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Dated: 10th March, 2011-03-11


President Barack Obama,

White House,

Washington DC,



Subject: Letter II of a series of II – Peace for Asia & World – The real problem and how to get around it.


Dear Sir,


This is my second letter, and although not in continuity with the first, still a direct result of all that I mentioned in my first letter. As I mentioned in that letter Mr President, now that I am fighting for myself, I may as well fight for a bigger cause. However Mr President, I request you to read this one with an open mind and the wider interests of innocent ordinary people in mind.


Now Mr President, before I link the current situation with the events constituting the Gulf invasion of 1991, I would like to mention a few things which will shed light on as to why these people, who are fighting us, are fighting. And after I have explained the link between Gulf invasion and subsequent terrorist activity, I will also explain how peace can be achieved in the region.


Mr President, I am sure a learned man like you will appreciate that different cultures have different set of values, both moral and social. Their priorities are different. Some things may matter a lot in one culture but the same may have no worth for the people of another culture. Broadly speaking Mr President, the cultural values of Eastern societies are vastly similar amongst each other but markedly different from the western culture. The last four years I’ve lived in Australia I have realized that money is more important in western culture than moral values, and sexual freedom is considered the yardstick of measuring freedom in a society. I may be wrong in my judgement but coming from a conservative society like India, this openness is too much for me. What is considered freedom in western society is considered lack of moral values and promiscuity in the society that I come from. Money is important but not more than family honour. People live, die and kill in the name of family honour and the animosities can run for generations.


The point is Mr President, people of Asia look at life and its’ associated values, reasons and truths differently than the way people of western society look at them. There are races in Asia which are too proud to yield in the face of an adversary. To give you an example: A Rajput or a Sikh from India, a Pathan from Pakistan or Afghanistan, Muslim community of Iran, Iraq and that region, some Japanese and Chinese communities; no one can put a gun on the heads of these people and tell them, “We want peace!” Such an act will never get that person peace but rather a simple response like this one, “Are you going to pull the trigger or should I pick up my weapon and kill you.” It is just the kind of growing curve we people have, having grown up only hearing stories of extreme valour and sacrifices, and how honour and dignity are more important than life or money. I will explain this a bit later. Let us just get on with the rest of the subject matter.


Mr President, before I touch the subject of Gulf war I would like to review a few pages from the recent world history.


Mr President, I am sure you know everything about Vietnam war, you are well aware of the Korean conflict, well aware of Russian invasion of Afghanistan and American assistance in that war, you are well aware of NATO enforcement of UN no-fly zone sanctions in Yugoslavia war, you are well aware of NATO enforcement of UN trade embargo on Iraq and subsequent Iraq invasion. I am sure Mr President, you are well aware of your government and allies’ distaste for Chinese Communism. You have reservations about Iranian government and you don’t trust Pakistani government anymore.


Mr President, in spite of the current wave of “Go India” amongst the recent American Governments, starting with Mr Clinton era, for decades US supplied arms and financial aid to Pakistan, at a time when Indian governments of that era were shouting hoarse at the top of their voices as to how Pakistan Government supports its’ Inter Service Intelligence (ISI)’s policy of proxy war against India by training terrorists. Punjab in India burnt for over a decade and Kashmir is still burning.


Now Mr President, I give you two choices to pick from: Either the whole world is bad or US is bad. If you were to be a neutral observer from a non US ally nation, what would you like to believe Mr President?


Mr President, we are humans because we make mistakes. If we made no mistakes, we would become GOD. If someone told me that US was always right I won’t believe it, but this letter is not about being who was right and who was wrong. This letter is about what has gone wrong and how to fix it peacefully.


Mr President everybody on this earth cannot be our friend and US needs to learn this. US cannot have its’ own regime running every other country. A better option is to have a friendly relationship with any regime running in any country. If that country’s people are not happy with their regime, let them sort it out on their own. It is none of our business to tell them whom to elect or arm them to kill each other. Hatred only breads hatred.


Anyway Mr President let me get back to the real issue of this letter and that will explain all that I have said so far in a much better way.


Mr President, with all due respect to the democratic institutions of the world including biggest democracies of India and US, and all due respect to your esteemed self and the great office that you serve in, I am pinning the whole blame of this present mess on one of your predecessors Mr George H W Bush. Let me explain this in detail.


Mr President, when someone you love dies there is nothing you can do to bring that loved one back to life. And this in itself is a reason good enough not to take anyone else’s life as they are loved by someone else as much as we love our loved ones. But Mr President, what has this got to do with this letter, you will be inclined to ask.


