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Mishiida Alexander


“Peace is priceless! It can’t be bought with any price, and it can be had for free!”


Chapter Twenty Two: Knowing your sides


One of the most under rated virtues and yet the most important of any is “Peace”. Those who are strong, their egos won’t let them accept that just because the ones they are fighting are weaker doesn’t mean they don’t have honour and dignity to fight and die for. Most of the wars humanity has waged against its’ own kind were in all reality battles of ego on one side and pride on the other. People on the stronger side often fail to realize what they consider to be their pride is actually their ego, ego that they are the strongest and no one should dare question their actions or stand up against them. Pride is when you know you may be weak but you are brave and won’t buckle down against a stronger adversary. Pride is when you know you cannot win but you would rather fight and die than accept what is wrong. Pride is in doing the right thing even if it means getting destroyed for doing it.


When you fight someone who would rather get killed for their pride and dignity, doesn’t matter how strong or rich you are, if you will insult them or try to scare them, you will have to kill them and no amount of money or power can buy you peace with them. Peace is priceless!


When you are stronger but still not blinded by your ego and realize that those who are weaker than you have their honour and dignity to fight and die for, and you respect them for it and tell them you are equal friends, peace doesn’t cost even a penny. Peace is priceless!


Jerome had the ego that he represents the most powerful army in the world. He failed to understand, “You cannot bully everyone into submission.” Mishiida has honour and dignity to fight for. She would rather be killed than give in to her enemies. That is the only reason of strife between the two. Infact the truth is, there never was any strife from Mishiida’s end. It was Jerome’s ego all the time. Rick on the other hand has more compassionate touch to his persona. He sensed Mishiida might be alone but she would neither give up, nor does she want to fight. One man’s ego has driven the whole world into a war they cannot win. If only Mishiida had been left on her own and allowed to take what she wanted in a friendly atmosphere, the world might not have been staring at a catastrophe that is building up right next to its’ horizons.


As the 20mm bullet raced towards Mishiida a desperate Alexander lunged himself in its’ path to save his life at the cost of his life. A bullet once fired can neither be turned back nor does it forgive the object it hits. This bullet is no different. It hits Alexander just as Mishiida turns around on Alexander’s call and notices it happening right in front of her own eyes.


Luckily for Alexander the bullet was fired without a proper aim backing its’ trajectory. It hits and cuts a gash on the side of Alexander just above his waist, an impact which can injure him but not kill him yet good enough to deflect the bullet away into a tree trunk on the side.


As Alexander lets out a shriek and collapses on the ground grabbing his injured waist, Mishiida is stunned into a slumber. She forgets all about the battle she is fighting as her jaw drops, her face fragments with emotions. She is left defenceless. But before Jerome can take another shot Rick lets’ out a shriek and fires a dart at him. Jerome turns around and ducks. Rick, who seems to have run out of darts charges at Jerome. Jerome pulls out his pistol and is about to shoot when a shriek we all have become familiar with leaves everyone defenceless.


As we grab our ears and collapse on the grounds we notice Mishiida knelt on the ground besides Alexander holding his head in her lap as Alexander wilts under pain, pain harsh enough for him to leave his wound and cover his ears.


“You idiot, look at what you have done!” Rick yells as soon as he is able to release his ears and charges at Jerome again. Jerome too gives up his gun and jumps out of his hummer and gets into a tussle with Rick. The soldiers that rush into the compound hold their fire as the two seasoned warriors grapple trying to outdo each other. Mishiida meanwhile is still sitting with a hurting Alexander in her lap and her hands covering her face as she sobs.


She finally gets up and charges at the entangled couple, Rick and Jerome. Before anyone can fire a shot she is standing right above a pile of two men fighting like kids. She grabs Jerome from his collars and pulls him out of the fight and lofts him two feet above the ground in air. She shrieks at him making us all cover our auditory features. She lunges in air along with Jerome and on to his hummer. After putting Jerome back in his firing position and forcibly grabbing his hands and putting them on the gun, she turns around and kneels right in front of the barrel. She puts the barrel in the middle of her forehead and yells out again as if saying, “Shoot me you idiot! Shoot me and please yourself! Shoot me and pamper your ego!” We all are struggling to cope with the turbulent sound waves but Jerome is stunned. He looks on at Mishiida blankly, his hands still on the gun. His hands finally slip of the gun and his head falls down. Mishiida looks on at him with the barrel still to her forehead. She gives out a short yell once again as if asking, “Why? What happened now?” Jerome keeps his head down.


