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Mishiida Alexander


“Continuity of the battle is important to survive until you find a way to win the war.”


Chapter Twenty Six: Searching for answers


When the weak are pitted against a stronger and much more powerful adversary, the one who can annihilate them, they are basically being offered two options by him; surrender or get destroyed. The offers may or may not be made openly but the attitude of the strong will always smack of arrogant disdain towards the dignity and pride of the weak. The knowledge of his strength and reach makes him oblivious to the thought that tables could well be spun around as well as turned turtles. His ego will never let him offer peace or accept an offer of truce. The strong will be content in the thought that he doesn’t need peace with those he can destroy. He would expect the weak to surrender and beg for mercy to escape his might and wrath. Peace is for chickens that get cut before being roasted, or so he would like to believe. But if the weak have any semblance of dignity left in them, they will never surrender. They would rather be destroyed if not accorded the honour of an equal truce.


However, that the weak will be destroyed is nothing more than a misconception. Any war between any sides is winnable by any side. If the weak continue to hold their position with patience and unflinching bravery, GOD shows them the way to win their war as long as their war is for justice and truth.


As humanity faces the prospects of being annihilated in their own backyard by a species that neither belongs to their world nor their solar system, humans realize for the first time how it feels to be pitted against a stronger species and facing the prospects of extinction. Mishiida, the one individual who could have helped as well as saved them has been rendered ineffective by their own failings. When humans were at an advantage they never considered letting Mishiida peacefully do what she had come to do. Now when they are at disadvantage, have they got any right to complain that the aliens haven’t even talked to them once or asked them for what they needed?


As Ashtaf Hameed, the self styled commander of the Taliban troops in the first victorious defence against aliens breathes his last Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Smith immediately radios an important message to his colleagues stationed in the mountains of North Western Frontier Province in Pakistan from where it is relayed to their friends in India and China, who relay the message across the seas to Australia and the US respectively. We make a dash back to the forward command centre set up by our friend Jerome.


“The alien crafts were destroyed by rocks, is that correct? Over,” Jerome was talking to someone on the radio.


“That is correct sir! That’s the message relayed from India! Over,” the voice at the other end replied.


“Thanks for the message! Over and out!” Jerome completes the conversation and then looks at Rick, as surprised as we are, “Rocks?”


“That is indeed very strange,” Rick replies, “Did your team from NASA find anything out of the stuff you ripped off Mishiida?”


“You sound like you are still unhappy with my decision and choices,” Jerome comments.


“Who, me? Not really!” Rick tries hard to hide his displeasure, “What has happened, has happened! Now it’s time to figure out how to get out of this mess and I think we can start by relaying this information to the NASA team and see if they can figure out the solution to the puzzle.”


“I think you are right,” Jerome nods in agreement and grabs his radio handset again, “Alpha calling Peta! Alpha calling Peta!”


“Peta receiving, over!” Dr Green’s voice is loud and clear from the other end.


“Dr Green, we have some interesting peace of information to share with you. The alien crafts that couldn’t be taken down by rockets and missiles were brought down by rocks using ancient technology, the catapults! Over,” Jerome is short and crisp.


“That is indeed very interesting Colonel!” Dr Green replies from the other end, “Me, Dr Rathe and Dr Dawg have been discussing and sharing our findings with each other. This piece is a valuable input! I request you to give us some more time and I shall return to you. Over!”


“Dr Green, please find out what you are looking for before they find out how we look like,” Jerome replies, “Over and out!”


“Sir, the radars show aliens are returning to Australia,” an officer manning the radar controls speaks out.


“Do you reckon they are coming for vacuum cleaning?” Rick quips.


“Possibly, if only we can help avoid it,” Jerome replies.


“How long are we going to hide waiting for them anyways? We would have to draw them out of their crafts and drag them to our advantage if we have to take them out,” Rick replies.


“Let’s check with my team that I sent to take care of the crafts,” Jerome says and grabs his radio handset again, “Alpha calling Beta!”


“Beta receiving, over!” Mathew’s voice is heard from the other end.


“Mathew, how are you going with the crafts? Over,” Jerome asks.


“Sir, if only we had some big trucks to transport them away to some underground facility! We have been working hard to figure out how to shut these things off but we can’t find a way to. Over,” Mathew replies.


“It is important for the aliens not to be able to track their exact location without manually searching for them Mathew. You need to find out a way to turn these things off. Over,” Jerome explains the reason clearly.


“Sir, we are trying our best! Over,” Mathew replies.


“Keep working on it! Over and out,” Jerome finishes the conversation and then looks on at Rick.


“Perhaps we should take Mishiida’s help now,” Rick suggests.


“I don’t know! What if she looses her mind and flies away in one of those things to take on the enemies all alone?” Jerome questions.


“I don’t think she will do that!” Rick replies, “Remember, she is an exceptional soldier! I am sure she knows exactly what needs to be done and also how she won’t be able to take on them alone especially without her powerful gun that we destroyed.”


