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Dated: 07th March, 2011


Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard,

Parliament House,

Canberra, ACT 2600


Subject: Regarding the harassment of International Students


Dear Madam,


My name is Amanpreet Singh Rai and I am a naturalized Australian Citizen. Before I explain my reason for writing this letter, with all due respect to your esteemed self, I wish to tell it first hand, “I am not a Labour Supporter and I do hold a personal grudge against Labour.” So my opinions might be biased. However if you intend to know the reason behind my grudge then you will have to visit the “Help” section of my website www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com where I have explained everything I’ve been through and how I’ve been racially discriminated against, and I have put all the evidence alongside (the evidence is in the form of scanned images of official documents as well as printout files of my emails etc.)


Anyway, that is not the reason behind this letter and I would like to assure you, “I don’t need any help or sympathy from the Government. I am capable of fighting my own battles, which I intend to do with full ferocity.”


Getting back to the topic of the current letter. Ms Prime Minister, I am sure you are aware of the situation of the International Students who had come to Australia for education. I am not referring to the closure of more than a handful of inept institutions which left the students in a lurch but I am referring to those who have already completed their education and have applied for Permanent Residence in Australia.


Ms Prime Minister let me assure you, “I do not intend to preach immigration policy to the Government, or decide the immigration policy for the Government.”


My only intention is to bring to your notice what every Government and its’ officials conveniently overlook; the human side and background of the individuals at the receiving end of arbitrary decisions.


Ms Gillard, just because the government preceding the Labour Government lacked the foresight as to how many foreign nationals will be needed to pep up the Australian economy is no legitimate reason to punish those innocent students.


What I am referring to over here is the intentional delay on the part of Immigration authorities in clearing or closing cases put up for Permanent Residency by those individuals who came here legitimately, with no chance of determining the future of the courses or colleges in the fast changing Australian economy. This is akin to double jeopardy.


Firstly, their fields didn’t create enough job opportunities for them and then they have been left in lurch as to their future.


All this indecision has not only caused mental anxiety and tension to the individuals concerned but is also a clear case of human rights violation.


The immigration department by sitting on those cases and creating a fear about the future in the minds of those whose cases are lined up for decision, has violated their basic human right to have a peaceful life. And all this for no fault of there’s.


I wonder if the immigration department officials are sitting on eggs waiting for them to hatch.


I fail to comprehend what difference will it make if those cases are decide upon quickly so that unnecessary uncertainty and tension is relieved from the affected individuals?


Or are they waiting for most of the students to snap and return to their countries for good so that they don’t have to be awarded Permanent Residency? Is this what it’s all about? Is this fair?


Ms Prime Minister, are you even aware how many international students have already left Australia because they were fed up of all this dillydally approach? Is it all just?


Ms Prime Minister, the people who came over to Australia were lured by the “Australian Government” to come over to Australia for studies and one of the promises made was, if their course fell in a particular set and they clear certain other criterion, they will be awarded Permanent Residency. It was an intentional lure to attract those foreign students.


There can be no just reason, now that Australian economy has minted as much money as could have been from their pockets, that they should be dumped. No civilized society can justify such a blatant case of “Mass Defraud”.


The students who came here, they not only invested a major chunk of their family fortunes to cover the expenses (lets’ not forget how most of the foreign currencies fair compared to the Aus$ and also how much developed are the nations most of the students have come from), but those students have also invested a minimum of two of their young productive years. Some of them have already been waiting for an immigrations clearance for more than a year now, which makes it three. Ditching those students now will not only set them three years behind in their own lives, but also miles behind their counterparts who stayed back in their homelands and progressed. No country is dying of hunger or lack of opportunity Ms Prime Minister. It’s just that these students loved the thought of being a productive part of Australian Economy. Will such a decision be justifiable?


Ms Prime Minister, through this letter I wish to request you to please expedite the entire exercise so that these international students, who are our responsibility now, they don’t suffer any more harassment.


Anyway Ms Prime Minister, without taking your time any longer, I would like to conclude this letter over here. However, I wish to inform you I have founded my own political party, “Always Shine Australia Party” with an intention to set right what I believe to be wrong. My party’s basic agenda and principles are available on my party’s official profile page on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/AsapAustralia.


But right now Ms Prime Minister, it is you who can make a difference. So I leave it to you for the moment.




Amanpreet Singh Rai,


Always Shine Australia Party,

1/269, Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

Ph: +61 43 023 5589

Email: fatalurgecarefreekiss@yahoo.com

Website: www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com




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