Mishiida jumps of the hummer and rushes to the side of Alexander once again who is struggling with pain. Rick, Corbett, Ken and Charles walk up beside him. Rick kneels down and raises Alexander’s shirt to take a look at the injury.


“He should be fine! It might be painful but it doesn’t look too bad,” Rick comments after his examination as Mishiida watches with Alexander’s blood drenched hand in her hands and tears in her eyes.


“You alright?” Alexander struggles to get two words out of his hurting body and Mishiida starts sobbing again and collapses on him and taking him into an embrace.


“Hey! I am fine,” Alexander puts his hand softly behind her head and lifts his head up just about enough to kiss her on her head, and then he collapses on the ground again.


“Will he be fine?” Jerome asks from behind. He has walked out of his hummer and up to them while all other soldiers have gathered around as well, a few steps away from the group.


“What do you care? Why don’t you pick up a gun and shoot us all down now? I am sure you’ll get atleast a couple of medals for it,” Rick is scathing in his reply.


“Look, I am sorry for what happened but we need to take him to a doctor quickly,” Jerome however reminds of what needs to be done.


“Wow, you should be on who wants to be a millionaire. You got all the right answers,” Rick however is still fuming.


“We can argue later but we need to take him to the doctor quickly before everybody moves underground. We all were setting up for a fight with the aliens in underground sewerage systems and basements around the city,” Jerome explains a bit of details, “We were on our way before you people invaded the compound.”


“We are here to collect her stuff,” Rick replies a bit more calmly, “She is the only one who can help us if only we will let her to.”


“I am afraid you are a bit late for that,” Jerome’s words surprise everyone.


“Why, what did you do?” Rick asks.


“Almost all her stuff has been torn down including her craft,” Jerome answers.


“You must be joking!” Rick speaks with frustration writ large on his face.


“I’m afraid not, but we can have a look if anything is still worth any use after we leave Alexander with the doctor,” Jerome replies.


“What did you do with her stuff?” Rick asks again.


“We had to strip down her stuff to find out anything about their technology that might expose any chinks in their defences,” Jerome replies just as Alexander moans in pain, “Let’s get him to the hospital first.”


“I am shocked at you Jerome,” Rick says shaking his head.


“Look, my way of working is different than yours. You maybe right in your way but to me I am doing the right thing as well,” Jerome replies with an enraged look.


“Yeah, we all can see that,” Rick says pointing towards Alexander.


“Lets’ get him to the hospital before the last of the doctor gets out of there. We can always have a duel later,” Jerome reminds him once again.


They pick up Alexander and put him inside a hummer. Mishiida gets on along with him, still holding his hand and sobbing. Rick and Jerome get on alongside and Corbett takes on the wheel. They speed towards the military hospital.


Within a few minutes we reach the gates of what looks like a deserted hospital. Rick and Jerome aided by Corbett lift Alexander out of the hummer and rush towards the hospital. Mishiida follows them along with us.


“Anybody in here? Anybody inside?” Corbett shouts as loud as he can as they rush through the reception area and into a corridor. Corbett, Rick and Jerome keep repeating their calls asking for someone.


“Who’s it? What happened?” a voice calls out from behind. We turn around and see a gorgeous girl running towards us from the end we all just came from.


“I am Colonel Jerome and this is my friend Colonel Rick,” Jerome replies to her query, “We have an injured patient who needs immediate medical attention. Do we still have a doctor around?”


“Sir, all the senior doctors have moved underground with all the patients just at the other end of the city,” the girl replies, “However, I am a junior doctor and I was about to leave the premises after collecting a few important drugs for some patients. If you want to I can help you.”


“That would be great doctor,” Rick replies, “By the way, what is your name?”


