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Mishiida Alexander


“Love may take a backstage in your life but it is always the centre of your universe!!”


Chapter Twenty Three: Finding love in rubble


When love sweeps you of your feet it takes the centre stage of every activity you indulge in, everything is meant for the one you love and everything is done for the one you love. As love matures, your head and emotions stabilize and the security of a healthy relationship sets in. You are once again free to take on the world afresh and independent of your feelings of love. Your head is clearer and efficiency increases. Love takes a backseat in your life. You activities become more material oriented. You need more stuff, more money, more gadgets to improve your life and provide better to your loved ones. You stop thinking about love as a separate or the only important entity. But have you lost your love, or has your bond become weaker? Far from it, your love has become the centre point of your universe. You may be miles away from your love, whose presence around yourself you many not notice in your daily life anymore, but the moment there is a catastrophe the first thing that concerns you is the safety of your love. You may have heaps of cash flooding your account but it won’t make you miss the slightest hint that your loved one is in trouble or your love life is in turmoil. The only thing that has changed is, your trust in your love has made you secure enough not to let love dictate your actions, but your love is still the only thing that runs your life.


Mishiida and Alexander have just realized their love for each other. They may not have professed it yet but they have accepted it. The walls have been torn down. But with war clouds looming in the skies above, what a time it is to fall in love. Lets’ just hope their love survives the upcoming battles as much as them, ‘cause if there’s one thing that is true about true love, it never lives long enough. The society never lets’ it to! If the love won’t die, the lovers definitely do! What a glorious rapture true love is!


As we witness the first planes take off for the first test of intentions and strengths of the invaders, our hearts pound hard and fast. We quickly make our way to the control tower where not only instructions are being communicated to the pilots but the tower has become a liaison point between Jerome and the pilots.


“Sir, do we have the permission to engage the enemy?” A pilot asks.


“We won’t open fire until provoked! Try to contact the incoming crafts first and see if we can get a response. We shouldn’t start the war if they don’t start it,” Jerome’s voice can be heard on the radio.


“Roger, Sir!” and the pilot signs out.


We are then left waiting with baited breaths along with everybody else present in the control tower for the next piece of audio from the jets. And it only takes a few more minutes as the invaders seem to be in a bit of a hurry to finish their business. We look at the skies from the tower windows and what appears like a swarm of bees emerges out of the clear blue skies.


“This is Captain Russel of the Royal Australian Air force, please identify yourself and explain your reasons for arriving at earth!” Captain Russel who seems to be leading the Australian Air Force is heard on the radio but his voice generates no response. “I repeat, this is Captain Russel,” he tries again but before he can finish his sentence what happens in the skies shocks one and all.


“What the hell!” an officer standing in the control tower watching the action live with a pair of binoculars says as his jaw drops. Bright streaks of laser fire emanate from one of the crafts and takes down ten planes up in the skies.


“What happened?” Jerome asks from the other end.


“Sir, all our planes have been shot down,” an officer replies back.


“Open ground fire, immediately! Launch anti craft missiles!” Jerome yells.


“Yes Sir!” the officer answers before he grabs hold of another microphone and yells in it, “Open fire and launch anti aircraft missiles.” And the guns roar towards the incoming swarm which seems to be gaining speed as well as proximity. The first set of anti-aircraft missiles are launched too. We along with the other officers present in the control tower look out of the windows, standing still. The invaders arrive and nothing we throw at them works. The missiles seem to loose all their momentum even before they reach their vicinity and get destroyed metres before they could hit any of the crafts. The crafts spread out in all directions and open fire. The batteries of gunners firing at them are the first target, followed by the missile launch pads and then one of them diverts its’ attention towards the control tower, turns around to take a shot. We immediately rush out of the tower as the laser fire takes out the whole building in one single shot. Bodies of brave men who were an invaluable asset to their government only a few seconds ago are thrown out of the tower windows. The tower itself makes a heap of rubble on the ground. We haplessly watch as the marauders raze one structure after the other to the ground before proceeding towards the dwellings and the city. We are left stunned at the loss of so many brave fighters in one single assault and we wonder how many innocent lives are going to be lost in one day itself. We shake ourselves out of our slumber and make a dash back to Jerome and Rick’s underground command.


“We need to get Mishiida, Alexander, Doctor Swift and Corbett to safety,” Rick is telling Jerome as we enter the centre.


“Private Sommers, head straight to the military hospital and get our friends to safety,” Jerome immediately orders Private Curt Sommers.


“Sir!” Curt replies and makes haste. We follow him as he grabs a hummer from above the ground and drives like crazy, blowing every road rule to shreds and straight to the military hospital.


