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Privatization: Ordinary man ambushed


ďPrivatization is the pre-cursor of market take-over!!Ē


Two to three decades ago when privatization started, the Governments of the time marketed it by saying they are cutting costs. If you have read my write-up on Capitalism then you will know the only thing that was cut was ordinary personís pocket depth. Before I explain my above statement, hereís a very short paragraph as a recap. And needless to say, this is another article which is really important for emerging third world economies like India, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.


Privatization does not save the Governments any money but rather chops of their earning arms, their own sources of income. The private organizations short charge the tax-payers by charging the Government for running those organizations still using the same man-power but underpaying the manpower, and then underpaying their taxes as well. This puts more pressure on underpaid workers who lose a big chunk of their earnings as taxes, as a source-less Governments tries to fill up itsí budget by raising various taxes.


But then privatization doesnít just affect the workers or employees of the organizations that are privatized. If the general public thinks itís not their problem if another manís organization is being privatized, they are wrong. Privatization is the precursor of market takeover.


ū What is a market takeover?


A market takeover doesnít necessarily mean a product, whether made locally or internationally, wiping out the entire competition in the market. It also means one businessman taking over his rivalís complete assets. And in itsí worst form, the one that leads to the crux of this articleís matter, a complete wiping out of small businesses by big business houses owned chains.


So all your supermarket chains, warehouse chains, hotel chains, restaurant chains, gas stations, electronic goods houses, clothing giants etc, their cumulative action is what I am referring to as market takeover.


ū How is privatization a precursor to this takeover?


As I mentioned above, privatization may not cost Government any less, in fact deprive it of itsí own sources of generation income but, more importantly, it leaves the workers of those industries poorer. The people in such organizations get underpaid. And being underpaid means having less fluid cash, which means not enough to buy everything you need.


That is when the next stage of the process, the market takeover starts. The big business houses launch their chains one by one. And as I mentioned in my write-up about Capitalism, because they buy in big bulk, they can afford to sell cheap.


So the people who get paid less have no choice but to walk into these retail businesses to buy their daily needs as it saves them money, which they already get in short supply. No prizes for guessing how it affects the small guy who owns a small business. Where does he go? To apply for a job!


ū Why doesnít the Government stop it if it is so wrong?


Well, any sensible person will say, ďAccepting your mistake and rectifying it reflects humility and intelligence!Ē


If that is the case then why does the Governments of the countries where it has happened undo it, and those where it is slowly happening, stop it? Am I more intelligent than the brains that run countries that I can see what they canít?


Well friends, the question is not about intelligence, rather intentions.


Governments are run by politicians who come to power by winning elections when ordinary people like you and me vote for them. But those elections are fought using money that is provided by businessmen. And it is not just the money put in elections alone. When a political party wins an election the businessmen who paid for the campaigns expect to get repaid in kind. They expect the Government to make decisions that will help them make much more money than they spent on elections.


The Governments are elected by ordinary people but they work to promote the interests of the businessmen who paid for the election campaigns. But that is not all. The politicians also get paid for making decisions that help those businessmen make billions. It is the sweat nectar of this symbiotic relationship. Why do you think Swiss banks wonít give you details about who have got how much money in there? How do you think ordinary social leaders become business or real estate tycoons over their political careers?


Do you expect them to make a decision that will harm their business partners?


ū So how does this affect everyone else?


Even though this question shouldnít arise anymore, but since it has, Iíll have to answer it.


The people whose organizations are privatized, they loose on salaries and many benefits, and their jobs become insecure. Every time the tender exchanges hands between organizations, the workers are forced to reapply for the same jobs and start at lower rates than what they might already be on.


The small business men suffer the brunt and are wiped out of market.


But what about those who have good jobs and salaries?


Perhaps I should rephrase it.


What about the kids, grandkids and posterity of those who have decent jobs today? How much can they be sure that one of their posterity wonít end up in a situation where he or she is without a decent job? Will they have resources to set up a business which will survive in a market governed by lavish business houses?


We have inherited a world and a society from our grandparents and great-grandparents. It is our responsibility to make sure we hand it over to our posterity in at least the same state if not better.


ū How does this page associates with India and other emerging economies?


Very simple! What has already gone wrong with every western society, is now slowly heading the way of Indian people and also other emerging societies. Why do you think Indian economy has been opened? Why do you think the western businessmen triumphantly claim that countries like India and Brazil and many other third world nations are big markets?


Governments need money to run the country and politicians want money to fill their dirty coffers. But where is money in India or other third world countries. All the money that was there has already been ripped off our motherlands by our former leaders.


