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Dated: 09th March, 2011


President Mr Barack Obama,

White House,

Washington DC,



Subject: Letter I from a series of II – Violation of my Human Rights in US.


Dear Sir,


I am an Indian born and brought up naturalized citizen of Australia. As mentioned in the subject I am taking an opportunity to write two letters to your esteemed self. This letter is a detailed account of how my human rights were violated in Los Angeles, California, on 15th and 16th of February, 2010. Mr President, the delay in writing this letter is that I was primarily busy fighting for myself (and I still am) and besides I was trying to give an opportunity to those involved, to mend fences with me before I took the drastic measures. Plus I tried a variety of sources to get help but couldn’t get it.


Mr President, before I describe what happened I would like to assure you that my purpose of writing this letter to you is neither to seek your help nor shall I accept it in no circumstances.


Mr President, I have decided to stand up for myself and fight not only my own battle, but also for a greater cause. My second letter will shed more light on this aspect as well as explain to you, without me actually having to write it, why I will not accept any help from anyone now.


My troubles started the day I fell in love with a girl who happens to be a struggling musician in Hollywood. We both have channels on social media website “Youtube” and I unfortunately happened to fall for her. The girl in question is the former youtube sensation “Miss Marie Digby”. But then loving someone cannot be a sin or a crime. However trying to force yourself on someone without their permission is a crime and playing with someone’s heart is a sin.


I am neither a criminal nor a sinner. I started writing to that girl initially just as a pen pal kind of a thing as I loved another girl at that time and told her about the same. Though I never got any response from her but perhaps because I myself have always been a songwriter all my life (I’ve been writing songs in my mother tongue Punjabi and national language of India, Hindi, since 1998-99), I felt attached to her in some way. She however inspired me to write songs in English and realizing that I will never be able to make a name in English music as I am not a native English language speaker, I decided to give away my songs to her without anything in return. Subsequently I realized that I love her and professed my true feelings to her through a message on Youtube.


Now Mr President, I am not a kind of a person who bothers girls around him because I have a very reserved nature and the best thing about it is, if a girl refuses me I never bother her again. It is a matter of principles as far as I am concerned and trust me Sir I am very strict about my principles.


I am almost 32 years old now (will turn 32 on 25th March, 2011), have only asked seven girls (including Miss Marie Digby) in total in my life, been rejected by all except one, and if I told you that I am yet to have the first sex of my life because I’ve always considered pre-marital sex a sin, you will know how conservative I am in my thinking. And as I said Mr President, as a matter of principle, once refused, I never approach a girl again.


However, the mistake I made was that I started giving Miss Digby my songs free of charge and considering the way her career was shaping up at that time and the place it stands today, she needed those songs. Perhaps she thought that if she refused me, I will withdraw rights to my creations. Whatever her reason was, rather than replying to my thousands of requests to answer me once, yes or no, she started playing tricks with me, using her twitter account and her employees (People who work to promote her). She would tweet hinting at whatever I used to write to her through my twitter and youtube accounts. She led me to believe that she wants me to find her and propose to her the way Kevin Jonas (Of Jonas Brothers fame) did, on his knees at the doorsteps of the girl he loved and is married to now, Daniella.


Anyhow Mr President, I may be a University Gold Medallist in Masters of Forensic Science (2003 Punjabi University, Patiala, India) but I am a poor man of few resources. I used up my entire savings at that time to buy a ring I thought was worthy of her finger and asked her again and again if I should visit Los Angeles on Valentines Day to see her. Rather than refusing me she put up a video on her youtube account saying she wrote a song when she was visiting her ailing grandmother in Reno. In the song she wrote how if she was to hear voices calling her name, “I won’t be going,” which would have been a clear hint to me not to come. But in the same video she talked about how her sister asked her to write the song from a third person’s perspective, and she wrote that if she hears voices calling her, “I will be going.”


Mr President, left in doldrums I asked her once again what she truly wanted me to do. I told her that the money I will be spending travelling to US is the money that I intended to use to record and release my own song. I was in talks with a local rock band “Monkey Box” at that time regarding the same.  I told her that if she won’t answer I will fly to US as it was really important for me to know what she really wanted as I wanted to move on with my life.