Mr President, India has had problems with terrorism in Kashmir, Punjab and eastern states like Assam and Manipur for ages now. But then we have always had issues with our two neighbours Pakistan and China, and born out of those differences, from what I have always read or heard in media, Pakistan and China have always covertly promoted discontent amongst the weak links of Indian society and promoted terrorism. So let us keep the terrorism in India and India’s relationships with Pakistan and China separate from the mess I am going to talk about here. But what about global “Islamic Terrorism”? When did that start? Where was this global terrorism before the Iraq invasion of 1991?


Mr President we can argue a lot about the last question that I raised above but before that, let’s take an account of some of the biggest terrorist attacks world has seen. September 11 attacks left more than 3500 people dead, Bali bombings killed more than 150 Aussies, London bombings took more than 300 lives. Then there have been sporadic but major incidents in other European countries. Let us say that 50,000 people have been killed so far in these terrorist attacks, and I am sure you will agree Mr President this figure is much more than the real ground reality, but for the sake of this letter, lets’ just say it is 50,000 (Once again Mr President, I am excluding Indian losses in terrorism as terrorism in India was never a US concern as I noted above when I mentioned US relations with Pakistan, and it has got nothing to do with global terrorism the whole world has witnessed post Gulf invasion of 1991, because it was always there).


They were all cowardly and dastardly acts against humanity and their culprits need to be hanged. Punishment for murder can only be a death penalty. As I explained earlier, everyone who is killed is loved by someone dearly and that someone can never settle for anything less than a death penalty for their culprits. They all want revenge and nothing less. Plus there is always a fear, a fear that what if the next attack is on us. There’s always a section of society which will be baying for blood. But my question is:


“What about the 100,000 Iraqis who were killed in the 1991 Gulf war? Who will give revenge to their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends?”


Mr President, if revenge is the answer then everybody on this earth has an equal right to revenge as everybody is born equal.


Mr President, the whole world knows Mr George H W Bush was a prominent oil businessman before he became the President of United States. Everybody knows he had friends who were big businessmen dealing in oil. Everybody knows how the richest and most powerful lobby in the world is the western oil lobby and how it provides funds for all the elections. Everybody knows (Even though no one has got the proof, so you may as well deny it) the oil lobby pays millions to the politicians it supports so that they formulate government policies that benefit them.


Mr President, Saddam Hussein was an intelligent man who knew when the whole world’s oil was in Middle East why don’t they all group together and raise the crude oil price to make more money. Offcourse that would have increased the production costs of the western oil companies and their margins of profits would have decreased, making them loose billions. And that is because the oil prices would have sky rocketed and majority of the public would have been unable to buy it and would have been forced to use alternate means of transport like public transport etc. The bottom line is Mr President, the western oil business stood to loose billions and Mr George H W Bush’s personal interests were at stake.


Mr President, Kuwait didn’t toe Saddam’s line as it definitely enjoyed western support and when Saddam Hussein overran Kuwait he made the biggest mistake of his life. The UN imposed sanctions and trade embargo on Iraq but Mr George H W Bush was too trigger happy and immediately ordered a NATO strike on Iraq leaving those 100,000 Iraqi’s dead. Mr President, your predecessor (Mr Bush Senior) put personal interests ahead of national interests and humanity, and hence is not just a traitor of the US but also a culprit of the Iraqi’s who lost their kith and kin in that war, and all the bodies that have since fallen are on his shoulders as well.


I ask you Mr President, if Iraqi invasion of Kuwait deserved a military response, then how many times will Israel have to invade Palestine before such an action is taken against it? Do they need to set up a permanent “Israeli Army Headquarters” in Palestine to warrant a military strike against them? Or is being a NATO member a free pass to do whatever you feel like?


Mr President I don’t support war or killing and I don’t want anyone to attack Israel as well, but my point is, Mr George H W Bush misused his office, betrayed American public and its’ interests and the global terrorism is a direct consequence of his actions. You may prefer to differ with me Mr President but the way I see it is:


The biggest difference between former President George H W Bush and President Bill Clinton is, Mr Clinton was man enough to admit, “I wasn’t completely honest!”


One thing leads to another Mr President and those who lost their loved ones’ in that war wanted revenge, as much as the Americans want it for 9/11 attacks. But how do you fight a power that is militarily the strongest on this earth and is not alone? They took to the worst form of Guerrilla-warfare, “Terrorism.”