He immediately rushes inside yelling at the top of his voice, “Mishiida, Alexander, Corbett, where are you?” He yells as he enters the compound.


“We are here! What happened?” Corbett replies as he rushes out of the operation theatre.


“We need to get out of here, quick! The attack’s started!” Curt yells back as he runs towards him.


“Great! Time to party,” Corbett says as he rushes inside. We too make our way along with Curt inside.


“We need to get going,” Corbett says.


“But he’s on a glucose drip. He’s lost a bit of blood and I am going to put it on next,” Dr Swift replies.


“You can do it once we get to a safe location,” Corbett replies.


“But,” Dr Swift is still not sure.


“There’s no time for it,” Corbett replies, “Mishiida, lets’ go!” And he motions to Mishiida who is sobbing a bit and wiping her tears before they can harm anyone.


Corbett gets behind the hospital bed Alexander is lying on, “Curt can you please open the door? Curt!” Corbett asks Curt who is lost in another world as he stares blankly at Dr Hayley Swift.


“Oh! Sorry, I lost track of time and place. What do you want?” Curt asks Corbett.


“Can you please open the door while I push this bed outside?” Corbett asks.


Curt holds the door open as Corbett pushes the bed outside. He pushes it as hard as he can and towards the exit, Mishiida and Curt following suit. Dr Swift meanwhile grabs the blood for transfusion along with other stuff she needs and runs behind them.


“Damn! It’s too late!” is all what Curt says as he stops in his stride before he hits the pavement outside and quickly turns around and grabs hold of the bed and stops Corbett from coming outside.


“What happened?” Corbett asks.


“They are here! Is there any other way out?” Curt asks as Corbett bends around to have a glimpse outside. We notice a craft heading towards hospital building razing everything along the way to the ground.


“Quick! Lets’ get to the basement! We can exit from the basement into an open ground,” Dr Swift yells, “Follow me!”


And Corbett immediately turns around the bed and pushes it behind Dr Swift when he notices Mishiida looking outside with furry in her eyes and her hand resting on her handgun hidden securely under her clothes.


“Come Mishiida, we’ll do it some other time,” Corbett yells at her and motions her to get going. Mishiida however is still not interested in moving.


“Don’t waste time,” Dr Swift yells again, “They are approaching our building.”


“You take the bed I’ll get her,” Corbett asks Curt who immediately grabs the bed.


Corbett confronts Mishiida and motions her to get moving, “Let’s go! We’ll take care of them later!” But when she doesn’t move and looks away Corbett says, “Alexander needs you!”


The mention of Alexander’s name rings a bell as she immediately looks at Corbett who points at Alexander. Mishiida immediately releases the grip on her weapon and runs behind the bed being pushed by Curt just as we hear a laser fire destroy the hummer outside. We along with Corbett rush behind them.


Dr Swift opens a door which leads to the basement as Curt pushes the bed along and into the basement. Mishiida, Corbett and we make the entrance just as the first laser fire destroys the front veranda. The moment we all hit the basement a loud rumbling noise informs us about the crumbling building above.


“Quick! Let’s get out of here before we get buried under rubble,” Corbett yells.


“Keep following me,” Dr Swift shouts back as she leads everyone through a corridor which seems like an unending tunnel. Suddenly there’s darkness all around as all lights go out.



“Damn! We lost the power!” Curt laments.


“Don’t worry! The basement has emergency power supply which is independent of the hospital above. Remember it’s a military hospital with provisions for attack situations,” Dr Swift replies just as the lights turn on again confirming her assertion.


“C’mon, let’s go!” Dr Swift motions at them again. We all follow her as she guides us through a maze of corridors until we get to what looks like the exit from the basement.


“There we are!” Dr Swift says, “The sliding electrical door making the roof above opens into an open ground behind the hospital building.”


“You know the code to operate it?” Corbett asks looking at what looks like the control panel to operate the door.


“Yes, I do!” Dr Swift replies with a smile.


“Then what are we waiting for?” Curt asks.


“I am not sure if it is safe above!” Dr Swift replies, “We need to transfer him to the underground hospital or atleast a safe underground place.”


“Is there any way to look outside?” Corbett asks.


“The only way to look outside is using the security cameras, but unfortunately I don’t have the code for the security systems. You see it’s not a part or under the purview of my services,” Dr Swift replies straining all her facial muscles into a helpless look.


“Looks like we’ll have to wait for a few minutes before we open the exit and venture out ‘cause we can’t be sure if our movements won’t be noticed by our enemies,” Corbett comments. And we all stand there waiting for the time to pass us by, an uncomfortable silence giving us all a company. Mishiida is standing next to Alexander who is lying unconscious under the influence of sedatives and painkillers. She is holding his hand in her one hand and caressing it with the other looking at him all the time as if saying, “Open your eyes and say something.” She suddenly bends over and kisses him on his cheek and a tingling sensation causes our hair to stand in attention while Dr Swift blushes and smiles as she watches it.