“Oh! I am Dr Hayley Swift,” the girl replies as she pulls out her identity card and flashes it for everyone to see, “Let’s take him to the operation theatre at the end of this corridor.”


They all rush Alexander towards the operation theatre where they put him on a stretcher and Dr Hayley Swift quickly inspects Alexander’s wound.


“You people please stay out. This is an infection free zone and besides I won’t need much assistance for this one. It’s just a cut in the skin, deep but not dangerously. I’ll check for any debris inside and clean it and stich it up,” Dr Swift comments after examining Alexander.


“Do you need any of us around?” Jerome asks.


“I’ll be alright. I’ve been doing this for three years now,” Dr Swift replies.


“We’ll still leave one person at your disposal while we take care of other business,” Rick says, “Corbett you stay behind. I and Mishiida need to go with Colonel Jerome to see if anything belonging to Mishiida is still salvageable.”


“Yes sir,” Corbett nods.


“Mishiida, come!” Rick speaks to Mishiida and gestures with his hand and head to come along with them. Mishiida however is pinned to the ground as she looks on at Alexander being pushed inside the operation theatre by Dr Swift.


“Don’t worry about him, he’ll be alright. They will take care of him. Trust me,” Rick says as he gestures towards Alexander, Dr Swift and Corbett and then points at himself, “Now lets’ go!”


Mishiida reluctantly walks away and along with them. They speed up to the military engineering wing and the three of them quickly make their way to the astrophysics section.


“Colonel what are you doing here? We were about to get,” Dr Green’s words are left in his mouth as he notices Jerome has company, Rick and Mishiida.


“How’s everything Doctor?” Jerome asks.


“Stripped!” is all Dr Green replies as he looks on at Mishiida who stares back at him.


“Where is it? Where is all her stuff?” Jerome asks.


“This is it!” Dr Green replies shrugging his shoulders and pointing to scattered bits and pieces all over the place. Mishiida looks at what he is pointing at and realizes for the first time, what lies in front of her on the floor are taken apart pieces of her craft. Her eyes almost pop out of her head, her mouth opens wide in shock and she covers it in her hands. She rushes to a few scattered bits and pulls out what looks like a piece from her dashboard. She analyses it and lets out a shriek. She hurriedly turns around as many pieces lying around her as if trying to make sure it is indeed her craft. The more she investigates, the worst her frustration becomes until she breaks down and starts shrieking repeatedly holding her head in her hands. She finally gets up and walks up to Dr Green and grabs him from his collar and shakes him up as if asking, “What have you done?”


“I am sorry girl. Please leave him,” Jerome walks up to her and talks to her.


She looks at Jerome, releases her grip on Dr Green who is finally free on his feet again, and she looks around in search of her other stuff. Her eyes fall on her two boxes lying in a corner. The horror on her face tells the entire story.


Dr Green realizes what she is looking at and explains, “We were concerned that these boxes contain Uranium so we have only pulled out their control boards leaving the rest intact.”


Mishiida runs to the boxes, looks at the dangling cables and the empty slots from where the controls are missing and this time we hear the loudest shriek we’ve ever heard from her. She breaks down and collapses in the corner, her back resting against the wall.


“What happened? Isn’t she happy her boxes are still intact?” Dr Green asks.


“Do you realize what you have done Mr Einstein?” Rick asks with a seething rage.


“What have I done wrong?” Dr Green asks.


“That is the problem with you people. You first destroy everything and then have the audacity to ask what wrong have we done?” Rick says dejectedly.


Mishiida finally gets up and notices the only thing still left intact and lying on the table, her media device. She grabs it from the table, turns it on and punches a few buttons. She then looks at everyone standing there, yells at their faces and then shows them the video of the gun.


“Damn!” Jerome grabs his forehead in his palm and looks down, his other hand resting on his waist. His look says it all, and so does the look on the face of Dr Green. They both realize they have just blown up their battle. The entire humanity has been left vulnerable. But their agony at their own follies doesn’t end there. Mishiida yells again to catch their attention and shows them her passing out parade as well as the brutal and bloody coup that claimed all her kith and kin.


