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To Occupy Movement: Very Important


“Pent-up frustration is the fuel and ammunition of any movement. Don’t let directionless endeavors release the steam and let the real issues escape.”


Hi friends,


I am writing this piece as you must be taking stock of all that perspired just the previous evening. On Wednesday I visited your site at Hindmarsh Square Adelaide for the first time, but before I could take our association to any productive levels, on Thursday you were asked to pack up and move along. I’ve been told that it was a part of a deal with the city council, which has agreed to let you people gather during the day as long as you don’t pitch tents in the city. I’ve been told that you chose not to take the confrontation route. I completely understand your reason although I support it for a reason different than what you must have acted upon.


Dear friends, this piece is going to be a critique (and if I am writing it, which I am, it is going to be very hurtful too) but before I say anything let me say two things:

1.    We are both on the same side and I want this movement to succeed, not just in Adelaide but everywhere in the world. In fact, if you visit politics page of my website you will know all that I have already done on my own, including making socially and political relevant videos for youtube (fearlessly), writing letters to Prez Obama, PM Gillard, then Premier Mr Mike Rann, including resigning from my job. So before anyone distrust my credentials, please do the research a bit hard way.

2.    If I will raise any issues or point out any flaws, I will provide the remedies as well, to the best of my expertise. However, it is your movement and hence you have every right to decide what you need to do.

And offcourse, I will try to make my words as pleasing as I can but since it is a critique it is bound to be uncomfortable. But if I won’t do it, nobody else will do it and you will never realize where your shortcomings lie.


Friends, before I give my reason for supporting your current decision let me get down to the basics as they are more important than what happened today. Infact, what happened today was a direct consequence of the same lacunae I’ve noticed in the basics. And rest assured, I did raise these issues with a couple of people I talked to on Thursday evening.


Lack of a broad Aim and both immediate and long term objectives:

Firstly, any movement can succeed only if it has public support and participation, and the very basic requirement to get public participation is to have a broad aim and achievable objectives, both immediate as well as long term. Sorry to say friends, your movement is lacking both. I don’t know about what’s the story at other places around the world like New York, London, Mumbai etc, but Occupy Adelaide is going directionless. And this itself is suicidal for any movement. Before you take your daggers out, let me explain.


The 99% people of the world this movement is trying to represent, they all have issues with their Governments, their working environments and personal lives. They all know what is going wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Problem is, none of them has the power to fix it, and those whom they have given this power by the means of their democratic instrument called vote, they are not honest enough to do it for them. They all have pent up frustration, ready to blow out as lava. This pent up frustration can not only be the fuel of this movement but also its’ firepower. But what has the movement done so far?


If the intention of this movement is to give all this pent up frustration an outlet, if the intention of this movement is to give a forum to the members of the public to come and voice all their anguish and then feel relaxed and go back to their homes thinking they have done enough for the community and now they don’t need to stress themselves anymore, now they don’t need to go out of their comfort zones, now they don’t need to mess with the Government, in that case the movement is doing well in its’ objectives. If you understand what I just said you will also realize why your movement is not gathering permanent supporter base.


In its’ current form Occupy Adelaide is no more than a punching bag which you smash to relieve your frustrations and then feel de-stressed. Occupy Adelaide is helping Government and Politicians by acting like a leaking valve, letting out the pent up frustration in public. Occupy Adelaide is only wasting the fuel it needed to run full throttle, the ammunition it had at disposal to bring about the change everybody dreams of. Occupy Adelaide is harming the future interests in its’ form as it is a directionless ship sailing towards nowhere. It is all about mis-directed (or rather un-directed) anguish.


All this is because this movement has no direction, no broad aim that everyone wants to achieve and no immediate objectives. Considering all the time, energy, money and efforts you have already put in and are willing to put in further, my question to one of the people at the camping site was, “What do you intend to have achieved after a given interval of time?” An army going to a battlefield, knowing nothing about who the enemy is and whom to attack, instead made to sling its’ weapons in empty air, soon tires itself, gets dis-interested, bored and might even start fighting within itself, thus getting destroyed without any external impetus.


Look at the movements in Egypt and Libya. Although both were different in the means used (Egypt fighting peacefully, Libyans taking up arms) but people involved in each were ready to die and go to any extent as they knew what their broad aim was, “Democracy”. They knew what their immediate objectives were. The Egyptians occupied Tahrir Square indefinitely as they knew that by the end of this seize their long term objective or broad Aim will be achieved. They had an aim to fight for. The Libyans fought their blood filled battle city by city, suffering reverses at times and then advancing at others. They always knew the objectives of their each onslaught, that is one city takeover followed by another until all are captured from Gaddafi’s forces.