“Maybe you are right!” Jerome replies, still a bit unsure.


“We don’t have time,” Rick speaks as he gets up as if ready to go and call on her himself.


Jerome thinks for a few seconds before using his radio handset once again, “Alpha to Gamma!”


“Gamma receiving, over!” Corbett replies from the other end.


“Corbett, where are you? Over,” Jerome asks.


“Sir, we are back at the original command centre and Dr Swift is tending to Alexander. He is still unconscious. Over,” Corbett replies.


“Corbett, I need you to listen carefully,” Jerome tells him, “I need you to take Mishiida to the alien crafts immediately and ask her to shut them down. But make sure she doesn’t fly away in one of them. Over!”


“Roger Sir!” Corbett is clear with the instructions.


“Get back to me as soon as you are done. Over and out!” Jerome finishes the conversation.


We decide it’s time to head to our loves Mishiida and Alexander and we make a dash for their location.


“I need to take her to the crafts!” Corbett is telling Dr Swift as we arrive.


“That’s fine! I’ll stay here with Alexander,” Dr Swift replies, “Take care of yourself!”


“I will,” Corbett replies as he kisses Dr Swift while Mishiida looks on at the two.


“Mishiida, I need you to come with me,” Corbett gestures to Mishiida who looks at him and then at Alexander.


“Don’t worry about him. Hayley will be right here with him,” Corbett tries to explain using gestures.


Mishiida is reluctant to leave but Corbett requests her again, this time holding her hand and pushing her softly to get up and go with him. Mishiida thinks for a while and then gets up. She bends over and kisses Alexander on his forehead and is about to move when Alexander’s voice breaks the silence.


“Mishiida!” Alexander speaks the first word as he slowly opens his eyes. Mishiida and all of us are delighted. Mishiida immediately hops back to his side and grabs his hands. Alexander opens his eyes as tears roll down Mishiida’s, who immediately wipes them away before they cause any damage to anything.


“Mishiida! Are you alright?” Alexander asks her as a faint smile covers his lips as he realizes the hand that’s holding his hand. He raises and kisses Mishiida’s hand. Mishiida kisses him on his forehead.


“I love you girl! More than my life! More than anything!” Alexander cries as he says the words that Mishiida might not understand literally but she sure understands the feelings behind the sounds she heard. She immediately gives Alexander a soft warm kiss on his lips. They both look into each other’s eyes for a while.


Finally Corbett, realizing the shortage of time at disposal, breaks the blissful reunion, “It’s time to go Mishiida!” He then quickly tells Alexander where they are heading and how he will be back with her soon.


“You need to go now!” Alexander says to Mishiida who cries again, kisses him as her hand caresses his cheek and then gets up to get going.


Corbett kisses Hayley once more and says before leaving, “I’ll be back soon!”


“I know!” Hayley says as she wipes away her tears.


“You love him!” Alexander says as Corbett and Mishiida leave the underground facility to head to the crafts. Dr Hayley smiles and puts her finger on her lips jokingly. We leave them in the basement and join Corbett and Mishiida as they head to the crafts.


As soon as they get to the location of the crafts Mishiida jumps out of the car elated and pumps her fist in the air.


She immediately rushes to one of the crafts before Corbett rushes up to her and jumps in between her and the craft entrance. “Stop and listen first!” he gestures to her. Mishiida is all ears.


“We are with you!” Corbett says, “Do you understand!” Corbett repeats the same thing over and over a few times trying to explain with hand gestures until Mishiida nods her head in agreement. Perhaps she understands that humans are finally her friends.


“We need you to turn these things off,” Corbett tries to explain to her gesturing with his hands to lower the crafts down to the ground and then putting his hands to the side of his head as if gesturing sleep. He repeats it again until Mishiida nods her head again. He gets aside as Sandeep and Monty step out of the craft. They were watching everything from inside.


“Does she really understand?” Sandeep asks.


“Let’s hope so!” Corbett replies.


Understand she does as she quickly turns the two crafts off one after the other lowering them to the ground. She comes out and looks around, perhaps searching for bodies of the aliens. She looks at Corbett and gestures with her hand as if asking, “Where are the people who were inside this craft?”


“Is she asking where to park these things?” Monty asks.


“Perhaps she wants to know where the aliens’ bodies are,” Corbett replies, “I’ll take her to the bodies while you radio in to Colonel Rick and Jerome.”


“I’ll do it,” Mathew says as he starts radioing to Jerome.


Corbett gestures Mishiida to follow him and he takes her around a few piles to the first body. Mishiida looks at it and nods her head in negative as if saying, “I don’t see what I am looking for!”


Corbett takes her to the next body and Mishiida immediately bends over and relieves the dead of what looks like a remote control similar to the one we saw her controlling her craft with. She flashes it to Corbett as if saying, “This is what I was looking for!” She keeps it with her for safe keeping and nods her head to Corbett to move on to the next body. Mishiida grabs another remote control from that body and gestures to Corbett that they are ready to return.