Mr President, they killed innocent people like in 9/11 attacks which resulted in further repercussions as NATO attacked Afghanistan. More people were killed, including a lot more innocent people. More hatred was born.


Mr President, ask every American to speak honestly how much they hate migrant labour that comes to America in search of work, then works hard and makes its’ living as well as become a productive member of the US economy. If they say they want the migrant labour to stop coming to the US, then I ask you:


“How do you think NATO action will bring peace and love to the world when your men have gone to their country wielding guns, they have killed their people, including innocent people (I will give an example shortly), their bombs, rockets and shells have destroyed the homes, hospitals, schools, offices, roads, entire cities, and you people are also telling them whom to elect to rule them (directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter)?”


Mr President, I ask you and every American, how much revenge do you think those people deserve and how do you intend to give it to them? Or do you think you can have peace just by killing those who are wielding guns immediately?


Mr President, I am not sure if you are aware but barely a few days back, (I think it was Sunday the 6th March, 2011) when a NATO air strike killed “9 children”. I read it on a newspaper website from India and tweeted about it on my account www.twitter.com/PeaceLoveAdvice as well.


Mr President, please tell me, how do you expect their fathers and mothers to forget and forgive your army? How do you and the Americans plan to give them their revenge? How do you expect this hatred will end?


Mr President, every soldier that is killed is someone’s brother, sister, son, daughter, mother or father, but so is every terrorist. No body exists as an individual in seclusion. Whether the terrorists are wrong or soldiers are right, this discussion holds no water for those who loose their kith and kin in the war. The only thing a human being cares for is blood for blood. As I said, “Hatred only breeds hatred.”


Now Mr President, there are only two ways of achieving a lasting peace:


1.      We kill the hatred.




2.      We kill each and every Muslim on this earth including their women and infant kids, because even if one of them survives, he will only live to hate us for killing his kind and the hatred won’t end.


Besides Mr President, this “War on terror” and the associated political propaganda in media, has all degenerated into a new “Holocaust”. If during the first one Hitler preached and justified hatred against Jews and killed them, this time we are generating hatred against Muslims and justifying a military action which is exterminating them. The 100,000 Iraqi’s who died in that war of 1991, they were not terrorists. The 9 children that perished a few days back, they were not terrorists. All these actions give an authenticity to the hate talk of criminals like Osama bin Laden when they preach innocent people, “Muslims are under threat! We are being killed!”


Mr President, you are well aware of the sentiments of American public vis a vis 9/11 attacks, yet you talked about building a mosque at the site. Perhaps the intention was to show the world how good you people are who have forgiven everything and are ready to move on, or perhaps it was meant to show how bad those terrorists fighting against you are. The latter however needs no proof as anyone who kills innocent people for any reason is bad, is evil. But your statement caused a stir and the subsequent fiasco has only damaged the fragile relationships between the Muslim community and the rest of the world. Rather than building bridges it degraded into a situation where a Muslim cleric was forced to plead in the name of Christ to stop religious fanatics from burning the Holy Koran and destroying any chances of peace. I don’t know who to blame for all that happened. Whom would you like to blame Mr President?


Mr President when relationships are so fragile that even a heavy breath can disintegrate them into minute granules, such a political propaganda is neither healthy for the society nor in better interests of the peace process.


But then Mr President, I don’t claim everything is wrong with the American politics. Even the incident of the Congress regime of India offering flood relief to Pakistan was no less than a hit below the belt. On one hand is a country we blame for all the insurgent troubles we have in India, they are the people we are not even ready to talk to, our relationships with them are at their lowest ebb, and on the other hand we are offering them aid in the time of their suffering in a way which not only smacks of arrogance but also sounds patronizing. It was adding insult to the injury. Considering the international pressure in put on them and the intense scrutiny their subsequent moves were put to, I am glad the Pakistani Government refused to accept that aid and showed even they are real men of honour who won’t bow to illegitimate antics. Mr President, I take pride in myself being a Sikh by religion and a Jatt by caste. We people are known for our valour. Even our enemies have no right to be cowards and meek. I don’t consider Pakistanis my enemy but rather my brothers and sisters. Even if they were to be my enemies, I am glad they are men enough to be enemies of.


Mr President, the difference between Pride (or Self Esteem, whatever you prefer to call it) and Ego is, while both Pride and Ego won’t let you bow in front of someone else, unlike Ego, Pride doesn’t expect everybody else to bow to you.


Mr President, before I put forth the example of a peace deal which might actually work and many innocent lives will be saved from getting lost and many homes will be saved from destruction, I would like to say two things:


“Peace always comes at a cost!”




