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Mishiida Alexander


ďEverybody falls in love, only a few stick with it.Ē



Everything that exists in nature has an inherent beauty that marks itís existence. Itís human nature to find flaws in imperfections that exist within nature, the imperfections that exist to make the nature intriguing as well as appeasing at the same time.




The darkness that engulfs and dwarfs everything mighty and huge, and is interspersed with a few dots of bright spots scattered over a spread beyond the comprehension of any human being, is still beautiful in its peaceful existence and tranquillity of the surroundings. The radio waves that surround the entirety of the biggest of the little to unknown secrets to mankind may sound eerie to the ears of a tasteless scientist sitting in a laboratory testing it, but to a romantic freelancing astronomer, they represent countless songs of love, the huge heavenly bodies are singing all the time, telling their tales to everyone or anyone who cares to listen, or perhaps calling out their loves across the distance. Perhaps their language is different and unfortunately for humans, everything thatís unknown is eerie.




Space is so spacious the only thing that can perhaps match it in size will be a pure heart. But then how many messiahs has mankind known in epochs.




Although it will be gravely unjust to differentiate into corners something whose shape is completely unknown compared to everything that is, but when your existence is so small that the only way you can view something enormous is in complete seclusion of the rest of the eternity, a corner is just the right definition.




There are different things in every corner that give shape and character to itís presence in the surroundings. The one we are looking at the moment has a huge globoid mass surrounded by a few similar smaller masses with the ones' around itís edges shining brightly, perhaps being lit by the glow of their mother star. The darkness of the huge mass they were married to for eternity was however blinding. If we turned around, in the distance we would see a similar big mass but something that looked like a dancer wearing a mini skirt and spinning around in quick circles with the spotlight perfectly fixed on it. As we move closer to our new interest, leaving behind the darkness that surrounded the enormity we were standing up to, we cannot help but feel the tranquillity and serenity that spread between the two heavenly bodies and gave the entire neighbourhood an irresistible charm and romance.




As we move closer to our new friend a small dark spot suddenly appears out of the darkness and heads straight towards us. We duck and dodge to avoid the impact as we tumble around in circles and escape the dark rocky substance with a tail made of shiny bluish-white crystals of ice and rock particles. That is an asteroid, heading straight into the back of the mighty dark heavenly body we were trying to comprehend earlier. Itís like someone fired a shot at itís back when it was not watching. Will he duck or does he have a bullet-proof covering, we wonder as we witness the projectile heading straight into the middle of itís target without ever breaking the dead silence that surrounds everything surrounding us.




As we are busy watching the spectacle of nature, a beam of shooting light just passes over our head followed by a few quick ones below our feet. In an instant they are everywhere around us, as we turn around petrified and stunned at this surprise assault.




As we turn around we see something that is definitely not natural in make but rather made by something that is originally natural, ducking and dodging vehemently as it tried to evade the light beams that startled us. As it passes barely diagonally above our heads dodging another volley of light beams, turning fast away from us and straight towards the tail of the asteroid, we turn around once again to see the six similar objects following it with one sole intention, itís destruction at any costs. The ferocity of their attack, the aggression in their approach and the desperation on the part of the one avoiding being hunted told their story without even a single word having been said. They all appeared to be space crafts that looked more like the small cars in appearance without any wings but the size of a light truck. Each oneís tail had five holes that were blowing a very hot gas that was suffocating.




We watch as the one hunted makes one last desperate attempt to duck itís fate and sails right into the tail of the asteroid. Perhaps it dodged a pack of wolves only to head straight into a Lionís pride. Or perhaps, it thought the oncoming projectiles were more predictable than those targeting itís tail, and will provide it extra protection against those following it by making their job tougher. But the hunters were not to be taken in by any tricks the hunted was playing. They knew he had no where to run as they flew around the tail of the asteroid, taking an occasional shot at the one hunted through the mesh of ice and rocks, only to be blocked by one of the latter. But it was a matter of time before the one hunted would end out of space and would either have to surface out again or perhaps they expected it to blow the asteroid to shreds, as the asteroid approached the huge mass it was destined to approach.




As the attackers reached the end of the tail, or rather itís beginning, they slowed down and spread our but still maintained their direction as if they expected the hunted to blow the asteroid to shreds to escape out and they wanted to avoid any unnecessary damage by the resulting projectiles.




But something happened as the rocky mass didnít blow up and they abruptly tried to slow down and turn back. At this moment the hunted emerged from the middle of the tail like a rocket that had just been fired vertically above from the tail and it turned quickly towards the assaulters, flying diagonally around the tail in circle as it took out itís assaulters one after the other in quick succession with single precision shots. It all looked like a teacher distributing examination results to a class of students sitting in a straight line one after the other and nobody had passed.




Four of the attackers were quickly obliterated from existence while the fifth one tried to turn away and fly off towards the edge of the huge heavenly mass. It was hit by a shot of light from the one who had just become the hunter and it looked like it lost itís navigational ability. It started to head straight towards the dark mass and as it approached the huge body, a glow began to appear around itís body and it soon became a ball of fire. It was annihilated but the survivor of the hunt didnít have to break a sweat as the nature did the job on itís own. As we saw the fate of the attackers unfold and finish, the asteroid arrived the back of the heavenly body and just like the last assaulter, itís existence began the last leg of itís journey. The heavenly body did have a bullet proof jacket to protect it from chance assaults. We saw the whole asteroid along with itís tail burn before it even reached anyway nearer to the heavenly mass. It was a brilliant display of fireworks by the one who never fired anything.




Our interest is drawn to the spacecraft that just escaped the aggressors and we scroll through the space ahead of us as we try to find out where it had disappeared. We finally notice it flying past the edge of the huge body as it is lit by the same light that was lighting the heavenly bodies often referred to as moons by the humans.




We follow the survivor around the edge and as we turn around the edge our eyes are blinded temporarily by the glow of a big star shining brightly right in front of us. Our eyes take a few moments to adjust to the brightness ahead of us and we notice four more heavenly bodies of smaller size than the one we are just sailing past at the moment. On our right side we see a red mass, running away from the pack, as if he had just had enough with everyone in this neighbourhood. Then we notice two small dark spots sitting very close to the star, one towards itís top left hand corner and the second, slightly bigger that the first, towards itís lower right side corner. But in front of us is a beautiful Greenish-blue globoid mass, the one the survivor is directly headed to and the one we are now following.






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