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Socio-Political letters

“Reforms begin by identifying what is wrong, then figuring out a solution or an alternative, and then proposing that alternative to those who are at the helm. Reforms end when the desired change is brought about by those already at the helm, or by first replacing them democratically, and then bringing about the change democratically as well.”

Starting from around 2010-11, I have been writing letters to various leaders for various reasons. You can read them by clicking on the links provided below:

The mother of all letters:
This letter was written on 23rd November, 2012 (and physically posted) to the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of South Australia, and it explains how and why there is no God; the most important message to take out of this letter for the entire world humanity, for the sake of its' future. Yes, I did get a reply from the Chief Justice, an acknowledgment of the letter if not anything more. But this letter has to be read in conjunction with my novels and other write-ups to understand the complete reasons for such a big assertion. If you don't know about this letter, it's a shame on those who didn't share it with you. The blood of innocents being spilled on streets is on their hands, the superstitions and lies that grip the entire world is on their conscience. I have done my job.

Letters to the US President Mr Barack Obama:
In one of the three letters I detailed a business model that would subsequently become one of the major intended work of "Peace Makers Global", an organization that I delve into detail in one of my write-ups that could be found elsewhere on this website. Click on the links below to read through the three letters below.
  1. Letters for Peace I (A personal tale)

  2. Letters for Peace II

  3. Letters for Peace III (What can be done to get America back to work)

Two of these letters were posted physically, while the third one's link was shared online through one of the President Obama's affiliated (and verified) twitter accounts. And in case you are wondering; No, I never recieved a response.

Letters to various political leaders in Australia:
Here are the letters that I wrote to the then current Prime Minister of Australia, Premiere of South Australia, and relevent Government and non-government departments, on issues that was relevant in the context of the time.
  1. International students issue; To PM Julia Gillard

  2. Privatization is not Capitalism (To Premiere Mr Mike Rann)

  3. Reply to the above letter, from Ministry of Transport (Scanned image)

  4. A letter to the then Southlink Administration that was a part of the mix

  5. My reply to the letter from Ministry of Transport

  6. Takling issues with Adelaide Taxi Industry (Second letter to Premiere Mr Mike Rann)

  7. Reply from MOT (Page 1)

  8. Reply from MOT (Page 2)

  9. My reply to the above letter

There is a lot more work to be done, and much of it would now have to be dealt with in a more direct manner; through democratic process.

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