command centre.


“Alpha calling Captain Suzie, please answer,” Jerome is trying to contact Captain Suzie.


“Sir, Captain Suzie and her team laid down their lives in the line of duty after successful completion of the task intrusted to them,” a soldier’s sad voice replies from the other end, “Our team is stationed five hundred yards from late Captain Suzie’s location and saw this brave sacrifice with our own eyes.”


“Your sacrifice won’t go waste Captain,” after a few silent moments Rick finally speaks with a heavy heart before Jerome makes another call on the radio, “Alpha calling Charlie.”


“Charlie receiving,” Dr Chopra receives the call.


“Did you get the information you needed?” Jerome asks.


“Yes Sir! The enemy crafts current polarity has been identified. Sending in fifty more modified missiles in half an hour’s time to five Gunner posts,” Dr Chopra replies.


“Good work Doctor, Alpha over and out,” Jerome finishes the conversation.


“Now they will be wary of our strength,” Rick comments.


“The onus is on them to finish us,” Jerome quips.


“What do you reckon they will do then?” Rick asks.


“What we want them to,” Jerome replies.


“What about their mother ship?” Rick asks.


“We’ll impregnate it with our modified satellite launch vehicles,” Jerome is confident as Rick nods his head.


After an agonising wait of about half an hour Jerome’s radio buzzes again.


“Charlie calling Alpha,” Dr Chopra calls out for Jerome.


“Alpha receiving,” Jerome answers.


“Sir, fifty missiles have been dispatched and the good news is, we are ready with out new modification,” Dr Chopra informs a delighted Jerome.


“Kudos to you and your team! When will the missiles with new technology be available to my Gunners?” Jerome asks.


“Sir, fifty missiles will be ready in an hour and a half. A hundred and ninety men are on it at our underground facility,” Dr Chopra replies.


“Keep up the good work Doctor, Alpha over and out,” Jerome is delighted and looks on at Rick, “Now we’ll teach them a lesson they will never forget.”


“What a pity they won’t live to tell it to their kids,” Rick and Jerome smile for the first time in a while.


We sneak out of the command centre to witness the assault by the hunted. Missile after missile is launched from five different locations. Some missiles are shot down by the enemy crafts while some hit their targets. We make a rough count as we see around nineteen enemy crafts taken down one after the other before the remainder change their polarity and escape the missiles. They head straight to the location of the firing squads and neutralize the five positions with single shots. We head to the closest location and notice the enemy craft descending on the location. One alien jumps out of the craft ready to manually clear the location of any human occupation. He jumps into the underground firing bunker which has been converted into a deep pit now, and is littered by the mangled metal remains of the gun as well as human tissue. He hops into the pit and checks the entire location for any leading evidence. But the entrance to the sewerage system has been securely hidden from the alien sight. He hops out of the pit as the craft opens its’ door to pick him up.


The crafts at the five locations lift themselves up. But as soon as they lift a fresh volley of five missiles is fired from five fresh locations. This time the missiles loose and gain momentum alternately a couple of times before the enemy crafts are taken down. The first batch of missiles with latest modification has been delivered to the new Gunner batteries. The first batch of the alien intruders is wiped out completely, a batch of thirty six crafts by a rough estimate.


Before we head back to the command centre a fresh volley of missiles is fired. We turn around and notice a new batch of alien crafts heading the Sydney way. The missiles are shot down by the laser fire from the alien crafts midway in their flights. The Gunners hold their fire and let the crafts come close. When the crafts are close enough not to give them much time to target the incoming missiles, Gunners fire a fresh salvo. This time the crafts fail to take out most of the missiles and ten new crafts are blown away to bits. The second assault of the aliens has been neutralized. We head back to the command centre where Rick and Jerome are in a jubilant mood.


“Time to relay the news to the States,” Jerome picks up the radio handset and walks towards a sewerage opening. We follow him as he and Rick head to the opening of the sewerage pipe that hangs above a cliff and faces the sea. While Jerome gets’ busy trying to contact the States to relay the information, we decide to have a look outside.


As we return above the ground we see a fresh salvo of missiles fired. The missiles are immediately destroyed by laser fire. We turn around and notice a new batch of alien crafts heading towards Sydney, only this time they lower and land miles out of Sydney. We immediately rush to the site.


As we reach the site of landings we notice at least six intruders hop out of each craft. About sixty of them, they group together while a jarring sound that nearly hurts our ears point to us the one intruder who seems to be commanding them. He seems to be issuing them some instructions as they all nod their heads in affirmation. The crafts have meanwhile lifted up again and are heading back towards their mother ship stationed just outside the Earth’s atmosphere. We wonder if any missile will be able to take that one out as we know the missiles can be shot down even before they make halfway of their journey. While we are lost in our thoughts the group of invaders has already started marching towards the city. We follow them as they walk through the ruins of what looks like a country town.


As they are walking, looking around carefully, one of them notices something and lets’ out a shriek that burns our ears. As we grab our ears they rush towards a side. As they run we hear faint human shrieks. Looks like, someone was looking at them from a basement and has been noticed by the aliens. The invaders rush to what looks like a metal door to a basement. One single shot from a laser blows the door away. Loud heart rendering shrieks of men, women and kids fill up the atmosphere as a few aliens jump inside the basement. A cold blooded massacre ensues as we turn our eyes away in disgust and hate. We clinch our fists and give out a loud shriek, but unfortunately no one can hear our wails nor feel our pain.


Once they are finished with the brutal killings they continue with their march towards the city. We hatefully follow them.


While walking down the road the leader of the pack comes across a big piece of paper lying on the ground. Something about it catches his attention as he bends over to pick it up. We walk over to him and to our horror, we find out its’ a poster of Mishiida and Alexander released by the army for their identification. The intruder clearly identifies Mishiida and looks on at Alexander intriguingly. He pulls out a gadget that is similar to Mishiida’s camera and punches some virtual buttons on its’ screen with the laser stylus. A beam of light emerges from it as the intruder scans the poster with it. Once he’s finished with the scan he punches in a few more commands and a perfect scan of the poster is flashed out in three dimensions. The group has gathered around him and are watching this intently. He punches some more buttons and then waits. Soon what looks like a live image, appears in front of him. We immediately recognise the face in front of us as everybody in the group including their leader, kneels down in a reverent pose introduced to us by Mishiida. The face belongs to the one who massacred Mishiida’s entire family.


He says something in his jarring voice and then points at the image of Alexander flashing on his side through his camera device. The leader of the pack acknowledges him. As the face of their leader or ruler, whatever he is now, fades out, the leader of this pack gets up and shows the entire group Alexander’s face and issues some instructions. Everybody nods their head and pulls out their cameras cum communication devices and start punching some buttons on them. We walk up to them and notice, they are all saving Alexander’s image.






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