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Mishiida Alexander

Stalking Shadows

ďHope is a dream for labour to seek.Ē

Chapter Twenty: Coming together

Hopes and wishes are both dreams about a better future, but while the first have their roots in reality, the later originate out of imagination. When you hope for a better future, you are generally either expecting favourable results out of your present predicament, or you intend to initiate efforts that would lead towards what you desire. The fruition of hope is a child of your labour. Compare this to your dreams, where you wish for the best in terms of results, yet you are nowhere near embarking on a journey that leads to those cherished fruits. While hope is a prospect, wishes are like lotteries!

Future however is unrelated to both; rather a product of a three dimensional framework of reality, efforts and probability. If reality is bad, the efforts need to be reformatory for probability to yield a better present in future. If efforts however are expended to either camouflage the reality, or to alter the future without fixing the present, the future would only get worse. Probability does not depend upon efforts, but rather reality. Efforts are merely a filter, to check what probabilities originating out of the present, should be allowed a chance to eventuate.

The onus thus always rests on the protagonist, to make choices that would determine their own future. Wrong choices would always lead to deterioration, while right choices might demand certain sacrifices. But there is no way to avoid a future that is imminent out of your present, without fixing the present. Mr. Garcia knows this well and true, but is equally willing to put his life at stake to fix the present he has created. Without him making the choices and doing the acts that he has done thus far, the only probabilities were leading to a total destruction of humanity. No human efforts could have possibly sufficed to avoid the fate otherwise! Of course, he alone would never be the master of human fate. But thatís what situational allies are for.

However it is heartbreaking that the ally he found in his current engagement, our beloved Alex, has just taken a fall for humanity. Even though we donít want to see his fate eventuate, we canít help but dive down behind him, as if there is something we can do to save him.


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