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Mishiida Alexander

Aiszar Garrison

“Legends never end, for they continue to thrive in culture.”

Chapter Eight: Long lives glory!

You were what others first told you. You are what your memories today make you. You will be where your deeds will take you. And then you will march on, but a ‘you’ will be left behind; the one that was never you, but others believed it to be so. It is this ‘you’ that matters to others’ and all other ‘you’ were merely a secret stowed away inside you. Each one of you lives a double life; one for yourself, and one for everybody else. The closer your two personalities are to each other, purer you are as a human being; not necessarily good, for pure evil too exists.

Honour is bestowed upon the ‘you’ that is publically known, even though it is the inner ‘you’ that cherishes the moment. But it is not the inner ‘you’ that ever was important, for everybody was always only dealing with the public ‘you’. Your story is really the story of this public ‘you’ that lives on in public memory forever. Legends never die, for the stories keep them alive. They are passed on from generation to generation, like inheritance. In fact, your public ‘you’ becomes a part of the inheritance.

So judge your deeds not by how they serve the inner ‘you’, but rather how they reflect upon your public ‘you’. Live a life that fulfils a destiny, rather than the one that is dragged by it. The destiny does not belong to you. The destiny belongs to the society, and it is always searching for someone to fulfil it.

And here we stand today, side by side to five glorious warriors, who rose to fulfil the destiny of not one, but many a society. Today another warrior’s destiny has dragged him unto their path, and what an enviable position we are in, to watch it unfold in front of us.

The defences may have been breached, but the guns too have been lost, thanks to a one last hurrah from our frail warrior Alex, who showed us one final glimpse of his glorious abilities by disarming the four Tyrenes in a quick move that took everyone by surprise, including us. But now he is panting, and Mishiida and Alishiida are both trying their best to ease him down. No, he is not in a position to assist anyone anymore in the skirmish that is about to follow. And so is the situation with Mishiida and Mr. Garcia.

Reinforcements are on their way, for their sirens hoot imminent. But what a warrior it would be who runs out of weapons in a battle he waited an entire life for. The four Tyrenes pull out their daggers to prepare for a hand to hand battle. But so do the Kinemanize President and his secretary. Our friends were not allowed to carry any guns, for guns are not needed on the kind of journey they were undertaking. But Corbett and Hayley had a surprise waiting for the Tyrenes.

“They say this blade cuts through anything natural or artificial in this universe, provided you put enough force behind hit,” Hayley quips as she and Corbett flash their Ubek knives.

“You stay back with your parents and Uncle Jack,” Corbett halts Zenander in his stride, as the charged up lad takes a step forward to answer the call of war. “We will take care of these upstarts,” Corbett exclaims as he and Hayley step ahead of the pack.

The Tyrenes might be weak due to their forced fasting, but the Kinemanize are no warriors in the same class. One Tyrene is enough to engage the President and his secretary, while Hayley and Corbett are left to deal with the three remaining. Ubeks were kind enough to train Corbett in their skills, and Hayley was sharp enough to pick up the skills from her man over the years. There’s a reason why the couple proved as much a deadly combination over the years, as much Alex and Mishiida did. What a treat it is to watch the duo in action once more, taking on the three mighty Tyrenes in a fight straight out of a movie.

“Eat some dirt pig,” exclaims Hayley, flinging one of the Tyrenes into the air, while Corbett ducks a swing from the other, and kicks the third in his abdomen.

The one fighting the President and his secretary manages to dump them for a brief moment, and charges at Mishiida and Alex, surprising Zenander and Alishiida who were not looking out. But Alex shows one more glimpse of his old quick reflexes, as he pushes and rolls Mishiida away, while spinning on his own feet to avoid the direct hit. As the Tyrene’s wild swing of knife swishes past him, he gives a gentle push to the back of his shoulder, disturbing his balance. Alex quickly finishes off the move by putting his foot in front of the Tyrene’s stumbling feet, bringing him down to the ground. The President and his secretary, who have regained their ground, finally get a chance to jump in and finish of the warrior.

Meanwhile Haisheestar manages to avoid both Corbett and Hayley’s moves and charges with a knife aimed at Corbett’s rib cage from behind, while Corbett is busy dealing with one of his men. Hayley however notices the move, but alas a bit late to intercept. Left with no other choice; the brave girl jumps into the way, to take the hit in place of her husband.

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If you are wondering what more is left in the novel, it's not that much. Basically:
  1. What happens to Hayley and Corbett after this?
  2. Why can't Tarandil people be killed, and why do they poison warriors?
  3. Why was Zaiyeshin not given an invitation to rest in Aiszar Garrison?


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