“Colonel Jerome wants you to take her to this location,” Mathew flashes a place on a map he is holding as soon as Corbett and Mishiida return to them, “Dr Green from NASA wants to show her something.”


“Great! I’ll get her there while you people can travel back to Colonel now. She has secured the crafts,” Corbett replies to him.


“How do you know?” Mathew asks.


“She’s got the remote control devices for the crafts,” Corbett replies.


Mathew nods his head. The two groups head their separate ways. We decide to keep toeing Corbett and Mishiida for the time being.


We reach the underground facility where NASA team is lodged. Dr Green who has been waiting impatiently at the entrance, quickly rushes to the car and lets’ Mishiida out. Mishiida is surprised and looks at Corbett.


“He wants to show you something,” Corbett replies gesturing towards Dr Green.


“Please come inside!” Dr Green gestures Mishiida to follow him. They all head inside as Dr Green leads them to a room where Dr Rathe and Dr Dawg are already present. As soon as Mishiida enters the room her eyes fall on Dr Dawg who gets a bit uncomfortable as she adjusts her glasses.


“Dr Dawg, will you please quickly show Mishiida what you have got?” Dr Green wastes no time.


Dr Dawg pulls out Mishiida’s clothes destroyed by her and turns them inside out as she walks up to Mishiida.


“What are these things?” Dr Dawg asks Mishiida while pointing to small solenoids and disc shaped objects attached to minute wires through a magnifying glass.


Mishiida looks at what Dr Dawg is showing and immediately understands what she is asking. Mishiida points to the disc shaped objects and gestures with her hand that if something is coming towards a person they threw something at it and then she points to the solenoid and gestures with her hand that these push the thing away.


“What is she trying to say?” Dr Dawg is at loss.


“I think she is trying to say that the discs throw something at approaching objects while the solenoids repel it,” Dr Rathe tries to figure out the meaning.


“But what will the discs throw? None of our men ever saw anything coming out of her body or clothes when we were trying to capture her,” Corbett asks.


“Perhaps we are talking about some kind of ionising radiation that magnetizes the approaching projectiles which are then repelled by the magnetic field created by the solenoids,” Dr Rathe works out some more explanation.


“Perhaps your hypothesis is correct Dr Rathe,” Dr Green nods in agreement, “It definitely explains why the metal coated rockets and missiles couldn’t even approach the crafts and lost their momentum metres away from them while magnetically inert pieces of rock were able to shatter their crafts.”


“I don’t know much science but your words make complete sense to a soldier who knows his weapons like his limbs,” Corbett puts his stamp of approval to the hypothesis as well.


“Ask her if the same technology is used in the crafts,” Dr Rathe says.


“Is it the same for your crafts?” Dr Dawg asks Mishiida, pointing at the discs and solenoids and then to a model of a plane. Mishiida understands what she is saying and nods her head in agreement.


“Great! Lets’ send the message to military engineers immediately,” Corbett is delighted.


“Peta calling Alpha!” Dr Green immediately radios Colonel Jerome to explain his findings in detail.


We decide it’s time to head to Colonel Jerome and make our way to him immediately. On our way we notice the alien crafts approaching Australian mainland again.


“The alien crafts have reached our shores again. You have very little time now! Over,” Jerome is talking to someone as we arrive at the forward command centre.


“Roger Sir! Delta over and out!”


“How long do you reckon they will take?” Jerome asks Rick.


“We have some of the best brains in the industry working for Aussie Military Engineering. I won’t be surprised if they come up with a modification to one of our missiles or rockets within an hour or so. They all know what needs to be done and they all have the material to do it,” Rick replies, “The results may not be ballistic marvels but I am sure they will do the job, considering the time restraints we have.”


“Hope you are right. You know your Romeos better,” Jerome replies.


“Romeos work best when their love is at stake. They all have families to save,” Rick replies as he puts his hand on Jerome’s shoulder.


We decide to have a look outside. We notice alien crafts hovering all over the place as if looking for something, perhaps their missing crafts. They randomly shoot at stuff destroying what has already been destroyed. We are watching all this standing on a side street when a sudden faint noise distracts us. We turn around and notice a small child looking out of a basement door opened slightly.


“Close the door and get back here. Do you want everybody to get killed?” a stern voice scares him into closing the basement door. Perhaps the child’s mother wasn’t too impressed with the innocent mistake.


As we are lost in our thoughts a loud noise right next to our ears scares us out of our slumber. A laser fire strikes just next to where we are standing, digging a few feet deep crater in the middle of the road. The digging process continues on as crater after crater is dug along the road and also around the piles of rubble along the sides. The cute little angel we just saw and his family just about manage to escape a hit. We look around and notice every alien craft doing the same thing. We realize, the aliens are searching for the hiding humans.





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