“You know what? You don’t come across as a nerd. A girl like you, I am surprised you are a doctor and not a movie star,” Corbett finally breaks the silence and speaks to Dr Swift.


“Really?” Dr Swift blushes even more this time, “Well, thanks!”


“Why did you choose this profession?” Corbett asks looking in her eyes as Curt walks around to the other side of Dr Swift and reclines to the wall for support.


“Well actually I was always a nerd. Even my parents are doctors. So it’s kind of a family profession,” Dr Swift replies.


“Why did your parents choose this profession?” Private Curt asks taking a dig with a wicked smile on his face.


“Because you need someone to stitch up those cut open by army men like you,” Dr Swift replies with a punch.


“The one’s we cut are generally collected in containers,” Curt replies with a weird smile as Dr Swift turns away from him.


“I’ve never imagined an army man with an eye patch,” Dr Swift comments about Corbett’s eye patch.


“I am not in the army anymore. I quit after I sustained this injury in Iraq,” Corbett explains, “They wanted to put me on clerical duties but I am a man meant for action. I eat with guns, I sleep with guns and I talk with guns.”


“You do come as a strong man,” Dr Swift looks impressed.


“Yeah, he fires roses with guns. Colonel Jerome calls them Romeos,” Curt butts in again. Dr Swift turns around and gives him a glare.


“How did you pick this injury?” Dr Swift asks.


“He gave a rose to a girl who slapped him in his face and her finger nail took out his eye,” Curt replies but this time both Dr Swift and Corbett give him a strong gaze. “Ok! Ok! I understand this is a funeral where jokes are banned,” Curt comments as he moves away from the two of them.


“I think the noise outside has died down. Let’s open the gate and have a look,” Corbett says and then he turns to Curt, “Mate, could you please push Alexander’s bed into a room along with Mishiida, in case we have company outside?”


“Only this time, next time you’ll have to be the coolie,” Curt replies with a smile as he grabs the back of the bed and pulls it into a room in the corner motioning Mishiida along with them.


“You be careful! If there’s anyone outside, run straight into the room with Mishiida and Alexander. She will protect you,” Corbett says as he pulls out his Colts Nine mm and walks up the incline, prostrate on his legs and gun firmly pointing in front. He stops just below the sliding door above him and then turns around and motions Dr Swift to punch in the code to open it. Dr Swift does the needful and the door slides open. Corbett carefully and slowly moves a bit further up, just enough to have his eyes above the door level and looks around. “Damn! Everything is rubble!” he says shaking his head, “It’s clear outside, lets’ get out of here!”


Dr Swift runs into the room to inform the others that the way is clear to go.


Curt pushes the bed out and over the incline and soon we all are standing in the middle of a ground surrounded with piles of what were once majestic buildings. The biggest pile is of the military hospital building. We shake our heads at the destruction.


“Where do we go from here?” Corbett asks.


“The underground hospital is at the other end of the town. It will take us half an hour by road in normal traffic, if only we can find a drivable vehicle,” Dr Swift innocently answers.


“Traffic? You’ll be lucky to find a soul on streets now. And drive there? No chance! We’ll be dead meat in no time,” Curt replies, “Besides the roads will be blocked by rubble of fallen buildings anyway.”


“Then where can we go? Should we just stay inside the hospital basement?” Dr Swift asks.


“No! It’s not safe here with only a handful of us, without any decent weapons. We need to get to a protected space,” Corbett replies, “We need to get to the underground command centre. How far is it from here?”


“It will take two minutes in a Hummer if I am driving, but on foot, possibly ten and with him on a bed, fifteen,” Curt makes it sound like a walk in the park.


“We don’t have time to waste. Lets’ get going! But keep an eye for rubble piles we can duck behind in case we get company above our heads,” Corbett replies.


“You do the honours and lead us in that case,” Curt replies leaving the bed for Corbett to push.


Corbett grabs the bed and starts pushing it vigorously, “Point me in the right direction mate.”


“Sure, straight ahead for the moment,” Curt replies as we all walk at our best speeds, the speed being limited by that of Alexander’s bed.


“Damn there’s one coming!” Corbett draws everyone’s attention towards an approaching craft, “Let’s hide behind that rubble and let it pass.” And we all run towards a pile of rubble and hide behind it ducking to avoid being spotted by the alien craft.


The alien craft passes above our heads, too close for comfort but then the unexpected or perhaps not so unexpected happens. Mishiida springs up on her feet, pulls out her weapon, turns its’ knob full circle and takes an aim.





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