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Political video series

“The most important thing a leader should have is followers. And the most important thing a followers should look in a leader is his (or her) vision.”

Before you watch the videos:
There are two very important things that determine my actions:
  1. I was born and raised an ordinary man. I cannot see the blood of innocent ordinary people spilt on streets, be they from any side or background. It's a feeling of belonging that I have in my heart.
  2. I want every human being to have an opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. If there's something I can do to improve their levels of happiness, I will do it.

Here's a list of various video blog series that I have posted over the years. Most of them are timeless, a few were however made in context.

On a side-note; I know I look like an egg faced idiot ranting in most of them, but that's because those were the times when I couldn't find one single barber in Adelaide who knew how to cut hair.

I know that's a harsh comment to make. But is it my fault if I tried so many different barbers over time, yet ended up getting the same stupid haircut? Do I have a right to voice my anguish or not?

  1. Familism: A future for family

  2. Economic Sanctions for Weaker Sections

  3. Reigniting democratic spirit

  4. Messages to Indians: From the desk of "Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party"

  5. Equalism and "Always Shine Australia Party"

  6. Messages of Peace, and truths (including 911 attacks): World Affairs

  7. Peace for all: Speaking to the other side

  8. Ordinary people like me and you

  9. God and cheap political propaganda

  10. Messages of peace: Talking to both sides (Jihadists and West)

Don't just watch the videos. Think, react, and act.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss "Amanpreet Singh Rai"


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