Have the Indians forgotten how in early 1990ís, under the PV Narsimha Rao Government, Dr Manmohan Singh, the present Prime Minister and then Finance Minister, had taken all the Gold India had and deposited it as guarantee with the foreign banks to get loans to run the country?


How did that Gold return to India and how were those loans repaid? And mind you, I havenít even asked yet, ďHow were those loans used?Ē


Now have the Indians forgotten how the Governments signed ďOpen TradeĒ agreements with G9 Nations, the group that controls the World Bank and loans nations like India? What did those agreements encompass?


All the privatization that has happened in India in the last decade or so is a direct result of those open trade agreements and is a precursor to subsequent market takeover. And if the ordinary Indians feel they wonít be affected by the privatization as they are not associated with those industries, forget it!


Read what I have written in this page above and you will get your answers. What has already gone wrong with the western societies is going to happen to Indians now. And people of other third world countries beware as well, ďWe all are in same boat.Ē


ū A few words to everyone from me:


All that is written on this page is a very serious issue and written with an intention to get a very genuine and serious message across. In fact, every page Iíve written on my website carries a very strong, relevant and serious message that directly affects your life. None of this is meant for entertainment.


You are wrong if:

1.    You read my pages for entertainment and donít think about what is written on them seriously. It is all meant for YOU.

2.    You read my pages but donít understand the meaning.

3.    You read my pages, get the message and meaning as well, but wonít believe it, simply because no one else is talking about it or because media is not supporting it. I will explain this below.

4.    You read my pages, get the meaning and message but feel jealous towards me. I will explain this below as well.

5.    You read my pages, get the message and meaning as well but hate me for my skin color, religion, ethnicity or anything similarly discriminatory. I will explain this below as well.


Firstly, if you feel that what I am doing is right but if you support me I will become famous and a leader, and this makes you feel jealous in any way, as it might be one of your own subdued desires as well, let me say two things. You donít even realize what I have gone through to be doing what I am doing today. And it is not over yet. Only GOD knows what I might have to go through for doing all that I am doing today. None of you would even like to go through all that. Two days of doing what I am doing and you will count yourself lucky if you are able to quit everything and return to what you were doing two days earlier. It is that hard. So please, donít let jealousy come in the way as what I am doing is important for all of us and no one else is going to do it for any of us.


And besides, question yourself, have you ever thought like I have? Has anyone else told you all that I have? Perhaps you might have thought like me, or somebody else might have, but did anyone have the guts and intentions to say it and do what I am doing?


Secondly, if you are thinking why is no one else talking in my support then perhaps question yourself, ďAre you talking about me or supporting me?Ē If anyone will talk about me right now, it will be the people who want to stop me from doing what I am. They will only speak against me, not in my favor. What I am doing harms the interests of many powerful lobbies and I am facing all of them all alone. How do you expect anyone to speak in my favor?


Media, once again, is a part of Businessmen-Politician-Media lobby. It will never support me. It hasnít supported me so far even though I have requested many across the globe for help. I have personally been to their offices. Have you forgotten Rupert Murdock so soon?


He wasnít a friend of an ordinary Briton but rather the British Prime Minister. Media works to promote the interests of Politicians and Businessmen, not ordinary people like you and me. So if your judgment rests on media support for me, then forget it. I donít support what Businessmen and Politicians do, and media wonít support me. In fact, if the need be, media will only be used against me, to discredit me, just like LAPD, UC-LACH and TRB used every possible law they could to keep me quiet and the matter under wraps. The people who work in these organisations are all ordinary people like you and me, but they are those who only know where they stand today and where they will be in next twenty years. That is all they have planned for and live for. They know nothing about what is going to happen to their society in five years time. And even if they read this and know what I am saying and how it benefits everyone, they will still only harass me. Because they are selfish. All they care for is a few bucks that they can make or a couple of favors they can get in return. They are not concerned about the society. If they were, they wouldn't have done to me what they did.


Thirdly, what I am doing is neither for the benefit of one race or religion, nor against another. It is for the benefit of every ordinary human being. So donít let my color, religion or ethnicity come in the way of your judgment. What I do benefits you all equally.


Things are only going to get worse from here and. Media, businessmen and politicians may plan and promote someone from time to time to let you went out your frustration and anguish, but no one else is coming for you.


I am your last chance.


Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

Amanpreet Singh Rai


P.S.: A message for my American brothers and sisters


ū Something about President Obama, Media and Businessmen:


First let me point out that every businessman is not bad. Itís just a handful of rotten apples in the basket. But they have started to rot the rest of the basket as well, so itís time to tick them out.


