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“Political leaders will have no place in the future One-Borderless-World.”

Ordinary people always blame their political leaders for not working in their best interests. Why would they? They were groomed by big business houses, and presented to you as your leaders. You lapped them up. Now live with it. They are your leaders but representatives and workers of big businesses.

If ordinary people really want to relish the "Democracy", you need to start grooming the people you would want to represent you as Government officials; right to the top most position in your nations. If you are not grooming people to work for you, don't blame it on those who were never raised by you.

But coming to what I've said in the highlight at the top of the page; the future of democracy that I envision, will have no place for leaders. There will only be workers representing ordinary people, working in the best interests of the society. They will be selected for a five year period by the ordinary people, and will only be allowed one term in any political office. If they want to make a living or a career, they would need to have a job or a business that would be taken care for them for the five years they will serve ordinary people. Government office is not where you make your living, for that's when corruption sets in.

Bottom line is; if you were all born free, then why should there be a leader above your head? Are representatives and workers not good enough to do a job? Do they have to be declared better than you, and then rule you? This is what you love about democracy and want to tell those socities who don't have a chosen leader, as to how free and equal you are?

I am sorry but I am not going to set up a "One-Borderless-World" for the entire humanity, so that it could be ruled by a handful of powerful groups, like a sea of infidels. Sorry, but that's not what democracy is about. Democracy as I know is; "The Government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people."

Various political blogs that I have written:
Here's a list of various blogs of political significance that I have written so far. To put things in context; I started making my political videos and writing these blogs before the "Occupy Movements" started, and before "Anna Hazarre" started fasting against corruption in India. They were all relevant in the context they were written in, but much of what is written in them would be relevant for all times to come.
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Future of democracy may have no place for a leader, but to get to that future humanity does need a leader. There are people, ordinary people, who want to show me how they are better than me. Rather than supporting me, they want to prove I am nothing. I am sorry, but if I won't believe in myself, how will I lead you towards the future I envision? And if you were really that good, why were you silent all these years until I started my work? Was it a lack of honesty, or lack of guts? Or was it just a lack of vision?

Honesty starts with being honest to yourselves first.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss "Amanpreet Singh Rai"


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