Jerome sinks into a chair in the corner, his head in his hands and face looking down. Rick walks up next to him and puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “Look, you can’t undo what has been done. So lets’ salvage what is left.”


“I guess you are right,” Jerome struggles to find the right words.


Just at that moment Dr Dawg walks in, perhaps she was notified by Mishiida’s shrieks as to who is in the building. She knew what the shrieks meant and hence walks into the astrophysics section carrying a box. “Colonel, I thought you might need this,” she says pushing the box towards Colonel Jerome.


“What is it?” Jerome asks.


“It’s her dress,” Dr Dawg replies nodding towards Mishiida.


“Show it to her if it’s any use to her,” Jerome quips.


Dr Dawg walks up to Mishiida, slightly scared, perhaps because of the relationship the two have shared or perhaps because of the dejected and outraged stage Mishiida is in right now. Mishiida looks at Dr Dawg as if she remembers nothing of their encounters as she was unconscious all the time. She then looks at the box in Dr Dawg’s hands. Dr Dawg puts the box down, opens it up and pulls out her dress, shredded in the name of research.


Mishiida hold it in her hands, looks at the state it is in, looks at the boxes and gadgets attached to it and how they have all been taken apart. Tears roll down her eyes as she let’s the dress slip out of her hands and into the box. She turns her face away, carrying the only thing still intact, her media device, and walks out of the room and out of the building.


“Mishiida! Stop! Where are you going?” Rick runs after her.


She walks up to the hummer and stands next to it.


“Where are you going?” Rick asks her as he arrives by her side. She points in the direction of the hospital.


“What happened?” Jerome comes rushing out as well.


“She wants to get back to Alexander,” Rick replies.


Jerome thinks for a moment and then replies, “I guess that might calm her down a bit. Lets’ leave her with Alexander and get to the underground command centre. President will be online soon for a conversation, along with Prime Minister Deol and Prime Minister Germanotta.”


“What do you want from me?” Rick asks.


“Rick, we need you! Humanity needs you and your expertise. If it makes any difference I would like to request you to work with us once again,” Jerome replies.


Rick gets lost in thoughts. “What do you say my friend,” Jerome asks extending his hand of friendship.


“When do we party?” Rick quips as he grabs the hand.


“As soon as the chicks come to town,” Jerome replies.


They both drive Mishiida to the hospital and head straight to the underground command centre.


“Colonel, what have you been up to? We’ve been waiting for a while? What’s the update?” President fires away question after question as soon as Jerome enters the command centre.


“Sorry sir, there was a situation in the base. But everything is settled now,” Jerome replies.


“Yes we heard it from you man. What happened? Have you killed the alien and caught that crooked old man?” President asks.


“Sir, as a matter of fact that alien happens to be on our side. She is a friend and so is Colonel Rick,” Jerome replies as he looks behind and nods at Rick to come forward.


“Greeting Mr President,” Rick says as he enters the frame.


“Greetings Colonel! I’ve heard you have been very naughty of late,” President asks.


“He is no longer a Colonel as per the information I have Mr President,” Prime Minister Germanotta replies.


“I think we can leave that issue for the moment Ms Prime Minister. We’ll return to it after the situation has settled,” President replies and continues, “What’s the news from your end Colonel?”


“Sir, we made an error of judgement,” Colonel Jerome explains in precise the story of Mishiida and her boxes, the gun who could have saved them.


Everybody gets pensive after the information explosion. Finally the US President speaks again, “Colonel, let us stick to what we have planned now!”


“Sir, we are awaiting your command. The fighters are ready for take off,” Jerome answers.


But before the President can answer the transmission is interrupted.


“What happened?” Jerome asks the man at computers.


“I don’t know Sir. Looks like we’ve lost the satellites again,” the man replies as he checks his mobile as well.


“They have arrived,” Rick exclaims.


Jerome grabs a radio handset and yells in it, “I declare Operation Black Fire open! Take off now!”


We realize he is giving command to the air force. We make a dash for the air base. Just as we hit the runway the first planes are seen leaving the ground behind.





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