“Peace at any cost is cheap!”


Mr President, everything could not be in the best interests of American or western businessmen as their interests are neither above the ordinary people of their own countries, nor above the interests of the rest of the humanity.


Mr President, here’s the peace deal that I recommend, and if you people agree, I am ready to fly to Afghanistan and negotiate the same with the other side too. If you have to Mr President then please take it with a pinch of salt, because peace is more important than anything else:


1. Firstly, once the other side, that is Taliban and its’ associates, agree to stop all terrorist activity immediately, you people will unconditionally and immediately withdraw your troops from Asia, without delay.

2. Secondly, (I know this sounds outrageous but trust me Mr President this is very important and I will explain) no handing over of any of the commanders of Taliban Militia will be demanded.  The reason which is good enough in itself is, without this compromise on your part, the other side will not give up fighting as they will never agree to hand over their leaders, definitely not until they can fight, which means more loss of innocent lives on both sides. Their leaders will keep on misleading them into fighting for a wrong cause just to save their own skins. Besides if you people want to punish their leaders for the crimes they have committed, then the relatives of 100,000 Iraqi’s deserve to be handed over the fate of Mr George H W Bush, and those who have lost their innocent relatives in this “War On Terror” and those who were tortured in Abu Ghraib Prison Iraq and Guantanamo Bay Prison, deserve to be handed over the fate of Mr George W Bush. Just because you are the side which is wining doesn’t mean your leaders can be above law. If Saddam Hussein was responsible for all the crimes his army committed, your two former predecessors are equally responsible for all the crimes your armies have committed. If anyone tries to justify such acts as mere aberrations of a war then let me remind them, even the atrocities committed by Saddam Hussein’s army were a part of the war with the rebels of his regime. There can be no reasonable explanation of violation of human rights by any party. So I propose, you don’t ask for the heads of their leaders and they won’t seek the heads of your former leaders. That is the way hatchets are buried, and can be buried, so that old wounds can heal.

3. Thirdly, Taliban and its’ leadership will be allowed to join the mainstream politics in the form of their own political party and will be allowed to contest elections in a democratic setup like their political opponents. Even though it appears largesse but it is the only way to induce them to quit terrorism and join the mainstream life once again. The goodness of a regular life and how beautiful their future can be, they have to be given a chance to experience all those things so that they stick with the regular life. Besides, what would you prefer Mr President, terrorists killing innocent people and your soldiers dying fighting them or people you might hate, living in another distant land peacefully and your people having the peace as well? Besides everybody will be welcome to those lands as guests, as tourists, once the peace is achieved. A lot more place on this earth will open up for global tourism. Place that are amazingly beautiful but where we cannot go anymore because of the war or threat.

4. Any elections that will happen after the successful completion of the peace dialogue, if the need be will only be held under the surveillance of armies from the countries the people of Afghanistan approve. I recommend Indian, Chinese, German and French fleets in collaboration with Iranian armies. Most of the sides should agree to this arrangement and that will improve your ties with Iran as well.

5. The foreign businessmen will only be allowed no more than 33% share in the rebuilding process. This is important to give their people a chance to not only rebuild generating opportunities for themselves, but will make sure that most of the money they are loaned will stay in their country, strengthening its’ economy.


This Mr President is a rough draft and any reasonable demands from either side can be accommodated but both sides will have to be ready to accept a corresponding demand from the other side in lieu of a demand they put forth.


Mr President, I know this draft will not please the allies but then, I am not here to please allies or back the terrorists. I am here for the sake of ordinary people from either side that are getting killed. From where I stand and see the things, this war has no end as there is no end to hatred. As of now, the choice is with the allies as to what they consider is more important, “Ego” or “Peace”? Or perhaps, “Business” or “Peace for ordinary people of their own countries and also Asia”?


As I said Mr President, both sides have enough reasons to hate and kill each other but I assure you, this war can neither be won with guns, nor will it end in a lasting peace.


“Lasting Peace is always and only born out of forgiveness.”


I leave the rest to your enlightened decision Mr President. And I assure you, if I am telling you what has gone wrong, I am also making videos and posting them on my youtube channel “thestrangeruknew” telling the misguided Muslim youths to give up arms and terrorism and adopt the route of “Peace and Love”.


And as I said Mr President, if you need me, I am more than willing to travel to Afghanistan and negotiate between the two sides.


Looking forward to hearing from your side.





Amanpreet Singh Rai,


Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP)

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Brooklyn Part, South Australia 5032


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