Similarly, I am sure there must be media organizations that do have genuine interest in ordinary peopleís lives and are honest. Perhaps I havenít contacted them yet, or maybe they are not sure about me, or maybe they are wary of the Governments.


If I claim to be an honest man, then off-course I canít be the only one on this earth. So let me assure such Media organizations and such Businessmen, I will never harm any of their interests as long as they are on the side of ordinary people.


However media as I mentioned, is generally misused for political interests. Let me take an example of the same.


The September 11 anniversary was coming and everybody was expectedly heavy hearted. However, it would have passed of uneventful but for the sudden media flash about a possible terrorist attack on the day. Everybody was suddenly concerned, and expectedly so, and their discussions must have centered around the war on terror, withdrawal of  US troops from Afghanistan, Bin Laden, hate etc.


Nothing untoward happened, and thank GOD it didnít, but this news very easily pushed a much more current, relevant and important issue out of the coffee table discussions. The job package being offered by President Obama!


My first reaction to this news was, ďIs this really true or is there some other intention behind it?Ē


Now considering what I requested President Obama in my letter to him, what the President is offering is nothing more than peanuts but he is still offering something, something which might be more politically important for him, and detrimental to his political opponents chances in the next US elections, but something which is still important for ordinary Americans, considering what I asked the President, neither he, nor his opponents will ever do it, for obvious reasons which we all know.


But the importance of his offering was lost as American publicís attention was diverted from it towards 9/11 and itsí associated terrible memories, and a news which was nothing more than a sensational headline in the end.


That has set me thinking as I rewind all that has been happening since the last year or so, perhaps ever since Mr Obama became the President.


When Mr Obama talked about building a mosque at 9/11 site, I didnít like his proposal as I thought it was political crap and what happened subsequently, like the threat to burn Holy Quran and the rest, it was all in bad taste.


But now when I look back at everything, all I see is a man who is desperately trying to do the right thing, trying to set the house in order, but someone who is not being allowed to do his job freely. His struggle to get the US deal about debt hasnít gone unnoticed either. So what is happening down there?


I cannot be absolutely sure but it looks like, people in American politics have decided not to let him have another term in office. Considering he has withdrawn troops from Iraq, and now Afghanistan, and also, how US didnít participate in Libyan conflict, I guess we all know which lobbies donít want him anymore. And as I said, media runs for Politicians and Businessmen.


Even President Obama watching the killing of Bin Laden live was a bad political decision but I reckon he was set up for it.


Now Bin Laden deserved death because itís not just the people who got killed because of him and their families destroyed. Even the people, the youth, he and his henchmen have misguided into joining the war, they have families who have been devastated. And then the innocents who are dying in the war, they all have families and friends


But watching the killing live was wrong as it cuts a wrong image of President Obama in front of Muslim voters. I wonít be surprised if those images are re-circulated on the net and media under some pretext during the US elections.


Perhaps there are people who donít want him to return to the office, which is why everything he is doing, they are undoing it.


In case it was to become certain that Mr Obama will be re-elected, I wonít be surprised if he becomes the next US President in history, to be assassinated. And I wonít be surprised if Al Qaeda takes up the responsibility after that or some other radical group. After all, the war has to keep going.


P.P.S.: A short message to the lovely people of Korea.


ū To my lovely Korean friends:


Honestly, most of what I am going to write is meant more for the North Korean regime but it does concern people of entire Korea.


Please, donít fight!


You are the same! Brothers from the same mother! Donít fight with each other for someone else because when brothers fight, itís only the outsiders who benefit. Remember following points:


1.    Those who want you to fight are not your friends as friends donít make brothers fight. Friends always patch up things.

2.    It is not the ordinary people of those countries who want you to fight as ordinary people, doesnít matter which part of the world they live in, which country, religion, race or ethnicity they come from, ordinary people only want to live in peace and want peace for everybody else.

3.    The people who want you to keep fighting are not men of honor fighting for their dignity. They are just a handful of rotten apples among the Business class who want you to keep fighting for their own selfish interests.

I want a unified Korea, just like a unified Germany, a one Vietnam. I want peace for people on both sides because, as I said, you both are same.


If it is hard to find a common ground because of your different societal structures of Communism and Capitalism, then try moving your countries towards ďEqualismĒ. Not only will you get a common ground, but it is also better for the welfare of ordinary people of both sides. You can read about ďEqualismĒ at the following page:


Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP)


Peace and Love!!






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