So Mr President, I travelled to Los Angeles, tried to contact her, even went to the place “Synchronicity” in downtown Los Angeles where her younger sister Miss Erina Digby’s work as a photographer was on display. Before leaving my hotel I tweeted to her that I was heading there and neither of them showed up even thought the exhibition was well on.


Subsequently I found her address and telephone number on the morning of “15th February, 2010” via “Google” and left a message on her telephone asking if she was available to see me later that night and I left my phone number as well. I got ready and left for her house with flowers and chocolate as I had come to LA for seeing her on Valentines and I was running a day behind schedule.


Her house door was answered by her sister Naomi whom I explained the reason for my visit and asked for an audience with her. Her mother who was also present came to the door and I introduced myself to her with all due respect and explained the situation to her. Her mother and sister were both rude to me and threatened me. I got the impression that maybe they are trying to stop her from seeing me, ‘cause as person of Indian origin I have seen a lot of discrimination against us. Even my request to give me a piece of paper to write a few lines to her was rejected and I was told to leave or police will be called.


Mr President, all my live I’ve been a law abiding citizen of which ever city or country I have lived in. I have never taken law in my hand, twisted or broken it. I have never caused anyone any trouble and the only reason I was standing there in front of Miss Marie Digby’s house was that she was cheap enough to play tricks with me but didn’t have the guts to do the right thing to tell me not to write to her again, or just simply one word, “enough”. That is right Mr President, on countless occasions I told her that even if she were to write one word “enough” to me, I will not write to her again or bother her. In fact, on a few occasion I even told her that if she was to write enough in any of her tweets that day to anyone, I will not write to her again. But she never did that. And there I was that day, having wasted all my savings just to make this girl happy and for no fault of mine, her mother and sister were not only rude to me but were threatening me needlessly that they will call the cops on me.


Mr President, I very kindly and gracefully told senior Mrs Digby that I will wait outside for the cops as even I need to talk to them. They closed the door and went inside while I sat down and waited on the wall in front of their house, waiting for the cops to come so that I can ask them to help me have an audience with Miss Marie Digby. I even pulled out two pages from own pockets (Photocopies of documents given to me by the shop owner from whom I had bought an AT&T pre-paid sim for my mobile). I wrote a letter for Miss Marie Digby asking her why I shouldn’t initiate legal action against her for causing me so much harassment for no fault of mine.


When the first cop car arrived at the scene, about 20 minutes after all that had happened, I explained the situation to the cop and requested him to get me an audience with Miss Marie Digby, which was refused. I then requested him to hand over my letter to her, which was again refused. He asked me to leave and I was about to leave when another cops car arrived at the scene and the two cops that came in it immediately arrested me.


Mr President I told them exactly what had happened and how I had no intention of causing any trouble but I was waiting for them to come and help me out. And help me out is what they did, the way which only shows how US is no different than any Middle Eastern country much maligned for human rights violations.


Mr President, I don’t know what they discussed inside or not, but for next nearly three to four hours, every cops car that came the people that came went inside the Digby house and didn’t show up. My request for water was turned down and the reason given was that if they will give me water then I will ask for a place to micturate. I sat there in the back of a cop car with handcuffs on and everyone who drove past stopped to have a look at who it was. It was disgraceful will be a very soft statement. For a man who has never broken a law, this was unbearable.


Mr President, GOD knows what those corrupt officials that work for a government organisation in one of the states of your country discussed with that girl and her family and how much they got payed but when they came out I was told that they have doubts about my mental state and they want me to be examined by a psychiatrist. I immediately asked for a lawyer.


I was refused a lawyer.


They took me to UC-LA hospital’s psychiatric ward where I once again asked the doctor for a lawyer which was refused. I was told that Australian High Commission has been informed and they will provide me a lawyer or I can have one when I am discharged from the hospital.


Mr President, I was told that I have been kept for 72 hour observation and during the course of observation one of the attendants even told me that if the doctor is not satisfied, I might be kept there for 14 days and even 1 month. The intentions were clear, I had to be scared that I might be declared mentally insane if I was to take this matter any further.


The next day (In less than 16 hours) I was released from the hospital as I satisfactorily answered the doctor’s two questions:


1.      Do you think they are rich?

2.      Why don’t you go back to India and marry an Indian girl?


And he is not the only one who had asked me this question. One of your police officers who took me to the hospital had also asked me:


“Why don’t you go back to India and marry an Indian Girl?”


