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You give me support and I will give you the India you have always dreamt


(A message to every Indian)


"Come let's make India what we always dream it to be!! If anyone has to do it, it is us!!"


Hi friends,

I am not sure if I should share this with you or not but I decided to err on the side of sharing. However, in case you are not comfortable with what I propose, due to family reasons or personal reasons, it is understandable and I accept your wishes gladly and without any hard feelings.

You might already be aware that I have been taking on the corrupt practices prevalent in politics in India as well as Australia for a while now, and have been taking up relevant issues at various levels. For example, I have written to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, to share the harassment being meted out to Indian students. The contents of the said letter can be assessed on my website by visiting the following link:

Letter to PM Julia Guillard


I have raised numerous other issues, including how Indian Government has sold Indian interests to foreign businessmen. I have explained how privatization and market takeover are going to ruin all the opportunities available to Indians today and leave them in the same boat as we Indians living overseas are finding the locals in these societies. I have not only raised such serious issues, but I have also provided the right solutions and steps that need to be taken to avoid such a scenario as well as take Indian and Australian economies forward. The following article that can be assessed on my website and it links all the relevant write ups:

Now Or Never

However, all these efforts are not bearing any fruit as one man is not good enough to do all that is needed to be done. I need friends to stand up with me. For this purpose I have founded a new political party, meant specifically for the betterment of India and Indians, with an intention to take India to the top of the world and get Indian society rid of all the corrupt practices and other ills. The party is called “Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party” (VVVIP) and it founding declaration can be found at the following link:

"Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party" (VVVIP)

Now the subsequent plan of action is as follows:

If you agree then we need to create action groups in all cities, made up of young adults. We also need to point out leaders of those groups keeping in mind the future circumstances where the same leaders will be expected to step up to the task and fight electoral ballots for state and national parliaments. So the leaders have to know honest individuals whom everyone in the group respects.

We don’t need those kind of leaders we all are familiar from our University and college times, the ones’ who were the most loose character individuals and goons. Such leaders may be well left to lead the youth wings of other political parties as they are doing currently. Future of India can neither be made, nor secured, nor enhanced by such corrupt people. Such corrupt people are not allowed in “Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party”.

We need people who come from normal middle class families, whether city based or rural, but people who have seen their parents struggle to make their lives and run their families, people who know the meaning of honesty, hard-work to earn money, value of money, and people who only have one dream and one passion, “Making INDIA the best country in the world”.

If you have read my posts mentioned above you will be well aware of the fact that I don’t talk in thin air, but I have substance to prove my credentials to lead my brothers and sisters into remaking India the way we all have always wanted. If anyone has any doubt, they should re-read my articles on the politics page of my website, and also watch the videos I have posted on my youtube channel “thestrangeruknew”. A quick link for everyone would be the following page from my website:


Now coming back to the plan of action, once we have formed the groups and identified potential leaders, the next plan is to spread the word across all the cities in India via internet, mobiles, twitter, facebook etc. We need groups everywhere. We can start by sharing my articles with everyone, which will give everyone the message I send and also give a direction to our efforts.

Next we will need to do the ground work the hard way. However, that is still one stage away and can only be started once we have interconnected groups across India. However, these are the details of the next stage.

Those whose families run small businesses like shops etc, they will have to be made aware as to how the current politicians have sold the Indian interests to foreign investors and how the advent of big supermarkets and warehouses will finish off their businesses and drive them out of the markets.

Those who have agricultural families, I can assure you, I will not only provide solutions to the problem of farmer debts that are leading to so many suicides, but will also introduce a new, radical but completely practicable plan to help the entire farming community of India. Once our groups get moving, the details will be forwarded to each group BEFORE we start the ground work stage so there is no ambiguity.

Those who are in private sector, they already are well aware of to how underpaid they are. Those whose jobs have been privatized are in the same boat as well. We need to make everybody aware as to how privatization is going to weaken our Government and economy, and also how all the privatization will lead to Government losing money it is making from the organizations it owns. This will result in raising of taxes as the Government will struggle to get money to carry own development, or more Indian interests will be sold to foreign investors as Indian Government will avail further international loans. The case of “Greece” that I have mentioned in my latest write up “Now or Never” clearly shows what is going to happen.

Every current political party in India, be it Congress, BJP or third front, is corrupt. And if you have read my two write-ups, “Capitalism” and “Now or Never”, you will be aware as to why I say that Anna Hazaare, Kiran Bedi etc may be honest and what they have done a great effort, but it was neither brilliant nor it shows they are capable enough to take India to the dizzy heights we all envisage. We don’t need just honest people to lead us. We need people who can understand what has gone wrong, how it will hurt in future and how to avoid the pitfalls. If you read my following write-up, you will become well aware of what the failings of Anna Hazaare’s campaign were and what the real problem is:



As our groups will develop and BEFORE we start the ground work, I will provide the real solution as well, which is much more simple and relevant.

Now all we need is to galvanize the young adults of India like ourselves and get moving in the right direction. If we want to make India what we want it to be, then we will have to stand up and be counted. Besides when we will be the ones’ leading a change, our parents and relatives will automatically join us.

That’s how we can bring about the change that India needs!!

That’s how we can make India what we have always dreamt it to be, wanted it to be!!

The onus is on our shoulders!!

If you need further details, feel free to raise the issue with me.

If you are waiting for the right time to get up and be counted, then the right time has come.

“You give me support and I will give you the India of your dreams!!”

Amanpreet Singh Rai







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