Look at Syrians as they are being crushed mercilessly with tanks. They are still fighting as they know their broad aim, “Democracy” and they know the immediate objectives as well, that is to suffer so that international aid could be requested. I unfortunately find this lacking with Occupy Adelaide movement. A directionless army cannot remain motivated forever. Besides no one even knows what they are motivated about.


People will join and support your movement only when they will know what exactly you want to achieve at the end of it. People will join you in your efforts only when you can tell them that after pitching in so many days this is what will be changed. You need to give public both short term targets as well as long term targets. You need to tell people this is what is ultimately going to be.


You still have a group of people but look at me. I am all alone and I’ve been working for the past year and a half on similar lines. But my aims and objectives have always been clear, my efforts have always been directed, and I have both short term objectives as well as final aim, “To change every society in the world to Equalism and to finally merge all countries into one so we won’t need armies and we won’t have war. There will be no boundaries and what you see in movies is what I want the reality to be; One World!”


You always need a representative, if not a leader:


On Wednesday I met a guy called Luke at your camp site, who was as much a visitor as much I was, but we had a good chat. I told him two things.


Firstly I told him that there must be someone whom he personally knows to be exemplary honest, someone you can trust blindfolded. I told him, that person should be your leader, or if not leader then your representative. The reason you need representative is, it is not possible to group together into one voices of over 20 Million Aussies. It is not practically workable solution. That is why you need leaders or representatives.


What I mentioned in above paragraph, if that is the yardstick to pick up your leaders or representatives then what I said next to him is the way to promote your choices. I told Luke, “Let us say you have 20 friends and each one of them has 20 friends each. And let us say this chain continues on like this. You can always propagate your ideas through word of mouth. You can always share your leader and his ideas with everyone.”


I may be one of the 99% today but I am different. Everyone is! And this is because everyone is unique. I said to Luke, “You may know 100 honest people but all won’t be same. One of them will be more far-sighted than the rest. He has to be the one who leads you.”


You need a political party, a group of leaders whom you can send to parliament using your vote. And because your leaders will be one of you and hand-picked by you to represent you, they will only make laws that benefit you. That is how you can bring about the change that you need.


There are only two ways of bringing about changes; either through blood, or through democracy.


In the first instance, you either pick up guns to kill or get ready to be killed, in the second you utilize the democratic set up to bring about the change lawfully and peacefully.


If you don’t want to bring about a change for the betterment then are you here to enjoy picnic and then go home?


And if you really want to bring about the change how will you bring about the change if you are not ready to make one of the two choices mentioned above?


If you answer the above questions honestly you will know for yourselves whether you need representatives or not. Otherwise you give me any better practical and peaceful way, I am listening.


I personally believe that Government is not the owner but rather a representative of the society, simply because Government consists of people that we choose. We may very well refuse the same people a second chance to represent us by virtue of our right to vote. All these parliamentarians are our representatives. If they won’t work for our betterment then we have to replace them with those who will. The best way to find such representatives lies in my chat with Luke that I mentioned above.


Regarding current arrangement with City Council:


Well, if you were to buckle down and make a deal with City Council, why the heck did you set out of your homes to camp in the first place? Didn’t you think about it as to this is what will happen when you will camp in the city?


I am sure these questions would have hurt you enough already so let me tell you why I still support your decision.


Had you gone for a confrontation you would have probably ended up in contravention of law and perhaps behind bars! What for?


This is where aims and objectives are so important. What is the point of bearing blows of canes, facing teargas, suffering pepper-spray for nothing?


If you have set out to achieve nothing there is no point in ending up on the wrong side of law.


There is no point in wasting time or destroying the ammunition needed for social change by leading directionless movements. If you want to achieve something, sit down and pen down your objectives, detail a plan of action and then brief everyone what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve and when all those achievements will occur in chronological order.


I am with you even though I am fighting similar battles all on my own. You need to pull up your socks, tighten up the loose ends and perfect your gig.


What I have written will be very hurtful, I am sure. But if I won’t write this today and you won’t read it, the movement will suffer and fizzle out.


Take Care,


Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

Amanpreet Singh Rai





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