Mr President, no one from the Australian High Commission ever visited me or came to help me, but when I was discharged from the hospital, I travelled on my own to my hotel on Metro buses, as I had a flight already booked for home that night as I was supposed to be starting work the day after.  I reached my hotel, took a shower and got ready to leave when a cop car from Marina Del Rey station pulled up at the hotel and two cops asked me to stop.


I was made to sit in the hotel lobby with two policemen standing guard around me. I was openly frisked in front of all the hotel guests as if I was a terrorist and I was told that someone is coming to hand me some papers. When I asked them that they can send them through the embassy they told me that they have been handed to me personally. When I asked them, do I have to receive them, they told me that I am free to leave if I want to but then they will have to hand them to me is some other way. I asked them will they do what they have just done in the hotel at the airport, to which their reply was yes.


Mr President, I chose not to be humiliated again but when I reached the airport, I still remember the frisking I got. My clothes seem to set the alarms on just too easily and I was frisked manually for close to 20 minutes, and the same clothes didn’t even cause a whisper at the airport back in Australia when I returned. And also to mention, the cab driver who picked me up from Marina Del Rey hotel, who had been waiting in the rank before he came to pick me up and must have seen all that happened so publicly in the hotel lobby asked me for an upfront. The reason he gave me was that one of the cops asked him to do so. However, I do understand his concerns as I have myself driven cabs long enough and have asked people for upfront payment of fairs, so wasn’t outraged. There were other bigger things to be outraged of than just an ordinary man taking it safe with me.


And yes, there was one guy sitting in the hotel lobby, who was getting ready with his camera, as if he were a journalist or paparazzi. I had to ask the policewoman as to why that person was there and what did he want. She expressed ignorance.


The message was clear Mr President. I could be declared a terrorist too. You may disagree with me Mr President but when you are a coloured person from Asia, such things become really loud. Besides the people I was dealing with were no illiterate street mongrels that were crass with their work, but educated and highly experienced at how to misuse law. Who can forget the incident when an Indian Origin Doctor was accused of being a terrorist here in Australia and the poor guy had to undergo deep anguish and struggle to clear his name.


Mr President, please tell me, is this what America is all about? Anyone who is coloured and from Asia, if he doesn’t toe the line, will your officials declare him a terrorist? We have no rights in US?


Mr President when I was in America for my trip I hired a car and drove around a lot, enjoying the scenery as I tried my level best to make that heartless cheat happy by finding her home through the hints she had given from time to time through her tweets. I met a lot of good people. I enjoyed every moment of being there and I felt like I was a part of that society until things happened that changed my life forever. I don’t know whether I should say it has been ruined or should I say I have been awakened.


The reason I say so is Mr President, now I know exactly why the Muslim community from Middle East and Asia hates America. I will talk about it in my second letter as it is really important for me to explain this in detail so that PEACE can be brought to both Middle East as well as America.


Mr President I wasn’t humiliated in Iraq. My human rights were not violated in Afghanistan. It all happened in Los Angeles California.


Your policemen and doctors harassed me while the girl whom I gave all my love, whom I trusted more than my life, for whom I wasted all my savings till that time, whom I gave all the songs that I could have ever written free and for nothing, she went to a court and lied to get a restraining order. The allegations she levelled against me in the restraining order, they don’t let me sleep anymore. What I went through in Los Angeles, those two days have scared my brain forever. I no longer get any good dreams. They are always nightmares. My experience was so bad, even though I had only slept for less than an hour in the hospital and I had been awake since the morning of 15th February, 2010, and I couldn’t sleep in the plane, that is a total of more than 68 hours, when I got home, I couldn’t turn my lights off and had to go out for a drive in my car to calm down. My eyes were closing behind the wheels but I drove for around 10 kilometres before I returned home and finally slept, with lights switched off, even though I was breathing and my heart beating as if I had just finished a marathon.


When the matter was up for a decision in court, which was for 4th of March, 2010, I asked the then Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd, Ministry of Trade and External Affairs and the Australian Consulate Los Angeles, for help. I even asked them why no one came to my help. I was told that I had been released from the hospital before they could get to me and they were told that I was already on my way back to Australia. How convenient! The policemen who needed to harass me got to me well in time and did what they were up to but help never reached me. If help had reached me in time, all that is going to happen now would have never happened. Anyway, I asked them can they help me with a council. I was forwarded a copy of a charter and was told, “It is your personal matter.” Perhaps only people like Assange who take governments to task, they are the ones who are offered legal support but not an ordinary man who has never committed a crime. However I understand Australian Government and its’ policies are not your concern and I assure you matters are going to be taken up at the relevant levels by me, but I was just trying to give you a bit of the background.


For someone who has never broken a law, I was ditched by law the only time in my life I could have needed it to stand by me. I was wronged by every law enforcement agency in the best of their capacities.


I did return to US to answer the allegations in a court but I didn’t have money for a council. But I thought, “Hey this is America! This has to be different! My voice will be heard and justice given!”


Well Mr President, I request you to go through the transcripts of my case yourself and you will know what I am saying. However, I will be initiating legal action against the judge as I don’t know if she had been corrupted, or she had a racial prejudice against me, or she was a sexist, but she never gave me a chance to explain what happened. She only asked me questions (That I answered honestly which even if I wasn’t under the oath of GOD, I still would have) that supported her pre-conceived decision that I was wrong and Miss Marie Digby’s lies were true. I had on me all the evidence to prove what a liar Miss Marie Digby is but I was never given a fair trial.


Mr President, all the evidence along with all that I have been through is up for public display on my website www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com including scanned images of official documents. You can access the same from my website’s “Help” page and navigate the links there on. I am in the middle of redoing my website so some pages (Especially “Help” pages) work only with internet explorer. However, GOD willing, by the end of this week my entire website will be all browser compatible.


Anyway Mr President, I am not writing all this because I need your sympathy or help. I am a man strong enough to fight my own battles. I asked then Prime Minister for his help as I was trying to avoid hard work. I was trying to make things easy for me. I forgot, “Real men are born to do things which none other can do simply because they are not men enough!”


Mr President, the second letter of this series concerns the biggest of issues that I am fighting for: Peace for Asia and the rest of the World. I know I will be making a lot of enemies doing what I am going to do but I assure you Mr President, the last thing I love is my own life. I believe, “Those who are scared should have stayed in their mothers’ wombs as outside it no place is safe on this earth.”


Other than that, I have founded my own political party “Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP)” and my gift to this world is “Equalism”. You can know more about it on my party’s profile page on facebook:




Anyway, Mr President thanks a lot for your time on this one. Hope you will read the second letter as well. And Mr President if possible please relay my following message to LAPD’s corrupt officials.


“I will never become a terrorist because I abhor killing of other human beings. In fact I converted to vegetarian life style more than a decade ago because I cannot stand the thought of an organism being killed just to feed me.


 I am a Sikh by religion. In 1984 many of my religion were killed, hacked, burnt alive, burning tyres were put around their necks, just because they were Sikhs. For more than a decade after that, misguided Sikh youths who wanted to avenge those killings killed many people, some culprits and a lot of others who were just innocent ordinary men and women.


Two people who died during that time, a doctor couple, were parents of my classmate Ms Zenia. They were Hindus by religion. I was in year eight of my school, barely 12 years of age. I knew nothing about why some people were killing other people but to this date I dread the thought of facing that girl. I fear when I will meet her she will hate me just because I am a Sikh, the same as those who killed her parents. I am not her culprit, I have done nothing against her but I still cannot face her. I am ashamed of what people of my faith did.


I will never be a terrorist or support a terrorist organization.


One of my childhood friends, Doctor Aslam Pervez is a Muslim by faith; a brilliant student and an even better doctor.


I cannot support any hatred against Muslims because if I did so, how will I look in his eyes and say, ‘Aslam, I am so glad to see you again my friend.’


I have worked as a teacher in two government schools in Punjab, India for five years. Most of my favourite students were Muslims. If I support this hatred against Muslims, how will I face them tomorrow and say, ‘I am proud of you kids.’


My favourite artists, singers like Late Mohammad Rafi and Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan whose songs I love to listen again and again and sing as well, actors like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, they are all Muslims. And I never think of their religion when I watch and admire their work.


For me the only terrorists are corrupt officials who harass ordinary people by virtue of authority bestowed upon them by their positions.


Thanks a lot for forwarding my message Mr President.





Amanpreet Singh Rai,


Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP),

1/269 Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, South Australia 5032

Ph: +61 43 023 5589

Email: fatalurgecarefreekiss@yahoo.com

Website: www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com



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